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Brent & Jessica

Hello! We are a young, fun-loving family with so much love to share. We have been together for eight years and are hoping to grow our family through adoption again. We believe the foundation of our family consists of love, respect, kindness, and lots of laughter along the way. Thank you for looking at our profile and considering us to become parents again. The opportunity to share our lives and love to a child would be the greatest gift we could ever receive.

About Us

Nurse Anesthetist
Stay-at-Home Mom
Master's Degree in Nurse Anesthesia
Master's of Clinical Social Work
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

Say Cheese!

Adoption has been the foundation from which our family started. We have been blessed with adopting our son, Noah. The day we became parents was truly the most life changing day in our lives. Amidst sleepless nights, diaper changes and cleaning up spit-up, we consider parenting to be the best thing we have done with our lives thus far. We can't wait to grow our family through adoption again and we know Noah will be a fantastic big brother!

Since the day Noah was born, we have shared his adoption story with him. He always ask for the "Night I was Born Story," which we gladly share with him. In his room you can see a beautiful adoption plaque we have hanging on his wall along with numerous books discussing adoption. We even sing songs about adoption and have recently made friends in our new community who are also adoptees! It is beyond important for us that Noah not only knows his story, but is proud of who he is and the amazing sacrifice his birth family made for him.

Our Leisure Time

Brent Enjoys Fishing

We are a young, active couple who find fun in any activity we are participating in. We enjoy going to concerts, sporting events and love hosting BBQ's and cookouts. We also enjoy quality time at home; many of our Friday evenings are spent in comfy clothes, while eating pizza and watching a movie.

Jessica Painting

Jessica enjoys arts/crafts along with baking, reading, jogging and doing yoga when she has free time. The biggest leisure time Jessica enjoys is crafting and decorating along with making things for the house. She loves to stain and refurbish furniture and work on inspired Pinterest projects. She enjoys having craft days with many of her friends and always has a new project to work on. When Jessica is not working on craft projects she likes to stay active by jogging outside (when the weather is nice!)

Brent enjoys golfing, fishing; sports and helping Jessica build projects for the house. Brent loves to go fishing when the weather is nice and this activity allows him to unwind from stressful days at work. Brent is a huge fan of the Kansas City Chiefs; we have season tickets and attend all the Chief home games no matter how cold the weather may be!

Our Life Priorities

All Smiles

As a family we have chosen a set of values that influence our decisions and life direction. Our values are: honoring God, loving people, celebrate life, and always remain faithful to your family. We highly value family! We look forward to raising our children to live by the same values in order to grow up and be healthy adults who can bring great change to this world. It is our desire to raise our children with a global understanding that teaches them to love and care for one another. We will always work hard to provide them with opportunities to experience life to the fullest! We don't value things in our family; it won't matter how fancy our cars are, or if we have the nicest house on the block. What will last forever are the times we spent together as a family, laughing together, and helping our world become a better place.



Cheering for Our Local Team
Cheering for Our Local Team
We Love Being Silly Together
We Love Being Silly Together
Fun With Mommy
Fun With Mommy
ROAR! Visiting a Dinosaur Museum
ROAR! Visiting a Dinosaur Museum
So Much In Love
So Much In Love
Getting Ready to Go Play in the Snow!
Getting Ready to Go Play in the Snow!
Enjoying a Night Out
Enjoying a Night Out
Kayaking on the Coast
Kayaking on the Coast
Carving Pumpkins With Mommy
Carving Pumpkins With Mommy
Brent Helping Noah Decorate the Tree
Brent Helping Noah Decorate the Tree
Having Fun at a 1920's Themed Wedding
Having Fun at a 1920's Themed Wedding
We Can't Wait to Become Parents Again!
We Can't Wait to Become Parents Again!
1 / 12
Cheering for Our Local Team
Cheering for Our Local Team
2 / 12
We Love Being Silly Together
We Love Being Silly Together
3 / 12
Fun With Mommy
Fun With Mommy
4 / 12
ROAR! Visiting a Dinosaur Museum
ROAR! Visiting a Dinosaur Museum
5 / 12
So Much In Love
So Much In Love
6 / 12
Getting Ready to Go Play in the Snow!
Getting Ready to Go Play in the Snow!
7 / 12
Enjoying a Night Out
Enjoying a Night Out
8 / 12
Kayaking on the Coast
Kayaking on the Coast
9 / 12
Carving Pumpkins With Mommy
Carving Pumpkins With Mommy
10 / 12
Brent Helping Noah Decorate the Tree
Brent Helping Noah Decorate the Tree
11 / 12
Having Fun at a 1920's Themed Wedding
Having Fun at a 1920's Themed Wedding
12 / 12
We Can't Wait to Become Parents Again!
We Can't Wait to Become Parents Again!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a newly built 5 bedroom, 3 bathroom home in Kansas. Our house sits on 2 acres of land where there is plenty of room for a child to run and play. Our Neighborhood has well maintained lawns, and neighbors of diverse age and ethnicity. Our son, Noah has become the neighborhood celebrity ... all our neighbors come out to greet us and play with Noah when we go on walks, or just play outside. We live on a dead end road with only 15 homes on our street; with this smaller size we have become very close with many of our neighbors.

We live in a great family oriented community, where there are plenty of fun adventures to keep a little one busy! We live right outside a major University town. We love this, because it allows us to learn about different cultures and races all over the world. We also enjoy attending the University football games and cheering on the football team to victory! Our town has numerous parks, lakes, and trails. We often can be found exploring and going on adventures in our spare time. Noah loves to go fishing and ride his bike on the trails.

Our community has a farmer's market every Saturday from April to September that we visit to buy fresh vegetables and local baked goods. We are fortunate to live only 15 minutes away from schools, public libraries, art museums, police stations and hospitals.

Our Extended Families

Noah & Grandma

As part of our core values, family is very important to us! Both of our parents are eager to be present in the lives of their grandchildren and take great interest in caring for them in only a way grandparents can. Brent's family live close by, and we make it a point to get together frequently. Holiday's together, family trips and sleepovers at grandma and papa's house are all memories our children will have. In addition to our parent's help in raising our children, we are fortunate enough to live close to aunts, uncles, and cousins whom we can share family traditions and memories with. It's a fun privilege to be able to come together and share that experience with our siblings and for our children to have close relationships with their aunts, uncles, and cousins. Since Brent's family lives relatively close by, we are fortunate to have time together on a regular basis. Everyone is so excited and supportive of our adoption plan. They cannot wait to be a part of this child's life, and look forward to a bundle of joy to spoil with lots of love, hugs and kisses!

Jessica's Family

From Us to You

Our names are Brent and Jessica and we would like to thank you for taking the time to look at our profile and get a glimpse of our life and family. We do not know your circumstances, but we do know it's out of love and courage for the child you carry to consider choosing adoption. We are eternally grateful to be considered as potential parents should you choose to pursue adoption. If you pick us as the parents for your baby, we will forever be grateful and promise to convey the love, courage and selflessness you show in making this life changing decision.

Brent is a nurse anesthetist and works full-time at a local hospital. Jessica has her Master's in Clinical Social Work, but is currently a stay-at-home mom to our son, Noah. Our home is full of creativity, love, music, books, food and most importantly family. Being able to experience different people, places and cultures is important to us and our future family. We want to take many vacations with your child and help expose them to as many different cultures and opportunities that we are able to present. We cannot wait to experience concerts, museums and sporting events with our future family.

When our son Noah entered the world it seemed our hearts grew twice their normal size! We were not even aware we could love someone so much! Being parents has given us greater joy than we could ever imagine or describe. When it came time to add to our family once again, adoption was the one and only answer! We are beyond excited to welcome a baby into our family again. We believe there is great value in the gift of siblings and we look forward to nurturing that lifelong companionship.

We are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to grow our family and are excited to provide you baby with a loving home and a big brother! We believe that having a sibling who is also adopted will be a benefit for our children as we celebrate each one of their unique adoption stories. We know that having a big brother can give a child, someone to play with, learn from, and look up to.

Our large extended families are supportive of our decision to adopt again and are excited to welcome another child with love and enthusiasm. They are looking forward to making new family memories with a new addition to the family.

We delight in the role you will play, whatever you choose for that to be. You are significant to us and ALWAYS will be. We welcome your continued investment in you child's life. We are happy to send email updates, with pictures and stories, as well as letters with keepsakes that mark milestones in your child's life. We are also open to making arrangements for visits when the time may be right. We are eager to know you and happy to work together to maintain a healthy relationship. We make this commitment to you, that we will always speak highly of you, and honor you with our words and actions. From our perspective, you have made a brave decision and we will always respect you for your choice. Our gratitude for your selflessness will be evident in our home.


Brent & Jessica


Daniel Day Lewis
Collin Firth
Jennifer Connelly
Sandra Bullock
Basset Hound
Tom Clancy
John Green
The Count of Monte Cristo
The Rosie Project
Candy Bar
The Simpsons
Rainbow Bright
Childhood Memory
Working with my Grandfather
Decorating The Christmas Tree
Childhood Toy
GI Joe's
Care Bears
Children's Book
Anything by Bill Pete
Where The Wild Things Are
Kansas City
Kansas City
Classic Movie
Wizard of Oz
It's A Wonderful Llife
Day of Week
Anything Chocolate
Disney Movie
Sword and the Stone
The Little Mermaid
Dream Car
Corvette Z06
Camaro SS
Dream Job
Audio Engineer
Clinical Social Worker
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Chief's Games
Flower / Plant
Willow Tree
Anything Mexican
Form of Exercise
Hungry, Hungry, Hippo
Arts & Crafts
Holiday Song
Lucy's Song
White Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Decorating the Christmas Tree
Decorating The Christmas Tree while listening to Holiday Music
Ice Cream
Tin Roof Sunday
Mint Chocolate Chip
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Stereo Phile
Taste of Home
Memory with a Child
Playing football
Pllaying Hide & Seek
Memory with Spouse
Proposing to her
Our Wedding Day
Pulp Fiction
All the Harry Potter's
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
Why's the carpet wet Todd? I don't know, Margo!
Happiness can be found in the darkest of times, if one only remebers to turn on the light.
Movie Type
Willy Wanka and the Chocolate Factory
Phantom of the Opera
Musical Group
Nine Inch Nails
Foo Fighters
Nursery Rhyme
The Muffin Man
You Are My Sunshine
Olympic Event
Figure Skating
Personal Hero
My Grandfather
My Grandfather
A Few Good Men
A Raisin In The Sun
Sylvia Plath
Quality about my Spouse
Her kind heart
His Sense Of Humor & Smile
If someone is strong enough to bring you down, show them you are strong enough to get back up.
Wherever you go; Go with all your heart.
Blind Tiger
Meatball Club
Subway Club
Romans 15:13
Psalm 4:7
Shopping Store
Old Navy
Come Alive
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Lenny Dawson
JJ Watt
Sports Team
Kansas City Chiefs
Oregan Ducks
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Time of Day
Hosting cookouts with friends and family
Always saying, "I Love You" before leaving
TV Show
The Simpsons
TV Show Character
Homer J Simpson
Timothy McGee
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Le;gend of Zelda
Wii Bowling

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