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Thank you for viewing our profile

If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-800-ADOPTION (2367846), fill out the form at the bottom of our on-line profile page, or email us at

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Brandonn & Carissa

We want to express our appreciation that you are reading our profile. We have so much love to share and know that we will make excellent parents. To choose us to be your child's parents would mean the world to us. We hope that you consider us and look forward to journey ahead of us.

About Us

High School
Doctor of Pharmacy
Legally Married

Our Adventures

Going Out on the Trails With Friends

We certainly have adventures. We like to spend as much time as we can together exploring the outdoors. One of our favorite activities is we like to go “jeeping” and off-roading in various models of Jeep 4x4s. Jeeping is always an adventure because you’re always traveling down different paths and seeing some beautiful scenery not available on ordinary roads. It’s also a great teamwork test as we work together to cover the terrain safely while having fun. There are public off-road parks and also private land that owners have made available for events. Most of the time we go as part of a Jeep club that we’re members in and the events are held over weekends. Camping, food and fun are all involved with our club families, their children, and friends as we cook and enjoy community meals together. Then at night we sit around a campfire and talk about the day’s activities.

What It Means to Become Parents

At the Park With a Friend's Kids

We have both wanted to be parents for a long time now. Our difficulties conceiving only make us more determined to be parents ... to be good, loving parents. We both come from close families, with siblings and parents that we are both in constant contact with. We know what family is, that bond, that closeness, that belonging—we want to recreate it with our own child.

We know it won't be easy and it's not something we take lightly and we feel we are ready and prepared to welcome a child and begin the journey of learning new things.

We so look forward to sharing in some of the most wondrous moments in a child's life - seeing his/her first steps, hearing his/her first words, reading stories together at bedtime, watching him/her learn new things and all of the moments that make up an ordinary yet extraordinary life.

We want to share the many lessons our parents taught us and experience life together as a family. We know parenting will have it challenges, good and bad times, but we look forward to it all and helping guide a child through life and watching him/her grow.

Adoption in Our Family

Just last year Carissa found out her aunt had placed a daughter for adoption when her aunt was very young. It was during an era when pregnant teenagers were often given no choice and were forced by their parents to place their baby for adoption. Although Carissa's aunt was not provided any information about her daughter after the adoption, which was common during that era, she never forgot her.

Last year, the daughter found Carissa's aunt through Ancestry DNA. It has been an amazing story to watch unfold. The daughter had always been told that she was adopted and her adoptive parents were always very open with her about what they knew about her birth mother and adoption. She also knew she wanted to find her birth mother eventually and her adopted parents supported her. Now, Carissa has another cousin! It has brought new perspective to us as we begin our adoption journey.



Christmas at Disney
Christmas at Disney
At Red Rocks Park, Colorado
At Red Rocks Park, Colorado
Brandonn Ziplining
Brandonn Ziplining
Fun on a Family Cruise
Fun on a Family Cruise
Brandonn Ready to Hit the Trails
Brandonn Ready to Hit the Trails
Beautiful Colorado
Beautiful Colorado
Paint Party With Friends
Paint Party With Friends
Ready to Zipline!
Ready to Zipline!
Sneaking a Kiss
Sneaking a Kiss
Best Friends
Best Friends
Our Special Day
Our Special Day
Cruise Vacation
Cruise Vacation
1 / 12
Christmas at Disney
Christmas at Disney
2 / 12
At Red Rocks Park, Colorado
At Red Rocks Park, Colorado
3 / 12
Brandonn Ziplining
Brandonn Ziplining
4 / 12
Fun on a Family Cruise
Fun on a Family Cruise
5 / 12
Brandonn Ready to Hit the Trails
Brandonn Ready to Hit the Trails
6 / 12
Beautiful Colorado
Beautiful Colorado
7 / 12
Paint Party With Friends
Paint Party With Friends
8 / 12
Ready to Zipline!
Ready to Zipline!
9 / 12
Sneaking a Kiss
Sneaking a Kiss
10 / 12
Best Friends
Best Friends
11 / 12
Our Special Day
Our Special Day
12 / 12
Cruise Vacation
Cruise Vacation

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We live in a small town in Iowa. We have several nice parks to play in that are just a few blocks away from our house. We also have very nice hiking and biking trails that are really close to our house. There is a water park with a lot of different and fun water slides to enjoy. We live in a neighborhood with many families that have small children.

Local Playground

We have an annual town celebration with parades and fireworks. There are bouncy houses for the kids to play in, and carnival rides and games.

The local volunteer fire department has Fire Safety day where they teach the children about fire safety and show them the fire trucks.

Our house has four bedrooms and three bathrooms with an open floor plan. We like being able to be in the kitchen cooking and still able to see what is going on in the living room. We have a large back yard with lots of room to run around and play.

Our Extended Families

Carissa's Family

Carissa is the oldest of three children. When we visit Carissa's family we like to play board games and card games like Skip-Bo for fun. The games can last for hours, and we have fun together. Carissa's family lives a little farther away, but we try to get together monthly. Carissa enjoys shopping with her mom and sister. A family tradition that we have is making Christmas cookies after Thanksgiving dinner. We all bring a different recipe to bake and share the goodies with family members. We also make peppernut cookies, which is a recipe passed down from Carissa's grandma.

Brandonn & His Parents

Brandonn is an only child. His parents live near by, and his mom is excited for a grand child. We go to his parent's house for supper and watch movies together. We also take trips and vacations with Brandonn's mom.

Both of our families are excited about our plans to adopt a child and will welcome this child into their lives with open arms.

From Us to You


Thank you for taking the time to read about us! We are grateful that you are willing to learn about us and appreciate that you are considering adoption.

We realize you have a difficult decision ahead and admire your courage and strength. We hope that learning more about us will give you peace of mind as you consider adoption for your child.

We have been married for three and a half years, after one year of dating. We knew each other and were friends for almost four years before we started dating. We met at a local jeep club picnic. We share a love of the outdoors and exploring together. We have wanted to grow our family ever since we married, and we talked about adoption as an option if we were not able to conceive a child naturally as we went through infertility struggles. Your baby will be our baby, we don't care about the biology behind it. To us, what matters the most is having a child to love, to raise and to teach. We feel we have so much to share with a child - our knowledge and experiences, but most of all our love.

We value the importance of education and teaching by example. We are committed to encouraging a child in his or her interests and helping them develop and grow.

Carissa grew up with a close family. Eating dinner together as a family and going to Grandma's house on Sundays were all a part of growing up. This is something that we want to continue with our child. Carissa remembers playing board games with her family growing up. Family dinners, birthday parties with the cousins, and weekend trips are still a big part of our family.

Brandonn spent the best parts of his childhood with his grandfather. His favorite memories are working on model airplanes and flying them with his grandpa at the park, learning how to use tools and fixing things. He would love to share his love of planes and cars with our own child.

We live in a neighborhood with many families that have small children. Our house is close to walking and biking trails, and there are many parks that are within walking distance of our home. There are learning centers, museums and a new water park near by. It is a nice, smaller community with a good school district and some well known colleges near by.

We are very excited for the future. We love our life together, and we are excited to share our life with a child. Both of our families are very supportive of us and our decision to adopt.

We want you to know that if you would choose us as adoptive parents, we want you to be part of our family as well. We want an open adoption and will send letters and pictures yearly, and are open to more contact if desired.

We sincerely hope you consider us, as it would make us extremely happy to have a child of our own.

With much love,

Brandonn & Carissa


Matt Damon
My dog
George R.R. Martin
Instruction manual
Candy Bar
Milky Way
One punch man
Childhood Memory
Spending time with my grandpa
Going to grandma's house
Childhood Toy
Cabbage patch doll
Children's Book
10 Apples Up on Top
Classic Movie
To Hell and Back
Wizard of Oz
Day of Week
Ice cream
Disney Movie
Beauty and the Beast
Dream Car
Dream Job
Paid reviewer for travel resorts
Mystery novelist
Dream Vacation
One that lasts all year
Island/beach vacation
Family Activity
Going to my mom's
Flower / Plant
Dragon tails
Deep fried
Form of Exercise
Workout videos
Train game
Skip Bo
Off roading
Independence Day
Holiday Song
Frosty the Snowman
Holiday Tradition
Baking cookies with family
Ice Cream
Chocolate Cherry snowstorm
Mint chip
Junk Food
All of it
Leisure Activity
Video games
Popular Mechanics
Taste of Home
Memory with a Child
Nerf gun wars
Memory with Spouse
Wedding day
Wedding day
True Lies
Gone Girl
Movie Munchie
Movie Type
The Music Man
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Edgar Allen Poe
Quality about my Spouse
His humor
Texas Roadhouse
My mother in laws Reuben
Grilled Cheese
Shopping Store
Summit Racing
Hobby Lobby
Unbound = Avenged Sevenfold
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Ozzie Guillen
Sports Team
White Sox
Subject in School
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
Bacon and eggs
Time of Day
Memorial Day camping and off roading
TV Show
Game of Thrones
Game of Thrones
TV Show Character
Tyrion Lannister
Jon Snow
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Alan Wake

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