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Scott & Laura

We can't thank you enough for the opportunity to welcome a child into our lives. We have been married for 14 years and have built a strong and solid foundation as a couple, and cannot wait to add to our family with the blessing of a child. We have always wanted to be parents. We are looking forward to supporting you in any way that we can, and opening our lives and family to a child- to provide a home with all the kindness, love and support we can give!

About Us

Youth Services Case Worker
Law Degree
Master's Degree in Social Work
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

We Can't Wait to Become Parents!

Scott’s best friend since childhood is adopted. The adoption was always part of his story and looking back, that was important. His adoption story wasn’t unusual to him or his friends because it had always been a part of his life. Although Scott’s friend did not know his birth mother until later in life, they now have a wonderful and open relationship.

Laura’s good friend made an adoption plan for her daughter while they were in high school. Laura’s friend has maintained contact with her daughter and the adoptive family, seeing them once or twice a year. Her daughter graduated at the top of her class, was homecoming queen and started college this fall. Laura’s friend went on to college and law school and is now married with two boys. Her sons have gotten to know their sister and have traveled to watch her play sports and to celebrate her graduation from high school. Not only did her decision give her daughter a wonderful life, but it also allowed Laura’s friend to pursue her own dreams and goals. While we know every adoption story is unique, we can’t help but be excited for our family’s story, to teach our child from day one to be proud of how they came into our lives, and to be proud of their amazing birth family who gave them life.

How We Met

Visiting the Coffee Shop Where We Had Our First Date

We met in college during Laura’s sophomore year and Scott’s senior year through mutual friends. Scott was immediately struck by how kind Laura was to everyone she met, her genuine compassion for others, her sense of humor, intelligence, and her beauty. Laura was drawn to Scott right away for many of the same reasons. Scott is funny, handsome, he treats everyone with respect and is also incredibly smart.

We had our first date at a coffee shop and talked for hours even though it only seemed like minutes. It immediately became clear that we had a lot in common, sharing a lot of the same interests, values and goals for the future. We both came from close, supportive families and place a high priority on the relationships with our family and friends.

Scott had plans to attend law school in California the following year but we knew quickly that we wanted to continue our relationship. Our friends and family recognized the special connection we had and were very supportive during the time we were apart. We dated long distance for almost a year, communicated often and travelled back and forth from the Midwest to California to see each other. This year made our relationship stronger and made it totally clear we wanted to be together.

Our Family Traditions

Halloween Fun with Nieces and Nephews

We spend Christmas Eve at Scott's parent’s home with lots of great food, laughter and reminiscing. On Christmas Day, we head out to Laura’s parents’ farm with her parents, grandmother, siblings, and our nephews and nieces. We have a big meal with a new theme each year and spend most of the time playing with the kids and visiting.

Each year we also have both families to our home for a dinner before Christmas. We love that our families get along really well – in fact, our parents get together fairly frequently! Thanksgiving is usually a large meal with our families, followed by decorating the Christmas trees and on Easter we have the traditional Easter egg hunt out at Laura’s parents’ farm - one for the kids and one for the adults!

Each Halloween we help take our nieces and nephews trick or treating. Last year Scott dressed up as Mickey Mouse with Laura and our two nieces as Minnie Mouse. Laura’s brother is a volunteer fire fighter and the fire department hosts fire truck rides for all the kids. We look forward to it each year!

Every year, we travel to Hawaii and Arizona to visit our parents. They are “snowbirds” and love to spend the winter in the warm sunshine - and of course we love to join them! Our families are also big sports fans, and we make it a point to go to at least one MLB game and one NFL game every year! These trips have become incredible family traditions, and we cannot wait to bring a child into the fun- and creating a childhood full of amazing memories!



All Smiles at a Music Festival
All Smiles at a Music Festival
Having Fun With Our Godson
Having Fun With Our Godson
Sunset in Paris
Sunset in Paris
Scooter Fun
Scooter Fun
Scott & His Dad Grilling-  a.k.a. the Two 'Grill Masters'
Scott & His Dad Grilling- a.k.a. the Two "Grill Masters"
Getting Ready to Toss Candy From the Fire Truck During Community Days with Laura's Family
Getting Ready to Toss Candy From the Fire Truck During Community Days with Laura's Family
Laura With Her Brother and Niece at the Pool
Laura With Her Brother and Niece at the Pool
Scott Teaching Our Niece the Ukelele
Scott Teaching Our Niece the Ukelele
Proud Aunt Laura
Proud Aunt Laura
Beautiful Hawaii
Beautiful Hawaii
Exploring Mayan Ruins
Exploring Mayan Ruins
Shoulder Ride With Uncle Scott
Shoulder Ride With Uncle Scott
1 / 12
All Smiles at a Music Festival
All Smiles at a Music Festival
2 / 12
Having Fun With Our Godson
Having Fun With Our Godson
3 / 12
Sunset in Paris
Sunset in Paris
4 / 12
Scooter Fun
Scooter Fun
5 / 12
Scott & His Dad Grilling-  a.k.a. the Two 'Grill Masters'
Scott & His Dad Grilling- a.k.a. the Two "Grill Masters"
6 / 12
Getting Ready to Toss Candy From the Fire Truck During Community Days with Laura's Family
Getting Ready to Toss Candy From the Fire Truck During Community Days with Laura's Family
7 / 12
Laura With Her Brother and Niece at the Pool
Laura With Her Brother and Niece at the Pool
8 / 12
Scott Teaching Our Niece the Ukelele
Scott Teaching Our Niece the Ukelele
9 / 12
Proud Aunt Laura
Proud Aunt Laura
10 / 12
Beautiful Hawaii
Beautiful Hawaii
11 / 12
Exploring Mayan Ruins
Exploring Mayan Ruins
12 / 12
Shoulder Ride With Uncle Scott
Shoulder Ride With Uncle Scott

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Condo

We live in a large condo in a historic neighborhood with beautiful tree-lined streets right across from a large park. The park hosts a lot of family activities each year including craft fairs, art gatherings, barbecues, kids’ movie nights, and even an annual Teddy Bear Parade where children parade through the park with their stuffed animals. There are multiple playgrounds in the park and a great little theater.

Our home is close to downtown so we think of it as the best of both worlds. Our neighborhood is quiet with lots of green space, a playground, and a community pool, but we are also within walking distance to downtown with a new library, a historic movie theater that hosts "kid flicks" throughout the year, and lots of great restaurants and shops.

Our community is often recognized as a great place to raise a family with several museums, libraries, theaters, parks, biking paths, and city sponsored family activities year round. Our community also has a fantastic education system.

We are big music fans and there are several concert venues that host a variety of acts year round from small independent bands to national acts. We recently took our godson to an outdoor concert and he had a blast! We are so excited to raise a child in the home and community we love.

Our Extended Families

Christmas With Laura's Family

Family is a really big part of our lives and we are fortunate that our immediate families live nearby. Scott’s parents live in the same city as we do and Laura’s parents live on the family farm a few miles away. Laura’s brother and his wife live near the family farm with their two sons and two daughters (which is fortunate because we love seeing our nieces and nephews). We each have a sister who lives about three hours away in a larger metropolitan area. We visit them frequently throughout the year to attend sporting events and concerts. Laura’s sister just welcomed a new baby boy three months ago and we’ve loved watching him grow!

Annual Twins Game with Scott's Family

Because we are both very close with our families we make it a point to see them as often as we can. Both families have holiday traditions with big gatherings at Thanksgiving and Christmas and egg hunts at Easter. Laura’s family picks a new theme each year for Christmas dinner. A couple years ago we all dressed as Who's in Whoville with Laura’s dad as Santa and Scott as the Grinch! The kids loved this and took turns putting on the Grinch costume too. Our whole family is so excited about our decision to adopt. We cannot wait to introduce a child to our family and create new traditions of our own!

From Us to You

Thank you for considering us as potential parents for your child. We truly appreciate you taking the time to get to know more about us and our lives and are humbled that you have taken the time to review our profile.

We admire your strength in considering adoption and understand that you are faced with a huge decision requiring much consideration and love. We know that making an adoption plan is a courageous and selfless decision and we admire the thought you have given this. We are certain that we share a common purpose with you - we want the absolute best for your child.

We feel we have so much to offer a child through love, a close and supportive family, great friends, financial stability, a safe community and a stable home. And we know how much love and happiness this child will bring into our lives.

Above all else, your child will be loved. We are very close to both of our families so your child will grow up surrounded by family, regularly seeing his or her cousins, aunts and uncles, grandparents, and even great grandparents. We have had great support from family throughout the years and this child will have the same unconditional love and support not just from us but from our entire family through the friendships with cousins, with family members attending his or her activities throughout the years, advice and guidance from a family who truly loves them and the built-in confidence that will come from a family who cares deeply for him or her and is always standing behind him or her. Your child will grow up experiencing family vacations, large family get-togethers and holidays.

We also have an incredible group of friends in our community. The excitement and support we have gotten from our friends about our decision to adopt has been amazing! Several of these friends have children ranging in age from newborns to 10-year-olds. We have loved watching these children grow and we know our friends will likewise take an interest in your child as he or she grows.

We have been married for 14 years and both have established careers. We have built a great life together and are so excited to welcome a child into our life. Your child’s happiness will always be our priority. As your child grows and develops interests of his or her own, we will foster those interests encouraging the child to pursue activities and careers that the child finds rewarding. We believe the successes we have had in our careers and lives have come from both the support we have received from family and friends and also the educational opportunities we have been afforded. We absolutely intend to give your child these same opportunities and look forward to seeing him or her succeed in whatever paths they choose.

Your child will know his or her adoption story and your selflessness. Your child will know that your decision came from love and much reflection. If you like, we would be more than happy to share updates about his or her growth through photos, emails, and other updates- and even seeing each other again some day in person.

Scott & Laura


Tom Hanks
Robert Downey Jr or Ryan Gosling
Amy Adams
Nicole Kidman
Mark Twain
J.K. Rowling
Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy
The Time Travelers Wife
Candy Bar
Kit Kat
Simpsons and Looney Tunes
She-Ra, Transformers, Rainbow Brite
Childhood Memory
Holidays with extended family, going to my first movie (Empire Strikes Back)
Holidays with family & Going to see my first movie in a movie theater (The Goonies)
Childhood Toy
Legos and Transformers
Stuffed Dog Named Mitch
Children's Book
Scuffy the Tugboat
Teddy Bears Picnic
Los Angeles
San Francisco
Classic Movie
Star Wars
Stand By Me
Blue and Green
Lavender and Green
Day of Week
Chocolate cake
Pastries or Pie
Disney Movie
Toy Story
Beauty and the Beast
Dream Job
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Spending holidays together
Decorating the Christmas Tree
Flower / Plant
Calla Lilies & Camelias
Form of Exercise
Biking, Jogging and the Gym
Fresh Strawberries
Skip Bo card game
Tie between Thanksgiving and Christmas
Holiday Song
Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas
A Holly Jolly Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Spending time with both families at Christmas
Decorating the Christmas tree after the Thanksgiving meal
Ice Cream
Mint Chip, Rocky Road and Strawberry
Junk Food
BBQ Potato chips
Gummy Bears
Leisure Activity
Listening to Music
Memory with a Child
Swimming with our nieces
Memory with Spouse
Our wedding day and all of our travel adventures together
The day Scott asked me to marry him and all of our travel adventures together
Best in Show, Spinal Tap
Bridget Jones' Diary
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
These go to 11 - Spinal Tap
Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas anymore -Wizard of Oz
Movie Type
Drama, Comedy, Sci-Fi (but we see all types ... we love movies)
Comedy and Romance
Book of Mormon
Musical Group
They Might Be Giants
Weezer & Queen
Nursery Rhyme
Old MacDonald and Humpty Dumpty
Itsy Bitsy Spider and I'm a Little Teapot
Olympic Event
Figure Skating and Gymnastics
Mary Oliver
Quality about my Spouse
Her kindness, compassion, and humor
Humor, Intelligence, Handsome
Though she be but little, she is fierce
Turkey, bacon and avocado
BLT with avocado
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
Shopping Store
Best Buy
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Serena Williams
Sports Team
MN Twins
UNC and Duke
Subject in School
Journalism and Math
History and Math
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Anything on the Grill
Homemade Soup
Time of Day
First cup of coffee in the morning and evenings with Laura
Evening - after dinner
Vacations with family
Vacations with family
TV Show
Arrested Development and 30 Rock
Game of Thrones and 30 Rock
TV Show Character
Homer Simpson and Ron Swanson (Parks and Rec)
Liz Lemon & Jack Donaghy (30 Rock)
Type of Music
Alt Rock and Jazz
Alt Rock and Classical
Vacation Spot
Hawaii and California
Hawaii and California
Video Game
Legend of Zelda and Metroid
Sonic the Hedgehog

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