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Dave & Jenni

We are extremely excited for the opportunity to adopt a child and are blessed to even be considered. Growing our family has always been our dream and our passion. Allowing us this opportunity would be the most beautiful gift we could imagine. We sincerely treasure your consideration to be parents to your child.

About Us

District Sales Manager
Bachelor's Degree in Fitness Management
Bachelor's Degree in Textiles
Charlie , Dominic
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

Our Family

The choice to adopt has always been about our desire to grow our family and be able to love and care for children. We were lucky enough to have two children of our own, but are unable to continue to have any more. As long as we have known each other, we've wanted to have a big family with many kids running around.

We currently have two children - Our daughter, Charlie, and our son, Dominic. Charlie is in 4th grade and is an exceptionally responsible little girl with many interests. Some of the activities she's involved in are basketball, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics and dance classes. She would probably try about any activity she could with her open mind and fearless nature. Since we had our son she's been like a little mother around him, constantly looking out for him and making him laugh.

Dominic is finishing up his last year of preschool with Kindergarten right around the corner. Like his sister, he's an excited participant in anything we throw his way. He is involved in baseball, basketball and is beginning Martial Arts. He's the type of kid who has a huge heart and is polite and kind to everyone he meets. The thing that makes him smile the most is when he can make his family and friends laugh at one of his silly jokes.

The decision to adopt a child at this point in our lives was an easy decision for us to come to, we both feel this is the right time for our family to take the next step. Both of our children talk about being a big sister and brother to a new baby almost daily!

Our Leisure Time

Tough Mudder With Family

We moved to the suburbs about three years ago with the intent to be closer to higher quality schools. We definitely accomplished that goal but as a side effect we met an entire new group of friends. Much of what we do now revolves around spending time with these great friends and their families. There are fantastic parks in and around our neighborhood for the little kids and they are used frequently. They are all within walking distance of our home and on a typical day, the kids get out of school and travel in packs to the closest playground and park. They play there for about an hour then head back home. Many days the kids will consolidate at one families home and play there for another hour. Several days a week the kids will have a practice or event as well.

There is also plenty of time for the adults to enjoy themselves. We love to get outside and be active; either a 5k, mud run, bike ride, BBQ or team activity is usually what we do when the weather allows. Another thing we enjoy are concerts and movies. We live in a large enough city that finding an event to attend is not difficult to do. When we want to stay inside we are big fans of crafts with the kids or board games.

Another passion of our family is travel. We try and plan a trip to visit family or just a fun trip every 3-4 months. We've enjoyed international travel as well as trips to the coasts to visit longtime friends.

Adoption in Our Lives

We feel very fortunate to both have a foundation in building families through adoption. Jenni grew up with two of her best friends being children of adoption. They remain friends today and their perspective on how their lives have been positively affected by adoption has been a very positive message. Both have maintained contact with their birth mother and feel like this has been a beneficial relationship for them as they have grown.

Dave can remember as a child when his aunt and uncle brought home both of their adopted children. They adopted two separate times, a boy and a girl, and adoption was their path to have the family they dreamed of always having. Growing up with two of cousins being adopted has gone a long way towards making the concept of adoption feel very normal to us. As a kid Dave can recall telling his parents that he would adopt a baby one day and he strongly believes that seeing his close family being built this way is the reason why he's always felt that way.

Now, as adults, we continue to see the merits of adoption. One of our closest friends in our neighborhood is a child of a multicultural adoption. She has been a valuable sounding board through this process. All together, we feel like adoption has always been a part of our lives in one form or fashion and we're very excited to add to this story through our own adoption journey.



At a Friend's Wedding
At a Friend's Wedding
First 5K Together
First 5K Together
Boat Ride in Capri, Italy
Boat Ride in Capri, Italy
Sneaking a Kiss
Sneaking a Kiss
Camel Ride in Turkey
Camel Ride in Turkey
Jenni & Charlie in Positano, Italy
Jenni & Charlie in Positano, Italy
Dave & Charlie at a Football Game
Dave & Charlie at a Football Game
Building a Project With Dominic
Building a Project With Dominic
Enjoying Some Ice Cream With Friends
Enjoying Some Ice Cream With Friends
All Dressed Up for a Costume Scavenger Hunt
All Dressed Up for a Costume Scavenger Hunt
Vacation in Puerto Rico
Vacation in Puerto Rico
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!
1 / 12
At a Friend's Wedding
At a Friend's Wedding
2 / 12
First 5K Together
First 5K Together
3 / 12
Boat Ride in Capri, Italy
Boat Ride in Capri, Italy
4 / 12
Sneaking a Kiss
Sneaking a Kiss
5 / 12
Camel Ride in Turkey
Camel Ride in Turkey
6 / 12
Jenni & Charlie in Positano, Italy
Jenni & Charlie in Positano, Italy
7 / 12
Dave & Charlie at a Football Game
Dave & Charlie at a Football Game
8 / 12
Building a Project With Dominic
Building a Project With Dominic
9 / 12
Enjoying Some Ice Cream With Friends
Enjoying Some Ice Cream With Friends
10 / 12
All Dressed Up for a Costume Scavenger Hunt
All Dressed Up for a Costume Scavenger Hunt
11 / 12
Vacation in Puerto Rico
Vacation in Puerto Rico
12 / 12
Happy Birthday!
Happy Birthday!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

To say we struck gold with our neighborhood would be an understatement. So far this year we've had a Easter Egg Hunt, 4th of July street party, Dawali Celebration, Community Tailgate for our local team and a random community slid n' slide party. Our home is surrounded by families just like ours with young children and active parents. They came from all over the country and world but carry a common desire to provide the best they can for their families.

The location of our home is one block from the local elementary, middle and high school which allow the kids to walk to classes all the way through graduation. If you go the other direction from our front door you'll walk one block further to the community pool with a slide and clubhouse. There is a full basketball and volleyball court adjacent to the pool. The school district we reside in is also ranked as one of the top in the state.

Our Extended Families

Charlie Reading to Dominic & Her Cousin

Our extended is full of very supportive and positive people. We are fortunate to have Dave's brother, Eric, and his wife, Kristin, living one block from our home. We see them and their children almost daily. Dave and Eric frequently workout together in the mornings and the kids walk to school together. Our two families also have a tradition of hosting family dinners on Sunday evenings with neighborhood friends. We will travel to meet Dave's other brother, Dan, and his wife, Anne, several times a year for a quick vacation with the kids. This usually revolves around a sporting event we are interested in attending.

Pumpkin Patch Fun With Cousins

Recently, Jenni's brother, Mike, and his wife, Pinar, moved from the west coast to a city near ours. This has allowed us to visit frequently. Then there's Jenni's sister, Jori, who has six kids to manage! We visit her as much as we can because her house is like an amusement park for the kids!

We are very lucky to have the type of family that will travel for the kids' birthdays and make them feel special every time they visit. Each and every one is very excited to have another baby crawling around!

From Us to You

We would like to start by saying how blessed we feel by your consideration of us to be adoptive parents to your child. It would be a tremendous privilege to be chosen to raise your child and a responsibility we would take great pride in.

After almost eleven years of marriage, we have gotten to a point in our lives where we feel prepared and eager to adopt. We have a great love for each other, children and being parents. We've been very lucky to have two children, who are without a doubt the light of our lives. They are also part of our motivation to continue to grow our family. We want nothing more than to add to our family because we feel we still have a great deal of love to give. We have always known, even before we met, that adopting would be a part of how we built our family. Both of us have family or close friends that were adopted as children. We've seen how a family can be completed through the power of adoption and have always wanted to bring this into our lives.

Being parents has taught many things about ourselves and about raising kids. We've been through the sleepless nights with a sick infant and the scraped knees of a toddler. Now that the kids are in school, we are learning a lot about social challenges and how teach your kids to be themselves and not just follow the pack. Because of the years of experience we have as parents, we feel we are prepared to take on this next chapter of our lives.

We've worked very hard to make sure our kids are raised to respect and treat fairly all the people they come across in their lives, even when it isn't the easiest thing to do. There are times that the easy way isn't the right way to approach a problem. Fortunately, our kids have really taken to this and have some of the biggest hearts you'll see. They have open minds to just about anything. If we offer a new activity they'll always say yes. Right now they're involved in basketball, volleyball, soccer, baseball, dance, gymnastics, robotics, coding and martial arts. Some they enjoy more than others but they give each their best effort which is all we ask. Regardless of what we each have going on in our lives we always prioritize family time. Whether it's a movie night, a game night or a night out for dinner we always make time to focus on each other. We feel that is the best way to build a strong family. All four of us really can't wait to bring in a new child and include them in everything we do.

Our desire as adoptive parents would be to teach your child that there are many people in the world who love them. Not only us, but you and your family, as well. We would love to be able to send pictures, videos and letters detailing all the memorable events in the life of your child. We feel it would benefit your child to also know were they came from. This can only help them identify, in the most complete way possible, who they are and who they want to be as they grow up. We would also be open to discussing annual visits to help this become a reality.

In the end, we hope we are the people who you would trust to be adoptive parents to your child. We would treat this as the greatest gift a person could ever receive.


Dave & Jenni


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Playing baseball in my backyard with my brothers and my dad.
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Modern Family
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