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Matt & Becky

We can only imagine that this must be a difficult decision for you. Although we've never met, we know you must be extremely brave to choose this path for your child. If you choose us, we can assure you this child will be in some of the best hands possible. We hope that you consider us and we look forward to this next chapter in our lives.

About Us

Vocal Music Teacher
1st Grade Teacher
Currently Pursuing Master's Degree
Master's Degree in Elementary Education
Legally Married

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

At a Friend's Wedding

Becky About Matt:

Matt is such a happy person! He can make me smile even when I've had the worst day. He is always so kind and giving towards other people. It is very hard for him to say no to people when they ask for his help. Matt knows almost everyone! Going to Walmart can be a couple hours long because he sees so many people and has to talk with them and catch up. (Especially if it's a current or former student.) Everyone loves him and speaks so highly of him.

Matt About Becky:

I love Becky's unconditional love for her family and her appreciation of the simple things in life. Having a family of her own will only exponentially grow that love for being around family and friends! Becky has such a motherly demeanor around kids. Being a 1st grade teacher has been such a joy in her life and it shows in the love and respect that you see between her and her students. I can't wait to see my wife shine when she is able to focus that energy towards our own child!

Education We will Provide

Since we are both public school teachers, education is highly valued in our family. Our parents, the child’s future grandparents, have already started college funds for their current grandkids. They plan on doing the same for our children as well. Becky has her Master’s Degree and Matt is currently finishing his Master’s Degree. We see the value every day in our classrooms of what a proper education can do for a child. We both have had such positive experiences with our own educations and grown up with multiple teachers that have affected our life choices, we could only hope for the same for our own children. Becky actually works at the same school as her former Kindergarten teacher! We believe that education should be a top priority for our children and we intend to do everything we can to provide that for them. School is not just an education, it's a beautiful journey.

Our Pets, Beethoven & Lily

Family Photo with Our Sweet Lily

We have one cat and one dog in our house and they are both the light of our lives. Our cats name is Beethoven. Matt named her because he is a music teacher and we thought it was fitting. We rescued her as a kitten just a few months after we were married so we think she is about 8 years old. She is pretty shy around new people but warms up to them with time. Our dog’s name is Lily and she is a Golden Retriever. She loves people and loves to be the center of attention! Our little family wouldn’t be the same without her! When we talk about her, people think she is our child and we gladly accept that. We have trained her to be a therapy dog so she is very gentle and kind when she meets new people. Lily came into our lives right in the middle of our infertility journey. She filled a void that had been empty for a very long time. She eased our baby fever at just the right time. We hope the love we show her lets her know just how special she truly is to the both of us.



Running a 5k Together
Running a 5k Together
Our Little Family
Our Little Family
Date Night at the Drive-In
Date Night at the Drive-In
Go Royals!
Go Royals!
Becky Earning Her Master's Degree
Becky Earning Her Master's Degree
Checking Out the Roman Colosseum
Checking Out the Roman Colosseum
Matt Loves to Perform - Here He is in a Production of Into the Woods
Matt Loves to Perform - Here He is in a Production of Into the Woods
Touring the Castle Where Downton Abbey was Filmed
Touring the Castle Where Downton Abbey was Filmed
Taking the Row Boat Out on the Lake
Taking the Row Boat Out on the Lake
Lily and Matt Getting a Canine Good Citizen Award!
Lily and Matt Getting a Canine Good Citizen Award!
Beautiful View in Washington
Beautiful View in Washington
Dressed Up for Halloween with Her Teacher Friends
Dressed Up for Halloween with Her Teacher Friends
1 / 12
Running a 5k Together
Running a 5k Together
2 / 12
Our Little Family
Our Little Family
3 / 12
Date Night at the Drive-In
Date Night at the Drive-In
4 / 12
Go Royals!
Go Royals!
5 / 12
Becky Earning Her Master's Degree
Becky Earning Her Master's Degree
6 / 12
Checking Out the Roman Colosseum
Checking Out the Roman Colosseum
7 / 12
Matt Loves to Perform - Here He is in a Production of Into the Woods
Matt Loves to Perform - Here He is in a Production of Into the Woods
8 / 12
Touring the Castle Where Downton Abbey was Filmed
Touring the Castle Where Downton Abbey was Filmed
9 / 12
Taking the Row Boat Out on the Lake
Taking the Row Boat Out on the Lake
10 / 12
Lily and Matt Getting a Canine Good Citizen Award!
Lily and Matt Getting a Canine Good Citizen Award!
11 / 12
Beautiful View in Washington
Beautiful View in Washington
12 / 12
Dressed Up for Halloween with Her Teacher Friends
Dressed Up for Halloween with Her Teacher Friends

Our Extended Families

Our Nephew's Baptism

Family is one of the most important aspects of our lives. We wouldn't be where we are today without the love and support of both sides of our family.

We are very lucky to live in the same city as both our parents. Matt's parents live just a couple blocks away and Becky's parents live about 7 miles out of town on about 5 acres of land. So, this means we see our parents a lot.

Thanksgiving with Family

We spend each holiday with our family. For Christmas, we like to split our time between families. We spend the morning with Becky's family then we will have lunch with Matt's family. Becky's mom loves to cook, so she will cook up a lovely assortment of food for any holiday meal. She always cooks enough for leftovers, which lets us savor our food for just a few more meals!

Both our families are very supportive of adoption. Matt's parents actually went through the adoption process when they were first married. They got pregnant with Matt and his twin sister during their adoption journey so they decided to focus on their twins. Matt also has 5 first cousins that are adopted. It is nice to have this much family supporting us with their own experiences and stories.

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We live in a very family-friendly community in the wonderful state of Kansas. All our neighbors know each other and we spend lots of time outside talking about how our day went. We always say we have the best neighborhood watch in town! We are always looking out for each other! The 4th of July is usually one big block party. There are multiple families with young kids ranging from birth to 3 years old. There's always someone out going for a walk with their little ones throughout the warmer months.

We live in a 5-bedroom, 3-bath ranch style home. Our favorite room in the house is the family/living room. This is where we host game nights and watch movies with friends and family. It's also where we like to relax at the end of a long day. Matt also has a piano room where he holds some of his voice lessons for local high schoolers.

Our home is near one of the best Blue Ribbon elementary schools in our district. They have an extremely active PTO and student body and are only located about 2 blocks from our home. They have a great playground and gazebo area that's perfect for a stop on a walk.

From Us to You

First and foremost, thank you for the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to learn more about us. The hopes and dreams we have for this child are endless. Unconditional love, endless support, the best education possible, and a safe and stable home to grow up in are just some of the many things we want to provide to a little one. This child will be welcomed not just by us, but also our entire extended family.

We have been married for almost 8 years now. We met in college and have been inseparable ever since. We are both teachers and have a love and passion for children. We always joke that Becky has 18 children from her first grade class and Matt has over 100 from his middle school choir. We would adopt them all as our own if we could!

In our free time we like to spend lots of time with family and friends. We enjoy bon fires at Becky’s parents house in the country, spending time at Matt's parents house enjoying each others company, and game nights with friends. We love to laugh and create new memories with the people we love. We appreciate the joys of getting outside and taking in a beautiful walk with our dog, Lily. Cooking a meal together in the evenings and just relaxing on the couch to watch a movie is always a favorite choice of ours as well! Adding a child to our family makes us excited to think about all the things we look forward to sharing with them!

We would love to share life’s joys with you through pictures and letters if that’s what you desire. Email and Facebook are also a great way to communicate with each other. We are very open to having this child keep contact with you. We feel this will only positively impact their future and can only grow love even stronger knowing this child has two sets of parents in their lives.

If you choose us, we promise you will always be spoken of highly in our home. Your child will always know of your selfless love for them! As a mother, you may have concerns about giving your child to complete strangers. However, we want to calm your heart, and to let you know that we are here for your child, you, and the child’s birth family. It is our wish that you know that you will be welcome in your child’s life. They say it takes a village to raise a child, and you would be part of that village! We are proud to be a part of an adoptive culture in our extended family, and we hope this shows you so much comfort to know that, not only our immediate family will love this child, but also our entire extended family.

We have hoped and prayed for a child for years and years. Adoption was always in the backs of our minds. Once we found out that getting pregnant wasn’t going to be easy for us, we looked into the options and talked with a lot of friends and family that have gone through the same journey. We have always thought that having a child in our lives didn’t mean it had to be through biology; we would feel the same love for any child that came into our lives, no matter what. We feel like adoption is the journey we were always intended to take, and here we are!

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for taking the time to consider us as potential parents of your child. There are not enough words to express our gratitude in this decision. Your strength and courage is greater than any other thing in this world. We have so much admiration for you and your decision for adoption. We are honored that you have chosen two people that you haven’t even met to love and care for every need this child will ever have. If you choose us, know that you will be a part of this child’s village of care takers and know that your child will be in the arms of the most accepting and loving family.

With love,

Matt & Becky


Morgan Freeman
Robin Williams
Jennifer Lawrence
Gina Rodriguez
Kevin Henkes
Tuck Everlasting
All children's books since I'm a 1st grade teacher
Candy Bar
Kit Kat
Childhood Memory
Frozen blueberries with my grandparents
Spending time at my grandparents house
Childhood Toy
Superhero action figures
Children's Book
The Day the Crayons Quit
The Book With No Pictures
New York City
Classic Movie
Gone With the Wind
Day of Week
Cherry Pie
Disney Movie
Beauty and the Beast
Dream Car
Aston Martin
Dream Job
Broadway performer
Stay at home mom
Dream Vacation
New York City
Anywhere in Europe
Family Activity
Playing Cards
Board Games
Flower / Plant
Stargazer Lily
Stargazer Lily
Macaroni and Cheese
Form of Exercise
Frozen Blueberries
Heads Up
Crafting on my Cricut machine
Holiday Song
All I Want for Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Family dinners
Just being with family
Ice Cream
Junk Food
Potato Chips
Potato chips
Leisure Activity
Going to the dog park
Completing jigsaw puzzles
Food Network
Memory with a Child
Being with my students, past and present
Being with my 1st graders everyday!
Memory with Spouse
Camp fires at my in-law's house
Traveling to London, England
The Greatest Showman
Movie Munchie
Milk Duds
Sour Patch Kids
Movie Type
Les Miserables
Musical Group
Green Day
Olympic Event
Figure Skating
Personal Hero
My grandfather
My dad
Noises Off
Shel Silverstein
Quality about my Spouse
Her determination
His sense of humor
"Music expresses that which cannot be said and on which it is impossible to be silent." - Victor Hugo
"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit." -Will Durant
Red Lobster
Chick Fil A
"Come to me, all who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." Matthew 11:28
"And in all things, whatsoever ye shall ask in prayer, believing, ye shall receive." Matthew 21:22
Shopping Store
J W Pepper
"For Good" from Wicked
Penny and Me by Hanson
Sport to Watch
Subject in School
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Anything on the grill
Time of Day
Every Sunday afternoon my aunt comes over to work on a puzzle with me
TV Show
Big Bang Theory
This Is Us
TV Show Character
Sheldon Cooper
Type of Music
All Types
Vacation Spot
New York City
Video Game

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