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If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-800-ADOPTION (2367846), fill out the form at the bottom of our on-line profile page, or email us at

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Brendon & Dawn

Thank you for reading our profile. We hope you will find comfort knowing we are ready to provide a lifetime of unconditional love for your child. No words are able to capture our excitement of growing our family. It is our lifelong dream to become parents, our hearts are open and ready, and we cannot wait to share our lives through this journey.

About Us

Project Manager
Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Professional Training
High School Diploma
Legally Married

Our Lifestyle

We Love to Cook Together

When we decided to start our family, we made the choice for Dawn to be a stay-at-home parent. Since then she has been working on preparing our home for our future family. Brendon works full-time; however, he works from a home office so both of us are home during the day. We have dinner together every night and do not allow any electronics during dinner (we even collect our friends’ phones). We love food and recognize how important it is to eat healthy, this plays a huge part in our day to day life. Dawn does not cook anything from a box and will make everything from scratch! You will find her referencing recipes and then converting them to healthier versions. Brendon loves to come down from his home office and be the Sous Chef. We have lots of fun cooking our meals together! The children in our lives love to come over too, as Dawn pulls out the stool, kiddo aprons and guides them to be Jr. Chefs.

On the weekends Dawn always has something fun planned for us – dinner club, movies, exploring a new mountain town, to trying new restaurants or spending time with friends and family. We love to be active and enjoy local festivals, however, we also enjoy the occasional weekend staying in, playing video games or watching movies.

Fun Facts About Us

With Rick from Pawn Stars

1. Brendon was on the History Channel’s show Pawn Stars.

2. Dawn has filled her first passport and is now collecting stamps in her second one.

3. Brendon knows 101 magic tricks and loves to entertain people.

4. When Dawn was a child they had a dog named Mandy, the family loved her so much, the next two dogs were both named Mandy too.

5. Brendon still has his 1st teddy bear, the lovable George, and he shares Brendon’s office space.

6. Dawn invented a board game to teach kids good table manners.

7. We share a similar nickname from our friends even though we didn’t know each other yet!

8. Dawn taught herself to sew and now makes some of her clothes.

9. Once a month Brendon has a “gaming Sunday” and been playing with the same group of friends for 20 years!

10. Every year Brendon paints a new piece of art for our home.

Our Dogs, Seven & Jelly

Our Sweet Pups

Our pets are members of our family and very much a part of our day-to-day life. Seven and Jelly are mixed cattle dogs both smart and well trained. We adopted them from local shelters and they have extremely loving, silly and friendly personalities. We have a dedicated play-time every day in the back yard, we bring them with us hiking or on trips and visit the dog park often.

Seven makes us laugh with her human-like actions; she “talks” to us, sits on the couch like a person and we are suspicious she can secretly tell time. She always knows within minutes when it is play or dinner time. She is obsessed with her frisbee. She loves to jump up and do back-flips. Jelly is a sweet and gentle snuggle bug. You will find her sitting beside you, laying her head on your shoulder and eager to give her love anytime. Outside Jelly is free and energetic, running figure 8 laps in the yard and playing with her home-made toys.



Hanging Out at a Local Festival
Hanging Out at a Local Festival
Fun While Babysitting for Our Close Friends
Fun While Babysitting for Our Close Friends
Dawn Loves to Read
Dawn Loves to Read
Teaching a Neighbor Kid How to Ride His Bike
Teaching a Neighbor Kid How to Ride His Bike
4th of July Block Party
4th of July Block Party
Trying to Impress Our Niece with His Golf Skills
Trying to Impress Our Niece with His Golf Skills
Dawn and Her Sister
Dawn and Her Sister
Hiking in Garden of the Gods
Hiking in Garden of the Gods
Being Silly
Being Silly
Picking Out Our Pumpkin
Picking Out Our Pumpkin
We Found Big Foot!
We Found Big Foot!
We Can't Wait to be Parents!
We Can't Wait to be Parents!
1 / 12
Hanging Out at a Local Festival
Hanging Out at a Local Festival
2 / 12
Fun While Babysitting for Our Close Friends
Fun While Babysitting for Our Close Friends
3 / 12
Dawn Loves to Read
Dawn Loves to Read
4 / 12
Teaching a Neighbor Kid How to Ride His Bike
Teaching a Neighbor Kid How to Ride His Bike
5 / 12
4th of July Block Party
4th of July Block Party
6 / 12
Trying to Impress Our Niece with His Golf Skills
Trying to Impress Our Niece with His Golf Skills
7 / 12
Dawn and Her Sister
Dawn and Her Sister
8 / 12
Hiking in Garden of the Gods
Hiking in Garden of the Gods
9 / 12
Being Silly
Being Silly
10 / 12
Picking Out Our Pumpkin
Picking Out Our Pumpkin
11 / 12
We Found Big Foot!
We Found Big Foot!
12 / 12
We Can't Wait to be Parents!
We Can't Wait to be Parents!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We love living in beautiful Colorado with all it has to offer. Our home is in the suburbs of a major city allowing us close access to its enriching culture, arts, museums, music, sports and more. We are also located within an hour's drive from the mountains. We love to transform our weekends into adventures spending a Saturday at a parade downtown, hiking in the mountains, visiting a farmers market, skiing, or relaxing and barbecuing at home.

Our community is one of the most diverse in Colorado filled with all types of families and lots of children. Fourth of July is our favorite time in our neighborhood. The city firework show is right above our house and we are able to watch from our front lawn. Our entire block comes together to BBQ, play outdoor games and celebrate together. We also take advantage of being within walking distance to local activities, bike trails, nature paths, elementary schools and city rec centers with water parks. We cannot wait to share these incredible experiences and much more with a child.

Our home has four bedrooms, lots of bathrooms, two family rooms and plenty of space for a child to grow and play. We love our patio for barbecuing and hosting gatherings. We cannot wait to fill our yard with play-sets, sandboxes, a tire swing and so much more for a child.

Our Extended Families

Visiting Brendon's Family in Iowa

We are fortunate to have family and friends around us in Colorado. Dawn has two siblings (a brother and a sister) and eight nieces and nephews who we love to hang out with when we can. Brendon has two older brothers, one niece and one nephew; most of his family lives in Iowa and we try to visit at least once a year.

We also consider our many friends and their children family. We spend our holidays and weekends together blended with everyone. We love to celebrate any reason to get together and enjoy checking out local festivals, exploring new parks, swimming or simple dinners. We truly love being able to spend time with everyone's children and Dawn is extremely proud she is the number one requested babysitter.

Dawn with Her Mom, Sister and Nieces

Dawn grew up in a very large extended family and was always spending lots of time with Aunts, Uncles, cousins, friends and more. Everyone was invited to everything! Today, Dawn keeps this open door policy and welcomes all into our home. Dawn also has a very musical family and this is a big part of our lives. Dawn loves to sing, play music and have dance parties. On game nights Brendon's imagination soars, he loves to be silly and play all sorts of make-believe games. He will tell stories, talk like a pirate and run around the house and play with the kids. We both have loving close families and friends who are extremely excited to welcome a new child into our world.

From Us to You

Hello, we are Dawn and Brendon. We would like to thank you for taking the time to read about us and are truly honored to be considered as parents for your child. We recognize the immeasurable amount of love you have for your child and the courage it takes to consider an adoption plan. Please know we have immense respect, love and admiration for you during this time and moving forward. We can assure you we will love, support, and nurture your child; they will be the center of our lives.

We've been together 9 years and from the beginning our relationship was very natural. On our first few dates, we found we had tons of things in common. We both share a love of adventure, trying new things and this led to creative dates packed with fun, travel and laughs. After a couple years of dating, Brendon proposed in our backyard and we were planning a small wedding outdoors. A few months later, we made a spontaneous decision to elope instead of getting married the following year. We were preparing to fly out for a vacation and Brendon convinced Dawn to get married in Las Vegas. At the airport Brendon bought a wedding band at jewelry kiosk and organized our wedding in less than 48 hours!

We are always together having fun, laughing and learning from our differences. We can appreciate the moments where our differences shine and compromising through them only strengthens our bond. Every morning we spend an hour conversing about the world, life and our goals. Brendon considers this time very special to him, as he appreciates Dawn’s personal view and her keen insights. Brendon says these are some of the things that make her such a special person and the love of his life. We decided very early on that Dawn would be a stay-home parent, she left her corporate career shortly after we were married in order for us to start our family. With no success on our own of getting pregnant, we easily came to the decision to adopt as our family plan. Since then, she has remained as a homemaker and cannot wait to have an amazing full-time job as a mom.

We've always been able to communicate, provide balance and support to each other and continue to do so through our marriage. Together we have built a loving and supportive home and feel we are able to create an amazing life for your child. We are excited to introduce the world and different life experiences and your child will bring such magic to each and every moment.

In our home we will build a strong foundation of family and their adoption story will always be an important part. They will always know their adoption plan was created out of your infinite love. We look forward to the opportunity to share more about you and your story with them as well. We are open to communication and will honor your desire to know him or her. We are happy to exchange pictures, letters, texts, emails, calls and other types of communication through all types of moments in your child’s life. Our hopes are to have a long and healthy relationship with you and your family.

Please know to be able to share our lives with your child would overflow our hearts with love and gratitude every day. We cannot wait to meet you.

Love and blessings,

Brendon & Dawn


Terry Crews
Tim Robbins
Cameron Diaz
Sandra Bullock
George RR Martin
Dr. Seuss
The Omnivores Dilemma
Harry Potter Series
Candy Bar
Robot Chicken
South Park
Childhood Memory
Playing with my brothers and cousins on Grandma's farm.
Growing up in the country and being able to spend my summers swimming in our pond with my brother, sister and friends.
Childhood Toy
George my stuffed monkey (I still have George today, he sits in my office).
A homemade doll from my mom named Lori.
Children's Book
Danny and the Dinosaur
One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish
New York City
Classic Movie
Reservoir Dogs
Gone with the Wind
Cobalt Blue
Day of Week
Creme Brulee
Chocolate anything
Disney Movie
Sword in the Stone
Dream Car
Maserati Quattroport
Dream Job
History Researcher
Dream Vacation
Belize all inclusive beach resort
Touring the ancient runes in Egypt
Family Activity
Playing Games
Cooking Together
Flower / Plant
Birds of Paradise
Ferns and Peace Lily's
A beautifully made sandwich
Cheese... All types of cheese!!!
Form of Exercise
Nature Walks
Bike Riding
Euchre and other Card games
Sunday Gaming
Sewing & Gardening
Holiday Song
Little Drummer Boy
Linda's Thanksgiving song, from Bob's Burgers
Holiday Tradition
Halloween decorating
All holidays we have dessert for breakfast. My favorite is chocolate chip waffles with vanilla ice cream.
Ice Cream
Ben -n- Jerry's Phish Food
Chocolate Chip
Junk Food
Fruit Snacks
Cheese Popcorn
Leisure Activity
Hanging out and talking with friends and family
Backwoods Home
Elle Decor
Memory with a Child
Goodnight hugs and kisses
Teaching my older nieces how to drive when they visited over the summers.
Memory with Spouse
Our first date at Dave & Busters, I lost every game I played against Dawn.
When Brendon proposed in our backyard and named the Elm tree our Heart Tree.
Spiderman: Homecoming
The Goonies
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
Do. Or do not. There is no try. - Yoda
This is our time... Our time down here! Up there is their time...Their time.
Movie Type
Science Fiction
Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog
Sound of Music
Musical Group
Sugarland or Maroon5
Nursery Rhyme
Hey Diddle Diddle. The cat and the fiddle.
Baa Baa Blacksheep
Olympic Event
Figure skating
Personal Hero
Mr. Miller - My fifth grade teacher
Mother Teresa
Fiddler on the Roof
Lion King
Lord Alfred Tennyson
Edgar Allen Poe
Quality about my Spouse
Her Creative Metaphors
His Patience, Loyalty, & Kindness
Winter is coming.
Be the change you want to see in the world. - Ganhdi
Korean BBQ
A cold sub sandwich
Italian Sub
Matthew 11:28 "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest."
I Corinthians 13:4 "Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud."
Shopping Store
Whole foods
Joann Fabrics
"Drive" by Assemblage 23
Coat of Many Colors - Dolly Parton
Sport to Play
Mini Golf
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
John Elway
Steve Yzerman
Sports Team
Iowa Hawkeyes
Red Wings
Subject in School
Social Studies
Thing to Cook
Holiday Ham
Homemade soups
Time of Day
6:37 pm
Morning coffee and talking about current events with my wife
New family PJ's for Christmas.
TV Show
TV Show Character
Tyrion Lannister
Arya Stark
Type of Music
Pop, rock, country, classic, oldies, rap
Vacation Spot
The beach
Anywhere by bodies of water
Video Game
Crash Bandicoot

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