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Nick & Melissa

We truly believe that love makes a family! We feel this every day for the love that we have for each other and the people in our lives. Life is complicated but love can be one of the simplest things. We believe that you consider adoption because of the love you have for your child and we desire to become parents through adoption because of all the love that we have to give a child!

About Us

Owner of a Landscape Design Company
Technical Sales Manager
Bachelor's Degree in Education - Physics & Math
Bachelor's Degree in Material Science Engineering
Legally Married

How We Met

Russia - Where We Fell in Love

Our love story began in 2001 on the other side of the world. In Melissa’s senior year of college, she decided to do a study abroad program in Russia. Nowhere in her wildest dreams did she think that she would find the love of her life while studying engineering in an unfamiliar country but sometimes fate just takes over. Melissa remembers the first night she met her host and all her friends, which Nick was one of them. There was some nervousness and she was unsure of what was going on as everyone was speaking Russian and she couldn’t understand anything. By the end of the night new friendship were found. Melissa said that even though her and Nick did not speak the same language she knew he was special and he told her later on he felt the so-called spark the first time they met. At the end of the semester Melissa left Russia completely in love and completely unsure if she’d ever see Nick again. Love conquers all and Melissa was back in Russia in six months, shortly after we met in Paris and then Prague while we learned each other’s language. While in Prague Nick proposed on the balcony of a medieval castle overlooking the beautiful, historical city. Truly it was straight out of a fairy tale and extremely romantic. That was 15 years ago and ever sense we’ve continued to walk hand and hand together in all aspects of life.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Chilling With Uncle Nick

Melissa About Nick: Nick is my best friend, he makes me laugh, he’s always patient and extremely supportive. This man learned a new language and moved to the other side of the world for me and for this I’m forever grateful. He is a hands-on kind of guy and doesn’t shy away from anything. I love his generosity and that he’s always quick to help anyone. Don’t get me wrong he’s not perfect, but for me he is everything. He’s also extremely talented and the hardest working person I know. Nick is going to be a great dad and role model. I foresee him having many teaching moments, laughing with our child and sharing his love for the outdoors.

Welcoming Our New Niece Into the World

Nick About Melissa: I admire Melissa because she has this very creative mindset and make-it-happen attitude. Something interesting is about to happen when she says “give me a second.” We could be off on an adventure, she’s solved a problem, or starting a new project. She’s definitely not afraid to try new things and I love that about her! She’s the biggest advocate for the people she loves and I’m positive Melissa will ensure our child is amazingly cared for, loved like crazy and all their interests are pursued. Melissa is fun, beautiful, energetic, smart, and will make an amazing mom. I catch her often dancing around the house, acting like one of the kids or singing to the cats, and every time I think I can’t wait to see her with a child of her own.

Our Family Traditions

We are very big on family traditions, for us it’s something that binds generations together and allows for knowledge to be passed down. Melissa’s grandma has always made the most beautiful cakes for everyone in her family and community that people still talk about today, and she has taught Melissa all she knows. Recently, Melissa and her grandma made an amazing cake for her brother’s wedding and the torch has been passed down to Melissa to decorate a cake for everyone’s birthday in our family, A tradition that both sides of our family participate in is “cookie day” where we all get together to make a thousand Christmas cookies that we share with friends, family and the donate to local shelters every year. It’s very funny seeing our two grandma’s that don’t speak each other’s languages communicate and bake together, they always having a great time doing it! Everyone participates, moms, dads (mostly taste testing), siblings, aunts and the kids, it’s great day for everyone!



Sunset on Lake Michigan
Sunset on Lake Michigan
Drawing Minions With Our Nephew
Drawing Minions With Our Nephew
Enjoying Time Together
Enjoying Time Together
Paint Party Cake Melissa Made for Our Niece
Paint Party Cake Melissa Made for Our Niece
Exploring a Caribbean Beach With Our Best Friends
Exploring a Caribbean Beach With Our Best Friends
All Smiles
All Smiles
Diving the Reef in Belize
Diving the Reef in Belize
Playing in the Mud With the Boys
Playing in the Mud With the Boys
Exploring the Ancient World
Exploring the Ancient World
A Great Day at the Beach With Our Godchildren
A Great Day at the Beach With Our Godchildren
Castle Ruins in Ireland
Castle Ruins in Ireland
Best Friends
Best Friends
1 / 12
Sunset on Lake Michigan
Sunset on Lake Michigan
2 / 12
Drawing Minions With Our Nephew
Drawing Minions With Our Nephew
3 / 12
Enjoying Time Together
Enjoying Time Together
4 / 12
Paint Party Cake Melissa Made for Our Niece
Paint Party Cake Melissa Made for Our Niece
5 / 12
Exploring a Caribbean Beach With Our Best Friends
Exploring a Caribbean Beach With Our Best Friends
6 / 12
All Smiles
All Smiles
7 / 12
Diving the Reef in Belize
Diving the Reef in Belize
8 / 12
Playing in the Mud With the Boys
Playing in the Mud With the Boys
9 / 12
Exploring the Ancient World
Exploring the Ancient World
10 / 12
A Great Day at the Beach With Our Godchildren
A Great Day at the Beach With Our Godchildren
11 / 12
Castle Ruins in Ireland
Castle Ruins in Ireland
12 / 12
Best Friends
Best Friends

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

Our home is on 10 acres of land and what is unique is that it’s pie shaped, so we have the best of both worlds, a neighborhood with tons of land for children to explore and run around on. There will be no shortage of friends, frogs to catch, space for forts to be built and tree swings to play on. We intentionally bought a large home with 4 bedrooms so we could fill it with the laughter and the fun kind of chaos that comes with children.

Our Backyard

Our home has an in-ground pool that our friends and family love to use and we love when they’re here, a pond for fishing and a very large garden that we grow all kinds of fruit and vegetables in. Nick is obsessed with plants ... guess it comes with the profession! He’s spent years adding new landscaping and truly making our home beautiful and inviting. We look forward to spending a lot of our time outdoors with our child learning, laughing and seeing what kind of mischief we can get into together.

We live about 10 minutes from a very friendly, safe and historical town that has a top-rated school district. There is always something fun and interesting going on such as festivals, farmer’s markets and community events. We live very close to multiple city and state parks with boating, trails, nature centers, bike paths and playgrounds that we can’t wait to enjoy together as a family.

Our Extended Families

Nick's Family

We’re blessed to have extraordinary people in our lives that we are extremely close with. Both of our families and all of our friends are so excited that we’re adopting. When we told them, there were many tears of joy!

Melissa’s family is all in Michigan, parents, grandparents, siblings, aunts and cousins live close by. We spend a lot of time with Melissa’s sister’s two children playing board games, having water gun fights and monkeying around. They are very excited to be cousins.

Easter Brunch With Family

Nick’s family is all in Russia. Although we are miles apart we’re very close in our hearts. We skype almost every day, we travel to Russia and his family visits us in Michigan. When we travel to Russia we spend time preparing Russian traditional foods, exploring historical places and having fun together. We are excited for our child to learn a second language and all about the beautiful Russian culture.

Every year with our closest friends we vacation together and we cherish the memories we make with them and their wonderful children. We look forward to including our child on these vacations to the Caribbean, Lake Michigan, Europe or wherever the next adventure takes us.

From Us to You

We’re very excited and honored that you stopped at our profile, truly thank you! We cannot even put into words how thrilled we are to bring a child into our lives. We can tell you that we will love your child to the moon and back right from the very beginning and will cherish them every day of our lives! We have the deepest respect for you for even considering adoption and if we’re selected to parent your child we recognize that this will be the most amazing and precious gift we’ll ever receive.

Though we truly do not understand what you are going through we believe that this may be the hardest and most import decision you’ll ever make and though we don’t know you we pray for you every day. We can promise you that if chosen to parent your child love will never be absent in your child’s life, we will protect, educate and nurture your child. We will also be silly, fun, firm and compassionate with them. We will lead by example and teach that all things happen for a reason and for them to respect your decision, love you for giving them life and for bringing us all together.

We have been blessed in so many ways. We were so lucky to find each other 16 years ago despite growing up on opposite sides of the world, because of this we truly believe in fate and that there is a bigger plan for us. We’ve been married for almost 14 years and these years have been filled with love, laughter, happiness, support and adventure that we feel fortunate to have experienced. We truly enjoy spending time together and we’re each other’s best friend. We have a beautiful family and friends that feel more like family, and we’re so lucky to have all of their children in our life. We love these children unconditionally and therefore we know without any doubt that we will love your child from the moment we meet.

We’re both very lucky to have jobs that we love, which allows us to feel challenged and fulfilled. Nick runs his owns landscape design company, every day he works to make our world a more beautiful place. Melissa manages a group of talented people running a business for a Fortune 500 company, every day brings new challenges and allows her to be creative and strategize for success. We both have a lot of flexibility in our jobs, Nick sets his own schedule as a business owner and is home full-time four months in the winter and Melissa works from home with a flexible schedule. We will be present for every milestone, there won’t be a dance class or t-ball game missed!

Our path in life has led us to a point that we’re ready and well prepared for a child in our lives. Even though we don’t have children today, our life is surrounded by the children we love. Not a week goes by that we’re not engaging with them and we go out of our way to spend time with them. Our home has become a favorite for kids, in both the summer and winter, and that fills our hearts with a lot of happiness. Vacations that we plan are focused around children and our home was built for a family not just us. With open arms we are ready to welcome a child into all aspects of our life.

We would welcome the opportunity for you to get to know us further. Please know that we’re open to communication even if adoption is something you’re just considering. We would be honored if chosen to parent your child and we want you to know that we’re open to sharing photos, texts, emails, phone calls and even special keepsakes. If you’re open to it and when the time is right we’re open to meetings so your child will always know that the decision for adoption was out of love. We promise to ensure that the gratitude we feel for you is present in our lives every day. We sincerely wish you all the best.

With open hearts,

Nick & Melissa


Adam Sandler
Ryan Gosling
Meryl Streep
Julia Roberts
Anton Chekhov
Diana Gabaldon
Game of Thrones
Candy Bar
Mickey Mouse
Little Mermaid
Childhood Memory
Visiting the Black Sea with my family
The Christmas Santa brought us a dog
Childhood Toy
Stuffed animal
Children's Book
Dunno on the Moon
Where the Wild Things Are
Classic Movie
White Christmas
White Christmas
Day of Week
Pinapple upside-down cake
Chocolate cake
Disney Movie
Little Mermaid
Dream Car
1958 Porsche 356
Dream Job
Landscpae (I am lucky I get to do my dream job everyday)
Bakery/Florist Business Owner
Dream Vacation
Friends & Family All Together on the Beach
Family Activity
Family game time
Flower / Plant
Sea Holly
Form of Exercise
Mexican dominos
Cake Decorating, Painting & Piano
New Year
Holiday Song
Santa Claus is Coming to Town
All I Want for Christmas is You
Holiday Tradition
4th of July party at our house
Family Christmas cookie baking day
Ice Cream
Cherry Fudge
Junk Food
Crunch wrap from Taco Bell
Guacamole and chips
Leisure Activity
Relazing on the beach
Hanging out with friends
Better Homes & Garden
Memory with a Child
Building sand castles on the beach on vacation
Experiencing wathcing them see and jump in the ocean for the first time with my friend's children
Memory with Spouse
When I proposed and Melissa never really answered
Being proposed to on a balcony of a castle and actually forgetting to say yes
Little Miss Sunshine
Love Actually
Movie Munchie
Kettle corn
Movie Quote
"Instead of the mahi mahi, may I just get the one mahi because I'm not that hungry?"
"When you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with somebody, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible."
Movie Type
Romantic Comedy
Musical Group
Kid Rock
Mumford and Sons
Nursery Rhyme
Round and Round the Garden
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My Dad
My Grandma
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Emily Dickinson
Elizabeth Browning
Quality about my Spouse
To Plant a Garden is to Believe in Tomorrow
"Love doesn't make the world go round. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile." Franklin L Jones
The Laundry
Beach club sandwich (club with avacado)
Jerimeh 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Corinthians 13:13 And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love.
Shopping Store
Forever Young
Meet Virginia
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Not for me
Sports Star
Pavel Datsyuk
Serena Williams
Sports Team
Red Wings
Detroit Red Wings
Subject in School
Wonder Women
Thing to Cook
Smoking fish and meat
Holiday dinners (yorkshire pudding)
Time of Day
Early in the morning, before everyone else wakes up
Before every trip Russian's sit in silance and ask for safe travels and to return home
Friends group Halloween costumes
TV Show
Big Bang Theory
TV Show Character
Gloria from Modern Family
John Snow
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Virgin Islands
Video Game
Mario Brothers

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