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Joe & Lisa

We are truly blessed to be given the opportunity to adopt! We are thankful for your willingness to view our profile and consider us to join you on this journey. We have so much love to give and truly believe that any addition to our home will be extraordinary. We hope you see the genuine and sincere love we have to give and look forward to the chance to raise your child.

About Us

U.S. Air Force
U.S. Air Force; Future Stay-at-Home Mom
Bachelor's Degree in Management Studies
Bachelor's Degree in Business Management
Legally Married

Our Professional Lives

We Can't Wait to Become Parents!

We have been in the Air Force for 19 years and will soon be beginning a new chapter of our lives out of the military. Joe worked on F-16 aircraft as a crew chief and was on the Air Force Thunderbirds Team for 3 years. He then transitioned to become a Federal Agent and is the Special Agent in Charge of the unit currently here in Texas. Lisa was a Security Forces Policeman and then transitioned to a First Sergeant. We have lived in Arizona, Nevada, Korea, Italy, Georgia, New Mexico, Louisiana and Texas. We have served on multiple deployments and are more than proud to have served our country.

With all this being said, we are ready to add a child to our loving family. We will soon be moving to Oklahoma where Joe will begin working for his family's business. Lisa looks forward to becoming a stay-at-home mom when we welcome a child into our family. We look forward to making this child our number one priority in our lives, and can commit to evenings together, Saturdays available for family time and holidays together. Our time in the military has been amazing, but the transition time is here and we are ready to do it as a team, a family, with all the devotion, everlasting love, and hope we can give.

Our Family Dream

Enjoying Our Time With a Friend's Son

We are going into this adventure of adoption with eyes and hearts wide open. Although we have been married for 16 years, we still learn something about each other every day. One thing is for certain, we are a solid team.

Our dream is simple, we want to have the joy of a child in our home. That includes the ups and downs; the crying and the giggling; the scraped knee; the games won and lost; and the successes and failures. We want it all.

If our child asks questions, we will answer them. We want them to hear us say, "We are proud of you" and "It will be okay; you will get it next time." We want to develop as a family from day one and to do whatever it takes to surround this child with love. We want the tears and the happy family pictures at Christmas. We want to hear a child call our family members "Auntie" or "Grandma." We want to see them running around with their cousins and taking the same busses to school with them. We want to see them successful in more ways than one. Ultimately, we want to share our unconditional love with a child.

What Makes Us Unique

Fun Times in Belize

We believe what make us unique is our life experiences. How many couples can say they have worked in Italy, or Korea, or Afghanistan? We have travelled the globe, observed multiple cultures, snowboarded in the Alps, cruised the Mediterranean, road tripped across the United States, camped in Croatia, and rode donkeys in Greece. Lisa travelled through Europe on the U.S. Air Force Softball Team. Joe played semi-professional football throughout Italy. We have seen the awesome wonders of the world. We have also witnessed how brutal it can be and how lucky we are to live where we live and have the freedoms we have. Throughout it all, we have stayed together. Throughout our marriage, adding up the time apart through deployments and temporary duty assignments, it's close to five years apart. Through it all, we are still together. This is very unique, especially in the military where we are both active.



Date Night
Date Night
Driving Around the Beach
Driving Around the Beach
Adoption Day for Our Pup, Johnnie
Adoption Day for Our Pup, Johnnie
At the Finish Line of a Half Marathon
At the Finish Line of a Half Marathon
We Love Disney!
We Love Disney!
Lisa Getting Ready for a Big Lift in the Crossfit Open
Lisa Getting Ready for a Big Lift in the Crossfit Open
Soul Mates
Soul Mates
Fishing With a Friend's Kids
Fishing With a Friend's Kids
Our Pup, Corona
Our Pup, Corona
Enjoying the Warm Summer Sun on a Cruise Ship Balcony
Enjoying the Warm Summer Sun on a Cruise Ship Balcony
Great Catch!
Great Catch!
All Dressed Up for an Evening Walk on the Beach
All Dressed Up for an Evening Walk on the Beach
1 / 12
Date Night
Date Night
2 / 12
Driving Around the Beach
Driving Around the Beach
3 / 12
Adoption Day for Our Pup, Johnnie
Adoption Day for Our Pup, Johnnie
4 / 12
At the Finish Line of a Half Marathon
At the Finish Line of a Half Marathon
5 / 12
We Love Disney!
We Love Disney!
6 / 12
Lisa Getting Ready for a Big Lift in the Crossfit Open
Lisa Getting Ready for a Big Lift in the Crossfit Open
7 / 12
Soul Mates
Soul Mates
8 / 12
Fishing With a Friend's Kids
Fishing With a Friend's Kids
9 / 12
Our Pup, Corona
Our Pup, Corona
10 / 12
Enjoying the Warm Summer Sun on a Cruise Ship Balcony
Enjoying the Warm Summer Sun on a Cruise Ship Balcony
11 / 12
Great Catch!
Great Catch!
12 / 12
All Dressed Up for an Evening Walk on the Beach
All Dressed Up for an Evening Walk on the Beach

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We currently live in Texas, but will be moving to Oklahoma shortly to be even closer to family. Children, both of family and close friends, will constantly be around. Families are the root of our neighborhood and everyone is supportive of our adoption journey! We look forward to trick or treating, ice cream trucks, football Saturdays and birthday parties, just to name a few!

Our home in Oklahoma will have four bedrooms, so our child can have his/her own room. Playing outside will be an everyday occurrence, as will giggling, running around and enjoying the evenings together. Joe is a superb griller and always enjoys entertaining neighbors, friends and families. Football is a large staple in our family and the entire family is always welcome. Our dogs are so good and gentle with kids and will enjoy keeping a child busy running around. Being at the park or a neighbor's pool would not be something unusual. Fishing is a large part of what we enjoy and we cannot wait to take our new edition onto the water and teach them the joys and skills of fishing. We also can't wait for play dates, sports, camping and making memories together as a family!

Our Extended Families

With Our Niece

We were both raised in unique, loving families. We are close to our families and look forward to the opportunity to raise a child alongside their cousins, aunts, uncles and grandparents. Adoption is already a special part of our family, as both sides of our family have adopted. Joe's sister adopted her amazing daughter, alongside their little blue surprise coming later this fall. Our closest family also has an adopted preschool-age boy who is our incredible Godson and brings everyone joy. Lisa's brother has an adorable preschool-aged daughter who makes us smile with every word she speaks.

With Our Nephew

Family time is so precious to us, and we do not take it for granted. We go to Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri and have an annual lake weekend around the 4th of July and love to be around all the love and laughter! Board games are always a crowd favorite when Lisa's parents are in town. One of our friends, who is very much our family, has two adopted elementary aged boys and they crave time with us on the lake fishing. We enjoy times when the kids can stay with us. We once took our niece in our RV through five states and we had a blast! Our family members support us with this venture and are as hopeful as we are moving forward for a cherished child to become part of our family!

From Us to You

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We know this is a confusing and difficult time for you while you are trying to figure out the best option for you and your precious baby.

We met each other almost 19 years ago in the United States Air Force. We dated for almost two years and were married in 2002. Since day one, the only thing that could keep us away from one another was deployments or other necessary obligations throughout our military service. Through thick and thin, time apart, two different conflicts throughout the world, we stuck together and are closer now than we ever have been.

In the early years, we decided we would wait to have children until we were out of the military. We didn't want to subject our children to moving schools, making new friends every few years, or learning different languages because of our careers. After about ten years of service, we decided it was time to try and have kids. In the military, if you become pregnant, you can decide to terminate your service and stay at home. We decided Lisa would stay at home and Joe would continue on with his service. After a couple years of trying to become pregnant with no success, we saw a specialist. We took all the tests, saw multiple specialists and found out nothing was wrong with us individually, but collectively, we had unexplained infertility. This was terrible news and we spent a lot of time asking, why us? Finally we came to the realization that maybe this was not meant to be. Maybe we were destined to share our home with a child or children through adoption. We started researching adoption when we received a phone call from Joe's sister stating they were also going to adopt. A few months went by and they were matched to our beautiful niece, Lucy. The second we met Lucy and got to hold her, we knew adoption was where we were meant to grow our family. Fast forward to now, we have reached our 19 year mark in the Air Force and will be officially applying for retirement and will be leaving the service in late 2019. Joe already has a job lined up with a family business and Lisa plans to be a stay-at-home mom.

We have prepared and thought about this moment for ten years now and are so excited to open our home to a child. We have so much love to give and would be honored if you chose us to be your child's adoptive parents. We will give them all they need to be successful in life. We will send you letters and pictures to keep you informed of your child's progress through life. We will always put them first and consider our needs and wants second. We have no doubts in our ability to raise a child and we have all the support we could ask for in our family and friends. We promise to give your child all we have and to always love your child until we take our last breath on this earth.


Joe & Lisa


Tom Hanks
Chris Farley
Emma Stone
Scarlett Johansson
Dan Brown
Dr. Seuss
Da Vinci Code
Candy Bar
Paw Patrol
My Little Pony
Childhood Memory
First Trip to Disneyland
Summer Vacations
Childhood Toy
Lite Brite
Children's Book
Charlotte's Web
The Florida Keys
Jerome, AZ
Classic Movie
The Ghost and Mr. Chicken
Day of Week
Oreo Cookies
Anything Chocolate
Disney Movie
Jungle Book
Dream Car
Aston Martin Vanquish
Ford Explorer
Dream Job
Professional Bass Fisherman
Dream Vacation
Golf in Scottland
Anywhere on a beach
Family Activity
Flower / Plant
White water lily
Chicken Wings
Form of Exercise
Catch Phrase
4th of July
Holiday Song
Mali Kaliki Mackah
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas
Holiday Tradition
Watching National Lampoons Christmas Vacation on Christmas Eve
Christmas Morning Huevos Rancheros
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Junk Food
Dairy Queen Blizzard
Leisure Activity
Walking dogs
Memory with a Child
Teaching our friends kids how to fish
Playing dress up
Memory with Spouse
Several Cruise Vacations
Tommy Boy
Movie Munchie
Sour Patch Kids
Jalepeno Popcorn
Movie Quote
"You're a Daisy if you do!"
"May the force be with you."
Movie Type
Musical Group
Little Big Town
Nursery Rhyme
The Wheels on the Bus
Olympic Event
Curling (Can't turn it off!)
Ice skating
Personal Hero
My Grandfather
My Father
Oscar Wilde
Quality about my Spouse
Her willingness to try anything once!
His passion/drive
"All of our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them." Walt Disney
Enjoy the little things for one day you will realize they are the big things
Cheesecake Factory
On the Border
Proverbs 31:25
Shopping Store
Bass Pro Shops
Jade, Don't walk away
Sport to Play
Competitive Bass Fishing/Tournaments
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Tiger Woods
Jennie Finch
Sports Team
Miami Dolphins
Miami Dolphins
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Anything on a grill/smoker
Crockpot meals
Time of Day
Early Morning
Thanksgiving Football
TV Show
Anything HGTV
TV Show Character
Cosmo Kramer
Sheldon Cooper
Type of Music
I like all types of music
Vacation Spot
Anywhere on the water
Video Game
Mario Bros

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