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Justin & Samantha

We would like to say thank you for viewing our profile. We cannot imagine the challenging decision it is to place a child for adoption, we can appreciate the thought and love that goes into making this decision. We are very excited about the opportunity to be able to expand our family further through adoption, we are looking forward to sharing our love and life experiences with another child.

About Us

Analyzer Technician
Stay-at-Home Mom
Associate's Degree
Bachelor's Degree
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

At the Zoo with Tillman - We Found an Adopt Sign!

We have multiple experiences with adoption that have affected us personally. Stephanie, Sam's twin sister adopted her son, Tillman, about 6 years ago when he was 3 months old. We still remember the day we received the call that Stephanie and Brian had been given a child. The overwhelming joy and happiness they felt, we immediately felt too. They provided great support in the adoption of our own child. We met our daughter when she was 4 hours old, we drove 18 hours straight, overnight, taking turns driving to get to her as quickly as we could. We immediately fell in love with her, and we cannot wait to continue to grow our family with another child.

We also have a very good friend, Ann, who herself was adopted. She didn't have any information regarding her birth parents, which left her with a lot of questions growing up. This has helped us to learn the importance of keeping a child informed and connected with their birth family. We understand that it is important to have a sense of who you are while growing up and into adulthood.

Our Leisure Time

Our First Trip to the Zoo

Most of our free time is spent with Olivia. She enjoys playing outside with our many neighbor kids on our street, she waits at the window for them to get home, so we can go outside to play. All of the kids in the neighborhood are really close in age to Olivia, so hopefully will make lifelong friends. We enjoy going to parks, (Olivia loves to swing) and have a number of parks and pools very close to our neighborhood. As Olivia is older now, we cannot wait to experience our local zoo and museums with her. On the weekends we try to do as much together as a family that we can. Living close to family, there is always something going on, and we feel that it is very important to be around family.

Cultural Heritage

We were both brought up in culturally diverse families. Justin was raised in a Mexican-American household, which led him to embrace Hispanic culture including art, music, and traditions. Justin's Mexican grandparents had a tremendous influence on him and they were a large part of his upbringing.

Sam was raised in a Caucasian family for a portion of her younger years. After her mother re-married the family became blended. Sam's family now included a step-father and two younger step-siblings of African-American heritage. Sam's step-father, Gary, was the primary fatherly influence in her life. Living in a small southern town, we had to learn to cope with racial issues that commonly arise with families that are multiracial.

With both of us stemming from multi-racial backgrounds we have become very accepting and aware of ethnic diversity. Our daughter, Olivia, is Mexican-American heritage, we are happy to share our culture and culturally diversity with her and any other child we adopt.



So Happy Together
So Happy Together
Family Trip to the Pumpkin Patch
Family Trip to the Pumpkin Patch
Swimming with Stingrays
Swimming with Stingrays
Mardi Gras!
Mardi Gras!
We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family
We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family
Paint Night with Her Sister Steph
Paint Night with Her Sister Steph
Getting Ready for the Race
Getting Ready for the Race
Meeting Our Daughter for the First Time
Meeting Our Daughter for the First Time
Cheesin with Mommy
Cheesin with Mommy
Go Cardinals!
Go Cardinals!
Fun at the Park with Olivia
Fun at the Park with Olivia
Happy Easter
Happy Easter
1 / 12
So Happy Together
So Happy Together
2 / 12
Family Trip to the Pumpkin Patch
Family Trip to the Pumpkin Patch
3 / 12
Swimming with Stingrays
Swimming with Stingrays
4 / 12
Mardi Gras!
Mardi Gras!
5 / 12
We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family
We Can't Wait to Add Another Child to Our Family
6 / 12
Paint Night with Her Sister Steph
Paint Night with Her Sister Steph
7 / 12
Getting Ready for the Race
Getting Ready for the Race
8 / 12
Meeting Our Daughter for the First Time
Meeting Our Daughter for the First Time
9 / 12
Cheesin with Mommy
Cheesin with Mommy
10 / 12
Go Cardinals!
Go Cardinals!
11 / 12
Fun at the Park with Olivia
Fun at the Park with Olivia
12 / 12
Happy Easter
Happy Easter

Our Extended Families

Justin's Family

We both have very supportive families. Justin has a younger sister who he is very close to and who has two children, Thomas and Tinley. We recently moved closer to them, and they are so excited to see us more. They both love Olivia and cannot wait for another child to join our family. Thomas is really hoping it is a boy, he is the only boy so far.

Cousin Cuddles

Sam has a twin sister who is married with a son that they adopted almost 6 years ago. Sam talks to her sister almost daily and we face-time with them often. Tillman loves his "baby coo coo", we aren't really sure where he came up with her nickname. Both of our families are very supportive of our choice to adopt and cannot wait to welcome a new grandchild, niece, nephew, or cousin to the family.

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We live in Texas. We have lived here for 7 months, we recently moved here from Chicago for Justin to be able to work to build the family business. Our home has 3 bedrooms, could be 4, but we use that space for a playroom for Olivia and another future child. We have plenty of space to play and run around.

Our neighborhood is family-friendly, there are always neighborhood kids outside playing. We live on a cul-de-sac with many younger children on it. This past summer we spent a lot of time outside playing with them and we see this continuing for some time to come. There are many outdoor activities that we enjoy such as parks, trails, pools, children's museums and the zoo. We are lucky to be closer to family for the first time in a long time and look forward to our nieces and nephews having the opportunity to grow up together.

From Us to You

Hello! We are Justin and Sam and we appreciate you taking the time to get to know us better. We are honored that you have considered us as potential parents. We can appreciate the courage, bravery and love that it takes to make such a challenging decision, if you choose adoption. It is difficult to tell you everything about us in this letter, but we will try to give you a look into how much caring, love and devotion we can provide.

We have been together for 12 years and married for over 8 years. After many unsuccessful attempts to start our own family, we decided that adoption was how we would grow our family. Our daughter, Olivia, was adopted a little over a year ago. She is the center of our universe and we look forward to growing our family further to provide her with a sibling. Sam's sister and brother in law adopted five years ago, so future additions to our family will not only have a sibling to connect with regarding adoption, but also a cousin. We have a large support system within our families, and they are excited and overwhelmed with joy to accept a child that we will love unconditionally.

With the journey our life has taken us on our relationship is stronger than ever, we are not just a married couple, we are best friends. Justin is intelligent, athletic, supportive, loving, generous, and kind. Sam is hardworking, loyal, dedicated, compassionate, optimistic, and selfless. These are some of the qualities and characteristics that we would love to share with your child. We want to raise a child, share the good days and bad days. We want to be there for all their triumphs, console them in failures, allow them to learn from each adventure, and teach them to become a better person every day. The differences between our good qualities can help your child grow to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

We are dedicated to providing your child with unlimited opportunities to grow and excel in every stage of their life whether it is through academics, sports, or any endeavor that they chose. Our community and network of family and friends will allow numerous opportunities for your child to be a successful and productive member of society. We cannot wait to share our many life experiences and interests.

We plan on being honest with your child about their adoption story from a very early age. We believe it is important as the child grows to know who they are and where they come from, this will help with self-esteem and self-awareness. Growing up is a challenge in itself, and we plan on giving your child the necessary support to make transitional periods as smooth as possible. It is important to us, if you are willing, to stay in contact with you. We are open to providing updates via emails, letters, and pictures of your child as they meet milestones and grow. We want you to feel comfortable with your decision in being able to see how your child is developing and growing over the years.

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter and considering us as parents to your child. Your thoughtfulness to view our profile means the world to us. Your selflessness allows us the opportunity to raise a child and grow our family, something that we have always wanted.

We hope that this has given you an idea of who we are and what we can offer your child. We would be more than honored to accept your child into our family.


Justin & Samantha


Tom Hanks
Morgan Freeman
Jennifer Lawrence
Jennifer Lawrence
Simon Sinek
Trail of Tears
Candy Bar
Reese's cup
Tom & Jerry
Childhood Memory
Being at my grandma's house with all my cousins
Spending time with my twin
Childhood Toy
Children's Book
Calvin & Hobbes
Where the Sidewalk ends
Classic Movie
The Godfather
Wyatt Earp
Day of Week
Anything with peanut butter
Chocolate cake
Disney Movie
The Little Mermaid
Dream Car
Chevrolet Corvette Z06
Porche SUV
Dream Job
Professional Golf Teacher
Anything that gives me joy
Dream Vacation
Any beach
Family Activity
Going to the park
Flower / Plant
Yellow roses
Ice Cream
Form of Exercise
Cross training, high intensity interval training, weight lifting
High Intensity Training, running
Gardening, baking, crafts, crotcheing, baseball
Holiday Tradition
Being around family
Visiting family
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Chocolate chip cookie dough
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
parks, outside with Olivia
Sports Illustrated
Memory with a Child
When my niece and nephew started calling me "uncle bunny"
Meeting our daughter for the first time
Memory with Spouse
Trip to florida and the first time Sam golfed with me
Vacation to South Carolina, golfing, our first vacation alone
Shawshank Redemption
Hunger Games
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
Hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, and no good things ever dies
Movie Type
Musical Group
Cold War Kids, AFI, Yelawolf, Ben Harper, George Strait
Rascal Flatts-older
Nursery Rhyme
ABC song, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Rock-a-bye baby
Olympic Event
Speed skating
Personal Hero
My dad
My sister
Quality about my Spouse
Her determination
His personality
A fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool -Shakespeare
Everything happens for a reason
Wild Fire
Turkey and swiss
Grilled Cheese
Shopping Store
Sporting goods store
Amen Omen by Ben Harper
This Woman's Work by Maxwell
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Ozzie Smith
Yadier Molina
Sports Team
St. Louis Cardinals
St. Louis Cardinals
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
spending time with my sister
TV Show
Scrubs, The Office, Parks and Rec, Big Bang Theory
This is Us, Big Bang Theory, The new girl, Fixer Upper, HGTV, property brothers
TV Show Character
Jim Halpert from the Office
Penny from Big Bang Theory
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Anywhere sunny and warm with golf courses
Video Game
Super Mario Kart
Super mario brothers

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