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Arash & Shooka

Kindness, honesty and courage - these are the values that we embrace and hope to pass on to our children. We are humbled by your brave decision to consider adoption and hope to prove ourselves worthy of your consideration. We are a committed, fun and loving family and we hope that our profile story and pictures give you a true glimpse into our colorful, nurturing and authentic life.

About Us

Interior Architect
Law Degree
Master's Degree in Interior Design
Legally Married

Our Promise to You

Being Silly

We are truly an all-inclusive family with a lot of soul, love, energy, and patience. For us, life is about family, pursuit of happiness, and having fun without taking yourself too seriously. The world outside today can be harsh, and it's very important for us to create a safe and happy home, where everyone can feel comforted, relaxed, and above all – welcomed.

Neither of us has a brother or sister and throughout our lives we've always dreamed of having more than one kid to give our children the benefit of siblings. We saw the importance of this because of our parents come from multiple-child families and we've always really admired our parents' bond with their brothers and sisters (and we love our aunts and uncles).

Our family has a lot to offer and if you bless us with a child, we will be filled with gratitude and will work our best to ensure your child has every opportunity in life to excel and create a beautiful future. Our eternal promise to you is to fill your child's life with love, support, opportunity and fun - whether it's Arash working with the kids on their sports skills (Arash was a Division I basketball player in college and later a Division III coach), Shooka helping them draw their own personal Picasso (Shooka is an amazing artist), or everyone getting together for story reading time – we will provide an amazing, loving, and well-balanced life.

Why We Chose Adoption

Our Family

We've been together since 2005 and for over a decade we've worked hard to build a safe, beautiful and fun life together. One of our biggest challenges in life has been dealing with infertility. After years of heartaches and treatments, we finally had our daughter Hanna Blue in Feb. 2014.

We (just like all couples waiting to become parents) fantasized about the adventures we would have with our little one ... games we would play, trips we would take. They say when you're raising kids, "The days are long, but the years are short!" We see that now; how fast Hanna's growing, how much we've learned, how the love overpowers all the sleepless nights, and how confident and comfortable we are now as parents, compared to when she was born!

Hanna will be an amazing big sister. She attends a Montessori pre-school and is learning faster than we could've imagined! She has just started to write/read the alphabets but somehow she is convinced that she wants to be either a "Pet-Doctor" or a "Fairy Queen" when she grows up!

As a family, we play, laugh, and eat together ... quality time is the most important aspect of our life and we look forward to offering that, with our heart and soul, to a new baby.

How We Met

Shooka's Mom & Arash's Mom in 1970!

Our meeting, relationship, and then marriage all happened in the most unique way. In the 1960's our moms were best friends starting in grade school – half way around the world – in Iran! In late 1970, Arash's mom moved to the United States and the best friends were separated. Throughout the years the moms kept in touch, and finally in 1999 Shooka's family moved to the United States as well and the two families were united in Washington, D.C.

We first met when Arash was 19 and Shooka was 17. There were instant sparks! However, we went our separate ways to continue our education and, most importantly, to grow up! Fast forward to six years later after Arash had graduated law school and Shooka finished college; as luck would have it our paths crossed again, and the spark was still very strong!

We started to date in December 2005 and were married four years later. We have always dreamed about growing our family through adoption and since we suffered from infertility for many years prior to having our daughter, now more than ever we are ready to put our hearts and souls into the adoption journey. We know we will continue to be excellent parents to another child and our daughter will be an amazing big sister!



Fun at the Zoo
Fun at the Zoo
Exploring Our Neighborhood Hiking Trail
Exploring Our Neighborhood Hiking Trail
Camping in Colorado
Camping in Colorado
Shooka in a Charity Fashion Show
Shooka in a Charity Fashion Show
Family Vacation to Cancun
Family Vacation to Cancun
Beautiful Hawaii
Beautiful Hawaii
Cookie Decorating Play Date at Our House
Cookie Decorating Play Date at Our House
Family Party at Our House
Family Party at Our House
Shooka Kayaking in Mexico
Shooka Kayaking in Mexico
Enjoying the View on a Hike
Enjoying the View on a Hike
Hanna Feeding Goats at the Local Farm
Hanna Feeding Goats at the Local Farm
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
1 / 12
Fun at the Zoo
Fun at the Zoo
2 / 12
Exploring Our Neighborhood Hiking Trail
Exploring Our Neighborhood Hiking Trail
3 / 12
Camping in Colorado
Camping in Colorado
4 / 12
Shooka in a Charity Fashion Show
Shooka in a Charity Fashion Show
5 / 12
Family Vacation to Cancun
Family Vacation to Cancun
6 / 12
Beautiful Hawaii
Beautiful Hawaii
7 / 12
Cookie Decorating Play Date at Our House
Cookie Decorating Play Date at Our House
8 / 12
Family Party at Our House
Family Party at Our House
9 / 12
Shooka Kayaking in Mexico
Shooka Kayaking in Mexico
10 / 12
Enjoying the View on a Hike
Enjoying the View on a Hike
11 / 12
Hanna Feeding Goats at the Local Farm
Hanna Feeding Goats at the Local Farm
12 / 12
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a magical neighborhood in northern Virginia. In our cul-de-sac alone there are fifteen kids under 6! In the summer the kids all go to our community pool and playground, where the sound of the ice cream truck hums by. In the fall you might find us doing an outdoor movie night on someone's garage door or walking through one of the many nearby nature trails. For Halloween we all get bundled up and go trick-or-treating house by house. During Christmas, our neighbors have a big kids' Christmas Carole sing-a-long. We have cul-de-sac block parties for the Superbowl, St. Patrick's Day (and for any other excuse we can find!), where the kids ride their bikes, run around and enjoy being kids.

Our home is bright and airy, with light pastel colors in a quiet and wooded part of northern Virginia. It has 5 bedrooms, which includes our master bedroom, our daughter's room, a guest room, a nursery, and a play room. We have a large, bright basement full of toys, playhouses, and sports equipment. We have a big yard with grass, herb and flower gardens, and lots of trees. Our house is only 20 minutes from Washington D.C. and all the free museums, galleries and cultural activities our nation's capital has to offer. At the same time, driving 30 minutes the opposite direction puts us in the country, at local farms, where we like to buy organic produce, pick fresh strawberries, or Halloween pumpkins!

Our Extended Families

Thanksgiving With Family

They say, "It takes a village to raise a child" and although we are both an only child, we come from large extended families and have the love and support of many.

Shooka's parents (or as Hanna calls them, "Babae and Nana") live 45 minutes away and are exceptional grandparents! They pick Hanna up from school at least once a week for playdates, and shower Hanna with love and attention. Their playtime with Hanna is always magical, fun and creative; they dress up in costumes and play pretend, go to the park or go out for ice cream/ frozen yogurt. Shooka's parents are very eager to have more grandchildren.

Christmas PJ Party With Cousins

Arash's parents (aka "Baba Dada and Ma Hedi") also live 40 minutes away and visit often. They are also amazing grandparents and spoil Hanna with gifts. They look forward to having more grandchildren to spoil! They express their love with food, lots and lots of food, and always throw large parties and entertain both sides of the family in their lovely home.

We are surrounded by extended family, young and old! We spend quality time together and are very supportive of one another. Food always plays a big part in our get-togethers… especially when Shooka's dad is grilling his meat kabobs! We do all sorts of things with family, whether it's playing sports in the backyard, going on outdoor adventures, or hanging out and playing board games.

From Us to You

We've been together since 2005 and for over a decade we've worked hard to build a safe, beautiful and fun life together. We are surrounded by supportive, loving and diverse people from all around the world. In our family nothing is taken for granted and every moment we have together is cherished.

We both share the same values and have the same life goals, which has created a strong foundation to our relationship. Over the past 10 year we have shared many wonderful life experiences together, but it was the difficult times in our life that brought us even closer.

Arash is extremely smart and hard working. He is very social with a great sense of humor, and brings joy to people around him.

Shooka is incredibly caring and compassionate. She's also extremely smart and emotionally mature, which makes her an excellent mentor, leader, and spouse.

Hanna, is kind, imaginative and playful. She plays basketball, rides her bike and goes on hikes with her Dad. She does art projects, cooking, baking and gardening with her mom. At the age of 4 she is more independent and definitely ready for siblings! She has recently taken an interest in dolls and playing "house" and pretending to be a big sister! We have talked to her about adoption and how every child is different when it comes to where they come from, and how many mommies and daddies they have. She's really excited to be a big sister and promises to be "the best big sister ever."

As a family, we play, laugh, and eat together. We are very playful and enjoy getting out and enjoying nature. Whether it's going on walks, hikes, swimming, boating, camping, or skiing, we really enjoy doing fun activities as a family.

We are humbled by your brave decision to consider adoption and hope to prove ourselves worthy of your consideration. We also hope that by getting to know our daughter you could imagine how loved your child would be in our home ... how committed we are as parents, how hard we will work to meet the child's needs, how we will respect where your child comes from and who they are as a person, and how cherished he/she will be forever.

As we write this letter, we imagine that your heart must feel heavy with the difficult decision that you face. We respect your desire and need to maintain contact with your child and get future updates on their life. We want you to witness, as you did with Hanna's pictures, milestones and precious moments in your child's future life. We want you to know that you will always be loved. You will be in our thoughts, and we will be grateful to you forever.

With love and admiration,

Arash & Shooka


Candy Bar
Anything with peanut butter
GI Joe
Tom & Jerry
Childhood Memory
Riding my bike in the neighborhood
Playing games with my parents
Childhood Toy
Hot Wheels & Basketball
Barbie & Ken
Children's Book
Dr. Seuss
The Little Prince (Le Petit Prince)
New York
Classic Movie
Days of Thunder
Gone with the Wind
Aqua Blue
Fried Ice Cream
Dark Chocolate
Disney Movie
Little Mermaid
Dream Car
Mercedes AMG-GT
Dream Job
Basketball Coach
My current job - Designing schools
Dream Vacation
Road trip to the beach
Any vacation with my family is a dream vacation
Family Activity
Playing Outside
Playing Together/Getting Silly/Getting Messy
Flower / Plant
Our vegetable garden
Form of Exercise
Passion Fruit & Papaya
Dungeons & Dragons
Playing Basketball
Holiday Tradition
Spending time with extended family
Family Dinners
Ice Cream
Junk Food
Taco Bell
Popeyes Chicken
Leisure Activity
Hanging out outside
Memory with a Child
Teaching our daugter how to ride a bike
Doing arts and crafts with our daughter Hanna
Memory with Spouse
Going on road trips
Camping and traveling
Days of Thunder
Sound of Music
Movie Munchie
Musical Group
Michael Jackson
Pink Floyd
Nursery Rhyme
The one I made up for our daughter!
"You Are My Sunshine"
Olympic Event
USA Basketball
Figure Skating
Personal Hero
Martin Luther King Jr.
Bob Marley
John Lennon
Quality about my Spouse
Her Compassion
He Can Always Make Me Laugh!
"Practice Makes Perfect"
"Your Vibe Attracts Your Tribe"
Steak & Cheese
TMB (Tomato, Mozzarella, Bacon)
Anything Michael Jackson
Anything I can dance to
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Basketball - that's why I married a basketball player!
Sports Star
Stephen Curry
Cristiano Ronaldo
Sports Team
Subject in School
Wonder Woman
Eating dinner as a family
Making Dinner and eating as a family
TV Show
Sons of Anarchy
Game of Thrones
Vacation Spot
Lake in New Hampshire
Playa Mujeres, Mexico
Video Game
Legend of Zelda

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