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Matt & Lu

Adoption has touched our lives through others, and we cannot wait to take this journey to build our own family. Our home is ready to be filled with more love and the sound of a child's laughter. We do not take lightly how much you choosing us will improve our lives. Please consider giving us the gift of family. We are so excited and are anxiously awaiting holding your child and becoming parents.

About Us

Personal Trainer
Bachelor's Degree in Science
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

We Can't Wait to Become Parents!

We have a similar story to many other couples seeking adoption to build their family. We are unable to have children of our own due to fertility issues. What is unique is that even before finding out we could not have children we were interested in adoption. We always knew we wanted to provide a loving home to a child and if we could find a mother who can give us that opportunity it would be an amazing gift.

We were foster parents previously and thought we would adopt through the foster system. However, we later decided we would like to pursue private adoption so we can work with you to figure out the perfect plan for our child. We also enjoy that you choose us. We feel a special bond knowing that our child's parent(s) believed we would be wonderful parents, and trusts us to provide for their child. We do not take that privilege lightly.

We plan to be very open about our child's adoption story from a young age. We will have children's stories that show the positive influence of adoption and address any question our child may have about their adoption. We would be happy to have any level of openness with you and would encourage communication if you so desire. It would be nice if you could tell us about some of your own cultural experiences or traditions that we can continue with your child so they can feel connected to all facets of their life.

Our Adventures

We Love Jeep Adventures!

As a couple we love to travel and make amazing memories together. We can't wait to share these experiences with our child. We have a Jeep Wrangler that we love to take driving on the beaches here in North Carolina, or to the mountains where we enjoy lake vacations.

We love nature and hope to share hiking spots and waterfalls with our child. This past weekend we spent on the ocean where we watched dolphins jump out of the water while the sun was rising. It was breathtaking. We love the quality time we spend together reflecting on life and enjoying the beauty that nature has to offer.

Another thing we love to do is explore other cultures including their foods! We are always traveling to new restaurants to try different flavors. We have found some great recipes we now share with friends and family, but more importantly we have met new friends from other cultures that have opened our eyes to new experiences.

Cultural Diversity

Tanner's Graduation

We know that by adopting a child of a different race there may be some issues to address. We have had some experience with this with our previous foster children. Luckily, we have a huge support system that not only is open to diversity, but encourages it. We are very open about cultural differences and embrace conversation about it. The more we learn and open our minds, the more well rounded we are.

As an example, our friends are a biracial couple with children that are Caucasian/Micronesian and African American. We have learned so much from each of their families and we love being a part of their traditions. Their son recently graduated preschool and a group of 25 of us attended. The Micronesian tradition is to wrap leis around his head and neck and some were even made of candy! It was a beautiful scene of watching a culture show their pride in that child in a unique way. We can't wait to blend cultural differences and help our child to embrace and be proud of their heritage.



Lu at Work With a Wallaby
Lu at Work With a Wallaby
Crater Lake
Crater Lake
Fun With Uncle Matt
Fun With Uncle Matt
Piggyback Ride at the Beach
Piggyback Ride at the Beach
Visiting Family
Visiting Family
Having Fun at the Park
Having Fun at the Park
A Day at the Beach
A Day at the Beach
At an Adoption Event
At an Adoption Event
Asheville Trip
Asheville Trip
Lu Loves Her Job as a Veterinarian!
Lu Loves Her Job as a Veterinarian!
Playing Football at the Beach With Friends
Playing Football at the Beach With Friends
1 / 12
Lu at Work With a Wallaby
Lu at Work With a Wallaby
2 / 12
Crater Lake
Crater Lake
3 / 12
4 / 12
Fun With Uncle Matt
Fun With Uncle Matt
5 / 12
Piggyback Ride at the Beach
Piggyback Ride at the Beach
6 / 12
Visiting Family
Visiting Family
7 / 12
Having Fun at the Park
Having Fun at the Park
8 / 12
A Day at the Beach
A Day at the Beach
9 / 12
At an Adoption Event
At an Adoption Event
10 / 12
Asheville Trip
Asheville Trip
11 / 12
Lu Loves Her Job as a Veterinarian!
Lu Loves Her Job as a Veterinarian!
12 / 12
Playing Football at the Beach With Friends
Playing Football at the Beach With Friends

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a ranch-style home in a quiet and family oriented community. Our home is located further back from the entrance of the neighborhood and the surrounding kids spend a lot of time together playing basketball, riding bikes, and coming over to swim in each other's pools.

We love the quaint curb appeal with ivy growing on the brick steps up to the home. It is so nice being on one level with no stairs to worry about our child learning to navigate. There are 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, but we spent most of our time in the living room when inside. We also have an amazing large deck where we grill and eat meals. It has a separately secured deck that has access to our large pool. We have many family friendly pool parties and have taught all our friends children how to swim! We can't wait to teach our own someday!

We have a tradition of going to our neighbors house for an amazing home cooked meal every New Year's Day. Their son has recently joined the Navy and we would love to start that tradition with our child- they would love to spoil a new baby!

Our across the street neighbors have young children who we are watching grow up into amazing kids! They would teach our child about building things and shooting hoops!

Our Extended Families

Thanksgiving With Family

We grew up in the same area outside Chicago. Our parent's homes were just miles apart so we all became very close growing up. Lu has a big, Greek (and Italian) family that is loud, loving, and always spending time together. Matt has a smaller family who likes to spend quality time talking and cooking/eating together. It was nice to be able to go back and forth between two very different families.

With Friends

Lu's siblings have multiple young children and there are many cousins and second cousins as well! Everyone has stayed very close and we frequently fly into Chicago to surprise the family with a visit. We are so excited to surprise both of our families this Christmas- can you imagine if we could bring our new child with as well? We cannot wait to have our child fit into the mix and make so many memories!

Matt's sister's children are in high school and above. They will make amazing role models and we can't wait to watch them teach our child all kinds of things!

We also have a very close knit group of friends who we now consider our "family away from home". We are all living in North Carolina, but the rest of our families are elsewhere. This family consists of adults and children ranging from infants to college aged. We have a blast together grilling, making holiday meals when we can't make it back to families houses, and going on vacations together.

From Us to You


We are so happy you are reading our letter. We want to first tell you how brave, strong and selfless you are for considering adoption for your child. We cannot imagine the emotional toll you are going through as you consider your options. We hope that by the end of this letter you know in your heart that we were meant to impact each other's lives.

We are a married couple who were high school sweethearts — how cliché right? We are both passionate about our careers and wanted to make sure we were stable in them and financially ready when we started a family. Imagine our surprise to find out we are unable to get pregnant! This is where you fit into our life. We truly believe that we are infertile for a reason — we were meant to adopt a child.

We have no expectations of you as we are not in your shoes — but we want to assure you that we think of an adopted relationship as building an extension of family. We will provide photos and letters of your child and their life with us. We also are willing to work on a plan to include future visits as well if that is what you desire. We want everyone to have a positive experience through adoption including you and your child. We can't wait to talk to you, to share this experience with you, and to prove to you that choosing us is the best gift we have ever been given. We want you to be confident that we will provide not only a loving and stable life for your child, but also a ton of fun along the way!

We hope that we can share with you a glimpse of the life your child will have. We are a couple that has been in love for 18 years. We go on adventures and live our lives to the fullest and cannot wait for you to see those experiences through your child's eyes. We also have an amazing sense of humor — we will totally make you laugh at all the antics we will share with our child! Their life will never be dull and will be filled with unconditional love. We also encourage learning and education and will encourage our child to follow their dreams as we did. We hope to help navigate them on their journey, but also to watch them gain their independence and achieve all their dreams with hard work and passion.

We know it is impossible to share the full extent of how we feel about the adoption journey, but we want to assure you that we have a deep respect for your courageous decision to consider adoption. We realize you want what is best for your child and it is with love that you choose to entrust us with your little one.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts,

Matt & Lu


Morgan Freeman
Denzel Washington
Meryl Streep
Jessica Chastain
Longhorn cattle
Stephen King
The Green Mile
The Rhino with Glue On Shoes
Candy Bar
Reese's PB cups
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles or Flintstones
Childhood Memory
Watching baseball with my grandfather
A 31 day road trip around the United States with my siblings, parents, grandma, aunt and uncle.
Childhood Toy
My Little Pet Shop and Ninja Turtles
Children's Book
Berenstain Bears
Charlotte's Web
Chicago, IL
Carova Beach (outer banks) NC, Asheville NC, Chicago IL and so many more!
Classic Movie
12 Angry Men
Wizard of Oz
Day of Week
Chocolate anything!!
Disney Movie
Dream Car
Audi R8
Old Chevrolet truck
Dream Job
Veterinarian :)
Dream Vacation
Lake house in the mountains
European/Mediterranean trip!
Family Activity
Movie nights
Riding on the beach in the Jeep and spending quality time with my family.
Flower / Plant
Southern live oak tree
Macaroni and cheese
Form of Exercise
Weight lifting
Playing volleyball and lifting weights
Nertz- its a fun group card game we play with friends!
Movies and fitness
Hiking, playing volleyball, and reading.
Christmas- I can't wait to start new traditions with my own family!
Holiday Song
White Christmas
White Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Spending time with friends and family around a big meal.
My uncle dressing up as Santa when we were kids.
Ice Cream
Chocolate with more chocolate
Peanut butter cup or chocolate
Junk Food
M & Ms
Chips and salsa
Leisure Activity
Finding a new TV show/series
Magnolia Journal
Memory with a Child
Being present and watching my niece and nephews grow up.
Being there watching my niece be born and spend the first 6 months of her life with her seeing every milestone.
Memory with Spouse
Finding new places to explore in our jeep.
Taking a spontaneous weekend trip together to Asheville, NC.
Shawshank Redemption
Wedding Crashers
Movie Munchie
Movie Type
Romantic comedy
Rocky Horror Picture Show
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle Twinkle
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Elon Musk
My mom
Avenue Q
William Ernest Henley
Quality about my Spouse
Her drive and passion
He's a dreamer and makes me try new things.
He who says he can, and he who says he can't are both usually right.
Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.
Lou Malanati's
Lou Malnati's- which I don't have here in NC!
Italian beef
Shopping Store
Criminal- Fiona Apple
Sport to Play
Volleyball or basketball
Sport to Watch
Hockey and Football
Rugby or hockey
Sports Star
Walter Payton
Julius Peppers
Sports Team
Chicago teams- Bears, Cubs, and Blackhawks
Chicago Bears
Subject in School
Biology and French language
Thing to Cook
Anything on the grill!
Time of Day
Sunrise and sunset
Thanksgiving traditions
Spending Thanksgivings with our friends that have now become our family.
TV Show
Game of Thrones
Fixer Upper
TV Show Character
Jon Snow
Type of Music
Hard rock, alternative
I can't choose! I love all types of music!
Vacation Spot
Beach or mountains

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