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David & Aly

Hi, we are Aly and David and we have been together for over 7 years. While we love each other, we canâ??t wait to share our unconditional love with a child. It would be a blessing for us to raise a child with love and support as they grow into a unique individual. We are so grateful for your consideration of us as you get to know more about who we are and who we will be as parents.

About Us

Electrical Engineering
Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering
Master's Degree in Plant Science
Legally Married

Cultural Diversity

Family Picture with Our Dog, Sadie

When we think of adoption and the families that are brought together by it, we feel it is important to not only be mindful of a child’s ethnic and cultural background, but also to carry on family traditions, new and old. We have many family traditions that are important to us- and we would love to get to know more about what traditions are important to you, and incorporate those into our own. As the child gets older, our hope is that they can have many fond memories of our traditions, and will have ways to pass them along for generations to come.

Aly's maternal Grandmother was polish and her Grandfather's family was from Czechoslovakia. They lived for a while in a logging camp with people from quite diverse ethnicities. Family holidays were filled with traditional Eastern European foods as well as Finnish tarts and Italian Pizzelles. David's maternal side of the family is Polish and Italian and he grew up with many of their traditional foods. When we got married, we melded our traditions and would love to add traditions that are important to you into our celebrations.

We also know that it is important that a child have opportunities to interact with people who have similar backgrounds as they do. We have quite a diverse church population. Many of the ethnic populations have celebrations throughout the year. We would develop friendships with people who have a similar heritage to the child and help them participate in activities with people from a similar background.

Our Leisure Time

Hiking Together

Together we enjoy hiking and camping. We also enjoy gardening and exploring botanical gardens and nurseries. We have both a vegetable garden and flower gardens. We like to have friends or family over to play board games and card games. Several times a year we try to go to choral concerts, the symphony, or plays. We love exploring museums of all kinds- railway, science, history, art, etc. We both enjoy running. Some sporting events such as baseball and basketball, we prefer watching in person, but there are many sports like college and professional football, golf, and tennis that we watch on TV when we can't go in person. We have a family-wide fantasy football league every year. The winner has to proudly display a plastic penguin trophy in their home.

Aly enjoys knitting and crocheting. She loves to read cozy mysteries or light-hearted novels, but will usually listen to them on audio book so that she can knit while she listens.

David enjoys reading, mostly non-fiction or history books. He builds electronic hobby projects. He has recently discovered America's Test Kitchen and loves to find new recipes to experiment with. His favorite so far is Ratatouille. David also enjoys playing the piano and singing.

We look forward to sharing our hobbies and interests with this child, but also finding out what interests them.

Education We Will Provide

We were raised in families that exposed us to many activities (sports, music, art, theater, games, etc.) but we were allowed to develop our own identity and pursue our passions. We were taught the value of hard work, discipline, and persistence. It is important to us that the child have ample opportunities and we will support them in growing their interests, whatever they may be.

Our town has a wonderful school system. There are also private schools nearby for Kindergarten through high school. If the child is interested, there is also a possibility of a technology and science high school. Ultimately our school decisions will be based on which school is the best fit for the child. We will also need to take into account what types of extra curricular activities this child is interested in and which schools provide those activities.

We both look forward to helping with homework. We also look forward to providing hands on education through visits to museums and historical sites in the area. Aly will be a stay at home mother to focus on nurturing and helping the child grow. She is excited to introduce them to all of the exciting and fun opportunities our area has to offer!



Apple Picking
Apple Picking
Walking On the Beach With Sadie
Walking On the Beach With Sadie
We Always Enjoy Going to Sporting Events
We Always Enjoy Going to Sporting Events
Fishing On a Local River
Fishing On a Local River
Painting With a Friend
Painting With a Friend
Picnic by the Sea for Our Anniversary
Picnic by the Sea for Our Anniversary
Fun Night at an Escape Room with Friends
Fun Night at an Escape Room with Friends
Best Friends
Best Friends
A Fun Afternoon of Mini Golf
A Fun Afternoon of Mini Golf
Portland Headlight
Portland Headlight
We Finished!
We Finished!
Matching Christmas PJ's With Aly's Mom & Twin Sister
Matching Christmas PJ's With Aly's Mom & Twin Sister
1 / 12
Apple Picking
Apple Picking
2 / 12
Walking On the Beach With Sadie
Walking On the Beach With Sadie
3 / 12
We Always Enjoy Going to Sporting Events
We Always Enjoy Going to Sporting Events
4 / 12
Fishing On a Local River
Fishing On a Local River
5 / 12
Painting With a Friend
Painting With a Friend
6 / 12
Picnic by the Sea for Our Anniversary
Picnic by the Sea for Our Anniversary
7 / 12
Fun Night at an Escape Room with Friends
Fun Night at an Escape Room with Friends
8 / 12
Best Friends
Best Friends
9 / 12
A Fun Afternoon of Mini Golf
A Fun Afternoon of Mini Golf
10 / 12
Portland Headlight
Portland Headlight
11 / 12
We Finished!
We Finished!
12 / 12
Matching Christmas PJ's With Aly's Mom & Twin Sister
Matching Christmas PJ's With Aly's Mom & Twin Sister

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

Our house is in a quiet neighborhood surrounded by trees. We have a large, grassy yard that a child could play in and plenty of space for outdoor activities. A pond in the front yard is home to ducks and other wildlife. We live next to a grassy field and in the morning, we enjoy eating breakfast as a family and watching the sun rise over the field. We would love to share these moments with a child.

Lighthouse at a Nearby City Park

Our house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms. We have two larger living and family rooms where we often host friends and family for dinners and celebrations. A child will have plenty of space in these rooms to play. We have a piano that Dave enjoys playing on and where the child could learn to play. Sometimes we gather around and sing as a family!

We live in a coastal town and frequently go for walks along the beach. The water is shallow, which is perfect for children to splash around. We also live near beautiful hiking trails in the forest and enjoy picnics and fishing by the streams and waterfalls. We would love to share the wonder of the beautiful outdoors with a child.

Our community has an excellent school system. We are fortunate that our town offers so much, and that the child will have the opportunity to pursue many possible interests, whatever they may be.

Our Extended Families

Baseball Game With Family

David's Family: Most of David's family lives only a few hours away. We get together frequently. This child will be their first Grandchild. David has an older sister and a younger brother. When we all get together, we go to sporting events, attend concerts, cookout, go to the beach, or put together puzzles. Food tends to be a focal point of all our gatherings. David's maternal Grandma lives close by and makes sure we have Polish kielbasa, golumpki and other traditional foods.

Games With Our Nephews

Aly's Family: Aly's family lives farther away, but we talk frequently and visit several times a year. Aly has an identical twin sister and an older brother. Aly's Dad and Step-Mom, brother, and sister all live in Minnesota. Aly's Mom lives in South Carolina. Aly's brother is married and has two sons. When we are all together we spend as much time with our nephews as we can. We all play board games such as Scrabble, Carcassonne, Settlers of Catan, or Ticket to Ride. Some of the games get very competitive but we always have fun!

Both of our families are excited to welcome a child into the family!

From Us to You

We wanted to start by letting you know that we are thinking of you and praying for you. We don't know your situation or feelings right now, but we hope our prayers support and encourage you as you continue to make decisions about your child's future.

We have been married for a little more than 5 years and have known each other for more than 7 years. We discussed having children before we were married and were excited to be parents. We wanted to share our faith and our interests with children and also discover our children's individual personalities. Would they like dance or soccer or reading? Would they like to be dressed up or play in the dirt? Maybe all of the above? Would they want to play the clarinet like Aly, the trombone like David, or would they want something completely different?

After several years and many doctors appointments we realized that we were not going to conceive a child. We started talking about adoption. We prayed to God for help in discerning His will. Were we mentioned to raise a child or did he have other plans for us? We really felt that we were meant to have children.

Aly has always loved children. She started babysitting when she was in high school. She volunteered in her church's nursery. She has a minor in Child Development. She has spent many hours helping with her friend's children, and tries to spend as much time with nephews as she can. David loves children too. He has always loved teaching, and he loves helping children learn. He has helped Aly in the church's nursery, and mentored children at an elementary school to help them with their science fair projects.

We want to share our lives with children and nurture and support them as they grow.

We both grew up with a stay-at-home mother until we went to school and we both felt that we benefited from this. We are blessed that Aly will be able to stay home to care for this child. Aly looks forward to taking a child to parks and children's museums, going to the beach, and story time at the local library during the week. We look forward to family dinners and time spent together as a family. We look forward to taking the child to church with us and passing on our faith in God. As the child grows, we look forward to attending the child's after school activities and encouraging them in their interests.

Should you choose us to raise your child, we do hope for the opportunity to stay connected to you. We’d love to be able to send updates on how he or she is doing, learning and growing. We can share letters in pictures so you will know that he or she is loved and doing well. We would also look forward to emailing, or talking on the phone should you desire. If you were interested, we’d even be open to seeing each other again in the future in person. We want the child to know that you love them and want the best for them, and will do everything we can to ensure that he or she knows of the amazing sacrifice that you made with this decision, and give you the opportunity to tell him or her yourself someday if you so choose.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

Best Regards,

David & Aly


Robin Williams
Tom Hanks
Meryl Streep
Julia Roberts
Thomas Merton
Debbie Macomber and Agatha Christie
The Razor's Edge
A Season of Angels
Candy Bar
3 Musketeers
Almond Joy
Scooby Doo
Childhood Memory
Getting fresh donuts early in the morning with dad and grandpa at the beach.
Spending time with my grandparents
Childhood Toy
Poochie (My little stuffed beagle dog doll)
Stuffed bear
Children's Book
Curious George
Washington DC
Classic Movie
Seven Samurai
Holiday Inn
Day of Week
German chocolate cake
Lemon cream cake
Disney Movie
The Great Mouse Detective
The Parent Trap (original)
Dream Car
Self-driving car
Dream Job
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Hiking & Going to the Beach
Hiking or Board Games
Flower / Plant
Autumn Colored Trees
Wild rose
Stuffed cabbage
Form of Exercise
Playing Piano and Singing
Holiday Song
O Come O Come Emmanuel
The Little Drummer Boy
Holiday Tradition
Cutting down Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving
Easter Vigil with my husband
Ice Cream
Salted caramel with dark chocolate
Junk Food
Sour cream and onion potato chips
Leisure Activity
Walking on the beach
Walking on the beach
Cooks Illustrated
Birds and Blooms
Memory with a Child
Teaching my cousin chess
Holding my nephew the day he was born
Memory with Spouse
Dance lessons before our wedding
The day he beat my family when playing Clue
Lord of the Rings
Princess Bride
Movie Munchie
Popcorn with butter
Red Licorice
Movie Quote
My mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.
You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
Movie Type
Action & Comedy
Hallmark Movies
Les Miserables
The Music Man
Musical Group
The Piano Guys
Nursery Rhyme
Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes
Head, shoulders, knees, and toes
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My Parents
My Grandma
The Importance of Being Ernest
A Midsummer's Night Dream
Henry David Thoreau
Quality about my Spouse
Serenity and Calming Presence
His strength and dependability
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken. -- Oscar Wilde
If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put the foundations under them. Henry David Thoreau
Indian restaurant
Chicken Parm
Egg salad
Isaiah 41:10
Colossians 3:12-17
Shopping Store
LL Bean
L.L. Bean
Lord of All Hopefullness
O God Beyond All Praising
Sport to Play
Mini golf
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Phil Mickelson
Carson Wentz
Sports Team
Hartford Whalers
NDSU Bison
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Most any breakfast foods
Time of Day
Big Family Breakfast on the Weekends
Family Fantasy Football League
TV Show
TV Show Character
Lieutenant Columbo
Timothy McGee
Type of Music
Choral Music
Classic country
Vacation Spot
Anywhere Near on Ocean or Lake
Anywhere with Family
Video Game
Age of Empires

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