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If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-800-ADOPTION (2367846), fill out the form at the bottom of our on-line profile page, or email us at

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Adam & Beth

We genuinely thank you for taking the time to view our profile and for considering us as adoptive parents. We are a fun-loving couple with big hearts and are very excited about the possibility of growing our family! We can't wait for the opportunity, if we are so blessed, to share our unconditional love with and for a child and start the next chapter of our lives as a family.

About Us

Operations Assistant
Branch Manager
Bachelor's Degree in Business
Bachelor's Degree in Education
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

We Can't Wait to Become Parents!

Adoption is already very close to our hearts as Adam's father is adopted! We are extremely excited and honored that you are taking the time to learn more about us as you consider your adoption plan.

When we first started trying to conceive, we had discussions about the possibility of adoption, and realized that no matter what or how our cards played out, our life story would unfold as it needed to. We believe that sharing with the child at a very young age the story of their life, and talking to them about the love that you have for them is very important. Adoption will be a topic of learning and acceptance in our home, with the level of openness desired and agreed upon by all with the best intentions of the child as the main priority.

Our family and friends are very supportive of our decision to adopt. We have family, neighbors and coworkers that are adopted and all have shown their support for our adoption journey. We are truly humbled by your decision and for that we are blessed for the opportunity.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Washington Capitals Game

Beth About Adam: Adam is the most patient, loyal, and kind person I know and I'm very lucky to call him my husband. He is tough and resilient, except for when he's a softy. I love him the most when he lets me be right. He supports me wholeheartedly and believes in me. I love going to Adam for advice as he's always honest and realistic. He can hold a conversation with anyone he meets and is often the social butterfly in the room. He is well respected in our neighborhood, community and in his profession.

Adam About Beth: Beth is the most passionate, driven, and selfless person I know and I am lucky to be her husband. Her love for life and for everything and everyone around her is contagious, especially when she snorts from laughing so hard. She can be a tough cookie, but I respect her for her ambition and goals in life, one of which is to be a mother. Beth is also often the loudest person in the room which renders her undeniable, and to some irresistible! Her values for family and friendship are strong and she wears her heart on her sleeve and would do anything for those she loves.

Cultural Diversity

We have an inter-faith marriage. Our acceptance of cultural diversity tops the charts as we are a pizza bagel! (That's short for Italian and Jewish if you didn't know!) Adam's background is French-Canadian and Italian (the better half-Goodfellas quote) and he is Catholic. Beth's background is Polish and she is Jewish. We live in a very diverse area and neighborhood with all sorts of ethnicities, cultures and ways of life around us. We celebrate all holidays in our house but Beth likes Christmas the best and Adam likes Hanukkah the best, oddly enough. The holidays are time for celebration and for family and friends to come together to show their love for one another. The holidays in our house can get a little loud and crazy, and you can feel the love in the room. We are very proud of our diversity and are glad to have such an amazing network of all walks of life of friends and family in our lives. As we are excited to share our backgrounds with you, we will discuss the importance of the child's background and their life story with them. We know that the child will be proud of who they are and where they came from.



Apple Picking
Apple Picking
Made it to the Top!
Made it to the Top!
Snorkeling on Vacation
Snorkeling on Vacation
With Our Goddaughter
With Our Goddaughter
Pumpkin Picking With Our Nephew
Pumpkin Picking With Our Nephew
Exploring Rome
Exploring Rome
All Dressed Up
All Dressed Up
Four-Wheeling in Aruba
Four-Wheeling in Aruba
Yankees Game
Yankees Game
Dinner in Cabo
Dinner in Cabo
Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center
At a Concert
At a Concert
1 / 12
Apple Picking
Apple Picking
2 / 12
Made it to the Top!
Made it to the Top!
3 / 12
Snorkeling on Vacation
Snorkeling on Vacation
4 / 12
With Our Goddaughter
With Our Goddaughter
5 / 12
Pumpkin Picking With Our Nephew
Pumpkin Picking With Our Nephew
6 / 12
Exploring Rome
Exploring Rome
7 / 12
All Dressed Up
All Dressed Up
8 / 12
Four-Wheeling in Aruba
Four-Wheeling in Aruba
9 / 12
Yankees Game
Yankees Game
10 / 12
Dinner in Cabo
Dinner in Cabo
11 / 12
Rockefeller Center
Rockefeller Center
12 / 12
At a Concert
At a Concert

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a charming single family colonial-style home located in Beth's hometown. We purchased our home in late 2013 and love the entire northern Virginia area and all it has to offer.

Our home has 4 bedrooms, 3.5 bathrooms and is in a diverse, child and pet-friendly neighborhood in a cul-de-sac where there are always kids playing basketball, soccer, football and riding their bikes. We are near some of the best schools in the country and are proud and excited to have a child go to the same schools Beth attended, and the elementary school is within walking distance.

There are plenty of outdoor activities and attractions like parks, playgrounds, community pools, trails, lakes and even the big city of Washington, D.C. to visit within just a few miles.

We are friends with our neighbors and know that they support our adoption journey as they have shared their own stories of adoption in their lives with us. You can feel the sense of community driving through our neighborhood during the holidays with all the decorations on display. We also enjoy decorating our home for the seasons and holidays, partaking in the festivities, showing our support and being active members of our community.

Our Extended Families

Adam's Family

We are very close with our family and consider ourselves lucky to be surrounded by the love our family embraces and shows each other. Adam's father was adopted into a large family and we take great pride in the opportunity and privilege to hopefully do the same!

This child will be the first grandchild for Adam's parents, and the second grandchild for Beth's. Both of our parents' anxiously await the opportunity to babysit!

Beth's Family

We are aunt and uncle to our adorable nephew, Andrew (who is 5-years-old), and we love spending time playing games, learning and being goofy and silly with him.

We are fortunate enough to live close to most of our immediate family so we get to see and spend time with them frequently. We like to do fun family activities like attending sporting events or just relaxing at our house cooking and baking or barbecuing on the back deck throwing a ball around the back yard. When we get our family together, you can feel the love in the room, and sometimes the loud and crazy! We are a lighthearted fun-loving group who knows how to have a good time.

Both of our families are looking forward to sharing the love, excitement and joy a child brings to the world. Everyone is excited and supportive of our adoption plan and they cannot wait to be part of the child's life!

From Us to You

Thank you. Truly, thank you. Thank you on behalf of all of the potential excited and loving parents who are here to help raise and love these children into incredible human beings. Thank you for letting us take the time to properly, humbly and genuinely show you our respect and admiration for your strength and courage during your adoption journey.

We know this is a confusing and difficult time for you while you are trying to figure out the best option for you and the child. We hope that you feel supported and loved no matter where you are at in your journey. We admire you so much for considering adoption.

We are Adam and Beth and we would love nothing more than to give a child all the love we have in our hearts. We have been together for over 10 years and married for 6 of those years. We have over a decade of love given to each other, and bursting at the seams to share everything we have to offer with a special and sweet child. We have tried to have children for several years biologically and were unfortunately unable to conceive, but knew ultimately there was another plan for us. Adoption is not an easy topic to discuss for most but we are lucky in that Adam's father is adopted and have a wonderful understanding of the love adoption means and are very excited and honored to be able to hopefully adopt ourselves.

You have made a brave decision to consider adoption and we will always respect you for your choice and will always show gratitude for your selflessness. You will always shine in our home. You are and will always play a significant role to us and the child. We want to share photos, letters, emails, and big milestones with you, if you so choose.

We value education, respect, work-ethic, and have a strong sense of faith. We know that this child will live a life of love, have a safe, stable home, and be emotionally supported. We both have wonderful careers where this child will always be financially secure. We also value all of our family and friends and consider ourselves lucky to have such an amazing group of loving supportive people around us.

We can't wait to bring the child on family vacations and have celebrations with family and friends. Our family is beyond supportive of our decision of adoption, and eagerly await the newest member. Coming together for the holidays is what we love the most. During Christmas in our home, everything is decorated from outside to inside and you can truly feel what the holidays are all about. Being parents will bring a whole new meaning to our lives and we are overcome with excitement and nerves for the opportunity to become adoptive parents.

We welcome you with open hearts and we are honored and grateful you are considering us as parents for the child. We have been waiting many years for our dream of becoming parents to come true, and hope our adoption journey's cross paths and share a true miracle together.

With Love,

Adam & Beth


Robert Deniro
Matthew McConaughey
Haley Berry
Resse Witherspoon
Shel Silverstein
James Patterson
Lord of the Flies
Eat, Pray, Love
Candy Bar
Thunder Cats
Curious George
Childhood Memory
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Children's Book
Where the Sidewalk Ends
Curious George
New York
New York
Classic Movie
Christmas Story
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Day of Week
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Lady and the Tramp
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Dream Car
Porsche 911
Convertible BMW
Dream Job
Being a Father
Being a Mom
Dream Vacation
Traveling around the world
Traveling around the world
Family Activity
Game Night
Game Night
Flower / Plant
Chicken parm
Form of Exercise
Playing sports
Holiday Song
Dominic the Donkey
Anything Mariah Carey
Holiday Tradition
Putting up the tree
Ice Cream
Mint chocolate chip
Cookies and cream
Junk Food
Ice cream
Nacho cheese doritos
Leisure Activity
Spending time with family and friends
Spending time with family and friends
Car and Driver
US Weekly
Memory with a Child
Drive-In Movie With My Godson
Pumpkin Picking With My Nephew
Memory with Spouse
Getting married
Movie Munchie
Reeses Pieces
Movie Quote
"I'm your huckleberry!"
"Nobody's Perfect" - Some like it hot
Movie Type
Romantic comedy
Mama Mia
Musical Group
The Beatles
Nursery Rhyme
Jack be nimble
Humpty Dumpty
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Ice Skating
Personal Hero
My Dad
My Mom - She's the Best!
Mama Mia
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Emily Dickinson
Quality about my Spouse
Her intoxicating personality
His big heart
One foot in front of the other
The possibilities are endless
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Turkey club
Tuna Salad Sandwich
Psalm 109:8
I can do all this through him who gives me strength
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Sport to Watch
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Derrick Jeter
Derek Jeter
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New York Yankees
New York Yankees
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Thing to Cook
Chicken parm
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Spending time with family and friends for the holidays
Decorating for the holidays
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Jax Teller
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Type of Music
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Anywhere on the beach :)
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