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Timothy & Christina

Since the day we were married, we have looked forward to raising children, and we are excited to build our family through adoption. We have big arms and hearts that are ready to embrace that special child. The gift of adoption is an amazing and selfless sacrifice, which we will never take for granted. Thank you for reading our profile and getting to know us.

About Us

Bachelor's Degree in Animal Science
Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

Formal Night On a Cruise Vacation

We both grew up dreaming about having a large family. From the time Christina was young, she anticipated adopting children to add to her family. Shortly after getting married, we realized adoption would be the best choice for us to build our family. We fulfilled that dream with the birth and adoption of our first child in 2014. Adopting Isaac was the greatest gift we have ever received, and one we will never take for granted. We are honored his birth parents chose us to raise him. We understand the immense sacrifice birth parents make when choosing adoption for their child.

We also know that because of adoption, our children each have two families, which means they are doubly loved. They have two family histories, and two life stories. We will try our hardest to make sure our children understand where they came from and why they came to be with us. Knowledge about their adoption will help them form their own identities and help them decide where they will go in life.

Our Leisure Time

Kayaking With Isaac

Timothy is a very creative person, he enjoys working on his model railroad layout, including building engines, train cars, and scenery from scratch. He has a model railroad layout in our home and spends time creating scenery and running model trains. Tim also enjoys gardening and has built raised beds for our vegetable garden, as well as cares for apple trees, a raspberry patch, and a butterfly garden. Another of Tim's talents is cooking. He is very creative in the kitchen and enjoys trying out new recipes. Stuffed chicken breasts are a family favorite.

Christina enjoys spending time outside all year round. Her outdoor hobbies include biking, kayaking, gardening, ice skating, and sledding. She also enjoys relaxing by reading a book in our hammock. Another hobby is sewing. Chris is skilled at cross-stitch, needle point, and quilting. She particularly enjoys creating baby quilts for family and friends.

Thursday is family day, the day when all three of us are regularly home together. Common family activities include playing outside, biking, visiting parks, or projects around the house. We also make special trips to the local zoo, children's museum, indoor inflatables park, and swimming beach. We enjoy playing outside with the neighborhood kids and talking with their parents. Spontaneous kids-against-parents kickball games sometimes arise on weekends. We often eat outside on warm summer evenings, at Isaac's request. We roast marshmallows over our fire pit, camp overnight at the local nature preserve, and enjoy watching the fireflies after the sun goes down.

Discussing Adoption

As a multi-cultural family, it is apparent that our children are adopted. This has already created a lot of opportunities to share with others how blessed we have been by adoption. In return, many of them share their own adoption experiences, whether they have placed children for adoption, they have adopted children, or they themselves are adopted.

We interact with both children and adults that were adopted to learn about their experiences, joys, and struggles. We know that it will be important to keep the door open with our children's birth parents, so our children can understand that an adoption decision was made out of love. We want our children to be able to ask us about their birth family, and we want to be able to provide them with as many answers as possible.

Thus far, our adoption conversations with Isaac have been age appropriate for a toddler. We answer his questions about why his skin is brown and his hair is curly. We tell him where he came from and how happy Mommy and Daddy are to be his parents. The word "adoption" is familiar to him, but it is not the word that defines or labels him. Instead, he is our Sunshine and Love Bug, the child that God meant for us to have. He knows that he is loved by many people.



Visiting a New Lamb at Our Friend's Farm
Visiting a New Lamb at Our Friend's Farm
Hay Ride at the Apple Orchard
Hay Ride at the Apple Orchard
Governor's Beach in Grand Turk
Governor's Beach in Grand Turk
Father's Day
Father's Day
A Walk at the Nature Center
A Walk at the Nature Center
Visiting Arkansas
Visiting Arkansas
Isaac With a Baby Lamb
Isaac With a Baby Lamb
Enjoying Local Outdoor Gardens
Enjoying Local Outdoor Gardens
Isaac at the Local Splash Pad
Isaac at the Local Splash Pad
At a Friend's Wedding
At a Friend's Wedding
Adventures in the Great Outdoors
Adventures in the Great Outdoors
We Enjoy Biking
We Enjoy Biking
1 / 12
Visiting a New Lamb at Our Friend's Farm
Visiting a New Lamb at Our Friend's Farm
2 / 12
Hay Ride at the Apple Orchard
Hay Ride at the Apple Orchard
3 / 12
Governor's Beach in Grand Turk
Governor's Beach in Grand Turk
4 / 12
Father's Day
Father's Day
5 / 12
A Walk at the Nature Center
A Walk at the Nature Center
6 / 12
Visiting Arkansas
Visiting Arkansas
7 / 12
Isaac With a Baby Lamb
Isaac With a Baby Lamb
8 / 12
Enjoying Local Outdoor Gardens
Enjoying Local Outdoor Gardens
9 / 12
Isaac at the Local Splash Pad
Isaac at the Local Splash Pad
10 / 12
At a Friend's Wedding
At a Friend's Wedding
11 / 12
Adventures in the Great Outdoors
Adventures in the Great Outdoors
12 / 12
We Enjoy Biking
We Enjoy Biking

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We purchased our first home eight years ago, and love our neighborhood and town. We live on a quiet, residential, non-through street with many young families. In six families, there are twelve kids under the age of 12 years old, meaning there are always playmates around. It's common to see the kids zipping around on their bikes or playing kickball in someone's front yard.

Our home is modest in size and allows opportunities to host extended family holiday meals or intimacy to watch movies together in the evenings. Tim and Isaac enjoy running model trains in the train room. Our home has a large backyard where we swim, swing, barbecue, hold bonfires, garden, and relax in our hammock. Our largest garden crop is raspberries, and we love to pick and eat them directly off the bushes each summer. We spend a lot of time outside in the summer. In the winter we still frequent the local parks, for sledding, ice skating, and playgrounds.

Our local schools are unique as there is no majority race, creating a lot of diversity at the schools, library, and parks. We feel this is a great environment to raise our children in, as they will be exposed to many different cultures and ethnicities.

Each summer and fall our main city park sponsors family fun nights, kid-friendly concerts, opportunities to investigate large trucks (fire trucks, ambulance, dump truck, etc.), community picnics, a weekly farmer's market, and a three day celebration around the fourth of July.

Our Extended Families

Timothy & His Siblings

Timothy grew up on a small hobby farm in Illinois, where he enjoyed raising and showing chickens; he even won second place one year. Tim's parents and siblings continue to live in Illinois, and we look forward to visiting with them two or three times a year. Each visit is a mini vacation filled with special moments that we treasure, such as visits to local parks, museums, and walking through the quaint downtown area near their home. The town square is particularly festive at Christmas time.

Mother's Day With Christina's Extended Family

Christina grew up in a small town in Minnesota, the type of town where everyone returns to raise their own families. Chris' parents and brothers continue to live nearby and are a regular part of our lives. Her parents provide child care for our son one day a week, and love doting on their only grandchild. We also share holiday gatherings with extended family, including Christmas cookie baking that involves four generations and over 120 dozen cookies.

Our families are very excited and supportive as we continue on our adoption journey. They can't wait to have another grandchild and niece or nephew to love.

From Us to You

Greetings from Lake Country,

Thank you for taking the time to read our letter; learn more about us, and the love we have for each other and our families. We understand that you are facing a big decision in your life, which should be taken very seriously, and hope this letter will give you a positive glimpse of our lives.

Our names are Timothy and Christina. We are both in our thirties, and have been married for over ten years. We also have a son, who we adopted in 2014. Tim is a very attentive and thoughtful husband and father; willing to perform even the smallest tasks that may be asked of him, including making an ice cream run when Chris has a craving. He is an active, dedicated and supportive father, who has never been afraid of diaper duty. Chris is a hands-on, nurturing individual, and has been able to utilize those characteristics as a wife, mother, and at work.

We met during graduate school, while studying veterinary medicine in Iowa. Tim happened to sit next to Chris in lecture. We were both involved in the Christian Veterinary Fellowship and attended Friday night movie nights with mutual friends. We married during senior year of vet school. Tim decided that veterinary medicine was not for him, and he withdrew from the program, falling back on his experience in food service. Tim currently works as a cook at a retirement home and assisted living facility. Chris obtained her DVM degree and works at a small animal veterinary clinic.

Today, we live in a small, quiet suburb in Minnesota. Our home has a large yard and many of the neighbors have small children. In addition to our son, we share our home with two cats. There is never a dull moment in our home, as we are all very active. In our spare time, we enjoy going for walks at local nature centers, playing in the dirt (landscaping and gardening), biking, swimming, kayaking, and camping. Tim enjoys cooking and baking, and we take pride in cooking holiday dinners completely from scratch. He also works on model trains. Chris enjoys reading, sewing, and spending time outside. We all like to visit with friends and neighbors, and their children. We are both involved in our church communities, including; Bible studies, the fall festival, bell choir, and chancel choir. Our son loves to run around the yard, go swimming, make new friends, and chase the cats. He also loves to visit with Grandma and Grandpa, who live nearby.

Though we both work in areas of service, we believe the most important impact we can have on society is to raise generous and caring children. We are accepting of individuals who differ from us regarding race, nationality, and religion; and will teach our child, and future children, to be tolerant of others. We promise to provide our children with loving and supportive parents, a safe and stable environment, opportunities for a good education, and an active lifestyle.

Our positive adoption experience only strengthens our desires to be the best parents we can be for our son. We can't wait to add another child into our home in the future. We are very thankful to have been trusted once, with the most precious gift we have ever received, and we know we have room in our hearts and our home for another child. We kept in contact with our son's birth mother regularly through phone calls and text messages, and hope to have similar contact with you. We know knowledge about one's background is important for social and emotional growth, and you can help provide that information. We would like to share texts, emails, pictures and phone calls in the coming years. We are also open to in person visits, at a frequency mutually agreed upon. We are excited at the prospect of adding to our family, including our extended family, through adoption.

Thank you very much for your consideration. We wish you the best as you make your decision. Best wishes, and God bless.

Timothy & Christina


Colin Firth
Sandra Bullock
Beverley Lewis
Calvin & Hobbes
The Hiding Place
Candy Bar
Peanut Butter Cups
Salted Nut Roll
Veggie Tales
Shaun the Sheep
Childhood Memory
A sheltie we had was so good at playing fetch he was the catcher when we played baseball
Bicycle Trips (weekend out with Mom)
Childhood Toy
Micro Machines
Children's Book
Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of Nimh
I Love You All The Same
Westcliffe, CO
Classic Movie
Arsenic and Old Lace
Forest Green
Day of Week
Blueberry Cheesecake
Disney Movie
Anything by Pixar
Cars 1 or 3
Dream Car
AMC Matador
Dream Job
Car Groomer
Dream Vacation
Caribbean Cruise with Private Beach
Two Weeks in the Mountains
Family Activity
Family Game Night
Flower / Plant
Crab Apple Tree
Ice Cream
Form of Exercise
Model Trains
Holiday Song
Adeste Fideles
Were You There (When They Crucified My Lord)?
Holiday Tradition
Advent Wreath
Holy Week at Church (leading up to Easter)
Ice Cream
Salted Caramel
Peppermint Bon Bon (aka, mint chocolate chip)
Junk Food
Dark Chocolate
Leisure Activity
Reading blogs
Model Railroader
Reader's Digest
Memory with a Child
First time Isaac got excited when I came home from work
Meeting My Son, for the First Time
Memory with Spouse
First Caribbean Cruise
The Day We Were Engaged
Princess Bride
Movie Munchie
Kettle-corn Flavored Popcorn
Movie Quote
"And I'm not a cab driver. I'm a coffee pot."
Movie Type
Musical Group
Weird Al
Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star
Hush Little Baby
Olympic Event
Figure Skating
Personal Hero
Marie Curie
The Best Christmas Pageant Ever
Louise Gluck
Quality about my Spouse
She's low key and cost conscious
Christian Values
"Tomorrow is always fresh, with no mistakes in it." L. M. Montgomery, Anne of Green Gables
Chinese Buffets
Gasthaus Bavarian Hunter (authentic German food)
Turkey on Bagel
Jeremiah 29:11 - "For I know the plans I have for you ..."
Shopping Store
Hobby Stores
JoAnn Fabric and Crafts
Where Were You (When the World Stopped Turning)
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Simone Biles
Sports Team
Minnesota Twins
Subject in School
The Incredibles
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Late Evening
Christmas Cookies
Holiday Cookie Baking with Extended Family
TV Show
7th Heaven
TV Show Character
Rattrap (Transformers)
Bob the Tomato
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Glacier National Park
Video Game
Sim City
Sim Farm

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