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William & Justine

Before anything else, we want to commend you for reading this profile. You are taking the time to find the best fit, and we admire that so much. To us, adoption is not a single act, but rather a lifelong journey. Parenting is on our minds and in our hearts! We welcome you to share this wonderful venture with us.

About Us

Manufacturing Engineer
Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Master's Degree in Psychology
Legally Married

Our Lifestyle

Hanging Out with Justine's Brother

We live a well-rounded life where we find fun in the little things, engage in many different activities and always find time to learn something new. Fun for us is anything that makes us laugh. We could spend time watching our cats do silly things, and end up laughing so hard there are tears running down our faces. We believe that it is important to take the time to discover life’s little treasures.

We always find time to participate in different activities. We love the outdoors, biking, hiking, and playing sports. William is on a basketball and softball team while Justine enjoys yoga and Zumba! These activities go hand in hand with a routine of eating healthy. Additionally, we enjoy activities such as game nights with friends, a trip to the movies, dinner out or a trip to a local farmer’s market. We try to enjoy life by engaging in it as much as possible.

Exercising a lifestyle of a life-long learner is important to us. Our city is incredibly diverse, so it isn’t hard for us to spend an evening at an art museum or a cultural exhibit. You will most likely find us curled up watching documentaries about what life is like in other areas of the world. We are curious souls that find fulfillment in learning!

Discussing Adoption

We Can't Wait to be Parents!

Being adopted means that the child has an adoptive family and a birth family, which is something unbelievably extraordinary. As potential parents, we have put a lot of thought into what we will tell our child about their adoption.

First of all, we will never do anything to hide the adoption from our child. As our child grows, we will integrate his/her adoption story into our conversations. We already have children books purchased and ready to share with our little one. As he/she grows and matures, we will have more serious talks about his/her heritage, and what it means to be adopted.

Our goal is to make sure that he/she understands that their birth mother and birth family loved them, and went through with one of the most selfless acts of all. Tough questions from our child are likely to come up, and we are prepared. We want to tell them every time they ask about their birth parents that they are loved. We will be open with our child and never minimize his or her feelings around adoption. One day, we hope our child will be able to tell their adoption story with courage and strength.

Cultural Diversity

We are a couple that comes from two different heritages. Justine comes from a family with Jewish heritage, while Will’s family has roots in northern Europe. Our families are different from each other, and we have enjoyed integrating our traditions.

As we enter the journey of adoption, we are making sure we are aware of cultural considerations. One thing that we will do to address cultural diversity is use what we were taught as children and continue to educate ourselves. This entails engaging with others that are not from our cultural background. Our area offers an abundance of opportunity to do that. Additionally, we will make sure that our child has role models that are of his/her race, whether that be doctors, teachers, or characters in children books. As a couple, we are well-equipped to handle cultural diversity.



So Happy Together
So Happy Together
Checking Out the Glacier
Checking Out the Glacier
Go Cougs!
Go Cougs!
Camping with Friends
Camping with Friends
Baking Cupcakes with Our Friend's Daughter
Baking Cupcakes with Our Friend's Daughter
Snorkeling in Hawaii
Snorkeling in Hawaii
Trying Out His Acting Skills
Trying Out His Acting Skills
Hiking with Family
Hiking with Family
Fun at Disneyland
Fun at Disneyland
Kayaking in Alaska
Kayaking in Alaska
Mountain Biking with His Brother
Mountain Biking with His Brother
Exploring California
Exploring California
1 / 12
So Happy Together
So Happy Together
2 / 12
Checking Out the Glacier
Checking Out the Glacier
3 / 12
Go Cougs!
Go Cougs!
4 / 12
Camping with Friends
Camping with Friends
5 / 12
Baking Cupcakes with Our Friend's Daughter
Baking Cupcakes with Our Friend's Daughter
6 / 12
Snorkeling in Hawaii
Snorkeling in Hawaii
7 / 12
Trying Out His Acting Skills
Trying Out His Acting Skills
8 / 12
Hiking with Family
Hiking with Family
9 / 12
Fun at Disneyland
Fun at Disneyland
10 / 12
Kayaking in Alaska
Kayaking in Alaska
11 / 12
Mountain Biking with His Brother
Mountain Biking with His Brother
12 / 12
Exploring California
Exploring California

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We live in a three-story, single-family home located in a village-like neighborhood in Washington. We love the geographic location of our city. We’re just 25 min outside of downtown Seattle and the Puget Sound, which is a melting pot of an area. It is also less than an hour from the Cascade Mountains. As a result, we have access to so many different types of people and activities. Our city is known for its family-friendly charm, and we are excited to introduce a child to all that this area has to offer.

Our home is warm, cozy and a fun place to be. We take a lot of pride in our home, and do our best to keep it beautiful. When spending time in our house, you will most likely have a couple kitties following you around wherever you go. The neighborhood that our house is located in is quite lovely. A special thing about our neighborhood is that most families do a lot for the holidays. On Halloween, forget about just handing out candy! The families in our neighborhood set up things like cookie decoration stations for the kids and coffee for the parents. Overall, our neighborhood is an ideal place to raise a family.

Our home is not just where we live, but it is where we create the fondest memories. We are excited to build these fond memories as a family.

Our Extended Families

Justine's Family

We both come from close-knit and caring families. We think that is what caused us to connect in the first place. Amusingly, we spent our first date just talking about our families and how important they are to us.

William and His Parents

Justine’s family is small, but incredibly close. Justine has a younger brother who happens to be extremely tall! The funny thing is most people think he is the older one. Justine and her brother are more like best friends, who love meeting up for dinner and swapping goofy stories. Justine’s mother is kind, compassionate and always determined to be the best mother out there. Justine’s father is hard-working and a quiet intellectual. Her maternal grandmother lives nearby as well, and is always happy to cook up a big meal for everyone. Justine’s family loves get-togethers with homemade food and lots of laughs. Let’s not forget about the holidays, those are always big and festive.

William’s family includes his mother, father and two younger siblings. They are very left-brained, all of them being lovers of science and math! What means the most to them is spending time together, and they love sports! You will most likely find them huddled around the TV watching basketball or football. This family loves to get together for hiking and other outdoor adventures as well. They are very open and thoughtful people, who make time to be together, even when life is busy!

From Us to You

First of all, we want to share with you how excited we are to be telling our story. Let us say, we are over the moon that you are reading our profile, as this is the most important thing we have ever written!

A little about us! We met in college in 2009 and got married four years later. While in college we found that our degrees were very different. William was into mathematics while, Justine, was interested in Psychology. Although our career paths couldn’t be more different, our sense of humor and personalities aligned perfectly. Our ideas about parenting have also aligned. We have since settled into our careers, and continue to find the joy in each other, just like in those early college days. Life has been fantastic, yet one thing is missing. We want to have a family.

Our desire to have children has remained strong between us, even as we have struggled to conceive naturally. Our yearning to be parents has never faltered. Over time, what it means for us to have a family has changed. As we have matured we have come to understand the true meaning of family. A family can be a single mother and her child. A family could also be a mother/father and a yard full of kids. Most importantly, we know that a family can be a couple like us raising a child that is not biological, but truly ours. For many years, the desire to create our version of a family has been in our hearts.

Looking at profiles of adoptive parents can be overwhelming. We would like to take the time to share what makes us unique. Justine grew up with a younger brother with Autism. While growing up with him, she had to learn patience and strength. She also had to stand-up for her brother when others wouldn’t. Having a sibling with Autism has helped her learn how to be a more open-minded and caring individual. William has also taken the time to learn about Autism. His kindness towards Justine’s brother is truly wonderful. We think this will benefit us greatly as we transition to becoming parents.

We promise that from day one, you as the birth mother will be included in our journey. Relationships between adoptive parents and birth parents are bound to be complex, but we will not let that hinder a healthy connection. Our promise is not to create a division between you and us, but to rather create a lifelong team of people who care about a special little one! Our promise to the child is to love him or her unconditionally. We promise to care for our child and do everything in our power to create a safe and loving home. Our child will know about his/her beginnings, where they were born and who they came from. We want the child to feel loved by everyone in his or her life.

We want you to know that whatever involvement you choose will be a blessing. This is not just our journey, but yours as well. We find it exciting to know that we could share pictures and phone calls if that is what you so desire. We also look forward to an in-person visit. Childhood is filled with many incredible milestones, and we would love to share all of those with you.

Lastly, let us just say that we admire your strength and courage, despite what decision you choose to make. We are thrilled to be the potential parents of your little one. Thanks again for taking your time to read our profile. We commend you for your bravery!


William & Justine


Denzel Washington
Jake Gyllenhaal
Jennifer Lawrence
Elisabeth Moss
Koala Bears
John Grisham
Stephen King
The Firm by John Grisham
The Shining by Stephen King
Candy Bar
100 Grand
Almond Joy
Rick and Morty
Hey Arnold
Childhood Memory
Going to the Washington coast with my family
Vacations in Arizona
Childhood Toy
Power Rangers action figures
Polly Pocket
Children's Book
The Velveteen Rabbit
Love You Forever
New York City
New York City
Classic Movie
The Wizard of Oz
Any shade of blue
Day of Week
Bread pudding
Disney Movie
Toy Story
Snow White
Dream Car
2007 Subaru WRX STI
White Audi SUV
Dream Job
Surf instructor
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Beach Campfires
Road Trips
Flower / Plant
Mexican food
Mexican food
Form of Exercise
Mountain Biking
Holiday Song
Happy Holiday by Andy Williams
Chirstamas Shoes by Newsong
Holiday Tradition
Opening gifts on Christmas eve
Seeing a movie in theaters on Christmas day
Ice Cream
Moose Tracks
Rocky road
Junk Food
Jalapeño poppers
Leisure Activity
Listening to sports radio
Taking a bath
Phil Steele Football magazine
People Magazine
Memory with a Child
Playing catch with my friend’s son
Meeting my best friend’s newborn
Memory with Spouse
Going to Disneyland Together
Our Cruise to Alaska
Any Given Sunday
Into The Wild
Movie Munchie
Any candy that is sour
Movie Quote
"60% of the time it, it works everytime." Anchorman
"It's so hot, milk was a bad choice." Anchorman
Movie Type
The Book of Mormon
Kinky Boots
Musical Group
Zach Brown Band
Old Dominion
Nursery Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty
Rain Rain Go Away
Olympic Event
Ice skating
Personal Hero
My Wife
My Mom
Book of Mormon
Book of Mormon
E.E Cummings
E.E Cummings
Quality about my Spouse
Sense of Humor
Sense of humor
“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are.â??
"Love was not put in your heart to stay, love is meant to give away." Annonomiuus
Cheesecake Factory
Kafe Neo
Tuna Melt
Turkey Club
Shopping Store
Eddie Bauer
Chicken Fried by Zach Brown Band
Cats in the Cradle by Jen Chapin
Sport to Play
Competitive dance
Sport to Watch
Ice Skating
Sports Star
Ken Griffey Jr.
Ken Griffey Jr.
Sports Team
Huskies, University of Washington
Cougars! Washington State University
Subject in School
Creative Writing
Thing to Cook
French Toast
Time of Day
Cooking pancakes Xmas morning
Making my own Xmas cards
TV Show
The Office
The Office
TV Show Character
Michael Scott
Michael Scott
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Maui, Hawaii
New York City
Video Game
Donkey Kong

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