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If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-800-ADOPTION (2367846), fill out the form at the bottom of our on-line profile page, or email us at

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Asif & Asma

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for considering us as potential parents for your child. Adoption to us is an act of incredible love and we greatly admire your strength and courage. We cannot wait to become parents and create a beautiful family based on the principles of faith, love, compassion, kindness, and joy. It will be an honor and privilege to walk this journey with you.

About Us

Investment Analyst
Master's Degree in Accounting, Finance
Doctor of Pharmacy
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Beautiful Southern Spain

We truly enjoy spending time together in our free time! We consider one another our best friend and make each other laugh and smile while also encouraging each other continue to grow and learn. We have had the great fortune of traveling domestically and internationally on our own and together and love how travel has broadened our perspectives and horizons. When not traveling, we spend our time in many different ways with family and friends and in our community. We enjoy hosting and entertaining in our home and bringing people together when we can. We also volunteer with organizations that promote positive values of peace, brotherhood and sisterhood, education, and health literacy. We enjoy many types of activities that allow us to recharge and channel creative energy such as such as playing board games, completing puzzles, doing home improvement projects, reading books and newspapers, gratitude journaling, learning new knock knock and dad jokes to impress our nieces and nephews, cooking up new recipes, trying new restaurants, hiking and being in nature, meditating, watching NBA basketball games, attending concerts and plays, and working out. We keep ourselves busy and are excited to include a little one in all of our activities and interests and show him or her the beauty and wonder of their community and the world around them!

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Horsey Ride With Uncle Asif

Asma About Asif: Asif has the biggest, most loving heart. He is a kind, sincere, and generous soul and loves to do any little thing to help people out. It comes so naturally to him that he doesn't have to think twice. He is also the most joyful and optimistic person I have ever met! He is always smiling and laughing and his joy is infectious to everyone he comes across. He loves making people happy and he never ceases to put a smile on my face or make me laugh. He has taught me to savor all the little things about life and to live each day with a sense of gratitude and joy!

Bedtime Smiles With Auntie Asma

Asif About Asma: I love Asma's independence, strength and compassion. She is never afraid to take on a challenge (personally or professionally) no matter how daunting it may appear. She thrives on challenging herself, learning new things, and growing. Asma is a selfless and compassionate woman who always puts others in front of herself. The way I have seen her take care of our parents and 10 nieces and nephews makes me truly excited to see her as a mother. She is an amazing woman who has the strongest of foundations that stems from her belief in God and the values of honesty, compassion and love. I know she will instill these same values within a child. Asma is my best friend and is an incredible wife and undoubtedly will be an incredible mom.

Cultural Diversity

We strongly believe that our society is strengthened and beautified by diversity and inclusion. As ethnic and religious minorities ourselves, we understand what it means to create a strong sense of self and honor our origins. While we both come from a similar cultural background, we appreciate multiculturalism and proactively seek to learn about people with heritages different from ours. We have had the great fortune of living in many different cities all across the US and traveled to many countries globally. As a result, we've learned so much about different cultures, have friends from different nationalities and races, and believe that the shared human experience is beautiful regardless of one's background or origin.

We believe it's incredibly important to honor our child's background so we plan to learn about and teach our child about their cultural and racial/ethnic background. We live in a diverse metropolitan area and will provide our child with experiences and opportunities to connect with their heritage and strengthen their self-identity. Our families and friends are open-minded and support us in adopting a child with a different cultural or ethnic background than our own. More than anything, they (like us) cannot wait to welcome a child into our family!



Coming Up Roses in Portland
Coming Up Roses in Portland
Asif & Our Nephew Playing Basketball
Asif & Our Nephew Playing Basketball
Taking in Majestic Snoqualmie Falls in Seattle
Taking in Majestic Snoqualmie Falls in Seattle
We Love When Our Nieces & Nephew Visit Us
We Love When Our Nieces & Nephew Visit Us
Attending an NBA Basketball Game
Attending an NBA Basketball Game
Board Game Strategy With Our Nephew
Board Game Strategy With Our Nephew
A Leisurely Bike Ride Along the Ocean
A Leisurely Bike Ride Along the Ocean
Escaping to Nature
Escaping to Nature
Stopping Along the Pacific Coast Highway
Stopping Along the Pacific Coast Highway
Craft Time With Our Nieces
Craft Time With Our Nieces
At a Family Wedding in California
At a Family Wedding in California
Valentine's Day Hike
Valentine's Day Hike
1 / 12
Coming Up Roses in Portland
Coming Up Roses in Portland
2 / 12
Asif & Our Nephew Playing Basketball
Asif & Our Nephew Playing Basketball
3 / 12
Taking in Majestic Snoqualmie Falls in Seattle
Taking in Majestic Snoqualmie Falls in Seattle
4 / 12
We Love When Our Nieces & Nephew Visit Us
We Love When Our Nieces & Nephew Visit Us
5 / 12
Attending an NBA Basketball Game
Attending an NBA Basketball Game
6 / 12
Board Game Strategy With Our Nephew
Board Game Strategy With Our Nephew
7 / 12
A Leisurely Bike Ride Along the Ocean
A Leisurely Bike Ride Along the Ocean
8 / 12
Escaping to Nature
Escaping to Nature
9 / 12
Stopping Along the Pacific Coast Highway
Stopping Along the Pacific Coast Highway
10 / 12
Craft Time With Our Nieces
Craft Time With Our Nieces
11 / 12
At a Family Wedding in California
At a Family Wedding in California
12 / 12
Valentine's Day Hike
Valentine's Day Hike

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We absolutely love our home and neighborhood! We are located in a charming suburban town in the Midwest, filled with lots of parks and majestic old trees. We often spend our time taking walks around our beautiful neighborhood streets, soaking in the serene natural beauty and chatting with our friendly neighbors. We are located 10 minutes from Kansas City and enjoy attending cultural events and eating out at all the fresh restaurants there.

Our home is a character-filled two-story Tudor-style house with three bedrooms, three baths, and a finished basement. We have lovingly restored and renovated it over the last year and like to host our friends and family any chance we get! Our favorite room is the open kitchen-family room area where we hang out and share many meals and laughs together. Our sunny backyard has several flowers and trees and a large deck connected to our screened in porch.

Our neighborhood is a diverse mix of retired couples and young families. It's common to see the many kids on our street playing together in their front yards and riding their bikes after school and on weekends. There are several neighborhood and community events. Our favorites are the annual fall festival and summer outdoor movie nights. It is an idyllic community and we can't wait to raise a child here!

Our Extended Families

Asif's Family

We are blessed to be a part of our big and loving families. We each have three siblings and many cousins. Between all of our siblings, we have 10 amazing nieces and nephews that range in age from 2 to 10. It is so special to be a part of their lives as their aunty and uncle and to see them grow and become the beautifully unique, kind, funny, curious, and loving people they are!

Ice Cream With Asma's Family

Though we don't live in the same state as our families, we are very tight-knit and see them regularly throughout the year. We love traveling to Texas, California, and Illinois to see our families and also love hosting them when they visit us! Our time with our families is filled with laughter and fun, including travel/vacationing, cheering our nieces and nephews on at their various sporting events, playing board games, swapping knock knock jokes and dad jokes, enjoying lots of delicious food, and attending holidays, celebrations, weddings, and birthday parties.

We also consider many of our friends as family and because of this, have so many more extended relatives all across the US and world! Our local friends are like our own little family and we're honored to be surrounded by them as well. To us, family is not just those sharing the same blood.

From Us to You

Thank you so much for taking the time to read our profile and learn more about us. We greatly admire your courage and strength in considering adoption and realize that it is not an easy decision. We offer you support and encouragement in making the best possible decision for you and your child.

We are so grateful to provide you with more information about us in addition to our hopes and dreams for our future family. We have been married for five years and together for about six years. We love one another deeply and are so thankful for our lives together. From early on in our marriage, we knew we wanted to start a family. However, we discovered we were unable to conceive biologically despite treatments and procedures. While this situation was initially difficult to process, we came to understand and embrace God's plan for us. Our path to parenthood may be taking slightly longer than we initially anticipated, but we are content with that and are incredibly excited at the prospect of building our family through adoption!

Through this journey to parenthood, we've connected with friends who have adopted. They have taught us so much and opened our eyes to the beauty of adoption. Our hearts yearn to share our love with a child. Our love will be unconditional and our familial bonds will be strong. Our dream of building a loving family will be achieved through this beautiful process of adoption. Our family and friends see our excitement clearly and will be devoted to a little one, regardless of how they join our family. There will be no shortage of love for a future child in our home!

Beyond love, we are committed to providing a stable and nurturing home environment for a child placed with us. We have had the privilege of being involved in our many nieces' and nephews' lives and understand that each child is beautifully unique. We will foster your child's individual talents and encourage him or her to grow into the person they are meant to be. We will also instill a love of God, family, and community to ensure a balanced life filled with purpose and meaning. We will show a future child that the world is a wondrous place filled with endless opportunities to learn and grow and that they have a special place in this big, beautiful world!

Our faith and religious traditions play a big part in our lives. We are openly and honestly Muslim (followers of the religion called Islam). Its principles have taught us that gratitude, compassion, and love are crucial to creating a meaningful life and to honor and respect all people of humanity, regardless of background, religion, origin, or any other factors. We plan to raise our child as a Muslim while respectfully providing them with and exposing them to knowledge and information about other world religions. We view people of all different walks of faith as our brothers and sisters and will impart that belief to our child.

We will impart to your child that you chose to place him or her with us out of an abundance of love and a wish for a beautiful life for them. We will honor you and ensure your child knows their own special adoption story to build a strong self-identity and confidence within themselves. Your child will be our greatest gift in life and we will do everything in our power to reflect that. We will happily share picture and letter or email updates with you, and are open to making arrangements for visits. We want to work together to maintain a healthy relationship. You are very important to us and we will be eternally thankful to you for entrusting us with your child!

With love and respect,

Asif & Asma


Denzel Washington
Denzel Washington
Susan Kelechi Watson
Meryl Streep
Koala bear
Michael Lewis
Jane Austen
Goosebumps series
Pride & Prejudice, The Autobiography of Malcolm X, and Freakonomics
Candy Bar
Milky way dark
Kit kat
Tale Spin
Childhood Memory
Eid Holidays with Family
Learning to read with my parents' help in kindergarten
Childhood Toy
My Little Pony
Children's Book
The Litte Engine that Could
San Diego, CA
New York City (where my husband and I met :))
Classic Movie
Glory and Rocky
Sound of Music
Navy blue
Day of Week
Coconut Cream Pie
Chocolate custard
Disney Movie
The Land before Time
Moana and The Lion King
Dream Car
Honda Odyssey (since it means we have a family!)
Dream Job
Dream Vacation
Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro
South Africa
Family Activity
Playing together in the backyard
Board games and cooking together
Flower / Plant
Pink Roses
Anything with spice
Cheese pizza
Form of Exercise
Walking and Hiking
Weight training and walking
Peach and Watermelon
Playing Basketball and Reading
Reading newspapers
Holiday Song
Jingle Bells
Let it snow
Holiday Tradition
Thanksgiving Dinner
Eating donuts on Eid and prepping turkey on Thanksgiving`
Ice Cream
Mocha Almond Fudge
Salted caramel
Junk Food
Nachos and Donuts
Watermelon sour patch kids
Leisure Activity
Discovering new places/travel with my husband and volunteering
The Atlantic
The Atlantic
Memory with a Child
Telling Jokes to my Nieces and Nephews
Meeting each of my 10 nieces and nephews for the very first time
Memory with Spouse
The day I met her playing Dodgeball
Our first date...I knew he was the one!
The Sandlot, and Home Alone
Get Out
Movie Munchie
Popcorn and Twizzlers
Movie Quote
"You're Killing me Smalls"
Help me help you! and Get out!
Movie Type
Comedy and Drama
The Lion King
In the Heights
Musical Group
Maroon 5
John Legend
Nursery Rhyme
The Itsy Bitsy Spider
Twinkle twinkle little star
Olympic Event
Track and Field - 4x100 Relays
Track and field
Personal Hero
My Parents
My parents
A Raisin in the Sun
Julius Caesar
Robert Frost
Rumi and Maya Angelou
Quality about my Spouse
Compassion and Introspection
He's the kindest and funniest man I know :)
Failing to Prepare is Preparing to Fail
A man who views the world the same at 50 as he did at 20 has wasted 30 year of his life.
Tuna Melt
Tuna melt
Quran, 2:255
Quran 2:186, Quran 94:5-6
Shopping Store
TJ Maxx
Nordstrom and Marshalls
One Call Away, Charlie Puth
All of me
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Hakeem Olajuwon
Muhammad Ali and LeBron James
Sports Team
LA Lakers
Texas Longhorns
Subject in School
English and pharmacology
Black panther
Thing to Cook
Chicken tortilla soup
Time of Day
Watching Football on New Years Day
Breaking fast daily during Ramadan with family and preparing for Eid holiday at end of Ramadan
TV Show
The A-Team (original series) and The Wonder Years
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air
TV Show Character
John "Hannibal" Smith
Randall Pearson
Type of Music
R&B and pop
Vacation Spot
Anywhere with Asma
Video Game
Super Mario Brothers
Duck hunt

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