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Alan & Mikaela

Thank you for considering us as potential parents for your child. We have been looking forward to expanding our family for quite some time. We have so much love and laughter to share and will provide unconditional love to your child. For you to choose us to be your child's parents would mean the world to us and we cannot wait to start the next chapter of our lives!

About Us

Logistics Manager
Dance Studio Owner
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Administration
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

Family Trip to the Grand Canyon

We've tried to have our own child and have been through multiple rounds of infertility treatments over the past few years. All of the treatments were unsuccessful and we needed time to grieve over the constant disappointments. We took a year off of infertility treatments to travel and just spend time together as a couple with no stress of trying to conceive. With that year off and to ourselves, we realized that adoption was the path for us, rather than continuing with infertility treatments. We realized that we could provide a loving and caring home to another child and that it doesn't matter if they are not blood related. The more we researched about adoption, we became more eager to start the process and cannot wait to meet our future child!

Alan has a 13-year-old son named Matthew from a previous relationship. Matthew lives with us part time and we share a good relationship with his mom who also lives in the same city as us. He is excited about the whole adoption process because his mom was adopted from South Korea. Matthew already has practice with his other two siblings from his mom's side and he will be a great big brother to this child, as well. Overall, he is a well-behaved kid and gets good grades in school. We are very proud of him!

Our Family Dream

Mt. Rainer

Our dream for this child is to expose them to as many opportunities as possible. We would be very supportive if they wanted to pursue sports, band, dance or any sort of activity. We want to teach them to be respectful, work hard and to conquer whatever life throws at them. We've talked about enrolling our future child in a smaller school near by. Both of us grew up in small towns and really appreciated the smaller schools. We want our future child to be well educated and if college is something they want to pursue as they get older, we will fully support them.

We love to travel whether it's going to the big city for the day or planning our next trip somewhere in the United States. Alan's goal is to see as many national parks as he can in his lifetime. We took a trip to Seattle this past summer and hiked Mt. Rainer. It was Mikaela's first hiking trip and she enjoyed it very much. We plan on taking Matthew to the Grand Canyon next and will continue to travel even as we add to the family. We really believe in owning less and value experience more. We want to instill this on Matthew and our future child because there is so much to see in this world.

Our Professional Lives

Mikaela & Her Brother With Their Dance Students

Mikaela has owned a dance studio for almost 10 years now. She teaches boys and girls ages 18 months and up in all different styles of dance. She works alongside with her mother and brother. Dance has always been a big part of Mikaela's life and she enjoys sharing her passion of dance with other children. She looks at her students as her own children and cannot wait to teach her own future child.

Alan has worked for a pharmaceutical company for the past ten years. He has had several different roles with the company and is currently a logistics manager. Alan has also been with the National Guard for three years. He has been to several places in the United States for training, but Mikaela and Matthew were able to come visit him a few times which were nice family vacations.



At a Military Holiday Party
At a Military Holiday Party
First Day Back to School!
First Day Back to School!
Alan Hiking
Alan Hiking
Game Night
Game Night
Mikaela Dancing at an Event
Mikaela Dancing at an Event
Ugly Sweater Christmas
Ugly Sweater Christmas
Alan Playing Guitar
Alan Playing Guitar
Fun at a Color Run
Fun at a Color Run
Alan & Elton
Alan & Elton
Visiting Puerto Vallarta
Visiting Puerto Vallarta
Fun in Cancun
Fun in Cancun
Visiting a Museum
Visiting a Museum
1 / 12
At a Military Holiday Party
At a Military Holiday Party
2 / 12
First Day Back to School!
First Day Back to School!
3 / 12
Alan Hiking
Alan Hiking
4 / 12
Game Night
Game Night
5 / 12
Mikaela Dancing at an Event
Mikaela Dancing at an Event
6 / 12
Ugly Sweater Christmas
Ugly Sweater Christmas
7 / 12
Alan Playing Guitar
Alan Playing Guitar
8 / 12
Fun at a Color Run
Fun at a Color Run
9 / 12
Alan & Elton
Alan & Elton
10 / 12
Visiting Puerto Vallarta
Visiting Puerto Vallarta
11 / 12
Fun in Cancun
Fun in Cancun
12 / 12
Visiting a Museum
Visiting a Museum

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We have a ranch house with a fully furnished basement and a fenced in backyard, which our dog enjoys. Our house has three bedrooms on our main level and one in the basement. One thing that we love about our house, is our fireplace. We love to run our wood burning stove in the winter. It keeps the house warm and toasty during the winter months.

Our house is located two blocks away from an elementary school and just five minutes away from the middle and high school. The elementary school is walking distance and can use the playground on the weekends or after school. Our neighborhood is quiet and has several families with young children nearby.

During Christmas time, there is a house down the street from us that attracts a lot of people. They have their own Christmas light show which is connected to their own radio station. We enjoy visiting their house every year during Christmas.

Our Extended Families

Mikaela's Family

Mikaela's family lives nearby, her brother and mother work for her at her dance studio. Her brother teaches and her mom manages the front desk. Mikaela's dad also owns a small business an hour away. Whenever they can, they get together to go out to eat or do some sort of activity together.

Alan's Family

Alan has one older sister and two younger brothers. They all have children of their own, all under the age of 5. It's fun to see them all play together during family gatherings. We enjoy getting together with family, eating food and catching up. Every Thanksgiving Alan's dad and brothers all play football, it's fun to see them try and tackle each other!

Both sides of our family are excited for our new journey to become parents through adoption, especially Mikaela's side. This will be their first grandchild and cannot wait to meet them!

We also have a four-legged child, named Elton after the singer Elton John. We both enjoy listening to his music and since Yorkshire Terriers originate from England, we thought the name was fitting.

From Us to You

Hello! Our names are Alan and Mikaela. We appreciate that you took the time to read our profile and get to know us a little better.

We've been married for five years and have been looking forward to adding to our family for quite sometime. Alan has a son named Matthew and he is 13 years old. Matthew's mom was adopted, so he is looking forward to having a sibling who is adopted. Matthew is the oldest of all his cousins and because of this he has gained the experience needed to be a good sibling. We also have a four-legged child named Elton, he is a Yorkie and follows us around the house nonstop. We know both Matthew and Elton will make great big brothers!

Becoming parents is something we have been looking forward to ever since we were married. We believe expanding our family is important and also the morally right thing to do. We believe in leading by example and developing a strong character that a child can learn from. We have spent our lives in preparation to raise our own family and we believe we have the means to raise a child and are able to support and encourage them in any endeavor they may want to pursue in the future.

We both enjoy traveling and seeing different parts of the country. We've been to several national parks and have hiked each one of them. We try to plan several vacations a year and we do bring Matthew sometimes. Our goal is to see every state and as many national parks in the U.S. as we can. We look forward to bringing a child on our future trips so we can share those experiences and make memories as a family.

It's our goal to spend as much time together as a family, whether it's taking Elton for walks, going to the local YMCA, playing board games, movie night or going to the book store. We try to have an active lifestyle and value experiences and family interactions. We take pride in reading books and we hope to pass that on to our future child. We enjoy going to the local YMCA which is minutes from our house. Matthew swims while we work out. Sometimes we will go shoot some hoops in the gym or take a fitness class.

We've been looking forward to expanding our family for quite some time, as this will be our first child that we will be raising together. Please know that we will provide your child the best life that we can offer. We will provide the child with all the love, devotion and support that any child or parent would ask for. If desired, we will share your child's growth, experiences and photos through email, phone calls or planned visits. We want our child to know where they came from and they were placed in adoption out of love.

Words cannot express how ready we are to add to our family and know that it would not be possible without your strength and courage. We know that you have a difficult decision ahead of you and you will be in our thoughts and prayers.


Alan & Mikaela


Clint Eastwood
Evan Bates
Sigourney Weaver
Melissa McCarthy
James Ellroy
David Bell
Lord of the Rings
Happy is the New Healthy
Candy Bar
Hersey's with almonds
Looney Tunes
Childhood Memory
Playing games with his brothers
Making dinner with my Great Grandma
Childhood Toy
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Pocket Polly's
Children's Book
The Hobbit
The Giving Tree
Classic Movie
The Godfather
Day of Week
Carrot Cake
Brownie sundaes
Disney Movie
Hocus Pocus
Dream Car
Ford GT
Jeep Grand Cherokee
Dream Job
Conditioning coach for professional fighters
Owning a coffee/book store
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Playing board games
Taking our dog, Elton for a walk
Flower / Plant
Oak Tree
Italian Food
Form of Exercise
Lifting weights
HIIT and Yoga
Going to the gym
Making Wine Bottle Decor
Holiday Song
Jingle Bells
O' Holy Night
Holiday Tradition
Putting up Christmas lights
Being with loved ones and eating homemade food
Ice Cream
Cookie Dough
Cookie Dough
Junk Food
Peanutbutter M&M's
Pumpkin Bars
Leisure Activity
Yoga Magazines
Memory with a Child
Teaching Matthew how to wrestle
Taking my stepson to see Alan graduate from Army bootcamp
Memory with Spouse
Our wedding day
When my husband proposed in Estes Park
Saving Private Ryan
Hocus Pocus
Movie Munchie
Popcorn & M&M's
Movie Quote
Anything from Forrest Gump
My mama always said, Life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get. - Forrest Gump
Movie Type
Crime Drama
Book of Mormon
Book of Morman
Musical Group
Led Zeppelin
Spice Girls
Nursery Rhyme
Old McDonald
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Jocko Willink
My Dad
Romeo & Juliet
William Shakespeare
Emily Dickinson
Quality about my Spouse
Her work ethic and always giving it her all
I love that he can make me laugh when I am feeling down.
"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity"
Difficult roads often lead to beautiful destinations.
The Grey Plume
El Bee's
Club Sandwich
Peanut Butter and Jelly
1 Corinthians 16:13 Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be courageous; be strong.
Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you, declares the LORD, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.
Shopping Store
DSW.....I love shoes!
"All along the Watch Tower" Jimi Hendricks
"Collide" by Howie Day
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Nastia Liukin
Sports Team
Huskers Football Team
Vegas Knights
Subject in School
Social Studies
Social Studies
Thing to Cook
Bacon and Eggs
Time of Day
Going to Estes Park
Watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation every Christmas
TV Show
Desperate Housewives
TV Show Character
Kramer from Seinfeld
Evan Peters from American Horror Story
Type of Music
90's Rock
Anything from the 90's
Vacation Spot
Anywhere there is mountains
Video Game

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