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Ivan & Karol

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. Being parents has been an amazing adventure, full of great memories and loving experiences. We are very excited to expand our family through adoption, it will be a great honor to be chosen to be your child's parents. We look forward to the journey that lies ahead of us.

About Us

Senior Programmer
Tax Manager
Bachelor's Degreee in Computer Science
Bachelor's Degree in Accounting
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

So Happy Together!

We always wanted to have more than one child. We both have a brother an a sister so we wanted our children to grow up in a similar family environment.

Adoption was something that we discussed early in our relationship and we agreed that it was a path we would like to go through even if we where able to have biological children. A few years after getting married we decided to start a family. We where able to conceive fairly easy, but due to pregnancy complications we lost our first boy. A year later we were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Sarai.

Sarai is the joy of our family, she makes everybody happy with just a smile. She is affectionate, caring and makes friends very easily, she never miss an opportunity to play with other kids. Sarai loves to watch cartoons but also enjoy running around in the yard with our cats and paying with anything water related. We have no doubt that Sarai will be an excellent big sister, she is already very excited to receive a child in our home.

A few years later we tried one more time but lost our little angel at the end of the pregnancy. Even though our losses have been very hard, our desire to grow our family is still there. We know now that adoption is the way we are meant to complete our family. We are a very happy family and it will be a blessing to add a new child to our family through adoption!

Our Leisure Time

Beach Day With Family

We like to spend as much time together as possible. Living on a tropical island gives us the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors all year round! We often go on day trips to the beach, spend the day in the park or just go out to different restaurants. We also enjoy days where we stay home and relax by just watching a movie or playing with our daughter in the yard.

We really enjoy traveling together and exploring new places and cultures. We spend some of our week nights planning our future vacations, doing research for new family friendly destinations.

Karol loves to spend time on her craft room creating cards and party decorations, it is a great opportunity to teach our daughter Sarai to develop her creative side.

Ivan likes to read and on weekends he spends a lot time outside taking care of the lawn. He likes to grow fruits and vegetables in our garden — a hobby he can't wait to share with our children!

Our Cultural Heritage

We are lucky to live in a culturally rich environment that is very accepting and welcoming. Being born in Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island, has provided us the great opportunity to interact with quite a diverse cultural population, in general all families in our Island have a very unique blend. We are extremely proud of our heritage and see a little bit of ourselves in every other race. We understand how important family traditions are and we look forward to learning as much as possible of your child's heritage and traditions so that we can incorporate them into our lives.



Date Night at a Concert
Date Night at a Concert
Enjoying the Magic
Enjoying the Magic
A Day at the River
A Day at the River
Egg Hunt in Our Yard
Egg Hunt in Our Yard
Hiking in the Rain Forest
Hiking in the Rain Forest
All Smiles
All Smiles
Christmas With Both Sides of the Family
Christmas With Both Sides of the Family
Caribbean Life
Caribbean Life
Trip to Italy
Trip to Italy
Relaxing at the Beach
Relaxing at the Beach
Trip to Roatan, Honduras
Trip to Roatan, Honduras
Best Friends
Best Friends
1 / 12
Date Night at a Concert
Date Night at a Concert
2 / 12
Enjoying the Magic
Enjoying the Magic
3 / 12
A Day at the River
A Day at the River
4 / 12
Egg Hunt in Our Yard
Egg Hunt in Our Yard
5 / 12
Hiking in the Rain Forest
Hiking in the Rain Forest
6 / 12
All Smiles
All Smiles
7 / 12
Christmas With Both Sides of the Family
Christmas With Both Sides of the Family
8 / 12
Caribbean Life
Caribbean Life
9 / 12
Trip to Italy
Trip to Italy
10 / 12
Relaxing at the Beach
Relaxing at the Beach
11 / 12
Trip to Roatan, Honduras
Trip to Roatan, Honduras
12 / 12
Best Friends
Best Friends

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in Puerto Rico, our home is surrounded by mountains and rivers and the beach is just about 30 minutes away. We have plenty of outdoor activities to do in our leisure time.

Our Little Farm

Our house is located on a hillside in a twelve acre lot with plenty of space to play away from the main street. We were lucky to find a four-bedroom house in the country side just like we wanted, surrounded by nature where we can grow our own fruits and vegetables. We have a big patio where we can entertain our family and friends. We share our house with three cats and we recently started to raise chickens in our backyard.

Most of our neighbors are related which make it a very friendly area. There is a community chapel nearby, the botanical garden, parks, restaurants and stores are just a few minutes away.

We enjoy living in this community, it has been a great place to raise our daughter. We are looking forward to bring a new child into our home.

Our Extended Families

At Church With Ivan's Brother

Family is a very important part of our lives, we decided to stay in our hometown so we can be close to most of our family members. We meet with our respective parents almost every day after they pick our daughter from school. Ivan's family gets together every Sunday after attending mass and spend the afternoon at his grandparents family house where they prepare dinner and chat about their week, we also visit Karol's family since it is located just a few minutes from Ivan's.

Karol's Family

We often get together with our extended family to celebrate birthdays and holidays. During summer time we organize family day trips to the beach and during Christmas we get together on weekend nights to celebrate the holidays as it is a tradition in our island.

Both sides of our family understand our plan to adopt, they are as excited as us to add a new member to the family. We consider ourselves blessed to have a supportive and loving family.

From Us to You

Hello. We are Karol and Ivan and first we want to thank you for considering us as the adoptive family for your baby. We understand this is a difficult situation and we know any decision you make will be purely out of love and courage. We pray every day that you can find comfort and peace on any path you decide to take. We promise to always show respect to you. Your child will always know how valued he/she is and how much love you had to make this decision to provide him/her with a loving family and the best upbringing possible if adoption becomes your final plan. We would love to stay in touch after the adoption is completed and would always be willing to provide you with updates on your child's progress and milestones through pictures and emails or letters, and hope you are open to that as well.

As you make this important and brave decision we want you to know that we are a loving and committed couple. We have been married for over twelve years, we met almost twenty years ago in a church youth group and dated for six years before getting married. Both of our parents have been married for more than 35 years and we look up to them when it comes to marriage and raising a family.

We waited some time to start a family and we were able to get pregnant fairly easy, however pregnancy complications led to an early delivery, our little angel passed away a couple days later. We never lost faith and God blessed us with a smart, joyful little girl, who is our world. After a couple of years we tried one more time to have a baby but again pregnancy complications didn't made it possible. We were heartbroken but even in our pain we understood that adoption was our calling. It is a responsibility and honor that we do not take for granted and welcome with all our hearts. Our journey has had many obstacles, but it has made us stronger and brought us closer together.

We both were raised with very similar strong core values of love, respect and honesty for each other and those around us. We would provide a very stable and caring upbringing for your child. Your child will always know how much he/she is loved and how they where brought into our lives. We are very close with our families and enjoy spending as much time with them as possible, they are excited to welcome another child in their lives as well. Our families will provide a stable environment full of love for your child.

Thank you again for reviewing our profile. It is a true honor to even be considered. We hope to have the opportunity to meet you and tell you more about our family in person and anxiously await the opportunity to welcome you and your little one to our family. We will be praying for you and your child throughout this journey.


Ivan & Karol


Benicio del Toro
Tom Hanks
Audrey Tautou
Meryl Streep
Dan Brown
J.K. Rowling
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Host
Candy Bar
Hershey Almond Bar
The Last Air Bender (Avatar)
The Flintstones
Childhood Memory
First bike ride without training wheels
Spending summer in the river with my cousins
Childhood Toy
Children's Book
The Little Prince
Peter Pan
Chicago City
Toledo, Spain
Classic Movie
Blade Runner
Day of Week
Creme brulee
Anything with chocolate
Disney Movie
Prince of Egipt
Dream Car
Tesla Model 3
Range Rover
Dream Job
Have my own startup company
Dream Vacation
New Zealand and Australia
Family Activity
Go to the Movies
Go to the Movies
Flower / Plant
Fried Chicken
Fish tacos
Form of Exercise
Cross Fit
Chinese Checkers
Paper crafts
New year's eve
Holiday Song
Silent night
"Feliz Navidad" from Jose Feliciano
Holiday Tradition
Visit Church and Family Reunion
Christmas party at our house
Ice Cream
Junk Food
Chicken Wings
Potato chips
Leisure Activity
Read a book
Watch TV
Fast Company
HGTV Magazine
Memory with a Child
Preparing our daughter for first day at school
my daughter falling sleep in my arms
Memory with Spouse
Trip to Spain
Walking around Toledo, Spain
Back to the Future
The Fugitive
Movie Munchie
Pop Corn
Movie Quote
With great power comes great responsibility (Spider Man)
Run Forest Run
Movie Type
Les Miserables
Mary Poppings
Musical Group
Maroon 5
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Track and Field
Personal Hero
My Dad
The Lion king
In the Heights
Federico Garcia Lorca
Pablo Neruda
Quality about my Spouse
Loving mother
Happiness is not something readymade. It comes from your own actions. - Dalai Lama
I haven't been everywhere, but it's on my list. Susan Sontag
Zafra del Caribe (Sea food restaurant)
En Boga
Tuna Sandwich
Turkey Provolone
James 1:2-4
1 Corinthians 13:4-8
Shopping Store
Drops of Jupiter (Train)
The Reason from Hoobastank
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Stephen Curry
Monica Puig
Sports Team
Golden State Warriors
NY Yankees
Subject in School
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Family Reunion every Sunday
Visit the family every Sunday
TV Show
The X-Files
Modern Family
TV Show Character
Agent Fox Mulder
Sheldon from Big Bag Theory
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Culebra Island, Puerto Rico
Video Game
The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past
Mario Kart

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