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Sean & Eva

We are so excited to become parents and have so many dreams for our new little one. We consider raising a child the greatest responsibility of our lives. We will provide a loving home and a safe environment for a child to grow up in. We will endeavor to teach the lessons of life - how to work hard, laugh, enjoy quiet moments together and above all love.

About Us

Software Engineer
Distribution Engineering Manager
Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science
Master's Degree in Business
Legally Married

What It Means to Become Parents

Eva Can't Wait to Become a Mom!

Both of us have desired to be parents long before we met and even more so once we found each other. We recognize the great responsibility it is but also are excited for the joys we believe it will bring. We know that there must be both love and joy mixed with discipline and training. We believe that to be parents is to raise and train a child on how to become a member of society as an adult. We will teach them how to make decisions and how to respect themselves. They will learn to be confident in who they are because they come from a loving home with parents who will constantly tell them that they can do or be anything they want. We do promise though, in those first few years - lots of love and spoiling from both us and their new grandparents!

Our Cultural Heritage

Just Us

As an interracial couple, we are aware of the challenges of blending different cultures and having a family that "looks" different. Both of Eva's grandmothers were Caucasian and both grandfathers were of African descent. Just that made her little family of four result in many different skin tones, not to mention the extended family as a whole. While Sean's background is predominantly Caucasian, we have learned that culture is so much more than race. Sean comes from a small rural community in Washington State and Eva comes from suburban Ft. Lauderdale. Although sometimes it is challenging, we have learned to appreciate each other's differences and accept that there isn't one way to approach any situation. We know that any child with any kind of background will be welcomed into our family and will fit right in.

How We Met

We met at the beach. Eva was dating someone else at the time and he introduced us. We became casual acquaintances over the next year and saw each other a handful of times. About a year later, both of us were single and ran into each other in the Chipotle parking lot (now one of our favorite restaurants). Shortly thereafter, Sean asked Eva to go have a friendly dinner at a french bistro called Dylan's Deli. We had a great time and the next morning Eva told her best friend that this was the one that she wanted to marry.

We dated for about 15 months and got engaged in the beautiful city of Seattle. Sean had a 40' sign made that said "Eva will you marry me?" and hung it on the side of a ferry. While we were sightseeing he arranged for us to be looking through binoculars at just the perfect moment for Eva to see the ferry go by ... and the rest is history!



Ready for a Show
Ready for a Show
Sean Scuba Diving
Sean Scuba Diving
Pizza in NYC
Pizza in NYC
We Love Baseball Games in the Summer!
We Love Baseball Games in the Summer!
Packers on Monday Night Football
Packers on Monday Night Football
Eva on a Mission Trip in Swaziland
Eva on a Mission Trip in Swaziland
Sean Ready to Surf
Sean Ready to Surf
Exploring Alaska
Exploring Alaska
Christmas in Spokane
Christmas in Spokane
Eva Finishing a 5k
Eva Finishing a 5k
Ready for a James Bond Themed Birthday Party
Ready for a James Bond Themed Birthday Party
A Sunny Day in Charlotte
A Sunny Day in Charlotte
1 / 12
Ready for a Show
Ready for a Show
2 / 12
Sean Scuba Diving
Sean Scuba Diving
3 / 12
Pizza in NYC
Pizza in NYC
4 / 12
We Love Baseball Games in the Summer!
We Love Baseball Games in the Summer!
5 / 12
Packers on Monday Night Football
Packers on Monday Night Football
6 / 12
Eva on a Mission Trip in Swaziland
Eva on a Mission Trip in Swaziland
7 / 12
Sean Ready to Surf
Sean Ready to Surf
8 / 12
Exploring Alaska
Exploring Alaska
9 / 12
Christmas in Spokane
Christmas in Spokane
10 / 12
Eva Finishing a 5k
Eva Finishing a 5k
11 / 12
Ready for a James Bond Themed Birthday Party
Ready for a James Bond Themed Birthday Party
12 / 12
A Sunny Day in Charlotte
A Sunny Day in Charlotte

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Townhouse

We live in a small city in central Florida which has many events for children and families. We are near beaches, lakes and many theme parks including Disney World and Universal Studios.

We live in a golf community that has beautiful landscaping with lots of grass and places to run around and play. Our community has a pool and there are many parks nearby. One of our favorite monthly events is going to the art festival and eating at the food trucks.

We currently live in a three-story townhome with three bedrooms and have plenty of room for the newest addition to our family. We hope to buy a single-family home nearby soon.

There are many stores and restaurants close to our house to which we enjoy walking. There are many families in our neighborhood with children who play outside. The area we live in is very diverse with people from all over the world calling it home.

Our Extended Families

Dinner With Sean's Family

Sean is the oldest of six and has many nieces and nephews. It's a very large family so most family gatherings are loud and busy with a million people going all kinds of different directions. Sean's family lives 3000 miles away so we try travel to see them once or twice a year. When we are there the family makes it a priority to clear their schedules for us and spend time together. For the last few years we have also been flying Sean's mother to our home to visit once a year.

With Eva's Family in England

Just the opposite, Eva's immediate family is quite small with just her parents and one sister and brother in law. We see her parents several times a year and in the past few years have begun cruising with them. They are really excited to finally become grandparents and spoil a little grandchild like crazy. Eva's sister and brother in law live further away and we generally see them once a year. We love to visit them in the summer at their lake house where we kayak and swim and enjoy the beautiful scenery. Both sets of families fully support our decision to adopt and cannot wait to meet the newest member of the family!

From Us to You

Hi! We are Sean and Eva. Thank you for taking the time to review our profile and consider us. We can't imagine what you are feeling and going through. As much as we can, we realize that this must be such a difficult and emotional time for you.

First, we'd like to tell you a little bit about us. We've been together for almost six years and recently celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. We live in a three story town house but are really excited to move to a single family home with a yard in the next year or so. Neither of our families live close so we've created a solid community of friends around us. Eva's parents live three hours away so we see them pretty often. They are so excited to become grandparents. Sean's family lives across the country so we fly out there once a year to spend a week and we fly Sean's mom to us once or twice a year. Family is very important to us. Both families have supported us in the adoption journey and have been awesome to us.

We want you to know that we are a fun loving & stable couple. We love to travel and experience new things. Your child will be exposed to many other cultures and amazing experiences. We love celebrating birthdays and Christmas and taking opportunities to make each other feel valued. We're also big readers. We love to read books that turn into movies, making sure we always read the book first.

We can only speculate that your greatest fear would be what kind of family you would be giving your child to. We hope to put you at ease by telling you we are so excited to just love and care and provide for a child's needs. There are so many people that already love the child we will bring home and they haven't met them yet. We have a solid network of people around us that will be there for us and help us with whatever help we will need. We know that having a new baby will not be easy but we are so excited for that season of life.

We will be the best parents possible, to teach and protect in the ways we know and in new ways we have yet to learn. We will teach the new member of our family to be the best person possible, protect them from things they are not yet ready to know and show them new challenges when they are ready to rise to meet them. Above all things we will teach is love, how to love and be loved. No matter what choices our child makes we will always love them and hold them near in our hearts.

Please know that we will send you letters and pictures to assure you that your baby is doing well and developing into an amazing little person. We are open to discussing other means of updates and communication that you are thinking about. We want you to feel 100% comfortable in your decision.

You are in our prayers as you make this difficult decision and we hope above all, that you are comfortable with us. Thank you for reading this letter and know that we wish you the best in all your future endeavors.


Sean & Eva


Sean Connery
John Travolta
Tea Leoni
Jennifer Garner
J.R.R. Tolkien
Philippa Gregory
The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring
Anne of Green Gables
Candy Bar
Mr. Good Bar
GI Joe / Scooby Doo
Childhood Memory
Riding bicycles with my brothers on the back roads around the house
Wrestling with my dad before bed
Childhood Toy
Baseball Glove
Children's Book
The Boxcar Children
The Giving Tree
Monterrey California
Classic Movie
Hunt for Red October
Anne of Green Gables
It depends on the day
Day of Week
Thursday (It's Friday Jr!)
Apple Pie
Anything Chocolate!
Disney Movie
Beauty and the Beast
Dream Car
Jeep Willys MB
BMW convertible
Dream Job
Kernel Hacker
Dream Vacation
Surfing Byron Bay Australia
Two weeks in London
Family Activity
Going to the Beach
Flower / Plant
Fir Tree
Taco Salad
Fettuccine Alfredo
Form of Exercise
Orange Theory
College Football
4th of July
Holiday Song
His Favorite Christmas Story
Little Drummer Boy
Holiday Tradition
Christmas Movies with Eva
Watching It's a Wonderful Life
Ice Cream
Whatever is handy
Ben & Jerry's Phish Food
Junk Food
Anything chocolate
Leisure Activity
Reading at the Beach
Eating Well
Memory with a Child
Hanging out with my nieces/nephews at the river
Taking my best friend's daughter to the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique to become a princess
Memory with Spouse
Shore excursion in Costa Rica on our honeymoon cruise
His grand proposal in Seattle
Bad Boys
The Emoji Movie
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
Yippy Ki Yay...
Movie Type
Buddy Cop Movie
Happy/feel good movies
The Sound of Music
Musical Group
3 Doors Doors Down
New Kids on the Block
Nursery Rhyme
3 Blind Mice
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My High School Teacher Mr. Crowe
My mom
Quality about my Spouse
She is organized and disciplined
He is kind
"All men dream: but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dreams with open eyes, to make it possible."
The Vineyard
Publix Sub
Publix Sub
Isaiah 41:10
Psalms 13:5
Shopping Store
White House Black Market
Chris Young - The Man I Want To Be
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
College Football
Sports Star
Ken Griffy Jr.
Tim Tebow
Sports Team
Seattle Mariners
Florida Gators
Subject in School
Green Arrow
Thing to Cook
BBQ Tri-Tip
Time of Day
5 p.m.
First thing in the morning
Minor League Baseball Games in the Summer
Minor League Baseball Games in the Summer
TV Show
Beverly Hills 90210 - the original
TV Show Character
Richard Castle
Sydney Bristow from Alias
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
The River
The Carribbean
Video Game
Splinter Cell

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