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Jessica & Wendy

We have waited a long time to have a little one to welcome into our family and are so excited to have this opportunity. We know that it takes a lot of strength and courage to consider adoption for your child. We are a fun, loving and supportive family and hope you get to know us better through our profile. We want you to feel secure and confident in your decision.

About Us

Doctoral Degree
Associate's Degree
Legally Married

Family Traditions

Our Annual Christmas Flannel

Our biggest traditions center around holidays and camping. We love to go on annual camping trips where we make s'mores and grill over the campfire. We want to hit as many parks and campsites as we can. We like to spend time as a family, just enjoying nature and each other without the distractions of television and video games. It also helps us appreciate things like air conditioning and microwave ovens!

Every Christmas morning we go over to Jess's sister's house and eat cinnamon rolls and bacon while the whole family opens presents one by one from oldest to youngest. For New Year's we go to Wendy's mom and dad's house and sit around a bonfire and talk all night long. For Thanksgiving, we always have turkey and ham with cheesecake for dessert.

Family is very important to both of us and we can't wait to have our little one join in all the traditions!

Our Leisure Time

Hanging Out at a Food Rally

Jess works full-time as a lawyer and Wendy works part-time as a nurse. Every night we eat dinner together and like to talk about our days with each other. We also like to relax and read or watch TV together. On the weekends, we visit family and play with our two dogs. Daisy is our Basset Hound and is scared of thunderstorms. Avery is our Boston Terrier and likes to chase squirrels.

Jess has two nieces, both are under a year old. We like to visit them and spoil them as much as possible. Wendy's family lives mostly in Georgia so we make trips to visit as much as we can. Shelby, our daughter, is 20 but is still a kid at heart. She loves old school cartoons and Wonder Woman. She is often at her friends house playing board games and watching Harry Potter.

We like to shop at thrift stores and find cool furniture to redo. We've fixed up our house a little at a time by tiling the floors and replacing showers and cabinets. When we spend time with friends it is usually over a nice dinner. We don't really like going out to clubs or bars. We prefer quiet nights where we can talk to our friends and each other about our lives.

Cultural Diversity

We have already started reading articles and books to make sure our child doesn't feel like they are losing their culture or not learning enough about it. We will make sure that they learn about their culture through us, in school, and in community activities. We are both avid readers so we will also make sure they have lots of books about their heritage and where they come from.

We don't plan on just relying on books for information. We have friends who are of different races and backgrounds. Wendy has biracial family members. We will ask for advice and run things by them. We know we have a lot to learn and don't even pretend that we know everything. So, it's important for us to make sure our child also has people with similar cultural backgrounds in their lives. Whether that's friends, teachers, fellow students, coaches, etc.



Beautiful Day at Busch Gardens
Beautiful Day at Busch Gardens
Shelby's Graduation Day!
Shelby's Graduation Day!
Jess and Our Niece, Ava
Jess and Our Niece, Ava
So Happy Together
So Happy Together
With Another Couple that We Met While Getting Our Marriage License
With Another Couple that We Met While Getting Our Marriage License
Wendy with Her Work Crew
Wendy with Her Work Crew
Our Happy Family
Our Happy Family
With Our Moms at Our Wedding
With Our Moms at Our Wedding
Jess with a Few of Her Army Friends
Jess with a Few of Her Army Friends
We Are So Excited to be On this Journey Together
We Are So Excited to be On this Journey Together
We Love to Go Camping
We Love to Go Camping
Wendy with Her Cousin's Baby
Wendy with Her Cousin's Baby
1 / 12
Beautiful Day at Busch Gardens
Beautiful Day at Busch Gardens
2 / 12
Shelby's Graduation Day!
Shelby's Graduation Day!
3 / 12
Jess and Our Niece, Ava
Jess and Our Niece, Ava
4 / 12
So Happy Together
So Happy Together
5 / 12
With Another Couple that We Met While Getting Our Marriage License
With Another Couple that We Met While Getting Our Marriage License
6 / 12
Wendy with Her Work Crew
Wendy with Her Work Crew
7 / 12
Our Happy Family
Our Happy Family
8 / 12
With Our Moms at Our Wedding
With Our Moms at Our Wedding
9 / 12
Jess with a Few of Her Army Friends
Jess with a Few of Her Army Friends
10 / 12
We Are So Excited to be On this Journey Together
We Are So Excited to be On this Journey Together
11 / 12
We Love to Go Camping
We Love to Go Camping
12 / 12
Wendy with Her Cousin's Baby
Wendy with Her Cousin's Baby

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We recently moved to a new house in Florida. We are lucky to be twenty minutes from the beaches and even closer to the beautiful bay. Our house has three bedrooms and two bathrooms with a fenced in back yard and patio. We already have a bedroom set aside for the little one and hope that soon he or she will be in it.

We have an open style house with a family room, kitchen, and dining room all in the middle of the house. Almost every night we cook dinner and eat as a family. Our dogs love to play in the backyard and on nights where it is cool enough we often sit outside on the back patio while our puppies sleep on their outside bed.

We live close to an elementary school and sports field. We think our little one will be able to make lots of friends where we live. There is also a children museum and lots of state parks that we can't wait to take him or her to.

Our Extended Families

Jessica's Family

Jess has two sisters, Melissa and Vanessa, who she is very close to. Jess spends lots of time with them shopping and eating out. Both of her sisters recently had daughters, Ava and Hazel. Jess loves spending time with her nieces. She likes to roll around on the floor with them and help them crawl and play with all their toys.

Wendy has one daughter, Shelby who lives with us. She is 20 years old and is interested in forestry and loves animals. She's a very caring and loving young lady and she's already excited about having a little sister or brother to spoil. Wendy also has one brother, Joey. He is a nurse and they love to talk about all their nursing stories together. Wendy's parents live in Georgia with most of her extended family. She has over one hundred cousins!

Wendy's Family

We have been very fortunate to have supportive families. Everyone is so happy for us and is looking forward to meeting the little one. They have even said that they will have the nursery all decorated for his/her homecoming!

From Us to You

We are excited to meet you, even if it's only over the computer right now. We have been married for two and a half years and have been together for almost ten years. We have lived together since Shelby (Wendy's daughter) was ten years old. In that time we have learned a lot about each other and life. We've learned that love is the most important part of any relationship -- the relationship between children and parents and the relationship between partners. No matter how tough things may get, it's always important that everyone in a family knows that they are loved and supported no matter what.

We want to tell you a little about our lives so that you feel like you know us. Shelby is our daughter and she lives with us. She's a good kid who loves taking care of everyone around her. Shelby has two little sisters and a little brother that she adores. (Her dad is remarried and has three children). She is a protective older sister and has changed many diapers already.

We have two dogs, Daisy and Avery, and we love to spoil them with stuffed animals. Avery sleeps in Shelby's bed every night and has since we first brought her home. Daisy loves to snuggle us at bedtime but then will leave and go to her own puppy bed in the middle of the night.

We love to cook dinners together. Jess is Italian and Wendy is American so we cook lots of different foods. Shelby loves Jess's lasagna and Jess loves Wendy's southern fried pork chops. We like to sit down as a family and eat dinner together almost every night. For fun, we like to go to thrift and antique stores and buy old pieces of furniture and redecorate them. We have a few pieces of furniture that we have sanded, stained, or painted and made our own. Our favorite, a desk, we bought on one of our anniversaries and every year we take a pen and make a mark on it to show how many years we have been together. It might be kind of silly but it reminds us of how much we have been through and how strong we are as a couple.

We both feel very strongly about our jobs. Wendy is a nurse and she will go out of her way for her patients -- bringing them little gifts and trying to make their lives just a little bit easier. Jess is a lawyer and she spends most of her day making sure her clients know how important they are and how she is trying to help them. We hope that our child will see our passion for our jobs and know how important it is to help other people in whatever way you can.

It is very important to us that you don't feel left out of the child's life, so we want to continue to send you pictures and letters so that you can see how they are growing and changing. We will never hide the child from you or cut off communication. We want them to know that you are just as much a part of their life as we are.

We hope that you choose us to take care of your child. We know that it is a big choice and that it must be very scary trying to choose who will give your child a good life. We have thought about expanding our family for a few years now. After not being able to get pregnant naturally, we chose to adopt instead of choosing fertility treatments. To us, it doesn't matter that we haven't given birth to this child-- they are just as important to us as the other members of our family. We want to make sure that every day they wake up and feel so loved and so safe.

Wishing you all the best,

Jessica & Wendy


Robin Williams
Tom Hanks
Michelle Pfeiffer
Robin Wright
Wally Lamb
J.K Rowling
To Kill a Mockingbird
3 a.m.
Candy Bar
Three Musketeers
Powerpuff Girls
Childhood Memory
Going to get breakfast with my sisters and dad before school every morning
Fishing with my grandpa
Childhood Toy
Teddy Ruxpin
Pound Puppy
Children's Book
Where the Wild Things Are
The Giving Tree
Helen, GA
Classic Movie
Any Given Sunday
Forrest Gump
Day of Week
Ice Cream
Disney Movie
The Lion King
Dream Car
Land Rover
Dream Job
ER Nurse
Dream Vacation
Going to Asia
Family Activity
Making Smores
Flower / Plant
Chicken Wings
Form of Exercise
Running / Weight liftin
Yard work
Mandarin Orange
Holiday Song
Oh Holy Night
Holiday Tradition
Christmas Eve Meal with Family
Picking Out Flannel Shirts
Ice Cream
Rocky Road
Ben and Jerry's Karmel Sutra
Junk Food
Chips and Dip
French Fries
Leisure Activity
Hanging out with my dogs
Any cooking magazine
Memory with a Child
Playing Video Games with Shelby
Shelby's First Beach Trip
Memory with Spouse
Playing in the snow on our honeymoon
Vacation to North Georgia
The Help
Movie Munchie
Snocaps and Sour Patch Kids
Chips and Dip
Movie Type
The Lion King
Musical Group
Fleetwood Mac
Fleetwood Mac
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Ruth Bader Ginsburg
DH Lawrence
Quality about my Spouse
She is always supportive of anything anyone in the family wants to do and she will give everything she has to make it happen.
Her passion for life and determination to do what's right for herself, her family and her clients.
I never saw a wild thing sorry for itself.
"A man cannot be comfortable without his own approval." Mark Twain
Five Guys
Chicken Salad Sandwich
Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil.
Phillippians 4:13: I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me.
Shopping Store
Lucky Brand Jeans
Fire and Rain
Cover Me by Percy Sledge
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Subject in School
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Time of Day
Black Friday shopping with my family
Christmas Morning
TV Show
The Wire
Golden Girls
TV Show Character
Sophia Petrillo
Type of Music
Rap / Hip Hop
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Super Mario Bros 3

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