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Tyler & Katie

We are thrilled to have the chance to become parents and are excited for you to get to know us better. We believe that adoption is a gift and a wonderful way to build a family. We believe that we have so much to offer a child from the moment they enter the world and throughout their whole life. We greatly appreciate your consideration and hope to have the chance to get to know you.

About Us

Financial Planner
Nuclear Engineer
Bachelor's Degree in Business Management
Bachelor's Degree in Chemical Engineering
Legally Married

Cultural Diversity

We Can't Wait to Share Our Adventures With a Child!

Celebrating diversity is important to us and our desire is to build a multiracial family. We want our child to know as much as they can about their race and culture and know that they have a partner in their parents as advocates for them in all things. We will take extra time to do activities and provide opportunities for our child to learn, understand, and embody their culture. That being said, we understand that having our child feel like a true part of their culture requires more than just these efforts alone. It is important to us that our child has positive role models in their life that look like them. We will ensure that our child learns about the brave people throughout history, past and present, that have paved the way for them. We also understand the importance for our child to have these role models in their everyday life as well. We will make an extra effort to find teachers, doctors, and community leaders that will be able to be a positive influence in our child's life so they can see everyday people making a difference in the world who look like them. Ultimately, we want our child to know how special they are and to feel like they have a real sense of their cultural identity.

Our Life Priorities

Tyler Loves to Read to Our Nieces

Family, religion, and education are very important to us. Family is one of the highest priorities in our life and we value spending quality time together as a family (both immediate and extended). It is important that we have close relationships with our family members and our child feels like an integral member of our family. Our family members will be involved in all major events in our child's life.

We both grew up in very religious families and still attend church every week. We value treating others with kindness and respect and striving to serve those around us. We also value hard work and always putting forth our best efforts in all endeavors.

Education has allowed us to experience many wonderful opportunities in life. We have been able to travel, work, meet a variety of people, and make many memories because of our desire to learn. We expect our children to put forth their best effort in school so they too can have opportunities to grow through learning and we will be there to advocate for them every step of the way.

Our Family Traditions

Katie Rolling Tamales With Her Sister

Our family traditions revolve around quality time together, food, and enjoying the beauty around us. We have very close relationships with both sides of our family and we love getting the whole family together. Whether it is making tamales for Christmas Eve or Texas Sheet Cake for Tyler's birthday, we spend the majority of our time in the kitchen talking, laughing, and (of course) eating. Some of our favorite family memories center around us all gathered around the table after a delicious meal chatting for hours after stuffing ourselves.

We also enjoy playing games together as a family. This provides us with an opportunity to make new family jokes, practice our smack talk, and enjoy one another's company. Tyler even participated in Katie's family game night on only our second date.

Another tradition that we love to take part in is heading outside whenever possible. It is not sunny frequently in the Pacific Northwest, so whenever the weather is nice we are outside hiking, biking, or just taking a stroll through our neighborhood along the waterfront. In the wintertime we take advantage of the gorgeous snowy mountains close by through snowshoeing.



Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Tyler at the Top of Mt. Adams
Tyler at the Top of Mt. Adams
Exploring Incan Ruins in Ecuador
Exploring Incan Ruins in Ecuador
Hiking by the River
Hiking by the River
Katie Loves to Bake!
Katie Loves to Bake!
Excited for Harry Potter Symphony
Excited for Harry Potter Symphony
On Vacation in Puerto Rico
On Vacation in Puerto Rico
Enjoying a Beautiful Lake Near Tyler's Parents' House
Enjoying a Beautiful Lake Near Tyler's Parents' House
Katie Loves Spending Time With Our Adorable Nieces
Katie Loves Spending Time With Our Adorable Nieces
Snowshoeing in Whistler, Canada
Snowshoeing in Whistler, Canada
We Enjoy Scuba Diving on Vacation
We Enjoy Scuba Diving on Vacation
All Dressed Up for a Wedding
All Dressed Up for a Wedding
1 / 12
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
2 / 12
Tyler at the Top of Mt. Adams
Tyler at the Top of Mt. Adams
3 / 12
Exploring Incan Ruins in Ecuador
Exploring Incan Ruins in Ecuador
4 / 12
Hiking by the River
Hiking by the River
5 / 12
Katie Loves to Bake!
Katie Loves to Bake!
6 / 12
Excited for Harry Potter Symphony
Excited for Harry Potter Symphony
7 / 12
On Vacation in Puerto Rico
On Vacation in Puerto Rico
8 / 12
Enjoying a Beautiful Lake Near Tyler's Parents' House
Enjoying a Beautiful Lake Near Tyler's Parents' House
9 / 12
Katie Loves Spending Time With Our Adorable Nieces
Katie Loves Spending Time With Our Adorable Nieces
10 / 12
Snowshoeing in Whistler, Canada
Snowshoeing in Whistler, Canada
11 / 12
We Enjoy Scuba Diving on Vacation
We Enjoy Scuba Diving on Vacation
12 / 12
All Dressed Up for a Wedding
All Dressed Up for a Wedding

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Balcony View

We live in a major metropolitan city in Washington and love being in the heart of the city! There are so many fun places to go and things to experience and almost everything is within walking distance or just a bus ride away. We enjoy walking to the library to pick up stacks of books and going on walks down by the waterfront to enjoy ice cream or delicious fish and chips. We live in walking distance from multiple parks and the city aquarium, which highlights local marine life. We have great friends in the neighborhood who have babies and young children and we are excited to be involved in play groups with them. One of our favorite aspects of living in the city is the diversity of art, culture, food, and people and we are looking forward to our child growing up in and experiencing a culturally diverse atmosphere.

We live in a spacious, modern one-bedroom apartment, which offers views of the water from our balcony. We love cozying up on our sectional in our front room and look forward to snuggling with our child on it. Our apartment complex offers multiple amenities like an indoor swimming pool and a basketball court, where we look forward to playing with our child. As our child grows from infant to toddler, we plan on moving to a larger home in the city where they would have a room of their own.

Our Extended Families

Katie's Family

Katie grew up in Washington in a family that loves to spend time together, cook and chat. She is the second oldest of five sisters. Her parents have been married for 30+ years. When we get together we always watch Harry Potter movies and cook excellent food. Each Christmas Eve we make homemade tamales and food to feast on throughout the day. We recently went to Hawaii together as family and we loved spending time with our nieces at the beach.

Tyler's Family

Tyler grew up in Washington in a fun-loving family with two brothers. His parents have been married for 30+ years. Mom and Papi (Dad) always supported Tyler growing up in sports and church activities. Tyler would go hiking, camping and hunting with Papi any chance he got. When we get together, we love to play card games like Sequence or Spades.

We made a decision a few years ago to move close to home so that our parents could be active in the lives of our children. We have learned so much from our parents and grandparents and we are excited to have them be active participants in our growing family. Everyone on both sides of our family is very supportive of our open adoption plan and they are overjoyed at the thought of welcoming another child into our lives.

From Us to You

We cannot possibly know the emotional roller coaster you are currently experiencing in considering adoption for your child. However, we do know that it takes a tremendous amount of courage, faith, and love for your child to take this step. We also know that we are ecstatic to adopt and to become parents. Thank you for taking the time to look at our profile. We hope this letter can provide a glimpse into our lives and the life that your child would have with us.

We met at a summer job while in college and after a year of dating got married over six years ago. Throughout our married lives we have been fortunate enough to live in a few different places and travel to various spots throughout the world. Being parents has always been a high priority in our lives, but it never felt like the right time to get pregnant. After pondering and planning for our future, we started contemplating adoption. We have felt strongly for the past year that starting our family through an open adoption is exactly how we want to become parents.

Our relationship is built on a foundation of love, laughter, friendship, and respect. Together we will try to guide our children to be happy, kind adults who follow their dreams and enjoy life. Some of our priorities as parents include education, lots of fun, faith, and family time. We cannot wait to experience family dinners, hikes, bike rides, movie nights, and walks with a child. We look forward to watching our child learn, grow, and become a confident and joyful individual.

It is important that our child has a strong sense of their cultural identity and is able to interact with people from various upbringings. We always want to live in a multi-cultural community where we can meet friends and have community leaders with diverse backgrounds. Through travel we are excited to experience and learn about different cultures around the world as a family. We are committed to providing our child with a loving, happy, stable home where they feel comfortable to be themselves and a life filled with fun and many opportunities.

Family is so important to us and we are both very close to our extended families. We cannot wait to see them interacting with our child and for our child to experience the love that we feel from them every day. Both of our families are so excited and happy for us to take this step in our lives and look forward to welcoming with open arms the newest member of our family. We are fortunate that both of our sets of parents do not live too far from us, so our child will be able to participate in many fun family gatherings and develop strong relationships with their grandparents.

If you decide to pursue adoption and you decide that we are the right fit, we are open to sharing your child's growth and experiences through photos, letters, emails, phone calls, and possible visits. We will always be open and honest with your child regarding their adoption and their heritage. We will make sure your child knows they are loved and cared for and we will always speak respectfully and gratefully of the selfless gift you have given our family. We are eager to get to know you and are happy to have your continued investment in your child's life.

Tyler & Katie


Tom Cruise
Matt Damon
Paula Patton
Sandra Bullock
Orson Scott Card, Chris Bradford, John Flanagan
Meg Cabot
Ender's Game, Harry Potter Series
Candy Bar
Twix or Almond Joy
Almond Joy
Scooby Doo
Childhood Memory
Hunting with my Dad
Family road trips in our 15-passenger van
Childhood Toy
G.I. Joe
Children's Book
Goodnight Moon
King Bidgood's in the Bathtub
Madrid, Spain
Madrid, Spain
Classic Movie
7 Brides for 7 Brothers
Day of Week
Texas Sheet Cake
Lime Tarts
Disney Movie
Dream Car
Ford GT40
Dream Job
Financial Planner
Anything where I get to eat delicious food
Dream Vacation
Scuba Diving in the South Pacific
Relaxing on the beach
Family Activity
Riding Bikes
Sitting around the table after dinner laughing and chatting
Flower / Plant
Calla Lily
Chips and Salsa
Form of Exercise
Swimming, Basketball, Cycling
Passion Fruit
The Game of Things
Code Names
Holiday Song
Angels We Have Heard On High
Last Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Swedish Pancakes & Singing Carols Together on Christmas
Mexican Feasts for Christmas Eve Dinner
Ice Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Junk Food
Chips and Salsa
French Fries
Leisure Activity
Binge watching Netflix while knitting
Sports Illustrated
Memory with a Child
Going to the hospital the day of my niece's birth
Playing with my nieces
Memory with Spouse
Traveling to Ecuador together
Travelling nationally and internationally
Kung Fu Panda 1 & 2
First Wives Club
Movie Munchie
Popcorn with lots of butter!
Movie Quote
There is no secret ingredient. To make something special you just have to believe it's special. - Kung Fu Panda
Movie Type
Romantic Comedies
Les Miserables or Hamilton
Mamma Mia
Musical Group
Backstreet Boys
Olympic Event
Track & Field and Swimming
Personal Hero
Russell Wilson
Man of La Mancha
Ernest Thayer
Dr. Seuss
Quality about my Spouse
Persistence - She never gives up even when times get hard. And she loves to laugh.
His genuine care for the welfare and happiness of others
One man scorned and covered with scars still strive with his last ounce of courage to reach the unreachable stars; and the world was better for this. -Don Quixote.
El Toreador
El Toreador (local Mexican restaurant)
Italian Meat
John 14:27 - Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.
Isaiah 53:2-5
Shopping Store
The Limited
Haven't got a care - The Barra McNeils
Anything by Billy Joel
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Russell Wilson
Karl Malone
Sports Team
Seattle Seahawks
Subject in School
Math & History
Batman or Arrow
Thing to Cook
Chicken Piccata or Stuffed Crescent Rolls
Anything Mexican
Time of Day
When I get to see my wife
In the evening when Tyler and I get home from work and we can just chill together
TV Show
TV Show Character
Oliver Queen from Arrow or Chin Ho Kelly from Hawaii 5-0
Niles in Frasier
Type of Music
Everything under the sun
Classic Rock
Vacation Spot
Port Townsend
Video Game
Call of Duty or Halo 1

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