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Terry & Keri

We have dreamed about becoming parents for years. We believe very strongly that adoption is the way for us to grow our family. We appreciate you taking the time to read our profile and consider us as prospective parents. Adoption would be the biggest blessing of our marriage and from day one we would love and cherish the child that joins our family. We are ready to share our hearts and lives with a child. We would be honored if you would consider us and look forward to the journey ahead.

About Us

Physician Assistant in Emergency Medicine
Nurse Faculty
Master's Degree in Physician Assistant Studies
DNP in Nursing
Legally Married

What It Means to Become Parents

We Can't Wait to Become Parents!

We have been waiting and praying and dreaming of having a child since we first began dating. We always knew that we wanted to be parents. As we have watched other friends have children and raise those children we have prayed for the day that we would also be parents. We are going to treasure every moment. We cannot wait to change diapers, to rock our baby, and experience every milestone. It will be the little moments that will bring us the most joy-- sitting at the kitchen table for an afternoon snack, going to the park to swing, playing with cousins, eating dinner together as family and bedtime stories in the evening. We will enjoy each adventure and treasure every moment as parents.

We have thought about the definition of 'being a parent.' We believe it means to love, support, and encourage a child from day one. Parenting means making the hard choices and guiding children through both easy and difficult times. We will strive to encourage our child to be honest, considerate, and compassionate. As parents we will guide our child throughout life and give them our unconditional love. We will be their safe haven.

Cultural Diversity

Keri With Her Best Friend's Children

We know that cultural diversity is an important topic to discuss. We will strive to create a home that is loving and open in which our child can openly ask questions and discuss any topic.

We are blessed to live in an urban area in which there is diversity and we will seek out opportunities for our child to understand and love their culture. The children within our community are also of diverse backgrounds, giving our child the opportunity to grow up with friends and neighbors from all backgrounds. Additionally, our church is an interracial church with individuals from many cultures coming together as one to worship.

We also love to travel and seek out new opportunities. Our future child will also have opportunities to travel and experience many new cities and cultures.

Our Professional Lives

We both work in the medical field (and actually met there too). Terry is a Physician Assistant and is passionate about helping individuals and families in need. Keri is a nurse and currently works in the college setting. She loves teaching and is passionate about children and families. We both love helping others and influencing families in a positive way.

Both of our jobs allow us to be flexible with our schedules. Through teaching Keri is able to have a schedule that is similar to that of a child in school. She enjoys her summers off, along with both Spring break and Christmas break each year.

We love that we grew up in families that encouraged us to study and be successful in school. We will encourage our child to also be successful in school and plan for a future in which they can be passionate in their (future) professional life also.



Say Cheese!
Say Cheese!
We Love to Hike!
We Love to Hike!
Playing at the Park With Our Nephew
Playing at the Park With Our Nephew
Hanging Out With Our Nephews
Hanging Out With Our Nephews
Enjoying Nashville
Enjoying Nashville
New Orleans - One of Our Favorite Vacations!
New Orleans - One of Our Favorite Vacations!
We Love to Play Cards!
We Love to Play Cards!
Halloween Pumpkins
Halloween Pumpkins
Grilling OUt
Grilling OUt
New York City
New York City
Uncle Terry & Our Youngest Nephew
Uncle Terry & Our Youngest Nephew
All Smiles
All Smiles
1 / 12
Say Cheese!
Say Cheese!
2 / 12
We Love to Hike!
We Love to Hike!
3 / 12
Playing at the Park With Our Nephew
Playing at the Park With Our Nephew
4 / 12
Hanging Out With Our Nephews
Hanging Out With Our Nephews
5 / 12
Enjoying Nashville
Enjoying Nashville
6 / 12
New Orleans - One of Our Favorite Vacations!
New Orleans - One of Our Favorite Vacations!
7 / 12
We Love to Play Cards!
We Love to Play Cards!
8 / 12
Halloween Pumpkins
Halloween Pumpkins
9 / 12
Grilling OUt
Grilling OUt
10 / 12
New York City
New York City
11 / 12
Uncle Terry & Our Youngest Nephew
Uncle Terry & Our Youngest Nephew
12 / 12
All Smiles
All Smiles

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home is in a Quiet & Beautiful Neighborhood

We love the neighborhood we live in. Our home is in a country subdivision that is quiet and has green space for children and families to play. We are only 15 minutes away from an urban area-- we feel as if we have the best of both worlds. Our neighborhood has sidewalks for walkers and bike riders and there are children playing outside on a daily basis. There are parks and outdoor swimming pools within five minutes from our house. Our backyard is on a hill and we can already envision summertime slip and slides and winter sledding adventures with our child.

Our Beautiful View

Our community is supportive of families. There are numerous sporting activities that children in our community can participate. There is a lovely library a short distance from our house with children's activities and quiet areas for us to explore new adventures in books.

Our home is a sunny three-bedroom, two-bath home with a walkout basement. We have a double deck back porch where we love to grill out or enjoy the sunsets. Our home is a peaceful getaway from the outside world. It is truly a place that we can relax and enjoy time with family and friends.

Our Extended Families

With Family at Our Wedding

We are thankful to have both of our families near us. Our immediate family lives within about an hour from our home and we see many of our family weekly for lunch, shopping, or just to hang out. We love to play cards with our family. One of our favorites is Kings Corner's which Keri's family has been playing since she was a child. We have two favorite traditions in our family surrounding Christmas. Each year we look forward to preparing homemade spaghetti while we decorate our Christmas tree and Christmas crafting with our extended family. This tradition is very special to us as we include special memories in our craft each year. We also enjoy watching sporting activities with our family. Both watching our niece and nephews play soccer and watching our collegiate teams play. We have season tickets to sporting events within our community and usually make a family night or date night to watch them play. Our family is supportive of our plan to adopt and is excited to meet and love a new addition to the family. Our nephews ask us on a regular basis when their new cousin is coming and if they can teach them to play soccer and card games. Keri's mom is already quilting a baby blanket and other items for our future child. Terry's family is looking forward to having their first grandchild join the family.

Christmas Crafts

From Us to You

As we sit to write this, I want to be honest... We are nervous! We have prayed for this very moment since finding out I was unable to conceive a child. We have prayed for you and your baby. It is our hope that you will find peace with all decisions you make.

We wanted to share a little bit about ourselves. Terry is a Physician Assistant and Keri is a Nurse Educator. We both are blessed to love our jobs. It is one of the things that drew us together at the beginning of our relationship. We both enjoy working with families and making a difference in their lives.

We have been married for 3 years after dating for 6 years. Each year we grow closer together. We have experienced moments of pure joy and comforted one another during difficult times. We do not have any children in our home, but love to have our niece and nephews to come to visit us.

We are both close to our families. We have been blessed to have our families within a short drive from our home. We have one niece and four nephews. We have spoken of adoption with our families and they are excited to meet our future little one. Over Christmas our 7-year-old nephew asked when he would be an 'uncle'-- which really meant he wanted to know when he would be a cousin! Mom has already begun making baby blankets and burp cloths for our future little one. Terry's family is excited for a child and our child will be the first grandchild in his family. A truly special place for this child to hold. Our child will be welcomed with open arms by both of our families.

We love attending collegiate sporting activities and have season tickets to the college basketball team from our city. We love to travel and have new adventures. We have annual beach vacations and each year try and visit a new place to explore different cultures and the history of different cities. We also like to attend Broadway plays and musicals--even if Keri thinks Terry attends only because he knows how much she loves them! We envision including our child in all of these activities and cannot wait until the day that that vision comes true!

We hope that through this profile you can begin to know more about us-- about our hopes and dreams; family and home life; and how we desire a child to love, cherish, and nurture for the rest of their life. When we are asked about what we are looking forward to most about being a parent we often make others laugh because we respond by saying 'everything.' We cannot wait to have a little one-- to change diapers, read bedtime stories, enjoy snacks after school, dinners at the kitchen table, playing in the park, and teaching them how to ride a bike. We know there will be sleepless nights and difficult moments, but even those are not daunting. We will love and cherish every moment of raising a child.

We will also welcome including you in our child's life. We know that you will always be their biological mom-- we will send pictures and are open to emails. We also would love to connect with you and visit within the first five years of our child's life.

A baby would be an answer to prayer and we would raise this child knowing we have been blessed beyond measure.

Terry & Keri


John Wayne
Denzel Washington
Julia Roberts
Julia Roberts
Polar Bear
John Steinbeck
C. S. Lewis
Across Five Aprils
Anne of Green Gables
Candy Bar
Tom and Jerry
Tom and Jerry
Childhood Memory
Spending summers working on the farm with Grandpa
Spending the summer at the beach with my immediate family and grandparents
Childhood Toy
a baby that cried when you rocked her forward
Children's Book
Peter Rabbit
Goodnight Moom
Charleston SC
Classic Movie
Rio Bravo
Singing in the Rain
Day of Week
Banana Pudding
Disney Movie
Mary Poppins
Lion King
Dream Car
Dream Job
I am in my dream job
Being able to stay at home with my family
Dream Vacation
Anywhere With Sunshine & Water
Family Activity
Going to the park for a picnic
Hiking or traveling
Flower / Plant
Fried Chicken
Form of Exercise
Holiday Song
Jingle Bells
Baby it's cold outside
Holiday Tradition
Opening a present on Christmas Eve
Christmas crafting
Ice Cream
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Watching classic movies
Watching movies
Memory with a Child
Playing basketball with my nephews
The first time I took my niece to the movies and she asked if we could pause the movie so that she could go to the potty
Memory with Spouse
Going to Saint Pete Beach to propose to my wife
Terry proposing in Florida in order for my grandfather to be the first to see and celebrate with us. Terry knew how important it was for my grandpa to be included and honored.
Bourne Trilogy
Steel Magnolias
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
'The strain was more than he could bear'-- Tombstone
You had me at hello
Movie Type
Singing in the Rain
Singing in the Rain
Musical Group
Alison Krauss
Nursery Rhyme
Old McDonald
Humpty Dumpty
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My Dad
My Grandfather
West Side Story
T. S. Elliot
Emily Dickenson
Quality about my Spouse
Her perseveance
'If at first you don't succeed try, try again'
"Isn't it nice to think that tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it yet?"
Saul Good
Turkey Cobb
John 3:16
Jeremiah 29:11
Shopping Store
J Jill
Amazing Grace
Tricia Yearwood 'She's in love with a boy'
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Michael Jordan
Larry Bird
Sports Team
Golden State Warriors
Kentucky Wildcat Basketball
Subject in School
Super Man
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Chicken fajitas
Time of Day
Early evening
Having Homemade Hot Chocolate While Decorating the Christmas Tree
Christmas Crafts
TV Show
Big Bang Theory
TV Show Character
Anne Shirley
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Charleston SC
Saint Pete Florida
Video Game
Space Invaders
Super Mario Brothers

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