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Kevin & Ashton

Adoption is such an amazing gift. We have always wanted to be parents and are so excited to start the journey to becoming a family of three through adoption! We have so much love in our hearts and can't wait to share that love with a son or daughter! We greatly respect you for the choice you are thinking about making for your child, and we are so humbled and honored that you are considering allowing us to finally fulfill our dream to become "Mommy" and "Daddy."

About Us

Education Technology Specialist
Nurse/Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Education
Bachelor's Degree in Nursing
Legally Married

What It Means to Become Parents

Meeting Our New Twin Nephews

To us, becoming parents is a way to grow the love we feel for one another by including a child in that love. We have talked about our desire for children since we started dating. Once we were married, we were so excited to start that part of our lives. Due to slowly learning of our inability to have children naturally, it has taken much longer than we initially expected. However, as painful as that process was, it really made us aware of just how much we do want children and how special a gift getting to add a child to our home will be for us. Our child, whenever he or she finally gets here, will be SO. LOVED.

We are so excited to simply share our everyday lives with a child - pancakes on Saturday morning, walks to the park, bath time, stories and lullabies in the rocking chair before bed. Children are so precious and getting to have a child of our own look up at us, so trusting, and call us "Mommy" and "Daddy" is the most amazing thing we can imagine.

Our Leisure Time

Trivia Night

One of our favorite things is spending time together. As a result, we do most of our activities as a couple. Since we live so close, we enjoy spending time with our families. Also, our best friends are married with a baby, and we have regular board game nights.

Every Tuesday we go out with friends from high school to play live trivia. It's a fun chance to hang out, catch up, and learn fun new facts. Occasionally we even do well enough to earn prizes!

Since we were young children we have gone to the same church and youth group every Sunday. It has been so fun to continue to be involved in the youth group - now as volunteer leaders. We really enjoy being able to establish relationships with the kids the same way youth leaders invested in our own lives when we were younger.

In addition to participating in various activities and hanging out with friends and family, we enjoy just being together at home. We like to read, play video games, and play the piano/sing. We also enjoy cooking together. It's fun to try new recipes and eat dinner together every night. When the weather is nice, we enjoy going on walks with our dog, Leah.

Even with the surprises a baby will bring, we are already so excited imagining how easily a baby will fit into everything we enjoy and make it even better. We can't wait to include a child in all of our family activities (stuffed diaper bag in tow and all!)

Cultural Diversity

We are excited to learn about our child's heritage and incorporate it into our lives, whether it is similar to or different from our own. Currently, our families celebrate our Eastern European heritage by including traditional foods like kielbasa, sauerkraut, and pierogi for family get-togethers and holidays. We can't wait to incorporate elements of our child's heritage as well!

As part of recognizing other cultures we enjoy attending heritage festivals – Greek, Mexican, etc. Our church also hosts dinners with speakers from different cultures. They have introduced us to foreign missionaries, church mission trip locations, and internationally-adopted church members' birth countries. It's been fun and interesting to learn about the different cultures.

Growing up, Ashton's mom would have "Around the World" meals. Each week on summer vacation we chose a different country/culture to learn about and would end the week with a whole meal of their traditional foods. That is something that we think would be fun to implement in our own family, too!

We believe that making different cultures noticeable and easily accessible lets children know that each person and culture is interesting and unique, and people enjoy celebrating those differences. We want to celebrate the uniqueness of people so our child develops a love for all the different cultures in the world, especially the one they have a biological connection to. Their birth culture will always have a special place in our hearts because it is part of what makes them who they are, and we want to ensure he or she feels the same way.



Catching a Cleveland Indians Game
Catching a Cleveland Indians Game
Kevin Running the Sound System for Our Church
Kevin Running the Sound System for Our Church
Ashton Loves Any Opportunity to Snuggle Our Nephew!
Ashton Loves Any Opportunity to Snuggle Our Nephew!
Segway Tour in Baltimore
Segway Tour in Baltimore
Our Annual Christmas Eve Photo After Church
Our Annual Christmas Eve Photo After Church
Date Night to the Theater
Date Night to the Theater
Learning Archery
Learning Archery
Disney Land
Disney Land
We Now Volunteer as Leaders for the Church Youth Group We Both Grew Up In
We Now Volunteer as Leaders for the Church Youth Group We Both Grew Up In
Proud Uncle Kevin
Proud Uncle Kevin
The Easter Bunny Still Brings Us a Basket Every Easter!
The Easter Bunny Still Brings Us a Basket Every Easter!
Our Pup, Leah
Our Pup, Leah
1 / 12
Catching a Cleveland Indians Game
Catching a Cleveland Indians Game
2 / 12
Kevin Running the Sound System for Our Church
Kevin Running the Sound System for Our Church
3 / 12
Ashton Loves Any Opportunity to Snuggle Our Nephew!
Ashton Loves Any Opportunity to Snuggle Our Nephew!
4 / 12
Segway Tour in Baltimore
Segway Tour in Baltimore
5 / 12
Our Annual Christmas Eve Photo After Church
Our Annual Christmas Eve Photo After Church
6 / 12
Date Night to the Theater
Date Night to the Theater
7 / 12
Learning Archery
Learning Archery
8 / 12
Disney Land
Disney Land
9 / 12
We Now Volunteer as Leaders for the Church Youth Group We Both Grew Up In
We Now Volunteer as Leaders for the Church Youth Group We Both Grew Up In
10 / 12
Proud Uncle Kevin
Proud Uncle Kevin
11 / 12
The Easter Bunny Still Brings Us a Basket Every Easter!
The Easter Bunny Still Brings Us a Basket Every Easter!
12 / 12
Our Pup, Leah
Our Pup, Leah

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a small town in Ohio. Both of us grew up here and can't wait to introduce a child to our hometown. Every year we go to the Main Street Festival which blocks off part of Main Street to set up food carts, games, and vendors for a weekend. Each summer, a fair sets up in the high school parking lot. We love to go and always get our favorite funnel cake!

The neighborhood park has a track, playground, and duck pond. It's a fun community tradition to stop and feed the ducks. Also, our church hosts vacation bible school each year and has a playground that we walk to/play at. We connect with many families there since it's only a block away. Our best friends have a toddler and a new baby on the way, and Ashton's older sister has young children, so we are excited to introduce this child and watch them grow up together!

We love spending time at home as well. Our apartment is set back in a neighborhood off the main road. Each unit has its own front door with a patio and garden. We enjoy planting flowers, fruits, and vegetables every year. We also love our huge front yard! There is a whole field where we have picnics and play with our dog, Leah, which we know a child will love. In our downtime, the living room with its cozy couch and blankets is the place to be, and we can't wait for all the family-time cuddles that will take place there!

Our Extended Families

Ashton's Family

Many people move away from where they grew up. However, we love our hometown and having our families close by. Both our parents live about 10 minutes away. All our grandparents and most of our siblings live within 2 hours.

Because we live so close, we spend time with our families regularly. We have lunch with Kevin's parents every Sunday after church, and enjoy a home-cooked meal with Ashton's parents and younger sister every Monday. Plus, we are close enough for plenty of impromptu get-togethers/game nights. Our best friends and their young son also live in town and visit regularly.

Kevin's Family

We are so excited to introduce a child to our family traditions. We go to church every Sunday. Every year for our birthdays we choose where to go for a special dinner. Each Christmas morning we get up and make homemade cinnamon rolls (complete with Kevin's cream cheese frosting!) together before opening presents. We can't wait to start a new tradition with our child and open one present Christmas Eve - new Christmas pajamas!

Our families are so excited to add another child! When we told them our plan to adopt, they were so thrilled and can't wait to love this new baby!

From Us to You

First of all, let us say how grateful we are that you are considering us as the potential "mommy" and "daddy" for your child. We have so much respect for you and the choice you are thinking about making. We believe adoption is such an amazing way to allow a family to be created that otherwise would have been impossible.

To us, adoption, at its very core, is about love. We are so passionate about making sure this child always knows just how many people loved them in order to make the life they will know possible. Their first family loved them so much that they wanted to choose exactly the right parents to love and raise them, and we loved them so much that we wanted more than anything to become those parents. It will have been through all that love that we were able to find one another and become a family.

We believe one of the greatest things a person can aspire to be is simple – to be kind. Every being has inherent value, no matter how “important” they may or may not seem, and therefore deserves to be treated with respect. Through the love we show, we hope if nothing else, any child we raise will grow to care deeply for others and bring a little more kindness into the world.

We met as 10-year-olds back in 2001. From the time we started youth group together in middle school we were inseparable. We spent the rest of our middle and high school years as best friends. Once we got to college, we finally admitted we liked one another, started dating, and quickly realized we had a forever kind of love. It wasn't IF we got married, but WHEN.

That "when" turned out to be June 2015, and from that moment on we have wanted nothing more than to have a child. Initially, we tried to get pregnant naturally, and when we couldn't, tried progressively stronger fertility treatments. After several unsuccessful pregnancies and heartbreak, we realized we were spending so much time and stress trying to get pregnant, while what we really wanted was a baby. The whole point of trying to get pregnant was so at the end we would have a child, and not being able to succeed was making us miserable. Then it hit us - adoption. Ashton didn't have to be pregnant for us to have a baby. A part of our family was out there somewhere looking for us. We just needed to be looking back so that we could find each other. That day, we started the process to grow our family through adoption, and we are so excited to meet our child's first mom and eventually our child. We are overwhelmed with gratitude and love for you as you consider beginning that relationship with us.

We are thrilled at the idea of sharing our lives with a child. At the same time, we want to honor you as their first parent – the person who made our family possible – by sharing the person he or she grows into with you. We would love to include you by staying connected via email, phone, and/or setting up a photo-sharing site. Depending on your preference, we could also discuss a possible visit in the future. Regardless, we are committed to sending pictures and letters that will document the amazing life we build with them as a family.

In the meantime, we can't wait to begin supporting you throughout your pregnancy with phone calls, emails, and finally meeting in person before this amazing child is born. We want you to know that while we are absolutely enthralled with the idea of becoming parents, we are also here for YOU, and we want to support you in any way we can throughout our journey together.

We have begun praying for you even before we know who you are. Your strength and love and the choice you are considering is such a gift to us. We truly respect and care for you more than you could realize. You are already such an amazing part of our family's story, and we can't wait to get to know you and our future child, if you decide to choose us.

With love and respect,

Kevin & Ashton


Anna Kendrick
Emma Watson/Jennifer Lawrence
JK Rowling
Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter
Candy Bar
Three Musketeers
Scooby doo
Childhood Memory
Going to Disney
Wizarding World of Harry Potter trip
Childhood Toy
Matchbox cars
American girl doll
Children's Book
Phantom Tollbooth
Shadow Castle
San Diego
San Diego
Classic Movie
Star Wars
Sound of Music
Day of Week
Raspberry Pie
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Dream Job
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Dream Vacation
Visiting the Wizarding World of Harry Potter
Family Activity
Playing games
Board game night
Flower / Plant
Thanksgiving dinner
Japanese hibachi
Form of Exercise
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?
Theatre Tech
Holiday Song
Silent Night
Oh come oh come Emmanuel
Holiday Tradition
Christmas Eve service
Homemade cinnamon rolls on Christmas morning
Ice Cream
Mint chocolate chip
Double dunker
Junk Food
Sour cream and onion potato chips
Gummy worms
Leisure Activity
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Memory with a Child
Watching students understand something
Reading stories before bed
Memory with Spouse
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Our wedding
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Movie Type
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Musical Group
Casting Crowns
Casting Crowns
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The Complete Works of William Shakespeare Abridged
Twelfth Night
Quality about my Spouse
Moe's Mexican Grill
A1 Japan Steakhouse
Chicken teriyaki
Ham and Swiss with pickle and mayo
Hebrews 11:1
Psalm 29:11
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Sport to Play
Wiffle ball
Sport to Watch
Sports Team
Cleveland teams
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Sage butter gnocchi
Raspberry pie
Time of Day
Going out to eat for birthdays
Going out to eat for birthdays
TV Show
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Once Upon a Time
TV Show Character
President Kirkman
Regina Mills
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
San Diego
San Diego
Video Game
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Mario Kart

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