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Jon & Shay

We appreciate you stopping to take a closer look at our story. We are humbled at the possibility of being part of your adoption plan. Becoming parents is the greatest quest of our lives. To show a child all the things we love about each other and life we know will be so rewarding. This new journey will be the most exciting of all!

About Us

Purchasing Manager
Location Services Coordinator
Master's Degree in Construction Science
Currently Pursuing a Business Degree
Legally Married

Qualities We Admire in Each Other

So Happy Together

We both put our all into everything we do. We enjoy our lives at work and at home. Jon is amazing with numbers and building and turned that into a career. Shay loves helping people and being the person behind the scenes and that has carried over to being a big part of her career path.

Shay is very caring. She will put others before herself in many instances, which is probably where she got her nickname, "Momma Shay." She takes pride in our townhouse and always strives for it to be a "home." Her family, while dispersed, is very important to her. Thanks to technology and the internet, she is able to stay in touch quite frequently.

We are very dedicated to our marriage. It is said that most people lose their marriage when it is difficult to have children – we found ours. We were together for five years before we married. We worked very hard to make our home stable and strong and we stay devoted each day to keeping it that way.

Our Leisure Time

Jon & Family at a New York Giants Game

Jon's favorite hobbies are woodworking and paintball. Some woodworking projects include building an oak bed frame, several tables, a night stand and a stand up paddleboard. He still enjoys water activities on the family boat and barbecuing in the summertime. He enjoys snowboarding and traveling to tropical destinations in the winter. He is an avid football fan. His favorite team is the NY Giants, but he'll root for the Ravens. Tailgating at Giants Stadium his fondest memory of watching the Giants play.

We love to cook together. We both share a passion for healthy eating. Shay really enjoys remaking her favorite restaurant dishes in her own healthy way. Sunday evenings are typically used to cook meals for the week, so the kitchen becomes the hub of the house for several hours as we work side-by-side, always with the Pandora on high. Jon would love to be as good a cook as Shay, but being half Italian means his red-sauce meals are pretty on point!

Shay's favorite holiday is Fourth of July – it is like Christmas. We invite as many friends and family as possible to enjoy whatever fireworks show we can see – but our favorites are the ones we see on the water, from our boat. She also enjoys decorating the table and the front door for all holidays – showing her unique flare!

How We Met

Us Back in the Day

No love story is ordinary for sure, ours is no different. We met in Washington, D.C. in our early 20s. We immediately fell into an easy relationship. We shared a love of music, attending many concerts and shows. We spent three wonderful years growing up with each other before we decided our lives were taking us in different directions and we went our separate ways.

Fast-forward 20 years and we were amazingly reunited on the internet. We lived in different cities and just started our friendship over phone and computer. It was just a few years and we decided to visit each other. Long story short, we got snowed in and fell right back in love. We haven't looked back since and we feel so very blessed to have found each other once again.



Going Out on the Town
Going Out on the Town
Shay Sharing Her Love of Reading
Shay Sharing Her Love of Reading
Jon's DIY Paddleboard
Jon's DIY Paddleboard
Fun With Friends on Vacation
Fun With Friends on Vacation
Under a Banyon Tree
Under a Banyon Tree
Loving the Beaches of Florida
Loving the Beaches of Florida
Our Happy Place
Our Happy Place
Crabs With the Family
Crabs With the Family
At a Wedding at the Aquarium
At a Wedding at the Aquarium
Florida Fun
Florida Fun
On the Water
On the Water
At the Top of a Lighthouse
At the Top of a Lighthouse
1 / 12
Going Out on the Town
Going Out on the Town
2 / 12
Shay Sharing Her Love of Reading
Shay Sharing Her Love of Reading
3 / 12
Jon's DIY Paddleboard
Jon's DIY Paddleboard
4 / 12
Fun With Friends on Vacation
Fun With Friends on Vacation
5 / 12
Under a Banyon Tree
Under a Banyon Tree
6 / 12
Loving the Beaches of Florida
Loving the Beaches of Florida
7 / 12
Our Happy Place
Our Happy Place
8 / 12
Crabs With the Family
Crabs With the Family
9 / 12
At a Wedding at the Aquarium
At a Wedding at the Aquarium
10 / 12
Florida Fun
Florida Fun
11 / 12
On the Water
On the Water
12 / 12
At the Top of a Lighthouse
At the Top of a Lighthouse

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Townhome

We spent a great deal of time searching for our home. When we saw this interesting home with the most unique door, we just had to go see the inside. We fell instantly in love with it and knew this was the home we would continue our lives in.

Our home is a three-story, end unit townhouse. We have three bedrooms, a large basement and expansive living room. One of our favorite features is a huge boulder, presumably brought down by the Ice Age, which cantilevers over the creek in our backyard.

On our very first day in our new home, we discovered what wonderful neighbors we were surrounded with. There was a snow storm that day and you could just feel the community come together to clear the mess. That has continued in so many ways over the last three years of living here, snow storm or not!

We live in a very diverse and interesting community. We have immediate access to all sorts of outdoor activities, which we take every advantage of. We are in close proximity to two large historic urban cities that we enjoy as well. A few of the things we love about our community and would share with a child include our community's parks, trails, pools, museums, lakes, restaurants, playgrounds, water activities, and outdoor concerts.

Our Extended Families

With Jon's Cousins

We have both been blessed with wonderful supportive families and an amazing network of friends that are just as special as our blood relatives. Jon has an amazing network of aunts, uncles and cousins that it can be said are an adventure unto themselves! Whenever we gather together, there is plenty of laughter, kind-hearted ribbing and above all, love and support.

Shay's Aunts & Cousins

Shay has a very large set of siblings and cousins that are spread all over the country. However, when we are all together, look out — everyone talking at once, trying to catch up with each other and strengthening the bond we feel from wherever we are.

It is truly sad to have to separate the holidays between two families ­— Shay always says if she had her way no member of either side would live more than an hour's drive away. We just want them around all the time. It is wonderful though that Jon's parents made the move to be here with us in Maryland. We enjoy spending time talking with them and finding whatever fun thing we can do together — dinners, cracking crabs outside on a beautiful day, plays, museums and the like.

From Us to You

We are Jon and Shay. Our love story started 20+ years ago. We were together for about three years when we were in our early 20's and amazingly reconnected in 2008 via the internet (thanks technology)! We have been together now for over seven years, married for three.

Marriage is not something either of us take lightly, but it is also to be enjoyed. We strive to have fun in our marriage while at the same time taking our vows seriously. We always say that marriage is the hardest job you'll ever love. We know this all sounds idyllic but we really have found the best life together. The only thing missing from our life is parenting a child.

As soon as we knew we would be a couple again, we knew we wanted to welcome a child. During our seven-year struggle to have biological children we only became stronger as a couple. We always knew we would adopt, we just thought it would be after having children biologically. However, God had others plans and we so happily welcome this path to parenthood.

Please know that your child will be welcomed into such a lovely extended family and network of friends. All of our tribe - our family and friends - are all as eager as we are to see our dreams of parenthood fulfilled. They have been and will remain our constant support system. It takes a village, and we feel that we have the best one to offer.

Our hopes for your child (should you choose us), are great. We want to impart our simple love of life and its gift onto a child. We both maintain that respect for the individual, a serious work ethic, a never-ending pursuit of knowledge and personal enrichment are the cornerstones of a healthy person. We hope to instill all of this to a child through practice, teaching and example.

We are open to an adoption that lets everyone be a party to the child's best interests. Who knows what that looks like, but we can figure it out together. We would love to discuss what type of communication you would be open to - whether it is pictures and letters, emails or more. Be assured that we will always make it known to your child that you put them first in the plan you created for their future. Also know that their future will be loving, safe, open to all opportunities and fun (a lot fun) in our arms.

We want to assure you that your child will be our first and foremost. Secondly, you need to know that we will facilitate what is best for your needs, the child's needs and everyone's well-being. We could not be more humbled by the opportunity to parent a child ? a child given so selflessly. Thank you isn't enough, and as they say, there are no words.

With all the love in our hearts -

Jon & Shay


Christopher Walken
John Cusack
Rosie Perez
Kristen Bell
Kurt Vonnegut
Hunger Games
Pillars of the Earth
Candy Bar
Frozen Snickers
Take Five
Family Guy
Nontraditional ones
Childhood Memory
Sledding in the snow
Fishing with my grandfather
Childhood Toy
Star Trek phaser
Any game or puzzle
Children's Book
Go Dog Go
The Maggie B
Key West
Classic Movie
The Godfather
Dr. Zhivago
Day of Week
Ice cream
Bread Pudding
Disney Movie
Dream Car
Shelby Cobra
A decontructed Ford Bronco
Dream Job
Fishing boat captain
I have my dream job!
Dream Vacation
Australia to see the fireworks at the Oprea House on New Years Eve
Family Activity
Flower / Plant
Venus fly trap
Form of Exercise
Making Jewelry
4th of July
Holiday Song
Silent Night
Holiday Tradition
Thanksgiving turkey photo
Ice Cream
Soft Serve
Junk Food
Peanut M&M's
Potato Chips
Leisure Activity
Memory with a Child
The first time our friend's child hugged me
Having a sleep over with our best friend's 4 year old
Memory with Spouse
Marriage proposal on a raft in the Chesapeake Bay
Going to Tulum on our honeymoon
Save the Last Dance
Movie Munchie
Shay's popcorn
My homemade stove top popcorn
Movie Quote
Forgetting Sara Marshal - "ohh the weather outside is weather"
"You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means" Princess Bride
Movie Type
War genre
Musical Group
Smashing Pumpkins
Olympic Event
Curling - because its hysterical
Ice Skating
Lion King
Lion King
Charles Bukowski
Quality about my Spouse
She is Very Caring
He is Incredibly Handy!
Christopher Walken - "I gotta have more cow bell"
Being honest may not get you many friends, but it'll get you the right ones. John Lennon
Mike's on the South River
Turkey burger
Italian Cold Cut Sub
"But now these three remain: faith, hope and love. Buy the greatest of these is love" Corinthians 13:13
Shopping Store
Home Depot
Boston - More than a Feeling
Renegade by Styx
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Eli Manning
Sports Team
NY Giants
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Baked wings
Seafood White Wine Pasta
Time of Day
Snowboarding Trip Superbowl Weekend
Decorating the Table for Each Holiday
TV Show
Modern Family
This Is Us
TV Show Character
Mr. White from breaking bad
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Any war game

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