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Ken & Tammy

We are so grateful that you are taking the time to learn about us! We have so much love and laughter to give a child and know that our best years are ahead of us as parents. Being parents has been a dream come true! We respect your selflessness and bravery and hope to begin this journey with you!

About Us

Director of Operations
2nd Grade Teacher; Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice
Master's Degree in Education
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

We Can't Wait to Expand Our Family!

Adoption has impacted our lives in many ways. Ken was adopted by his stepfather as a child. His parents fostered over 100 children during his childhood. Three out of his six siblings were adopted.

We always knew we wanted to adopt. When we found out we couldn’t have children on our own, adoption was an easy choice for us. Finn’s adoption was a wonderful experience. We adopted him when he was 5 ½ months old. We have had such an amazing experience with Finn’s birth mother. We keep in touch with her through email, text, pictures, and letters.

We made a scrapbook of Finn’s adoption story which includes pictures of his birth mother. Our children will know their adoption story as something to be proud of. Our children will know all the special people who made a selfless sacrifice for them. Adoption has touched our lives in so many wonderful ways.

What Makes Us Unique

Date Night!

Tammy is an elementary school teacher. Her passion in life is children. Since she was a child herself, she always dreamed of working with children. Tammy is very patient, kind, and knows exactly how to encourage and motivate children. She knows how important it is for a child to feel loved and supported in order to succeed in life. It is important to Tammy for our children to have a great education. She works daily with our son Finn to help prepare him for school.

Ken is the oldest of 7 siblings. His youngest brother and 2 younger sisters were adopted. Ken, growing up in a house with a father who was not his biological father, knew the importance of being sure his adopted siblings shared the same love and closeness as his biological siblings. He learned from his parents how to be a role model and provide a loving and secure home. He truly understands the importance of every child feeling special and will welcome any child with open arms.

Leisure Time

Boston Red Sox Game

We are a very active family and truly value our time together. We love playing soccer, baseball, basketball, and tag in our backyard. Living in Florida allows us to enjoy many outdoor activities year round like going to the beach, playing at the park, swimming in the pool, having fun at splash parks and fountains, and walking through nature trails. Tammy and Finn enjoy going to mommy and me classes together such as music and gym. We are also huge sports fans! Depending on the time of the year, you could find us at golf tournaments and NFL, college, or basketball games. We are definitely looking forward to the day when we can coach our children in sports.

We value our relationships we have with our family and friends. We are so lucky to live close to our families so there are always cookouts, birthday celebrations, and pool parties. We also spend much of our time as a family playing and talking with the families in our neighborhood. We get together for cookouts, ice cream parties, and sports.

The value of giving back to others is something very dear to our hearts. As a child, Tammy had cancer and she is very dedicated to volunteering for the American Cancer Society and Make A Wish Foundation as they had a big impact on her life. Ken is also involved in Habitat Angel and our church. The tradition of giving back to those in need will be instilled in our children as well.



Our Family
Our Family
Vacation Fun
Vacation Fun
Napa Valley
Napa Valley
Tammy Loves Her Students
Tammy Loves Her Students
Fin Will Be a Great Big Brother!
Fin Will Be a Great Big Brother!
Cheering on the Miami Heat
Cheering on the Miami Heat
Loving Legoland
Loving Legoland
All Smiles
All Smiles
All Dressed Up For Tammy's Brother's Wedding
All Dressed Up For Tammy's Brother's Wedding
Daddy and Finn
Daddy and Finn
Winter Florida-Style
Winter Florida-Style
Celebrating Mommy's Birthday
Celebrating Mommy's Birthday
1 / 12
Our Family
Our Family
2 / 12
Vacation Fun
Vacation Fun
3 / 12
Napa Valley
Napa Valley
4 / 12
Tammy Loves Her Students
Tammy Loves Her Students
5 / 12
Fin Will Be a Great Big Brother!
Fin Will Be a Great Big Brother!
6 / 12
Cheering on the Miami Heat
Cheering on the Miami Heat
7 / 12
Loving Legoland
Loving Legoland
8 / 12
All Smiles
All Smiles
9 / 12
All Dressed Up For Tammy's Brother's Wedding
All Dressed Up For Tammy's Brother's Wedding
10 / 12
Daddy and Finn
Daddy and Finn
11 / 12
Winter Florida-Style
Winter Florida-Style
12 / 12
Celebrating Mommy's Birthday
Celebrating Mommy's Birthday

Our House and Neighborhood

Like Father, Like Son

We love living in the sunshine state! Our beautiful weather allows for many year round outdoor activities such as festivals, splash parks, and farmer's markets. We live very close to the beach and go there often as a family.

Our Home

Our neighborhood is an amazing place for a child to grow up! It is filled with so many young, wonderful families. When you walk through our community, you will see kids playing and families gathering for neighborhood cookouts. We live at the end of a cul-de-sac where our son Finn and the neighborhood kids gather to ride their scooters, play ball, and play hide and seek. Our community includes 2 parks, tennis courts, 2 pools, several ponds for fishing, and a wonderful elementary school in walking distance. Our neighborhood is well-known for our Halloween trick or treating and many other holiday events throughout the year.

We love our home! It is bright and open, 3 bedrooms, Finn has his own large playroom, and plenty of room to grow our family.

Our Extended Families

Ken's Family

Spending time with our family is the most important part of our life. We both grew up with very close-knit, loving, and supportive families. We are so fortunate to both have parents who have been married over 40 years.

Tammy's Family

We truly have the best of both worlds. Tammy has a small family and is the younger of 2. Ken has a very large family and is the oldest of 7. Both of our families live within an hour of us. Tammy is extremely close to her parents and her mom is her best friend. It's also important to us as parents to have a close relationship with our own children. Tammy's brother and his wife are expecting their first child. We spend a lot of time with Tammy's family having dinner, cookouts, watching sports, and having great conversations. During his childhood, Ken's parents were foster parents to over 100 children. Three of Ken's siblings are adopted. Ken has 5 nieces that we spend a lot of time with. Our children will be part of a wonderful, loving, large family.

Our family gatherings are filled with lots of fun and laughter. We truly have amazing families who are thrilled about our decision to adopt again. We can't wait to make even more amazing memories as we grow our family.

From Us to You

This is truly the most important letter we will ever write. There are so many things we would like to express to you. Starting with the fact that we are so happy you took the time to read our profile! We are Tammy and Ken. We love our life together and have been married for 5 years and known each other for 8 years. What started off as friends, grew into a very open, stable, and secure love. We have been through our share of difficult times together. Especially when we found out Tammy was unable to carry a baby. Through every hardship though, we have persevered and now have an even stronger marriage.

Ken About Tammy: Tammy is meant to be a mom! She always says: "It's the job title I have always wanted!" As an elementary school teacher, she truly understands the love, encouragement, and patience a child needs to grow, learn, and especially to be happy. She has so many amazing gifts to offer a child.

Tammy About Ken: Ken is a wonderful provider. He truly gives 100% effort in everything he does. He loves making others feel happy and special. He is the father who will never miss a teacher's conference, soccer game, or dance recital. He will always put his children first.

We always knew we would adopt. So when we found out we couldn't have a child on our own, we felt good knowing we could still be parents through adoption. Adoption is very personal to us. Ken was adopted and also has 3 adopted siblings. He grew up in a home where his parents always made him feel special and very much loved. We are both very lucky to have great role models as parents who have each been married over 40 years. They have taught us about true commitment, to love unconditionally, and to always put family first. Our families are thrilled about us adopting and expanding our family. Our family will truly be a great place for your child to grow up.

When we adopted our son Finn 4 years ago, our lives became so much sweeter. We couldn't imagine how we could love someone so much. Being parents has been truly a dream come true. We knew in our hearts we wanted to adopt again and make Finn a big brother. We believe there is great value in the gift of siblings and the special bond they will share from being adopted. We look forward to nurturing that lifelong relationship.

Although we cannot possibly understand all the thoughts and feelings that you are having as you consider this decision, we do know that we both have the same goal in mind...for your child to be nurtured, loved, respected, and empowered throughout their entire life. Please know we are here to support and reassure you any way we can. We can promise you these things: Your child will know their adoption story. Your child will know they are special and important because they have two families who love them and want the best life for them. Your child will always know how grateful we are for your selfless sacrifice and for making our dream to become parents true. We promise to update you on their life with pictures and letters. Tammy will be a stay-at-home mom. We promise your child will laugh and have fun every day. We promise your child will be surrounded by love and always know the value of family.

We hope we have been able to show you how excited and ready we are to grow our family. We hope you feel a sense of confidence that your child will truly be the center of our lives. We thank you so much for considering us to be your child's parents and we wish you much love and strength as you continue this journey.

Ken & Tammy


Matt Damon
Dennis Quaid
Emily Blunt
Paul in the bible
Jane Green
Nanny Diaries
Candy Bar
Reese's cups
Peppa Pig
Peppa Pig
Childhood Memory
Family trips to NYC
Pool parties at our house
Childhood Toy
Children's Book
The Little Engine That Could
Charlotte's Web
Classic Movie
The princess bride
West Side Story
Day of Week
Chocolate Lava Cake
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Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo
Dream Car
Audi A6
Dream Job
Professional Snowboarder
On-Field NFL Reporter
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Skiing in Colorado
Family Activity
Playing sorts in the backyard
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Push ups and pull ups
Fantasy football
Holiday Song
Holly, jolly Christmas
All I want for Christmas is you
Holiday Tradition
Extended family gathering for dinner and opening presents
Family dinner
Ice Cream
Bears claw
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Going to pool with my son
Memory with a Child
Finn and I paying with the hose in the backyard
Holding my son for the first time
Memory with Spouse
Trip to Boston
Our Wedding Day
Bourne identity
Movie Munchie
Cheese and crackers
Movie Quote
Stop it I mean it.......anybody want a peanut
Movie Type
Uplifting true stories
West Side Story
Musical Group
Alanis Morisette
Nursery Rhyme
Hey Diddle Diddle
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Quality about my Spouse
Perfect mom
Positivity and hard working
treat your neighbor as yorself
Be special, be anything but mediocre
Turkey and cheese
But seek first His kingdom and His righteousness and all these things will be given to you as well
Shopping Store
Island water sports
Pride by U2
Let it be
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Dan Marino
Sports Team
Miami Hurricanes
Subject in School
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Chicken Marsala
Time of Day
Sunday church
Reading books at bedtime
TV Show
American Ninja warrior
Modern Family
Type of Music
Vacation Spot

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