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Anthony & Erin

We are so blessed that you are taking the time to read our profile - thanks! It is our hope that you get a sense of who we are and the great honor and privilege we feel as potential parents. We love to laugh, travel and spend time with family. Above all, we love Jesus and hope to demonstrate His love as parents. Know that we are praying for you as you make this difficult decision.

About Us

Product Manager, Anti-counterfeiting & Flexible Packaging
Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA)
Master's Degree in Organic Chemistry
Master's Degree in Biology, Nursing Anesthesia
Legally Married

Cultural Heritage

Family Jam Session

Erin is half Samoan, half Irish. Her mother is Irish and raised Erin in California in a typical American home where she was involved in band, choir, church and scout activities, and educational field trips to study US and European history. Since they couldn't afford most of those activities, she instilled a strong work ethic in Erin to have a job and/or fund raise in order to participate. Her father moved from Samoa in the 1960s, lived in Hawaii for 19 years and now lives in southern California. His life, despite living in LA, mirrors that of his island upbringing. He grows tropical flowers and fruit in his front and back yards, is very active in his Hawaiian surf club, sings and plays the guitar & ukulele. Erin got her passion for the ukulele from him and uses it on a regular basis in church.

Anthony is 100% Sicilian. Sicily has been taken over by almost every major country, so it's a melting pot of different ethnicities. He is a first generation American on his mother's side, second on his father's side. He speaks the language fluently, which aided in his love of Latin and Spanish. His family is your typical Italian family. They all speak a combination of Sicilian and English, more Sicilian when the discussion gets heated. If you've seen the TV show Everybody Loves Raymond, then you have a good idea of his family. They love each other deeply and instilled in him a fierce devotion to family and relationships.

Family Traditions

Homemade Pasta With Family... Nothing Better!

Since we live on the east coast close to Anthony's family, many of our traditions are wrapped up in his Sicilian culture. We have a family garden that is located at Anthony's parents' house, and we grow eggplant, tomatoes, string beans, onions, garlic and more. The entire family spends most Sundays during the summer there seeding, planting, weeding and/or harvesting. On a Sunday in August our entire family gets together to make and can sauce for the year. It's an all-day event that includes thirty cases of tomatoes, lots of chopping, three industrial-sized pots with paddles for stirring, two large electric straining machines, and about 100+ canning jars. It's pretty spectacular, and most of our friends beg to come learn and participate. A weekly tradition is Friday night family dinner at Nonna's house followed by Bible study to open the Sabbath. Nonna's house is the smallest house in the family, and yet it's where everyone wants to congregate. We cram four to five people on each couch, two people on a recliner and even share the floor just so we can all enjoy time together. Holidays are typically spent at our house with lots of good cooking, baking and eating. We love hosting and creating a warm, inviting space where people feel welcome. We can't wait to bring a child into these family traditions.

Religious Beliefs

Enjoying Church Outdoors

We have always held our relationship with God as our top priority. We believe that Jesus died so that we can live eternally with Him, so we live our lives in gratitude for His sacrifice and love for us. We have both been baptized into our church, and we plan on raising our family based on Bible teachings. We will lead our children to Jesus, but it will be up to them whether they give their lives to Him. We believe that we are called to rest an entire day out of the week (Saturday) to reconnect with God, our Creator, and with those that we love. A typical Sabbath day would include church services, helping people in need, taking a walk in nature, Bible studies/discussions, and big family meals. We strongly believe that it is important to demonstrate the love God gave us by sharing our gifts with those who need them—we praise God through music/song in church, we also volunteer at a shelter, at a free clinic, and in disaster response. We hope to raise children who love Jesus and wish to serve those around them with love, grace and forgiveness.



Indoor Pinata. What Could Go Wrong?
Indoor Pinata. What Could Go Wrong?
Summer Fun
Summer Fun
The Town Farmer's Market
The Town Farmer's Market
An Afternoon Stroll With the Family
An Afternoon Stroll With the Family
Erin At Work, Giving Naps For a Living
Erin At Work, Giving Naps For a Living
Fun Night With Friends
Fun Night With Friends
Story Time With Anthony
Story Time With Anthony
Anthony Practicing Tae Kwon Do
Anthony Practicing Tae Kwon Do
Game Night With Family
Game Night With Family
Exploring the New England Coast
Exploring the New England Coast
1 / 12
Indoor Pinata. What Could Go Wrong?
Indoor Pinata. What Could Go Wrong?
2 / 12
Summer Fun
Summer Fun
3 / 12
The Town Farmer's Market
The Town Farmer's Market
4 / 12
An Afternoon Stroll With the Family
An Afternoon Stroll With the Family
5 / 12
6 / 12
Erin At Work, Giving Naps For a Living
Erin At Work, Giving Naps For a Living
7 / 12
Fun Night With Friends
Fun Night With Friends
8 / 12
Story Time With Anthony
Story Time With Anthony
9 / 12
Anthony Practicing Tae Kwon Do
Anthony Practicing Tae Kwon Do
10 / 12
Game Night With Family
Game Night With Family
11 / 12
12 / 12
Exploring the New England Coast
Exploring the New England Coast

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We have a warm and inviting home where we love to entertain family and friends. We have five bedrooms, three dining areas and a large family room, and yet we all typically congregate in the kitchen where the magic happens! We host family dinners, game nights, and Bible studies. We have an outdoor pizza oven and grill for summer gatherings, and our backyard has sixteen blueberry bushes that Erin uses in her baked goods. We live on a 4.5-acre plot that is half-wooded with a creek running through it for exploration and adventure.

Sittin' On the Porch!

Our town is perfectly situated between Boston and New York City. We are only a two-hour drive from the rich history, culture and excitement of the city, and we enjoy taking an occasional trip to see a show, concert or museum. With a population of about 4,000, our town is quaint and picturesque with shops, art galleries, restaurants, and a popular theatre for whom our family happens to do all the dry cleaning. We are located among the Connecticut River, lakes, streams, waterfalls, and thousands of acres of state forest and hiking trails. We have many playgrounds and a summer camp that our nephew attended, and he is now training to be a counselor there. Our local elementary school provides an excellent education, and the high school ranks above average each year within Connecticut's public school system. Our neighborhood is quiet and safe, and we look forward to raising our family here.

Our Extended Families

Anthony's Family

Erin is an only child who was born and raised in California. Her father is originally from Samoa, loves to surf and is very active in his Hawaiian Surf Club in Southern California. They have a luau each year on Memorial Day weekend that we love to go to. Anthony's love of game shows means that we also love to go to The Price is Right when we visit Erin's dad, stepmom and their kids in LA. Erin's mother raised her as an amazing single mother in California, but she has always encouraged a healthy relationship with Erin's father. She looks forward to being a grandma and spending more time in Connecticut. We visit Erin's family at least twice a year, and enjoy singing, playing games and doing puzzles.

Erin's Family

Anthony comes from a very close-knit family who immigrated to Connecticut from Sicily in the 1970s. His mother is one of seven siblings, five of which live within 10 minutes of each other, so there are a lot of aunts, uncles and cousins close by. His brother and nephew also live very close by. We play card games, go for walks, garden, and volunteer in church activities. As you can imagine, they are excellent cooks, so we love to eat together. Every Friday night consists of dinner at Nonna's house, followed by Bible study to open the Sabbath.

Our entire family is very supportive of us. They adore children and can't wait for the next child to love on.

From Us to You

Our story is one that spans from coast-to-coast. Anthony was born and raised in Connecticut and went to grade school through college there. After graduate school, Anthony worked as a science and math teacher at an all-boys private special education transition academy. Anthony loved teaching his students. He gave the boys respect and empathy, things they did not receive at home. He empowered and inspired them to love learning, and in turn, they let their guard down and respected him. A few of them keep in contact with him to this day, updating him on their lives. In 2001, Anthony began his career in anti-counterfeiting. He develops invisible technologies that brands can use in their products to protect against counterfeits. He is passionate about his work, and it has taken him all over the world.

On the other coast, Erin was born and raised in California. After nursing school, one of her friends convinced her that moving to Connecticut was a great idea, so she set out on her temporary adventure to the east coast. She got a great internship in an excellent cardiac ICU, and three years later she started to make plans to move back home to California. Insert Anthony. After dating for three years, we tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony filled with family, friends, love, tears, and a lot of rain. Apparently rain is a good omen for a happy marriage because we are very happily married and work well as a team and balance each other out. We are both hard working people who support each other in our respective careers. Erin now works full-time as a nurse anesthetist, putting people to sleep for surgery and waking them up. She loves to nurture and help people through one of the scariest days of their lives.

We have been married for over four years, and have gone through many difficult and trying times. Our nephew was diagnosed with bone cancer at age twelve and the experience of watching a loved one be unhealthy was incredibly hard. When we realized after two years of trying that we were not able to have a child, that was not a time where we lost hope or became incredibly discouraged. We are not seeking adoption as a last attempt for a family, but as a first attempt to be parents. We truly love and respect one another and our family and support system is one of a kind. We feel that no matter what, your child will be loved, and you will always be in our thoughts and prayers.

Faith and family are very important to us, and we believe that God has placed us together. God has blessed us immensely with the beautiful town and home we live in, the extremely loving and supportive extended family we have and the love we have for each other. Our resolve to adopt early on in our relationship has not changed throughout the years, and we feel the timing is perfect. Anthony’s family, with his many younger cousins and his nephew, has prepared him greatly for fatherhood; while Erin’s compassion for those going through surgery has caused her to truly empathize with those going through difficult decisions regarding children.

We can only imagine how overwhelming this process must be, and we greatly appreciate you taking the time to read through our profile. We recognize the difficult journey you are on and want to support you in whatever way we can. We are committed to honoring you and are happy to send pictures, videos, letters and updates as you desire. We want you to know how much we respect you for making this decision and that respect will be evident in our home.

With sincere gratitude,

Anthony & Erin


Will Ferrell
Steve Carell
Kathy Bates
Kristen Wiig
Jeffrey Deaver
Jane Austen
Don Quijote
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte
Candy Bar
Bugs Bunny
Disney movies
Childhood Memory
Playing card games with my grandparents and brother before walking to school
Some of my fondest childhood memories are going camping with my mom and family friends. We went to places like Yosemite, Donner Lake, Big Sur and Tahoe.
Childhood Toy
I loved my stuffed animals. I used to read books to them.
Children's Book
Where the Sidewalk Ends
The Calico Bear
Portland, OR
Newport, RI
Classic Movie
The Godfather, part II
Singing in the Rain
Day of Week
Saturday. It's our day of rest, a day to recharge and reconnect with God.
Ice Cream
Ice Cream
Disney Movie
Mary Poppins
Beauty and the Beast
Dream Car
Chevy Tahoe or Cadillac Escalade
Dream Job
Ben & Jerry's flavor chemist
Our church puts on a free clinic in a different US city each year. Last year I gave anesthesia for various surgeries. It's so rewarding that I wish I could do it all the time.
Dream Vacation
Hawaii. My dad lived there for 19yrs, my parents met there, my middle name is a Hawaiian name...and I still have never been there!
Family Activity
Game night
Game night. We get pretty competitive and rowdy playing Pit.
Flower / Plant
Calla lily
Peonies and gardenias
My mother's eggplant parmesan
Spaghetti with olive oil, garlic, red pepper flakes and parmesan cheese
Form of Exercise
Tae Kwon belt since 2012!
Playing volleyball or kickball with family
Monopoly Deal
Game shows
Crocheting & Playing Ukulele
New Year's
July 4th...LOVE summer & fireworks!
Holiday Song
O Come O Come Emmanuel
Baby It's Cold Outside
Holiday Tradition
Watching My Nephew March in the Small Town Memorial Day Parade
Watching Our Nephew March in the Memorial Day Parade Through Our Town
Ice Cream
Zwahlen's Very Chunky Cherry
Mint Oreo
Junk Food
Potato chips
Leisure Activity
Watching game shows
Memory with a Child
Cheering on my nephew as he nervously cried through his entire first Karate belt test. He got through it!
Singing songs with our cousin's baby. She loves "If You're Happy and You Know it Clap Your Hands" and "With Baby in the Family Happy, Happy Home"
Memory with Spouse
I proposed to my wife with the ring tied to a balloon, and the windy day almost blew the balloon into the lake next to us. I don't know how to swim, so this could have been disastrous
Weekend getaways to various towns in New England
Tommy Boy
Harvey Girls, Sense and Sensibility
Movie Munchie
Peanut M&Ms
Movie Quote
"Fat Guy in a Little Coat." - Tommy Boy
"You're Killin' Me, Smalls" - The Sandlot
Movie Type
Sound of Music
Sound of Music...Julie Andrews anything!
Musical Group
The Carpenters
Nursery Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Olympic Event
Tae Kwon Do
Women's indoor & beach volleyball
Personal Hero
My uncle, Sebastiano
My far and away the best mother I know.
King Lear
Much Ado About Nothing
William Shakespeare
Quality about my Spouse
Very smart and loving, hard working, too many to narrow down to just one
He is loving, extremely friendly, hard working, honest and full of integrity
My grandmother says "Piano Piano e arrive sano" translates to "Go slowly, slowly and you arrive safe and sound"
"Honesty without tact is cruelty"
Our local diner, Cristy's
La Placida, a small, hole-in-the-wall place near my hometown in CA that serves excellent, authentic Mexican food
Grilled cheese
Tuna melt
Ruth 1:16-17 (this is inscribed on our wedding bands)
Ruth 1:16-17 (this is inscribed on our wedding bands)
Shopping Store
Happy by Pharrell Williams
September by Earth, Wind & Fire, and Walking on Broken Glass by Annie Lennox
Sport to Play
Softball. I played girls fast pitch softball in high school and college, and I loved it.
Sport to Watch
I'm not a huge sports watcher, but I do enjoy watching the San Jose Sharks with my family in CA as well as FIFA World Cup Soccer with my husband's family in CT
Sports Star
Jack Nicklaus
Kerry Walsh-Jennings and Misty May-Treanor...olympic beach volleyball team
Sports Team
The New England Patriots
San Jose Sharks
Subject in School
Spanish and Math
Music (band/choir)
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman
Thing to Cook
I'm more of a baker, and I can make a mean chocolate cake.
Time of Day
I'm a night owl
Friday night dinner and Bible study at Nonna's house
Friday nights at Nonna's house...we eat dinner as a family, and then we finish with a Bible study to open the Sabbath
TV Show
The Price is Right
The Office
TV Show Character
Velma from Scooby Doo
Dwight from The Office
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
I love Newport, RI. It's small and quaint with lots to do/see...very quintessential New England.
Video Game
Pac Man
The original Nintendo Super Mario Bros and Duck Hunt

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