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Charles & Callie

Thank you for considering us in your search for the best family to parent your child. We are beyond grateful for the opportunity to grow our family with your help. Above all else, we promise that your child will be raised with unconditional love, in a home full of joy, respect, patience, and thoughtfulness. It would be an honor to be chosen for this part of the journey.

About Us

Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
Master's Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling
Legally Married

Our Adventures

A Day at the Elephant Sanctuary in Thailand

Callie traveled often since childhood, even going solo to a few countries before she met Charles. Our first big adventure together was to Iceland in 2014. We rented a car and traveled from the southwest corner to the northeast tip of the country. Because Callie's job gives her the summers off, and Charles works from home, we love to go on road trips. Now that we live in the Midwest, we often drive to Chicago or Minneapolis for the weekend. We've driven all across the country, and summer we spent 6 weeks driving around the West Coast. While we love a good adventure, sometimes it's important to just relax, and that's when we like to go to the beaches in Cancun and Florida.

In October 2017, Callie surprised Charles with a trip to Austin, Texas. There, we got to meet some family members we had never met before, and they showed us all around their city. We're still dreaming about the breakfast tacos and BBQ. Since then, they've come to visit us twice in Wisconsin, and we can't wait to go back to them.

In 2018 and 2019, we traveled to SE Asia. We loved visiting the floating markets, and navigating through the busy streets and mountain roads on a scooter- and eating as much as we could! Charles has become the most adventurous and easy-going travel partner. We're so excited to share our curiosity and sense of adventure with this child.

Fun Facts About Us

Our First Time on Motorbikes

1) Callie lived in Germany for a year and was even fluent in German (it's been a while, she might be rusty!)

2) After our first time on motorbikes during our trip to Asia, Charles found that he loved it so much he bought a motorcycle

3) Callie has an uncle who is a United States senator, so we've gotten access to some of the coolest VIP tours in D.C.

4) Even though we met in a bar, Charles has actually never had a drink- he was there for a work fundraiser. Our first real date was at a Subway restaurant a few days later.

5) On our second trip to Asia, Callie ended up with kidney stones and had to spend the night in a Vietnamese emergency room. She's fine now!

6) Charles didn't get his first tattoo until he was 30, now he's covered.

7) Charles hosts a weekly podcast where he gets to interview all sorts of Hollywood actors and directors

8) Callie stopped eating meat in 2019 because of her love for animals

9) Callie and her mom were cast in a commercial once, but the footage never made it to TV

10) Charles conquered his fear of heights last year by learning how to rock climb

Our Hopes for an Open Adoption

We Love Living So Close to Lake Michigan

We recognize that adoption is complex, especially for a first mother and her child. We know that there is no perfect way to navigate this relationship between us, you, and your child. What we do hope for this relationship is that we can share that complexity. We want an open adoption because we know that transparency about adoption and maintaining a relationship with first mothers is so important for a child who is being raised by adoptive parents. At the same time, we want an open adoption because we know that for many first mothers, adoption does involve grief, loss, and concern for your child.

We know that while you are giving us the opportunity to become parents and sharing this gift of motherhood, we are hopeful that your child will continue to know you as a mother. We want your child to know the unconditional love for them that is shared by all of us. Adoption involves growing our family, and we want you to know that you are (in whatever way you feel comfortable) a part of that family too. We've never been very "traditional," anyway!


We Love Going Back to Visit Our Friends in Washington, D.C.
We Love Going Back to Visit Our Friends in Washington, D.C.
At the Chicago Women's March
At the Chicago Women's March
Visiting Family in Austin, TX
Visiting Family in Austin, TX
Visiting the Airplane Museum with Callie's Cousins
Visiting the Airplane Museum with Callie's Cousins
Trying Out Pottery Making
Trying Out Pottery Making
We Love Bowling
We Love Bowling
Camping in Michigan
Camping in Michigan
Cousins at a Baseball Game
Cousins at a Baseball Game
A Warm Spring Day
A Warm Spring Day
Ice Cream Date Night
Ice Cream Date Night
Callie Perfecting Her Baking Skills
Callie Perfecting Her Baking Skills
Always Excited for a Hike with a View
Always Excited for a Hike with a View
1 / 12
We Love Going Back to Visit Our Friends in Washington, D.C.
We Love Going Back to Visit Our Friends in Washington, D.C.
2 / 12
At the Chicago Women's March
At the Chicago Women's March
3 / 12
Visiting Family in Austin, TX
Visiting Family in Austin, TX
4 / 12
Visiting the Airplane Museum with Callie's Cousins
Visiting the Airplane Museum with Callie's Cousins
5 / 12
Trying Out Pottery Making
Trying Out Pottery Making
6 / 12
We Love Bowling
We Love Bowling
7 / 12
Camping in Michigan
Camping in Michigan
8 / 12
Cousins at a Baseball Game
Cousins at a Baseball Game
9 / 12
A Warm Spring Day
A Warm Spring Day
10 / 12
Ice Cream Date Night
Ice Cream Date Night
11 / 12
Callie Perfecting Her Baking Skills
Callie Perfecting Her Baking Skills
12 / 12
Always Excited for a Hike with a View
Always Excited for a Hike with a View

Our Extended Families

Group Hug with Callie's Family

About 5 years ago we moved from Washington, D.C. to a large Midwest city about 1.5 hours away from Callie's hometown. Always one for adventure, Callie never imagined she would one day want to return to the Midwest. Around the same time we decided to start growing our family, we spent a few days at Callie's parents' cottage. After a fun few days of swimming, boating, farmers markets, s'mores by the fire, and family game nights with Callie's parents and two younger brothers, we knew we wanted this to be our home. We are so grateful for our decision. We love being such a short drive from the cottage, and visiting Callie's parents in her hometown is also easy.

Charles and His Sister on a Hike

While Charles' family doesn't live close by, we love having a reason to take a trip down to Florida twice a year. Our favorite part is spending time at the beach, eating fresh seafood, and spending hours talking and laughing on the back porch. His little sister always makes sure to drive over from Mississippi, and we love having the whole family together!

Our families have been so supportive of our plan to adopt. All of our parents can't wait to become grandparents, and Callie's even mentioned being excited to have a reason to build a new treehouse in their backyard.

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home on a Beautiful Fall Day

We live in a village 2 blocks outside a large Midwestern city. We love our family-friendly neighborhood and the abundance of activities it offers. It's easy to find children in our neighborhood running around and riding their bicycles. On Halloween, our street is full of trick-or-treaters, so we love joining the other houses in the neighborhood in decorating to make things extra spooky. Just down the road is a large park with a pond, a large play area where local parents gather with their kids and is the site of several community activities, like picnics and 5K runs. Our local schools are ranked among the best in our state and we have access to one of the best hospitals and mental health providers within a 5-minute drive.

When choosing a neighborhood, we knew it was important that it is made up of families from various cultural, ethnic, and religious backgrounds. We love our fenced-in backyard, it's great to run around and play. Our home is the perfect size for a family, it gives us plenty of space to have fun and relax with guests, but doesn't feel too big to take good care of. With cold winters, it was important to create a cozy home where we enjoy spending time. Callie's favorite part is our bright sunroom with lots of plants and her indoor hammock, and Charles loves his "movie room" with a giant TV in the basement.

From Us to You

Hello! We are honored that you are considering us to become the parents of your child. We can only begin to imagine how challenging this decision may be for you. We have hoped to grow our family for so long and have so much love to give.

We met 8 years ago at a fundraiser that Charles' work was hosting when we were both living in Washington, D.C. After exchanging numbers, we spent hours upon hours texting before finally meeting for a lunch date at Subway. We were both so awkward, we hardly knew each other, but at the same time already knew so much about each other! Within a matter of weeks, we knew this was it for us, and we got married a year later. We both know what it's like to "just know" when you've found the right person to spend your life with, and we're hoping you get that same feeling as you decide on the right family to parent your child.

Charles is going to be a great dad. He is so patient and creative, which makes him a great teacher. He is thoughtful and observant, which makes him the best gift-giver Callie has ever met and demonstrates how much he cares for his loved ones. He is warm, validating, and a great listener, which makes him so easy for anyone to talk to. He is adventurous, hilarious, and so full of energy, which makes every day with him full of excitement and fun.

Callie is so excited to become a mom. She is full of compassion and comfortable around pain and difficult emotions, which will help her navigate everything from toddler tantrums and teenage breakdowns. She is perseverant and a creative problem solver, which makes her an excellent advocate for those whom she loves. She values learning and self-reflection, which will encourage her to continue to grow and adapt as a parent to best meet the needs of her family.

We promise to provide a life for your child that is full of love, stability, learning, and excitement. We will prioritize structure and predictability, while also embracing adventure and spontaneity. We will promote hard work, education, and learning, and provide the financial security needed to access every opportunity out there. We will encourage exploration of interest, whether that be dance classes, soccer teams, art projects, community events, or any other activity available. We will foster compassion and development of morals through participation in volunteering, learning about different religions and cultures, and having conversations about what matters most to all of us and how to make the world a better place.

We promise to honor and respect the unique relationship you choose to have with your child. While we are open to as much or as little contact as you would like, we are hopeful to also earn your trust and develop a loving relationship with you, the mother of the child we parent. We imagine this would include emails, phone calls, photos, and future visits with you and your family. We believe there is no such thing too much family and loved ones in a child's life. We promise to make sure that regardless of how much contact you choose to have with your child, she or he will grow up knowing the abundance of love that you have for them.

Charles & Callie


Chris Evans
Michael B. Jordan
Jessica Chastain
Alia Shawkat
William Gibson
Brene Brown
House of Leaves
The Body is Not an Apology
Candy Bar
Chocolate Covered S'mores
Rocket Power
Childhood Memory
My first trip to Disney World with my family.
My dad took me to see Hanson at Redrock Ampetheatre in Colorado, he put me up on his shoulders and snuck me from our nosebleed seats to the front row
Childhood Toy
Any and all Transformers
My doll, Jeffrey
Children's Book
The Cat in the Hat
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs
Hanoi, Vietnam
Classic Movie
Roman Holiday
Day of Week
Pistachio Ice Cream
Bananas Foster
Disney Movie
The Lion King
Dream Car
1972 Ford Bronco
Subaru Outback
Dream Job
Dream Vacation
I'd love to spend some months traveling around Asia
Family Activity
Flower / Plant
Apple Tree
Buffalo Wings
German Pretzels- I even have one tattooed on me!
Form of Exercise
Rock climbing
Hiking and trying out new craft projects
Holiday Song
Monster Mash
Monster Mash
Holiday Tradition
Christmas Breakfast
Even though my siblings and I are all adults, we still open presents from Santa Clause on Christmas Day
Ice Cream
Junk Food
Chocolate covered potato chips
Leisure Activity
Watching a movie
Hammocking with a book by the beach
Rolling Stone
Ms., they even wrote an article about my social justice activism when I was in college
Memory with a Child
Taking my cousins to the Comic Book Store
Taking my cousins to the airplane museum
Memory with Spouse
Traveling in Vietnam
Our first trip to Vietnam
Avengers: Endgame
A Little Princess
Movie Munchie
Buncha Crunch
Movie Quote
I love you 3000
Movie Type
Musical Group
Tears for Fears
Wu-tang & Pixies
Nursery Rhyme
London Bridge
Little Bunny FooFoo
Olympic Event
Any Track and Field
Personal Hero
Stan Lee
Stacy Abrams
Death of a Salesman
Robert Frost
Maya Angelou
Quality about my Spouse
Her empathy
His very absurd sense of humor
"With great power comes great responsibility."
"It's not enough to be compassionate. You must act." -Dalai Lama
Buffalo Wild Wings
Maya Ophelia's- it's a local Filipino spot that I order from far too often.
Caprese Panini
Shopping Store
Best Buy
TJ Maxx
Take Me Home Tonight
Gigantic, by Pixies
Sport to Play
Roller Derby
Sport to Watch
Mixed Martial Arts
Sports Star
Roberto Clemente
Megan Rapinoe
Sports Team
Pittsburgh Steelers
Subject in School
Social Studies
Captain Marvel
Thing to Cook
Chocolate Chip Banana Bread
Time of Day
Collecting various bits of art from the places we travel to.
Our "Birthaversary Week" when we celebrate our birthdays and anniversary which are all in the same week
TV Show
Game of Thrones
TV Show Character
Jon Snow
David Rose (Schitts Creek)
Type of Music
Indie Rock, Hip Hop
Vacation Spot
SE Asia
Video Game
Mass Effect 2

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