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Nick & Lynn

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and learn more about our family. We deeply admire your courage for considering this selfless decision and are so grateful that you are considering us as parents for your child. We have wanted a child for a long time, and cannot wait to provide you and your child with a loving and stable family. We are beyond excited to watch a child grow and achieve their dreams.

About Us

Environmental Scientist
Instructional Designer
Master's Degree in Zoology
Master's Degree in Education
Legally Married

Our Professional Lives

Turquoise Waters in Glacier National Park

Nick: From an early age fishing with my dad and brother, I've known that fishing is my favorite hobby. When I was ten years old, watching a fishing show, I learned that I could actually go to school and get a job doing something I already loved to do. Right then, I decided to become a fisheries biologist. As a biologist, I get to do a lot of cool stuff as part of my regular day job. Going out on boats, sampling for fish, running sonar for population estimates, and even fishing are part of my regular work. With how much I love the hobby and sport of fishing and all things to do with the outdoors, I'm so glad to be able to give back in my career.

Lynn: I currently work as an instructional designer at a four-year college that mainly serves non-traditional students. Many of the students that enroll in the college are a few years out of high school, are working, and already have families. They need online classes to work with their already busy schedules. As an instructional designer, it's my job to make online classes easier for students. I assist the teachers in organizing content and materials and designing learning activities that work with how adults really learn. I also design graphics and media for online courses to help explain hard to understand concepts. I love my job because I know it makes a huge difference to the students taking the courses. College isn't easy, but it doesn't have to be as hard as it is a lot of the time. As an instructional designer, I am first and foremost a student advocate, and I take my job very seriously.

Our Adventures

Beautiful Mountains on a Beautiful Summer Day

We have had many adventures together during vacations stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific coasts (and yes even the Gulf coast) as well as in the Appalachian and Rocky mountains.

Some of the best adventures we have had were during the time we lived out west. First, our trip to Glacier National Park was something neither of us will ever forget. We hiked up to 18 miles in a single day to witness some of the most awe-inspiring views in the world. We were exhausted every day, but it was worth it!

The other most memorable adventure was a weekend camping trip to a back corner of Idaho. The three day trip, during which we saw only two other people, culminated in a hike to a mountain lake that we had to ourselves for the full day. Nick fished, Lynn took pictures and relaxed, and our dog Hailey swam in the pristine water.

No matter where our adventures take us, we are typically finding some remote area in the outdoors, and we are always together.

Why We Chose Adoption

We've always wanted to have children. When we felt the time was right, we started to try to fulfill this goal, learned of our infertility issues, and began to research our options. While we had the option to do IVF, it didn't feel right to us and we chose to adopt instead. We truly feel that our choice to adopt was meant to be. We have so much to give a child: a safe and secure home, financial stability, and a lot of love!

For us, being parents means contributing to something greater than ourselves. We've spent a lot of time making sure our situation is the best we can make it with finances, our careers, and our families, and are eager to be able to give a child these wonderful opportunities. We've always known that we were working towards this goal, and deciding to adopt has only made our desire to provide a wonderful family to a child even stronger. We think what we expect to like the most about being a parent is watching a child grow into the people they are meant to be. We look forward to teaching and learning with them, encouraging them to find and pursue their passions, and showing them by example and with our support that they can do anything and be anyone they want.



Hanging Out on a Fall Day
Hanging Out on a Fall Day
Reeling in a Big One!
Reeling in a Big One!
Waiting for a Hockey Game to Start
Waiting for a Hockey Game to Start
Relaxing Next to a Stream Together
Relaxing Next to a Stream Together
Fun With Our Dog Hailey
Fun With Our Dog Hailey
Lynn in the Wildflowers
Lynn in the Wildflowers
Sunrise on the Beach
Sunrise on the Beach
He Can Fly! (With Uncle Nick's Help)
He Can Fly! (With Uncle Nick's Help)
Kayaking in the Sound
Kayaking in the Sound
Fresh Mountain Waters - A Cool Treat After a Long Hike
Fresh Mountain Waters - A Cool Treat After a Long Hike
Nick's First Triathlon
Nick's First Triathlon
A Walk Through History - Wormsloe Historic Avenue of Oaks
A Walk Through History - Wormsloe Historic Avenue of Oaks
1 / 12
Hanging Out on a Fall Day
Hanging Out on a Fall Day
2 / 12
Reeling in a Big One!
Reeling in a Big One!
3 / 12
Waiting for a Hockey Game to Start
Waiting for a Hockey Game to Start
4 / 12
Relaxing Next to a Stream Together
Relaxing Next to a Stream Together
5 / 12
Fun With Our Dog Hailey
Fun With Our Dog Hailey
6 / 12
Lynn in the Wildflowers
Lynn in the Wildflowers
7 / 12
Sunrise on the Beach
Sunrise on the Beach
8 / 12
He Can Fly! (With Uncle Nick's Help)
He Can Fly! (With Uncle Nick's Help)
9 / 12
Kayaking in the Sound
Kayaking in the Sound
10 / 12
Fresh Mountain Waters - A Cool Treat After a Long Hike
Fresh Mountain Waters - A Cool Treat After a Long Hike
11 / 12
Nick's First Triathlon
Nick's First Triathlon
12 / 12
A Walk Through History - Wormsloe Historic Avenue of Oaks
A Walk Through History - Wormsloe Historic Avenue of Oaks

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

Our neighborhood is a heavily treed, quiet subdivision north of a large city in the Carolinas with close access to walking trails, and a community playground and community pool. Our house is at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac, and two or three times a year, we close the road and all of the families on the cul-de-sac gather together for a party. We all bring our favorite dish, talk about how our lives are going, sit around a fire, and watch the kids play on their bikes and scooters. We love our neighborhood and neighbors! We were also very fortunate to be able to select our house specifically for the school district, and our elementary and middle schools are currently some of the highest rated in the county.

Lynn in Her Painting Studio

Our house is a five bedroom house filled with windows on a half-acre lot with an open living room and kitchen that are the most lived in rooms in our home. Our fenced yard is huge, with plenty of shade trees, a garden, open space for us to play with our dog, Hailey, and room for a playset and swing for your child. When they're older, your child will have their pick of large, bright rooms. They'll have their own playroom in the sitting room, and can paint and make crafts with Lynn in her downstairs studio.

Our Extended Families

Family BBQ

We both come from loving families, and although Lynn's family situation growing up was a little non-traditional, there was never a shortage of love. Lynn's family consists of her mother who has the biggest heart of anyone you've ever met, and an older half-brother. Lynn's brother has a grown son just starting college. While we do a live a couple states away from Lynn's family, it's always a priority to visit and just hang out. Campfires, fishing trips, and barbecues are always on the agenda on our visits home. All of Lynn's family is so supportive of our decision to adopt, and they cannot wait to meet their new grandchild and niece or nephew.

Games With Our Nephew

Nick has one brother, who is married with two young children. We make it a priority to never miss a holiday with Nick's brother, sister-in-law, and kids, and always do something fun. One of our most recent family outings was to a bird sanctuary, where Nick and his 3 year old nephew had a ton of fun pretending to be birds. Of course, Uncle Nick is the only one trusted enough to hold "ahcoon" on outings, our nephew's stuffed raccoon, a gift from us when he was just a baby. Seeing Nick with his nephew and niece, Nick's mom knows that Nick will make a great father and is very supportive of our decision to adopt. She cannot wait to have another grandchild to shower with affection and gifts.

From Us to You

We are so happy that you are taking the time to read our profile and learn more about us. We know that this is a difficult time for you. We want you to know that we deeply admire you for your courage and promise that your child will grow up in a loving, stable, and secure family. We have so much love and support to give a child, and look forward to every one of the experiences (even the hard ones!) we'll have raising them.

We have been together for fifteen years and married for seven, and during that entire time, we've been best friends. We do everything together: chores around the house, cooking dinner, home repairs, building things for the house, hiking, camping, fishing, summer vacations, and playing with our border collie lab Hailey.

Lynn loves Nick's sense of humor and pure dedication to the success and happiness of his family. Nick is amazing with children: gentle, fun, and natural. When Lynn sees him with his young nephew and niece, her heart just melts at how loving he is.

Nick loves Lynn's commitment to always improving, her endless optimism, and her creativity which can be seen through many of the paintings and projects in her studio. Nick knows that Lynn will make a great mother. She's a true caregiver for Nick, our dog Hailey, and cat Bimbly, and she is always available to take care of everyone in her life when things are hard.

For the last few years, our top priority has been family. We moved back across the country to be closer to our young niece and nephew, brothers, and mothers. Every decision we've made in the last three years has been about family. During that time, we've wanted nothing more than to add a child to our family and share our life with them. Although our extended family is small, we all have so much love to give a child.

While we've tried to have kids for the past four years, we found out last year that we wouldn't be able to have children without assistance from IVF. After hearing this news, it didn't take us long to both come to the same conclusion: that option wasn't for us. We immediately knew that adoption was the only way we wanted to grow our family. All other options felt selfish to us, when there are so many children and mothers out there that can benefit from the stable family situation we can offer through adoption.

We are committed to sharing your child's life with you by sending photos, videos, stories, and emails of all their important milestones. We want you to know that by choosing us, you'll be able to see the amazing opportunities your child is experiencing and all of the important events in their life. We will be open and honest with the child about adoption and always speak highly of you and how much you love them to have made the decision to adopt.

We are excited to build a strong relationship with you and support you in this journey. Thank you for learning a little more about us. We hope to get to know you better in the future.

With love,

Nick & Lynn


John Candy
Chris Hemsworth
Kate McKinnon
Gal Gadot
Gary Paulsen
Charlotte Bronte
Hatchet by Gary Paulsen
William Faulkner - As I Lay Dying
Candy Bar
Reeses peanut butter cups
Looney Tunes
Scooby Doo
Childhood Memory
Fishing with my dad and brother
Birdwatching with my parents
Childhood Toy
GI Joes
Sampson, my teddy bear
Children's Book
Golden Books
The Black Stallion
San Antonio
Classic Movie
The Wizard of Oz
National Velvet
Day of Week
Blueberry Crisp
Disney Movie
Peter Pan
The Little Mermaid
Dream Car
1970 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray
A purple Ford GT
Dream Job
Host an outdoor show with my brother
Freelance consultant and TED talk speaker
Dream Vacation
Fishing in some of the remote lakes in Canada
Family Activity
Eating dinner together
Flower / Plant
Crab Legs
Form of Exercise
Trivial Pursuit
Holiday Song
The 12 Days of Christmas
I Wonder as I Wander
Holiday Tradition
Putting the star on the Christmas tree
Christmas movies on Christmas Eve
Ice Cream
Junk Food
Chips and dip
Leisure Activity
In Fisherman
Watercolor Artist
Memory with a Child
With our nephew at the Raptor Center
Playing with our nephew at the Raptor Center and showing him all the birds
Memory with Spouse
Moving to Idaho together
First remote camping experience in Idaho
Shawshank Redemption
Legends of the Fall
Movie Munchie
Peanut M&Ms
Movie Type
Musicals are not my thing
Phantom of the Opera
Musical Group
Creedence Clearwater Revival
Imagine Dragons
Nursery Rhyme
Humpty Dumpty
I see the moon, the moon sees me - my mom used to sing this to me as a little girl
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Teddy Roosevelt
My mother
Death of a Salesman
Dr. Suess
William Wordsworth
Quality about my Spouse
Sense of humor
His dedication to his family
When you come to a fork in the road, take it
Opportunity often shows up in overalls and looks a lot like hard work.
Steak n' Shake
Ham on a pretzel roll
Roast beef
Matthew 6:24
Psalm 23
Shopping Store
Bass Pro Shops
New York & Co.
Bon Jovi - Living on a Prayer
Dwight Yokum - Fast as You
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Walter Payton
Jonathan Toews
Sports Team
Chicago Bears
Chicago Blackhawks
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Friday night movies
Friday night movies
TV Show
True Blood
TV Show Character
Tim - The Toolman - Taylor
Sheldon from Big Bang Theory
Type of Music
Classic rock
Classic rock
Vacation Spot
The mountains
The beach
Video Game
The original Resident Evil
Tomb Raider

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