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If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-800-ADOPTION (2367846), fill out the form at the bottom of our on-line profile page, or email us at

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Josh & Ginny

Thank you so very much for checking out our profile. We are truly in awe of you for considering adoption for your child - what a courageous and selfless choice! Adoption has been such a blessing in our lives and we are so excited to become parents again! Thank you for taking the time to get to know us a little better.

About Us

Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Education
Some College - Studied Psychology
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

All Smiles

Adoption has been an incredible blessing in our lives because it brought us our daughter, Kathryn.

When we married in 2012, we knew that we definitely wanted children. Because Ginny is a breast cancer survivor, we decided early in our marriage that adoption would be the one and only way that we would try to become parents. Having a few family members and friends that had been adopted as babies helped us to know from the start that adoption is an amazing way to have a family.

This was never more apparent than the moment we met our little girl, Katy. We loved her from the moment we met her - even before we met her! With the help of American Adoptions, we met Katy's birth mother and were able to get to know her during the last trimester of her pregnancy. We witnessed first-hand the incredible love she felt for her daughter and the desire she felt to make the best decision possible for her baby.

We feel like there is nothing random about adoption. From the time we met our daughter, it has felt as if she was always meant to be with us. We just know that there is another little soul out there that is the missing puzzle piece that will complete our family. We are so excited to grow our family by adopting again and look forward to seeing the special bond that our children will share!

Our Leisure Time

Go Jayhawks!

We have a good time doing just about anything together. We like to spend our free time with our daughter, walking our dogs, barbecuing with friends, and going to museums and zoos. For a night out, we like going to the movies and having a nice dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. During the week, we like to have dinner together and then we play until it's our daughter's bath/bedtime. We have family dance parties in the living room, go for a walk around the neighborhood, read our favorite kid's books, build a blanket fort in the basement - so much fun!

Ginny enjoys cooking and likes to try out new recipes. She loves all types of music and plays piano. Ginny also likes working outside in the yard, loves to read, and learned to knit a few years ago.

Josh loves fishing and hunting. He has traveled to South Dakota with friends to go pheasant hunting and went to Canada with Ginny's dad recently to fish at Lake of the Woods. He also loves playing video games when he has the time for them and likes to read.

We are both big sports fans and enjoy rooting on our schools in basketball and football: the Kansas Jayhawks and the Florida Gators. We're also big fans of the Kansas City Chiefs and try to make it to a game or two a year.

Fun Facts About Us

About Ginny:

  • Her dad was a dentist in the Air Force. By the age of 10, she had moved five times and lived in England for several years.
  • Loves to sing. She's usually singing around the house, without really realizing that she's doing it.
  • Learned to knit several years ago and has made gifts for most of the family.
  • Favorite exercise is an old 80s VHS Jazzercise tape that she used to do with her mom and sister.
  • Gets really excited about things, even very small things. Once she got so excited to see dolphins that she accidentally ran right off the end of the dock - fully clothed.
  • About Josh:

  • Is an Eagle Scout.
  • Nickname is "Red" - because of his red hair.
  • Played high school soccer and helped out on the field when our nephew started soccer at 3 years old.
  • Is an artist. One of his high school drawings was displayed in the Smithsonian for a while. He shares this talent with his brother, who is an incredible tattoo artist.
  • Has a 1971 Chevelle Malibu that he's had since high school.
  • Video


    At Home With Our Pups
    At Home With Our Pups
    Charter Fishing in Florida - So Much Fun!
    Charter Fishing in Florida - So Much Fun!
    Ginny & Her Sweet Friend at the Piano
    Ginny & Her Sweet Friend at the Piano
    A Cloudy Day at the Beach
    A Cloudy Day at the Beach
    Josh Loves Fishing!
    Josh Loves Fishing!
    Fall at Omi & Papa's House
    Fall at Omi & Papa's House
    A Quick Family Selfie!
    A Quick Family Selfie!
    So in Love
    So in Love
    Visiting the University of Florida
    Visiting the University of Florida
    We Can't Wait to Become Parents Again!
    We Can't Wait to Become Parents Again!
    Say Cheese!
    Say Cheese!
    Taking a Hike on a Rainy Day in Washington
    Taking a Hike on a Rainy Day in Washington
    1 / 12
    At Home With Our Pups
    At Home With Our Pups
    2 / 12
    Charter Fishing in Florida - So Much Fun!
    Charter Fishing in Florida - So Much Fun!
    3 / 12
    Ginny & Her Sweet Friend at the Piano
    Ginny & Her Sweet Friend at the Piano
    4 / 12
    A Cloudy Day at the Beach
    A Cloudy Day at the Beach
    5 / 12
    Josh Loves Fishing!
    Josh Loves Fishing!
    6 / 12
    Fall at Omi & Papa's House
    Fall at Omi & Papa's House
    7 / 12
    A Quick Family Selfie!
    A Quick Family Selfie!
    8 / 12
    So in Love
    So in Love
    9 / 12
    Visiting the University of Florida
    Visiting the University of Florida
    10 / 12
    We Can't Wait to Become Parents Again!
    We Can't Wait to Become Parents Again!
    11 / 12
    Say Cheese!
    Say Cheese!
    12 / 12
    Taking a Hike on a Rainy Day in Washington
    Taking a Hike on a Rainy Day in Washington

    Our House and Neighborhood

    Home Sweet Home

    We live in a small, family friendly neighborhood about 15 minutes outside of a large city. We chose our neighborhood, in part, because of its highly rated school system. We get to see cows, horses, and llamas grazing in the pasture across the street from our neighborhood and at the same time we're super close to all the fun things that a big city has to offer. The best of both worlds!

    Our neighborhood streets are filled with children every day. They're riding bikes to our community pool, setting off fireworks on the 4th of July, shooting hoops, outside playing with their dogs - all the great things that kids get to do in a small, safe community. There is also a great park about 5 minutes away with jungle gyms, a splash pad for the summer time, a stocked pond for fishing, walking paths, and a sports complex.

    Our home is a 4 bedroom ranch, located on a cul-de-sac. We spend most of our time in the open kitchen and family room, out in the fenced backyard with our sweet dog, Ginger, or with our daughter in the playroom in our finished basement. There is a special room, right next to our daughter's, that is just waiting to become a nursery and we can't wait to bring a new baby home!

    Our Extended Families

    Josh's Family

    We both come from tight-knit, loving families. Both sets of our parents have been happily married for over 40 years and between us we have three siblings and four nephews. We're blessed to have both sides of our family so close by - most of them within about a 25 minute drive. Omi and Papa (Ginny's parents) and Grandpa and Gigi (Josh's parents) LOVE spending time with their granddaughter and get to see her often.

    Ginny's Family

    When we get together with our families we usually fix a big meal and just enjoy one another's company. The kids usually provide lots of entertainment! We recently vacationed to Florida with Ginny's family and had a great time playing on the beach! We like to get together with Josh's side of the family for Sunday night dinners and always have a good time together.

    Both sides of our family have been extremely supportive of our decision to adopt. They welcomed Katy into the family with open arms and have loved her to pieces ever since! They are all so excited that we've decided to grow our family by adopting again and cannot wait to meet the newest member of our family!

    From Us to You


    We won't pretend to know all of the feelings that you are experiencing right now. We can only hope that on some level you feel proud of yourself - because you should. To love a baby into another family is one of the most courageous and selfless things a mother could possibly do. It is our hope that if you choose adoption you will find peace and comfort in the knowledge that you have made a loving choice for your child.

    We met in the summer of 2011 and were married a little over a year later, in the fall of 2012. We hit it off immediately. On our first date we spent 4 hours together, talking about all kinds of things. We ended up holding hands across the table by the end of the night and we knew that something really special was happening. We had our second date the very next day and have been together nearly every day since.

    We knew early in our relationship that we wanted to have a family of our own. Because Ginny is a breast cancer survivor, we have known for several years that adoption would be the one and only way that we would build our family. From the time we made that decision, it has felt like adoption was always the way we were supposed to become parents. When we adopted our daughter, Katy, in late 2016, we knew for sure that we wouldn't have wanted to become parents any other way.

    If you choose us to be your baby's parents, we will love your baby as our own from the moment he or she is placed in our arms. We will love him or her for whomever he or she is - not who we "want" or "expect" them to be. We are committed to unconditional love and are looking forward to the adventure of discovering who he or she truly is.

    We are also committed to instilling a sense of love and respect for you and your decision to place your baby for adoption. We will speak of you with love to your child from day one. Because you would be the person who made us a family, you will hold a very special place in our hearts. You will not be someone who is resented or forgotten. We will have open, honest conversations about you and your decision with your child, as we believe it is very important for your child to see adoption as the loving choice that it is. We intend to share photos of you and any and all information that you would like your child to know about you.

    We also look forward to sharing photos of your child, letters, texts, and emails with you over the years so that you can watch your child grow. It is our hope that this will help you know that you made the right choice for your child.

    We view adoption as a miraculous gift and we promise to strive everyday to live up to the privilege and responsibility that parenthood is - while having fun at the same time! We know that life is way too short to worry about things that don't really matter. To that end, we try not to take things too seriously and to really enjoy the little things that make life great. We love to sing silly made up songs to our daughter (and dog!), we tease each other all the time, we laugh every day, we savor every moment with our incredible daughter. Our home is one filled with love, good food, music and laughter. The only thing missing is that fourth member of our family. We know that he or she is out there somewhere and we can't wait to hold him or her in our arms.

    Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. If there is something else that you'd like to know about us, we'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.

    All the best to you,

    Josh & Ginny


    Robert DeNiro
    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Jennifer Lawrence
    Cate Blanchett
    George RR Martin
    Ken Follett
    A Song of Ice and Fire
    The Pillars of the Earth
    Candy Bar
    South Park
    Bubble Guppies
    Childhood Memory
    Riding bikes with my mom and dad to the river by our house
    Riding a tandem bicycle with my grandpa while on vacation in Sanibel Island
    Childhood Toy
    GI Joes
    My Little Pony
    Children's Book
    Go Dog. Go!
    Wherever You Are My Love Will Find You by Nancy Tillman
    Kansas City
    Kansas City
    Classic Movie
    Conan the Barbarian
    The Philadelphia Story
    Day of Week
    Monster Cookies
    Ice Cream
    Disney Movie
    Robin Hood
    The Little Mermaid
    Dream Car
    Ferrari 488
    Porsche Cayenne Turbo
    Dream Job
    Back up singer
    Dream Vacation
    Family Activity
    Family Dinners
    Living Room Dance Parties With Our Daughter
    Flower / Plant
    Form of Exercise
    Playing Piano
    Holiday Song
    Little Drummer Boy sung by David Bowie and Bing Crosby
    O Come, O Come Emmanuel
    Holiday Tradition
    Opening gifts on Christmas morning with our daughter
    Spending time with my family on Christmas Eve
    Ice Cream
    Anything with peanut butter
    Junk Food
    Potato chips
    Potato Chips
    Leisure Activity
    Video games
    Rolling Stone
    Memory with a Child
    My daughter sleeping in my arms as a small baby
    Rocking and singing my newborn baby girl to sleep
    Memory with Spouse
    Vacationing together in New Orleans
    Empire Strikes Back
    The Sound of Music
    Movie Munchie
    Reeses Pieces
    Popcorn with extra butter
    Movie Quote
    "Do or do not. There is no try."
    "When God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window"
    Movie Type
    Comedy or Drama
    The Book of Mormon
    Sweeney Todd
    Musical Group
    Led Zepplin
    The Beatles, Mumford & Sons, Simon & Garfunkel
    Nursery Rhyme
    Five Little Monkeys
    The Wheels on the Bus
    Olympic Event
    Super G
    Pairs figure skating
    Personal Hero
    My mom
    My mom
    Les Miserables
    Shel Silverstein
    Quality about my Spouse
    She's loving, caring, and a good mommy
    His loyalty to the people he loves
    "Do not go where the path may lead; go instead where there is no path and leave a trail." Ralph Waldo Emerson
    "Life expands and contracts in direct proportion to one's courage." Anais Nin
    The Olive Garden
    "Where God guides, He provides" Isaiah 58:11
    "And now these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love." 1 Corrinthians 13:13
    Shopping Store
    In My Time of Dying by Led Zepplin
    In My Life by The Beatles
    Sport to Play
    Sport to Watch
    Sports Star
    Paul Pierce
    Tim Tebow
    Sports Team
    Kansas Jayhawks
    Florida Gators
    Subject in School
    The Hulk
    Wonder Woman
    Thing to Cook
    Smoked Brisket
    Anything that the people eating it will enjoy
    Time of Day
    Each year on our anniversary, we have a small version of our wedding cake made and enjoy it after dinner.
    Making zwiebachs (German rolls) with my family
    TV Show
    Game of Thrones
    New Girl
    TV Show Character
    Eddard Stark
    Type of Music
    Alternative, Motown
    Vacation Spot
    The beach
    Video Game
    Mario Kart

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