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If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-800-ADOPTION (2367846), fill out the form at the bottom of our on-line profile page, or email us at

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Sanjay & Pooja

Please accept our sincerest gratitude for reading our profile. We believe adoption is a blessing that fosters love and goes beyond all barriers of race and culture. We hope that you bless us with the opportunity to share our joys, love and laughter with your child. As we look forward to the beautiful journey of parenthood, we want to thank you for considering our profile and wish you the best for the journey ahead.

About Us

Banking Program Director
Management Consultant
Master's Degree in Biochemistry
Bachelor's Degree in Business/Hotel Management
Legally Married

What It Means to Become Parents

All Smiles

To be a parent is the ultimate responsibility that brings with it enormous joy and a sense of fulfillment like no other. It is the beginning of an unending saga of love and sacrifice. Being a parent is an all-encompassing emotion that helps us connect with our inner-selves and provides us the opportunity to nurture, to give and to love beyond measure. We have each dreamed of being parents since our early adulthood. We look forward to creating and sharing simple moments of love and bonding with our child; watching cartoons and laughing out loud, sitting around the kitchen table and helping with school homework, or simply being silly! We firmly believe that the bond between a child and a parent is stronger and deeper than any other relation known to mankind. We have been blessed with extremely loving and caring parents whose unconditional love and support have made us the people we are today. They are the source of our strength, our values, of our very existence. As parents, we will be ever so eager to start giving forward all the love and blessings to a child which we have so fortunately and humbly received from our parents. To us, being parents would mean beginning an incredible journey of love and nurturing. It would be our privilege to give our utmost to our child and see him/her grow to be an independent, kind and compassionate person.

Our Lifestyle

Always in Tandem

We are very fortunate to have a unique blend of cultural heritage. Sanjay is an Indian-American who was born and raised in America. His upbringing was all-American but he has always had a desire to learn more about India, the country his parents are originally from. Pooja, on the other hand, was born and raised in northern India and has been living in different parts of the world with Sanjay since 2006. She now lives in America and has readily embraced American culture as her own. Together we make a great living example of East meets West!

We have enthusiastically chosen to pick the most enriching aspects of both cultures. Our love for travel and curiosity to learn more about other places has strengthened our cultural experience. Sanjay enjoys playing sports: football, baseball and tennis top the charts. Since meeting Pooja he has also started enjoying cricket! When it comes to food, we are ever so eager to try different cuisines. Pooja loves to cook and, though we love Indian food, we ensure there is a good mix of different cuisines and flavors. We both are also very appreciative of art - be it music, dance or any other expression of creativity.

Cultural Diversity

We have great appreciation for cultural diversity in our families. Over the years, our families have welcomed new members from various parts of the world. To us, addressing cultural diversity with our child will be very important as we fully understand that addressing those differences from the very start will lay the foundation of love, trust and a mutual bond between us. Addressing diversity with our child will begin with the simple step of acknowledging that there exists a difference in our cultures and backgrounds. The next step would be to educate ourselves on those differences with an openness and a sense of commitment. We would always be open and willing to talk and, most importantly, listen to different ideas and thought processes of our child. Finally, we would wholeheartedly embrace the cultural diversity. We will make every effort to ensure diversity is the bedrock of our family values and existence. We firmly believe that cultural diversity can prove to be a great asset in enriching our lives and helping us evolve into more positive and better individuals.



With the Super Moon at the Jersey Shore
With the Super Moon at the Jersey Shore
Happiness Overload!
Happiness Overload!
Wave Those Terrible Towels!
Wave Those Terrible Towels!
Amidst the Alps
Amidst the Alps
Posing With the Penguin
Posing With the Penguin
Strolling on the Cliffs of California
Strolling on the Cliffs of California
Close Up in Canada
Close Up in Canada
Surf's Up on a Cruise
Surf's Up on a Cruise
A Beautiful Canal in Venice
A Beautiful Canal in Venice
Tailgating Fun With Friends
Tailgating Fun With Friends
Hiking in Vermont
Hiking in Vermont
When Friends Become Family
When Friends Become Family
1 / 12
With the Super Moon at the Jersey Shore
With the Super Moon at the Jersey Shore
2 / 12
Happiness Overload!
Happiness Overload!
3 / 12
Wave Those Terrible Towels!
Wave Those Terrible Towels!
4 / 12
Amidst the Alps
Amidst the Alps
5 / 12
Posing With the Penguin
Posing With the Penguin
6 / 12
Strolling on the Cliffs of California
Strolling on the Cliffs of California
7 / 12
Close Up in Canada
Close Up in Canada
8 / 12
Surf's Up on a Cruise
Surf's Up on a Cruise
9 / 12
A Beautiful Canal in Venice
A Beautiful Canal in Venice
10 / 12
Tailgating Fun With Friends
Tailgating Fun With Friends
11 / 12
Hiking in Vermont
Hiking in Vermont
12 / 12
When Friends Become Family
When Friends Become Family

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Living Room

We live in a newly developed neighborhood in Connecticut which is just a few minutes from the town center and the beach. Our community is safe and secure with all the necessary amenities.

Our apartment is warm and inviting with large floor to ceiling windows. We plan to convert one of the rooms into a nursery complete with nice baby furniture, loads of children's books and lots and lots of toys!

At the center of our community is a beautiful park lined with trees. With so many children in our neighborhood, a section of this park has been converted into a kid's playground with lots of swings and slides. The park also has a beautiful illuminated fountain and a hotdog shack. There is never a dull moment!

In the summer the community arranges outdoor movies and picnics. We love to take our beach chairs, blankets and popcorn to the park to attend these events. Many games of all kinds and for all ages are available: table tennis, cornhole, badminton, etc. The best attraction, however, is the ice cream truck, which is everybody's downright favorite!

We also have many kid-friendly restaurants near our home. Every year our community celebrates summer with a festival by the beach. Young kids participate in this festival with great enthusiasm and learn about kayaking and paddle boarding. The festival ends with a spectacular show of fireworks.

We can't wait to share all these experiences and moments with our child.

Our Extended Families

Our Favorite Family Portrait

We are so blessed to be a part of a big, loving and caring family! Our child will have amazing grandparents and several doting aunts, uncles and cousins.

Sanjay's mom, Mona, is retired and lives in Florida. Sanjay's older sister, Madhavi, lives in California with her husband, Anupam, and their two teenage children, Anoushka and Milan.

Pooja's parents are retired and live in India. Pooja's older brother, Vivek, lives with his wife and son in London, England.

With Our Niece & Nephew

With our families spread across the U.S., Europe and Asia, fun travels are always in the cards. In Switzerland, we once rented a ginormous van for our entire family and off we went exploring all the quaint towns in the South of France. Every day was an adventure and a new experience.

During a recent beach vacation in New Jersey with Mona, Madhavi and her family, we had so much fun spending time on the beach, riding bikes, and stopping for random ice cream breaks! We all enjoyed eating pizza and french fries and the funnel cakes were simply out of this world!

We can't wait to bring a child into our loving extended family. There is so much love to be shared, so much fun to be had and so many memories to be made!

From Us to You

We are truly honored and privileged that you are taking the time to read our letter. We very much appreciate you considering adoption for your child and we would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves.

Our journey together started a little over 12 years ago, when our marriage was celebrated in a beautiful ceremony in India. We come from different family backgrounds and cultures. Sanjay was born and raised in the U.S. while Pooja grew up in India amidst deep-rooted eastern culture. We both bring unique and diverse perspectives to our marriage. Be it food, music, sports or our family traditions, we have welcomed and embraced each other's uniqueness with open arms. Our diversity has added immense charm to our marriage and has continually strengthened our relationship over the years.

We live in a beautiful and diverse area of Connecticut. Our child will have the opportunity to go to some of the best schools in the country. Sanjay is a natural athlete, and should the child show interest in sports, he/she will have the best coach and biggest fan at home! We love to travel and explore different cultures and countries. We believe traveling is as much fun as it is educational. It also helps bond the family together. We are so excited with the prospect of including our child in our travel diaries! Pooja loves to cook and has already tasked herself with finding fun and healthy recipes for our child. It is her dream to pamper our child with yummy goodies!

To us, adoption is a tremendous gift. Birth parents make this supreme sacrifice to ensure a healthy and happy life for their child. There is no other act more selfless, no other deed more noble! We fully understand and appreciate the circumstances under which you have to make this enormously difficult decision. We also recognize that the child will have curiosity to learn more about his/her origin and the story of his/her adoption. As parents we will ensure that the child feels safe and comfortable to ask such questions. We believe in open adoption and will support our child staying connected with you thru means mutually decided between all of us. It will be our privilege to send pictures, letters, videos, etc. to you to let you know that the child is happy, healthy and safe.

We will share with our child the story of his/her adoption from the very beginning. We plan to create a story book with pictures and videos of the hospital and of the parents the day he/she was born. Of course, our child will be the lead character in the story book! We will tell our child how precious and special he/she is that God decided to bless him/her with two sets of parents! We will let our child know of the sacrifice you made so he/she may have a good life. You will always hold a respectful and honorable place in our family.

Adoption has been one of the most critical and thought-through decisions of our lives. It is also a decision that has brought us hope. Our spirits soar every time we think of holding our baby in our arms and bringing him/her home. To fulfill our child's physical, emotional and educational needs will be our foremost priority and a lifelong commitment.

Thank you so much for your interest in our profile and for reading our letter. It means a lot to us! We wish you and your child all the very best for the journey that lies ahead.


Sanjay & Pooja


Jeff Bridges
George Clooney
Cate Blanchett
Meryl Streep
Oscar Wilde
Dan Brown
To Kill a Mockingbird
Gone with the Wind
Candy Bar
Hershey Bar
Kit Kat
Super Friends
Tom & Jerry
Childhood Memory
Sitting by the fireplace with my father on a cold winter day
Going out for picnics with family and close family friends
Childhood Toy
Big Wheel Bike
Barbie Doll
Children's Book
The Little Engine That Could
Anna and the Moon Queen
Classic Movie
To Kill a Mockingbird
Some Like it Hot
Day of Week
German Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Lava Cake
Disney Movie
Herbie, The Love Bug
The Lion King
Dream Car
Aston Martin Vanquish
Mercedes SL 550
Dream Job
Chef & Adventure TV Host - like Anthony Bourdain
Be a singer or a classical dancer
Dream Vacation
Japan and other far east countries
Family Activity
Bike riding on the boardwalk
Board games, movies, long walks, cooking
Flower / Plant
White and Pink Lilies
Indian flat bread and pasta
Form of Exercise
Strength Training
Reading and listening to music
Holiday Song
The Christmas Song
Jingle Bells
Holiday Tradition
Listening to the Carpenters Christmas Portrait Album
Thanksgiving Dinner
Ice Cream
Vanilla Bean
Haagen Daazs Belgian Chocolate
Junk Food
Hot Dogs
French Fries
Leisure Activity
Reading and watching comedy shows on TV
Bon Appetit
Memory with a Child
Cradling my one month old niece in my arms for the first time
Playing with my nephew, singing to him and making him smile
Memory with Spouse
Dancing the night away during many New Year's Eve celebrations
Cooking and eating together, going for long walks, dancing
To Kill a Mockingbird
My Cousin Vinnie
Movie Munchie
Twizzlers Licorice
Buttered Popcorn
Movie Quote
"You're gonna need a bigger boat." - Jaws
You had me at hello
Movie Type
Suspense Triller
Phantom of the Opera
Monty Python
Musical Group
Smashing Pumpkins
Nursery Rhyme
Frere Jacques
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Ski Cross
Personal Hero
My Father
My Mother
Twelve Angry Men
Driving Miss Daisy
Oscar Wilde
Quality about my Spouse
Beauty and Inner Strength
Compassion and Honesty
"Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination." -Oscar Wilde
Be the change you want to see in the world
Gotham Bar & Grill
Barcelona - In our town center
Atlantic City Subs
Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Shopping Store
Richards, in Greenwich
Hotel California
Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson
Sport to Play
Playing Catch
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Roger Federer
Roger Federer
Sports Team
Pittsburgh Steelers
Indian Cricket Team
Subject in School
English and History
Thing to Cook
Grilling a Rib-Eye Steak
Chicken Curry
Time of Day
Our wedding anniversary photograph each year
Celebrating our wedding anniversary in a new place
TV Show
TV Show Character
Tony Soprano
Joey Tribbiani
Type of Music
90s Alternative
Soft Rock
Vacation Spot
South of France
Amalfi Coast in Italy
Video Game
Madden NFL Football
Pac Man

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