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Jeff & Heather

We consider our role as parents to be one of the greatest privileges we have in this life. Being good parents means demonstrating unconditional love for one another while showing how to work through disagreements and how to forgive. We are a fun-loving family who puts family first. We are excited to see our family grow through adoption again and look forward to this new chapter in our life.

About Us

Assistant Principal
Ph.D in School Leadership
Master's Degree in Education
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

We Love Going to Baseball Games!

We are sport enthusiasts! We were a match made in heaven in that regard. We both love attending baseball games as well as college football games. And while we root for different baseball teams we so enjoy the sport and giving each other a hard time when the other's team isn't performing very well. Aside from sports, Jeff is a huge DIY-er. You name the project and he will tackle it. He also enjoys running! He has completed a number of 1/2 marathons and marathons! Heather also loves to workout but not necessarily run. Heather enjoys fitness so much that over ten years ago she became a certified group exercise instructor. She now gets the pleasure of combining her love of teaching with her love of fitness!

Our favorite things to do as a family are to be outside and active. If it is cold you can find us skiing or more recently snow boarding. As the weather gets warmer we love to ride bikes, walk the dog, play baseball or watch Sullivan play t-ball. In the summer you will find us at the beach enjoying the sun and sand. We love going to the beach and jumping the waves together, playing sports on the beach, or simply playing outside. This winter Sullivan was on his first basketball team and Jeff was one of his coaches. Just recently Sullivan started karate and will begin music lessons this spring. We know all of these activities and more will continue as our family grows.

What it Means to be Parents

Being a parent is by far the most rewarding job but it is the hardest job too. When Sullivan was born our hearts grew to lengths we didn't know were possible. Simply put, we were elated, seemingly giddy in love. While middle-of-the-night wake up calls for a bottle or a changed diaper were hard to adjust to at first, we relished spending time with Sullivan in the quiet of the night. As one stage would end, we would be sad to see it go, only to enjoy the next stage of his life even more! It is amazing to watch Sullivan grow into the little boy he is quickly becoming. There are moments when we look at him and can't get over how big he is, and then there are times where he is that little baby boy cuddled up with one of us. As with any job, there are good days, great moments, and amazing accomplishments to enjoy when you are a parent but there are also those times when things don't come together the way you hoped. The bottom line and what we never forget is that this precious child is counting on us to demonstrate how you can overcome whatever obstacles are placed in front of you and to make each day count.

Why We Chose Adoption

Sullivan & Rusty Can't Wait for Another Sibling to Play With

After many years of unsuccessful infertility treatments we decided to pursue adoption. We knew that our desire to be parents was too great to ignore. It was more important for us to love and raise a child than to be pregnant. There were members of both of our families who had adopted, as well as friends. We looked to them for advice and support. Through their experiences we learned how wonderful adoption can be when the right fit is found between the birth mother and adoptive family. Our desire to adopt is pure, we simply want to expand our family while keeping the best interests of everyone involved - birth mother, adoptive family, unborn child - in mind.

Everyone has a story about the day he/she was born. We enjoy telling Sullivan all about his story, his very special, unique story. As he gets older he asks more and more questions and we enjoy adding the details he desires to his story. We remind him of the great gift his birth mother gave us so that we could be parents. We are so excited to continue this with another child as well!



Enjoying a Basketball Game
Enjoying a Basketball Game
Just Finished a Run
Just Finished a Run
Riding Rides at the Fair
Riding Rides at the Fair
Checking Out the Giraffes at the Zoo
Checking Out the Giraffes at the Zoo
Chilly Easter by the Water
Chilly Easter by the Water
Being Silly at Disney
Being Silly at Disney
Family Selfie
Family Selfie
Heather Paddleboarding
Heather Paddleboarding
Fun on Vacation
Fun on Vacation
Sullivan's First Day of School
Sullivan's First Day of School
Fall Fun with Daddy
Fall Fun with Daddy
Celebrating Sullivan's Pre-K Graduation
Celebrating Sullivan's Pre-K Graduation
1 / 12
Enjoying a Basketball Game
Enjoying a Basketball Game
2 / 12
Just Finished a Run
Just Finished a Run
3 / 12
Riding Rides at the Fair
Riding Rides at the Fair
4 / 12
Checking Out the Giraffes at the Zoo
Checking Out the Giraffes at the Zoo
5 / 12
Chilly Easter by the Water
Chilly Easter by the Water
6 / 12
Being Silly at Disney
Being Silly at Disney
7 / 12
Family Selfie
Family Selfie
8 / 12
Heather Paddleboarding
Heather Paddleboarding
9 / 12
Fun on Vacation
Fun on Vacation
10 / 12
Sullivan's First Day of School
Sullivan's First Day of School
11 / 12
Fall Fun with Daddy
Fall Fun with Daddy
12 / 12
Celebrating Sullivan's Pre-K Graduation
Celebrating Sullivan's Pre-K Graduation

Our Extended Families

Skiing with Cousins

We have two great families who love us very much. We are fortunate in that Heather's parents live locally. Sullivan has a chance to see his Gigi and PopPop often and they have had a chance to experience school functions and sporting events with him. Heather's brother and family, as well as Jeff's family, live short car rides away so seeing them is easy. We both have friends who live nearby and we enjoy spending time with them and their families. Additionally, Jeff is still close with his high school friends and sees them at Yankees games.

Sullivan & PopPop

We definitely put family first and always take time to see them. In the summer we spend weekends on the shore where Heather's entire family gathers. As a result our son has built close relationships with his two twin cousins. All of our friends and family are excited that we want to expand our family and adopt again. When Sullivan came into our lives we were overwhelmed by their enthusiasm and genuine joy and now they are hopeful and excited that our family may grow again.

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We recently moved to a new house in a quiet but family oriented neighborhood. We had wanted to move to a neighborhood that would have other children for Sullivan to play with while providing him a greater opportunity to be outside playing and riding his bike. Our previous house, while lovely, was situated on a wooded, hilly lot. This truly prevented us from enjoying all the outside has to offer. Our new house is located on a flat lot with lots of space and a swimming pool. Sullivan loves to swim so this was a fantastic addition! There are children all throughout the neighborhood, most of which go to Sullivan's school! Our next-door neighbors have a son the same age as Sullivan and they have become friends already!

Our new house is located close to the elementary school which has consistently been ranked in the top 20 schools in the state. We are also close to local parks including baseball fields where Sullivan has played his first season of t-ball. The neighborhood in which we live hosts many special events from a 4th of July bike parade to fall hayrides to holiday parties.

From Us to You

Thank you for considering us to love and nurture the child you are bringing into this world. We are not writing to you pretending to understand what you are feeling, or how hard this decision is that you are going through. However, there are many other things that we do know, and we'd love to share them with you!

Over seven years ago, we began our adoption journey. We spent a long time wanting and hoping to have a family, unsure if that would ever happen. A little more than five years ago, we received a call that changed our lives forever. A birth mother had chosen us to raise her child, a son! We were elated and a short time later, we not only met the birth mother, but our son was born. We enjoyed getting to know the birth mother while learning more about her, her family, and her decision to choose us as adoptive parents. All of this information has been crucial to us as we have shared with Sullivan how he came to be our son. We know that our hearts have been opened more than we ever imagined with the addition of Sullivan in our lives. It is now our hope to share our endless love with another child and to give Sullivan the precious gift of a sibling.

Family is integral in our lives. We have both benefited from the love and support provided by our families. They have taught us through their everyday examples and life choices about unconditional love. We are fortunate enough to still benefit from their examples and support, most especially during our adoption journey and as we raise Sullivan. We have seen children both within our own families and those of close friends thrive as part of an adoptive family.

We are excited to share your child's adoption story with him/her. We believe that is a crucial part to helping the child understand who they are. We each have our own story of the day we were born, how we came to be who we are, and we look forward to hopefully being a part of your child's story and to sharing your integral role. We know that through letters, emails, and pictures that your child will know just how remarkable you are in that you trusted us to raise your child and to enlarge our family. We also know that despite any amount of distance or time, a parent never stops loving their child and thus we believe communication is a key piece to this partnership.

What more can we tell you? We are honest, hard-working, and loving people. We have loved each other for a long, long time. When we met over 18 years ago, we both knew, almost immediately, that we had found a partner for life. We have weathered many ups and downs that life has thrown our way over the years but each and every time we have come together and emerged stronger and better for the challenge. We look for life to always teach us lessons and to never stop growing.

We could not be more humbled at simply being considered to take part in the enormous honor that is raising your child. We admire the selfless choice that you are making by considering adoption, and while your decision is difficult, it is courageous too.

Best wishes to you. We truly cannot wait to hear from you.

Jeff & Heather


Bradley Cooper
Matthew McConaughey
Anne Hathaway
Reese Witherspoon
James Patterson
Patricia Polacco
Jeter Unfiltered
Charlotte's Web
Candy Bar
Reese's Peanut Butter Cup
Take Five
Calvin and Hobbes
Childhood Memory
Going to Jones Beach
Swimming at our neighborhood swim club
Childhood Toy
Matchbox cars
Matchbox cars
Children's Book
Good Night Moon
The Digging-est Dog
New York City
Day of Week
Ice cream cake
Disney Movie
Dream Car
BMW convertible
Dream Job
Work in the Yankees organization
Weather forecaster
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Going to Yankees games
Going to the beach
Flower / Plant
Calla lily
Form of Exercise
HIIT and lifting weights
Watching sports
Holiday Song
Holiday Road
O Holy Night
Holiday Tradition
Seeing my cousins
Christmas Eve Open House
Ice Cream
Mint chocolate chip
Fudge ripple
Junk Food
Ice cream
Chips and salsa
Leisure Activity
Going to the beach
Men's Health
Memory with a Child
Taking Sullivan to his first Yankees game
Going to baseball games
Memory with Spouse
The day our son was born
Meeting Sullivan
National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation
The Intern
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
Is your house on fire, Clark?
If you build it, he will come.
Movie Type
Musical Group
Billy Joel
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Rock A Bye Baby
Olympic Event
Track and field
Personal Hero
Jackie Robinson
Nelson Mandela
Shel Silverstein
Maya Angelou
Quality about my Spouse
Her Drive
His Patience
A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.
Sometimes the right path isn't the easiest.
California Kitchen
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Turkey club
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Jos A Banks
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Sport to Watch
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Derek Jeter
Chase Utley
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Top 40
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