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Erik & Kim

Thank you for reading our profile and considering us as parents for your child. Adoption is a gift and we are grateful for you as you make this courageous decision. We are excited about becoming parents and will create a nurturing and loving home where a child can thrive. We look forward to sharing this adventure with you.

About Us

Self-Employed/Future Stay-at-Home Parent
University Director of Student Life
High School
Master's Degree in Educational Leadership
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Kim Volunteering at a Local Food Bank With Friends

In an average week, our leisure time is spent walking around our neighborhood, playing a board game, or watching TV. Erik enjoys gardening, homebrewing, going to the gym, and playing video games. Kim spends her time reading, crafting, and volunteering in the local community. Together, we love to explore our city on the weekends and find fun activities to do like going to the beach, bowling, mini golfing, or visiting a local museum. We also love to travel and enjoy going to theme parks, taking vacations with our extended family, exploring a new exotic location on a cruise, or roughing it at a camping trip. Seeing the happiness on a child's face at the beach, a local animal park, or participating in a community festival is something we are looking forward to.

Erik in the Garden

Why We Chose Adoption

Sharing a Laugh

We started talking about having a family before we got married. We both knew that we wanted to have a family and started our journey to parenthood shortly after our wedding. For years we struggled through failed infertility treatments and experienced the emotions that come along with not being able to achieve your dreams. None of this took away our desire to be parents and raise a child. We started discussing adoption shortly after beginning treatments and knew it was always an option for us. After a few years, the emotions of failed treatments had helped both of us understand that adoption was our best route for expanding our family. As we began researching adoption more, we came to understand the amazing blessing that it is and we are excited to grow our family through adoption.

We look forward to telling our child their adoption story and that they have two families that love them unconditionally. We will teach them about adoption while they are young through books and stories. As they get older we will tell them their own adoption story. We want this child to know that they are not alone and we will seek out other adoptive families in our area so that they can know other children who were adopted. They will know about both of their families and the love that both of their families have for them. We will make sure they know that they are blessed to be surrounded by so many people that love them and want the best for them.

What It Means to Become Parents

Erik Fishing With Our Nephew

We are thrilled at the prospect of being parents. We were both raised by parents who loved us, supported us, and encouraged us and we are excited to do the same for a child. Erik is looking forward to the new social experiences a child will bring us and wants to see the joy they have during a trip to a theme park or participating in a hometown festival. Kim is excited about daily parenting activities like having dinner as a family and reading together before going to bed. Together we anticipate that becoming parents will be exciting but challenging and we are looking forward to working together to create a loving and supportive household for a child.



At the Shoreline
At the Shoreline
Playing in the Pool With Our Nephew
Playing in the Pool With Our Nephew
At a Spring Training Game
At a Spring Training Game
All Dressed Up for a Wedding
All Dressed Up for a Wedding
Erik Finishing Up Some Woodworking
Erik Finishing Up Some Woodworking
Kim at Paint Night With Friends
Kim at Paint Night With Friends
Visiting Rock City in Chattanooga
Visiting Rock City in Chattanooga
Walking Through a Local Park
Walking Through a Local Park
Having a Blast at Walt Disney World
Having a Blast at Walt Disney World
Kim at a Local Mini Golf Course
Kim at a Local Mini Golf Course
We Love Living in Florida!
We Love Living in Florida!
On the Beach in Cozumel, Mexico
On the Beach in Cozumel, Mexico
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At the Shoreline
At the Shoreline
2 / 12
Playing in the Pool With Our Nephew
Playing in the Pool With Our Nephew
3 / 12
At a Spring Training Game
At a Spring Training Game
4 / 12
All Dressed Up for a Wedding
All Dressed Up for a Wedding
5 / 12
Erik Finishing Up Some Woodworking
Erik Finishing Up Some Woodworking
6 / 12
Kim at Paint Night With Friends
Kim at Paint Night With Friends
7 / 12
Visiting Rock City in Chattanooga
Visiting Rock City in Chattanooga
8 / 12
Walking Through a Local Park
Walking Through a Local Park
9 / 12
Having a Blast at Walt Disney World
Having a Blast at Walt Disney World
10 / 12
Kim at a Local Mini Golf Course
Kim at a Local Mini Golf Course
11 / 12
We Love Living in Florida!
We Love Living in Florida!
12 / 12
On the Beach in Cozumel, Mexico
On the Beach in Cozumel, Mexico

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a four bedroom house with a pool in a quiet neighborhood within a suburban city on the gulf coast of Florida. Our house is great for when family visits and we have lots of space for a child to learn and grow!

Our neighborhood has a mix of people, ranging from young families to retirees. We love walking around our neighborhood, especially at Christmas time when our neighbors all decorate for the holiday. Our community gets very into the holiday spirit each year, hosting a Christmas lights contest where neighbors set up elaborate displays and often serve hot cocoa! Many of the houses in our neighborhood are featured on the city's holiday lights trolley tour!

Our city has great outdoor spaces that include state parks and gorgeous beaches. We enjoy going camping at our local state parks. Our closest neighborhood park has walking trails, a big picnic area, and three separate playgrounds for kids of all ages! There are a number of museums in town, two wild animal parks, and an aquarium. We also have a lot of different festivals and traditions in town, including a Christmas boat parade. It's so neat to see all of the boats lit up with Christmas lights and cruising past the downtown area!

Our Extended Families

With Kim's Family

Even though we live pretty far away from our families, we remain close. We enjoy spending time with our family when they are able to visit and we see each other at least a few times a year. Erik's family lives a few hours away in Florida and in New York. Kim's family lives in California. Technology helps us stay in touch with our families and we talk on the phone and facetime with them regularly. It's so exciting to see our nephew and nieces celebrate milestones even if we can't be there! We both have extended family members in Florida and enjoy spending time with them on holidays and for special celebrations.

Fun With Family

When we visit with family we enjoy playing games and going fun places. Last summer we took a vacation with Kim's family to a lake house in Tennessee. We spent the week playing board games, doing puzzles, kayaking, fishing, and exploring the area. It was wonderful to spend a whole week together and we were able to make great memories with our nephew. Our families are very excited about our adoption plan and will welcome a child into our family with open arms.

From Us to You

Hello! We are Kim and Erik. We want to thank you for taking the time to read our profile and learn more about us. We have great appreciation and admiration for you and hope that learning a little more about us will help you as you make this courageous decision.

We have been married for five years and have wanted to be parents our entire marriage. For years we tried to conceive, but were unsuccessful. This challenge never dampened our desire to be parents and have a child to love, support, and encourage. Our shared excitement for parenthood has led us to adoption and we see it as an amazing experience and the best way for us to grow our family. We are looking forward to providing a nurturing home and unconditional love to a child.

Kim currently works at a university supporting students through activities that help them find their passions, expand their knowledge, serve their communities, and become lifelong learners. At work she finds herself being a coach, a counselor, a mentor, and a friend. Her work motivates her to push forward, learn something new every day, and give back to the surrounding community. The same motivation and skills that drive her at work will help her be an amazing mother. She is excited to inspire a love for learning and service within a child and coach them through all of life's ups and downs.

Erik is self-employed and works from home. His work is flexible and allows him to have busy days and quiet days and above all else will allow him to be a stay-at-home parent. He is looking forward to incorporating a child into our everyday lives and our adventures. Erik loves working with his hands and enjoys woodworking, gardening, fishing, and camping. He is looking forward to sharing that joy with a child and helping them grow through these hands-on experiences.

Together we love to make memories through experiences. We enjoy finding exciting things to do in our home town, like going to the beach, camping, or visiting a local museum. We are blessed to be able to travel multiple times each year and enjoy exploring new places across the country on a road trip, visiting a local Florida theme park, relaxing on a cruise, or taking time to visit our family and friends in California and New York. Our best memories together are of our adventures and we are excited to share those experiences with a child.

Through adoption our family will not only grow through a child, it will grow through all of the members of that child's family that love and support them. We want you to always feel comfortable with us and know what is happening in your child's life. We will send plenty of pictures through email and letters to you. We look forward to planning visits and phone calls when the time is right. It is important to us that we work together to maintain a healthy relationship that focuses on supporting this child so that they can experience the love of their entire family. We will always value you and will speak highly of you and the brave decision you are making.

We greatly appreciate you considering us to be potential parents to your child. Words cannot truly express how much we admire and respect your strength and bravery. We wish you the very best in this journey!

Erik & Kim


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Milky Way
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Celebrating the Fourth of July
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San Diego
Light green
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Ice Cream
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The Lion King
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Head Brew Master
Owner of a flower shop
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Decorating the Christmas tree
Looking at Christmas lights
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Bass Pro
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Theme park trips with my niece
Playing games with my nephew
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The mountains
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Mario Kart

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