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Joe & Jenn

Hi! We're Joe and Jenn and we wanted to say thanks for taking the time to get to know us! We've been looking forward to expanding our family for some time and can't wait to become parents. We're a fun-loving, adventurous couple and can't wait to share our unconditional love with a child. We're so excited for the journey that lies ahead!

About Us

U.S. Navy
Pediatric Physical Therapist
Bachelor's Degree in Accounting
Doctor of Physical Therapy
Legally Married

Our Professional Lives

Monkeying Around on the Playground

Jenn is a pediatric physical therapist, specializing in working with children with special needs. Many of her patients have cognitive and physical developmental delays and she helps children learn to walk, jump, run, and interact with their environment so they can play with their friends and family. She gets to spend her days playing tag, jumping on trampolines, sailing down ziplines, and climbing rock walls all in the name of therapy. She currently works full-time but will switch to part-time once we have a child so that she can be present for school drop-offs/pick-ups, bake sales, parades, and field days. She is fortunate to have a career that allows her the flexibility to set her own schedule so that she can continue to work in a job she loves while still being present for a child.

Joe Before an Air Show

Joe has been in the Navy since 2008. He has spent a majority of his service thus far flying F/A-18s and just recently switched to working with a ground unit. This change in paths has meant shorter work days and less time away from family, which has been an amazing change of pace for us. Although there are still times when the Navy takes him away from Jenn and the dogs, he goes above and beyond to stay in touch daily. At this point, he's planning on completing 20 years in the Navy and will retire with full benefits at the age of 43.

Our Leisure Time

Getting Our Dog Ready to Paddleboard

We love to spend time outdoors and southern California is a great place to do it! We spend most of our weekends hiking local trails, running along the beach, biking around our neighborhood, and playing with our dogs. We like to take our stand up paddle boards to different inlets and lakes to spend the day out on the water in the sunshine. We love exploring the local area, walking around farmers markets, and just enjoying each other's company and laughter.

Now that we're living near a city again we also like to take advantage of all it has to offer. We're constantly trying new restaurants, attending festivals, and seeing shows and plays in the nearby community center. We try to spend our money on experiences instead of things so we'll have memories that last a lifetime.

We also love to spend any free time we have traveling and Jenn is frequently planning short weekend getaways or week-long adventures in another country. Over the years we've traveled to various countries throughout the Caribbean, Central America, South America, Europe, and Asia. One of our bucket list items is to set foot on every continent and we're slowly chipping away at it. This past summer we even checked off one of Jenn's lifelong dreams and completed our first cross country road trip! Although our itineraries may change once we have a child, we can't wait to continue exploring nearby gems and creating memories as a family of three.

Cultural Diversity

We've been fortunate enough to travel and live in several places throughout the world. These experiences have allowed us to develop friendships with people with perspectives, backgrounds, and life experiences different from our own. We value these friendships because we believe embracing differences has allowed us to grow as humans and gain a deeper sense of empathy for others.

We support our diverse group of friends by checking in and listening to their perspective and experiences so that we may better understand situations we've never experienced firsthand. We're not afraid to engage in difficult conversations with friends and family when we feel their jokes or comments are offensive or inappropriate. While we're not infallible by any means, we care and we try to let our actions show this. We continue to seek opportunities to learn and grow and welcome feedback on ways to improve in this area.

We know we still have much to learn in this lifelong topic, but we're dedicated to making our home a place where a child feels safe and fully recognizes and values all of their identities. We promise to never shy away from sensitive topics and to continue to grow and challenge ourselves to be better for our family. We'll honor and celebrate your child's ethnicity whole-heartedly, with respect and love, always.



Ferry Ride With Our Niece & Nephew
Ferry Ride With Our Niece & Nephew
A Little Yoga to Relax
A Little Yoga to Relax
Hanging With Our Niece
Hanging With Our Niece
Out to Dinner in Dubai
Out to Dinner in Dubai
Flight Suit from Uncle Joey
Flight Suit from Uncle Joey
Halfway on a 100k Run
Halfway on a 100k Run
Exploring Iceland Together
Exploring Iceland Together
Fun at the Aquarium With Our Niece & Nephew
Fun at the Aquarium With Our Niece & Nephew
Family Hayride to Pick Out Pumpkins
Family Hayride to Pick Out Pumpkins
Halloween With Our Niece & Nephew
Halloween With Our Niece & Nephew
Our Military Family
Our Military Family
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Ferry Ride With Our Niece & Nephew
Ferry Ride With Our Niece & Nephew
2 / 12
A Little Yoga to Relax
A Little Yoga to Relax
3 / 12
Hanging With Our Niece
Hanging With Our Niece
4 / 12
Out to Dinner in Dubai
Out to Dinner in Dubai
5 / 12
Flight Suit from Uncle Joey
Flight Suit from Uncle Joey
6 / 12
Halfway on a 100k Run
Halfway on a 100k Run
7 / 12
Exploring Iceland Together
Exploring Iceland Together
8 / 12
Fun at the Aquarium With Our Niece & Nephew
Fun at the Aquarium With Our Niece & Nephew
9 / 12
Family Hayride to Pick Out Pumpkins
Family Hayride to Pick Out Pumpkins
10 / 12
Halloween With Our Niece & Nephew
Halloween With Our Niece & Nephew
11 / 12
12 / 12
Our Military Family
Our Military Family

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home Decorated for Christmas

We live in a small beach town in southern California just outside of a major city. Our home is small but cozy and full of love and laughter. We have a large family room with a wood-burning fireplace and a small fenced-in yard that is the perfect size for a child to run around with our dogs in the year-round sunny weather.

Our neighborhood is incredibly family-friendly with lots of young couples with small children. There are multiple playgrounds, community centers, libraries, and schools all within walking distance of our home. We are also walking distance to numerous shops, restaurants, swimming pools, soccer fields, and tennis courts. Our local beaches, which we live a short biking distance from, have fire pits, grills, and volleyball nets open to the public and provide a great place for lots of family fun.

Being just outside of a city, we're lucky to also have nearby museums, zoos, aquariums, restaurants, farmers markets, monthly festivals, and people from all over the world. We also live just a short drive away from numerous hiking trails, national parks, lakes, mountains, Disneyland and Harry Potter World. Your child will have ample opportunities for excitement and adventure in southern California. They'll be able to play outdoors and participate in different sports, music, and art. They'll be able to hike, wakesurf, and camp in national parks. They'll be able to sing with Mickey Mouse and cast spells on Diagon Alley. Adventure awaits and we're so excited to have it as parents!

Our Extended Families

Jenn's Family

We have an incredibly loving and supportive family who is eagerly awaiting another addition. A child welcomed into our family will be loved by six grandparents, five aunts and uncles, three young cousins, and an extended family too large to count. Most of our family lives on the east coast, however we do have some family in the nearby area. When we're able to be together, we love to cook big meals, ride bikes, play board games, and just sit around the kitchen table talking and laughing. As a military family we aren't always able to live near family, however, we make the most of it. We have frequent Facetime dates, visit on holidays, and stay in touch on a regular basis through various forms of technology.

Joe's Family

We also have an amazing group of friends that have become our family away from home. It consists of four other military couples, all who have children ranging from newborns to three year olds. We celebrate birthdays, holidays, and general milestones together. They're the most supportive group of people who truly feel like family, helping us through all the highs and lows that life has to offer.

Our friends and family are all so supportive of our adoption plan. They can't wait to be a part of this child's life and look forward to spoiling it with lots of love, hugs, and kisses!

From Us to You

As we sit here writing this letter, we are overwhelmed with emotions. The road to parenthood has been a long journey for us, with no shortage of unexpected bumps and tears. While we know how it feels to be on this side of the adoption process, we cannot imagine the emotion and energy it takes to be on yours. As you move forward with deciding what's best for you and your child, we hope that you'll consider making us a part of your plan.

Our story began in 2004, when we met at our summer job lifeguarding for a local pool company in New Jersey. We dated for several years and were married in 2010 in a small ceremony with 30 of our favorite people on the beach. Over the last 14 years, our love for one another has deepened and we've learned that we can count on each other no matter what life presents. We've experienced cross-country moves, deployments, family health scares and infertility, and through it all we've embraced these challenges as an unwavering team. Having been together for so long means we know how to comfort each other, how to solve problems together, and most importantly, how to make each other laugh in difficult times. We have the unconditional love and commitment necessary to give a child a stable and warm home to grow up in.

Although much of our family profile has a serious tone, we are generally very silly, fun-loving people. We play pranks on each other, make sarcastic jokes, and have entire conversations using only movie quotes. We talk to our dogs as if they can understand us and leave notes for each other on the fridge to have a great day. We lose track of time watching episodes of Brooklyn Nine Nine while snuggling our dogs on the couch. We book last minute vacations and take spontaneous road trips without any sort of plan other than to have fun. We try to do our best to make the most of what life has to offer and we're ready for the next chapter to begin as parents.

We can't wait to bring a child into our home and into our hearts. We can't wait to paint their face on Halloween and take them trick-or-treating. We can't wait to listen to them learn to play a musical instrument and then watch them nail their recital solo. We can't wait to watch them decorate a Christmas tree for the very first time and leave out cookies for Santa and his reindeer. Most importantly, we can't wait for the day-to-day routine of being responsible for a tiny human. We can't wait to pack school lunches, eat family dinners, and read bedtime stories. We can't wait for carpools to soccer practice and ballet lessons and to review homework assignments. We can't wait to create a home for a child that fosters a zest for life, a curiosity for the world, and a passion for learning.

If you decide to pursue adoption and you decide to choose us, we are open to sharing your child's growth and experiences through photos, letters, emails, and visits. We will always be open and honest with your child regarding their adoption and their family heritage. We will make sure your child knows they are loved beyond words and we will always speak fondly and respectfully of the selfless gift you've given our family. We are eager to get to know you and welcome your continued investment in your child's life.

With love,

Joe & Jenn


Denzel Washington
Jon Stewart
Elizabeth Banks
Lauren Graham
Ayn Rand
Atlas Shrugged
Harry Potter series
Candy Bar
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Bob's Burgers
Bob's Burgers
Childhood Memory
Family reunions at my grandmother's house on the beach
Climbing trees at the park
Childhood Toy
Power Wheels Jeep
Children's Book
Where the Sidewalk Ends by Shel Silverstein
New York
Classic Movie
The Shawshank Redemption
The Goonies
Day of Week
Ice Cream
Icing, not the cupcake, just the icing
Disney Movie
The Lion King
Dream Car
Audi R8
Jeep Wrangler
Dream Job
Own a fishing charter
Professional back up dancer
Dream Vacation
Caribbean island
Family Activity
Biking to the Beach
Biking to the Beach
Form of Exercise
4th of July
Holiday Song
Bruce Springsteen's Santa Clause is Coming to Town
Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays by *N Sync
Holiday Tradition
Decorating the tree
Painting pumpkins
Ice Cream
Vanilla with melted peanut butter on top
Junk Food
Potato chips
Chips and salsa
Leisure Activity
Watching TV
Snuggling with our dogs
Men's Health
Any celebrity gossip one
Memory with a Child
Taking My Niece & Nephew to See the Jets Where I Work
Teaching My Nephew How to Play Chess
Memory with Spouse
Asking her to marry me
The moment he told me he loved me for the very first time
Cop Out
Step Brothers
Movie Munchie
Milk duds
Movie Quote
I have neither the time nor the inclination to explain myself to a man who rises and sleeps under the blanket of the very freedom that I provide, and then questions the manner in which I provide it.
Did we just become best friends?
Movie Type
The Book of Mormon
Olympic Event
Swimming events
Quality about my Spouse
Her quick intelligent wit
His sense of humor
Shopping Store
You Make My Dreams by Hall & Oates
Good Day by Nappy Roots
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
College football
Sports Team
USA Soccer
Penn State football
Subject in School
Organic chemistry
Thing to Cook
Barbecue chicken thighs
Time of Day
Early morning
Early morning, before 7 am, when it's really quiet outside
4th of July BBQ and Pool Party
Cake for Breakfast on My Birthday
TV Show
Gilmore Girls
TV Show Character
Neal Caffrey
Type of Music
90's and 2000's rap
Vacation Spot
The beach
Anywhere new
Video Game
Sonic the Hedgehog circa Sega Genesis era

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