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Tripper & Keely

We believe adoption is a true blessing that brings complete strangers together for one very special purpose - to provide the best life possible for a new child. We are so thankful you are taking the time to read our profile so you can get a glimpse into our life of love, support, respect, and joy that we want to share as parents. We hope our story encourages you to consider us.

About Us

Vice President of Strategic Business Development
Master's Degree in Business
Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design
Legally Married

Favorite Vacation Spot

Enjoying the Sunset on the Beach

Tripper's grandfather, "Pop," built the third house in the development just a block from the beach in a small fishing town on the Florida panhandle in 1964. Initially it served as a vacation home for Tripper's dad and uncle just after college, and they still have memories of catching crabs in the pass and swimming across the harbor. Gradually the town started to attract more visitors, and beginning in the 1980s, the home became the summer vacation destination for Tripper's family. He has vivid memories of playing in the white sand with his two brothers and fishing off the dock behind the house using shrimp for bait.

Fast-forward to today, and Tripper's parents now spend about two-thirds of the year in their "beach house." The once small fishing village has become a primary tourist destination and home to high-end retail shops, five-star dining, and celebrity sightings. But this is not what brings us every year for a week in July, we return because of the memories, relaxation, and time with family and friends that the house provides. Since we met in 2012, Keely has been able to appreciate the area more with each visit, and every year we look forward to returning to our favorite vacation spot. As we begin this exciting journey to build our own family, we cannot wait to create new memories with a child who will be the 4th generation in the family to enjoy "Pop's" house.

Our Leisure Time

Great Music at Red Rocks

We are fortunate that we both enjoy doing the same activities – listening to music, traveling, and hiking. Our love of music is what initially brought us together… our first date was a concert, and since then we have seen over fifty concerts. Atlanta provides easy access to great venues close to our house – Variety Playhouse, Fox Theater, Tabernacle, or Chastain Park. We love the experience and the opportunity to connect with friends. Additionally, we recently converted a room in our house into a "Music Room." The centerpiece is a 1975 record console, and we enjoy shopping for vinyl records together as we build our collection. We love to hang out in the room, listen to music, and play with our cat and dog.

Our friends have commented that every time they see us on Facebook we seem to be traveling somewhere new. We love to explore different cities or to visit family and friends. Tripper is the planner and Keely appreciates not having to plan, so the two of us are actually a good match for traveling together. Our biggest trip was to Dubai and Sri Lanka in November 2017, but we have traveled to San Francisco, New York City (twice), Washington, D.C., New Orleans, Colorado, Niagara Falls, Savannah, and Nashville.

Our best escape from the hustle of everyday life is to go hiking. We explore parks and trails around Atlanta or take a weekend trip to somewhere in northern Georgia. We love the opportunity to disconnect and appreciate nature.

Our Family Traditions

Merry Christmas!

Well, there is no other way to describe us other than we are the "Griswolds." Both of us grew up in families that cherished spending time together over the holidays, especially Christmas, and much of that time was decorating the house. Each year Tripper's father would take his family to cut down a Christmas tree on property that was about thirty minutes away from their home, and then everyone would hang ornaments and lights together. Keely remembers how her family would watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and then erect the Christmas tree while listening to holiday music. Of course, Christmas Vacation and The Christmas Story were "must-watch" movies in December in both families, no matter how many times everyone had seen them.

The memories we have from holiday decorating with our families have inspired us to continue the tradition throughout our marriage. However, it's not just for Christmas (although Christmas is by far our favorite). We also decorate for Thanksgiving, Easter, July 4th, and especially Halloween since we host an annual party during the neighborhood Halloween parade. In fact our house is decorated for nearly three straight months from early October through early January. We are so excited to share this great tradition with a child so that our family can create new memories that will be cherished forever.



Another Great Day for a Hike
Another Great Day for a Hike
Camel Ride in the Arabian Desert
Camel Ride in the Arabian Desert
With Our Nieces at the Aquarium
With Our Nieces at the Aquarium
Making Friends in Sri Lanka
Making Friends in Sri Lanka
Tripper at the Finish Line
Tripper at the Finish Line
All Dressed Up for a Great Cause
All Dressed Up for a Great Cause
After Two Hours of Hiking, We Conquered the Granite Mountain
After Two Hours of Hiking, We Conquered the Granite Mountain
Grabbing Some Lunch at  Our Favorite BBQ Spot
Grabbing Some Lunch at Our Favorite BBQ Spot
Watching Cartoons With Our Nieces
Watching Cartoons With Our Nieces
Keely & Our Friend's Baby Girl
Keely & Our Friend's Baby Girl
Out to Brunch
Out to Brunch
At the Top of the Tallest Building in the World
At the Top of the Tallest Building in the World
1 / 12
Another Great Day for a Hike
Another Great Day for a Hike
2 / 12
Camel Ride in the Arabian Desert
Camel Ride in the Arabian Desert
3 / 12
With Our Nieces at the Aquarium
With Our Nieces at the Aquarium
4 / 12
Making Friends in Sri Lanka
Making Friends in Sri Lanka
5 / 12
Tripper at the Finish Line
Tripper at the Finish Line
6 / 12
All Dressed Up for a Great Cause
All Dressed Up for a Great Cause
7 / 12
After Two Hours of Hiking, We Conquered the Granite Mountain
After Two Hours of Hiking, We Conquered the Granite Mountain
8 / 12
Grabbing Some Lunch at  Our Favorite BBQ Spot
Grabbing Some Lunch at Our Favorite BBQ Spot
9 / 12
Watching Cartoons With Our Nieces
Watching Cartoons With Our Nieces
10 / 12
Keely & Our Friend's Baby Girl
Keely & Our Friend's Baby Girl
11 / 12
Out to Brunch
Out to Brunch
12 / 12
At the Top of the Tallest Building in the World
At the Top of the Tallest Building in the World

Our House and Neighborhood

We Love Our Home!

We love our neighborhood and community. Nestled within the city of Atlanta, Georgia, our home has walkable access to over 100 restaurants and shops, five parks, several churches, an elementary school (rated #1 in the county), and a public swimming pool. Our community is known for the many family-friendly festivals that keep neighbors engaged throughout every season – in fact the annual Halloween parade passes right in front of our house. We enjoy living in an area where families ride bikes, take evening walks, or play in the park next door and cannot wait to share this great environment with a child.

The first time we saw our home it was not even for sale, but we knew it seemed perfect for us. A year later, just before our wedding, we were ecstatic to hear it was on the market, and within two days we were under contract. We live in a three-story, 3,300 square foot townhome located in the middle of thirteen units surrounded by terrific neighbors. Our home has three bedrooms on the top floor and an open kitchen/living space on the main floor. Our bottom floor has a fourth bedroom currently converted into a study, an "unfinished room" we plan to make into a playroom, and our favorite room – the "music room" – where we listen to vinyl records and play with our dog and cat. The bottom floor opens into a patio with a grassy courtyard that leads to our garage.

Our Extended Families

Keely's Family Reunion

We are both blessed with strong and loving families and friends who share the same values – honesty, compassion, respect, and integrity. Our families are very supportive of our adoption and are excited to welcome a new child into their lives.

Tripper With His Dad & Brothers at the Grand Canyon

Tripper is the oldest of three boys and is close to his brothers, but it's his dad who inspired him to be a dad himself because of his patience, wisdom, and humility. A few years ago, Tripper and his brothers surprised their father with an overnight mule ride down the Grand Canyon … his life-long dream that will be remembered forever! Tripper loves to spend time with his nieces who occasionally visit Atlanta to explore the zoo, Coke Museum, or aquarium. He shares his love of music with his youngest brother – the two of them have attended over twenty concerts together. His parents live six hours away on a beach in Florida where Tripper spent his childhood summers.

Keely is the older of two daughters and is very close to her sister who recently had a baby. They are so excited to have an opportunity to raise children together. Keely's family is rich in tradition holding annual reunions in eastern Georgia, eastern Tennessee, and upstate New York. Keely's inspiration for adopting is from her entire family who has always been close, supportive, and loving of each other through thick and thin. Her family lives ninety minutes away and will be a great resource in raising a child.

From Us to You

Six years ago, Tripper boarded a plane to San Francisco and happened to sit next to a couple from Tennessee. After five hours of good conversation and a few laughs, Tripper asked the couple if they knew anyone in Atlanta who might like to attend a concert with him the following weekend. When the flight landed, Keely answered her phone when her friend called and accepted the invitation. Four years ago we were married on a beach in the Dominican Republic and then hosted a celebration party for friends and family in Savannah, Georgia. Two years ago we started trying to build a family, and one year ago we learned we could not conceive our own children. Nine months ago we started our adoption journey, looking for the best agency we could find, and one week ago we started to write this letter. We do not necessarily believe in luck, but we do believe events happen for a reason. We hope that our story and our commitments connect in a way that encourages you to join us in this next part of our journey. Thank you for taking the time to see if we are the parents you were hoping to find to offer your child a life of opportunities surrounded by love, support, respect, and joy.

We have tried to imagine ourselves in your position so that we could understand what you would like to know about us, but we realized it would be best to simply speak from our heart. As the parents selected to raise your child, we hope that these commitments help you to picture the world that we will create:

  • Unconditional Love - We believe that the best way to love a child is to create an environment of trust and compassion that relies on open communication, strong ethical values, and self-control. We want to instill confidence and pride while providing endless opportunities to be successful. We will love your child unequivocally through good times and bad.
  • Communication and Relationship - We feel that an open relationship with you can be very healthy for a child, but ultimately you must be comfortable with the type and amount of contact after birth. We are looking forward to discussing the structure that would give you the most assurance ... in addition to sending letters and pictures each year, we are open to other opportunities to build the relationship.
  • Stability and Comfort - Tripper is Vice President of Strategic Business Development for a Fortune 500 public company and is focused on building his career so he can continue to support the family. Keely works part-time as a Recruiter, and because of her job's flexibility, she will stay home to take care of the baby. We feel it is important that a newborn be cared for by one of us, and we are fortunate to have the financial capability to do so.
  • Spiritual Foundation - We were both active members of our church as children and believe it provided a strong moral foundation, and even though we have different affiliations, we are still involved today. We plan to expose your child to both of our beliefs, but since it is such a personal decision, we will give him/her the freedom to choose which religion, if any, he/she wants to accept at the appropriate time.
  • Fun and Happiness - We want to provide your child with a life full of joy and unforgettable experiences that develop him/her into a well-educated, incredible individual. We are excited to share our love of traveling, music, and hiking which we believe will help create a broad appreciation and perspective of the world.
  • You have made an unbelievably selfless choice that we admire and respect greatly. Although we cannot necessarily relate to what has brought you to this decision, we can relate to why we have been connected through this adoption process - to provide the best life possible for your child. We want to thank you again for learning more about who we are and the parents we plan to be, and look forward to taking this next step in our journey to build a family.

    With love and sincerity,

    Tripper & Keely


    Tom Hanks
    Robert Downey Jr
    Emma Stone
    Kate Hudson
    Jon Krakauer
    John Grisham
    Into the Wild
    Prince of Tides
    Candy Bar
    The Simpsons
    The Smurfs
    Childhood Memory
    Spending Summers on the Beach in Florida with My Family
    Watching fireworks from the top of a building downtown when I was young
    Childhood Toy
    Cabbage Patch
    Children's Book
    Shel Siverstein's "Where the Sidewalk Ends"
    Dr. Seuss's "Oh the Places You'll Go"
    New York City
    New York City
    Classic Movie
    Any Alfred Hitchcock Movie
    Miracle on 34th Street
    Day of Week
    Key Lime Pie
    Peanut Butter & Chocolate & Ice Cream
    Disney Movie
    Mary Poppins
    Snow White
    Dream Car
    Mid 1980s to Early 1990s Land Rover
    Brand New Lexus SUV
    Dream Job
    High School Math Teacher
    Fashion / Interior Design
    Dream Vacation
    Family Activity
    Traveling to New Cities or Attending Music Concerts
    Neighborhood walks
    Flower / Plant
    Form of Exercise
    Trivial Pursuit
    Collecting Vinyl Records
    Yoga, running
    Holiday Song
    "It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas"
    12 Days of Christmas
    Holiday Tradition
    Decorating the Christmas Tree
    Putting up the Christmas Tree
    Ice Cream
    Butter Pecan
    Peanut Butter
    Junk Food
    Ice Cream
    Leisure Activity
    Walking Around Our Neighborhood
    Entertainment Weekly
    Memory with a Child
    Going to DisneyWorld with My Nieces for the First Time
    Playing with my nieces in bed after waking up on a Saturday
    Memory with Spouse
    Seeing "Once" in New York City in December 2012
    Christmas Day being together after getting engaged
    Dead Poet's Society (Drama) and Christmas Vacation (Comedy)
    Steel Magnolias
    Movie Munchie
    Peanut M&Ms
    Movie Quote
    "Are You Serious, Clark?"
    ...rather have 30 minutes of wonderful than a lifetime of nothing special...
    Movie Type
    Once (But Hamilton is Really Good Too)
    Musical Group
    Widespread Panic (Current) and Led Zeppelin (Past)
    Talking Heads
    Nursery Rhyme
    Little Bunny Foo Foo
    Little Red Riding Hood
    Olympic Event
    Personal Hero
    My Father
    Romeo and Juliet
    Bob Dylan
    e e cummings
    Quality about my Spouse
    Her Wit and Independence
    His loving, nurturing and sweet nature
    "Try to Be a Rainbow in Someone's Cloud" - Maya Angelou
    Don't be sad it's over, be happy because it happened.
    Chicken Parmesan Sub
    Turkey, Avocado & Swiss
    Galatins 5:22 - 23
    Psalms 91
    Shopping Store
    "Thank You" by Led Zeppelin
    Phish "Waste"
    Sport to Play
    Golf (But I am Not Very Good)
    Sport to Watch
    College Football
    Sports Star
    Hank Aaron
    Cam Newton
    Sports Team
    Duke Blue Devils
    Auburn Tigers
    Subject in School
    Wonder Woman
    Thing to Cook
    Chicken Fajitas on the Grill
    Chicken Parmeseasn
    Time of Day
    Early Morning before you have to start moving
    Making Homemade Ice Cream on July 4th
    Putting up the Christmas Tree
    TV Show
    The Mindy Project
    TV Show Character
    Michael Scott - The Office
    Carrie Bradshaw "Sex & the City"
    Type of Music
    Classic Rock
    Vacation Spot
    New York City or Almost Any Beach
    New York City
    Video Game
    Super Mario Bros

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