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Will & Lillia

We are so excited that you are reading our profile! We cannot wait to become parents and are thrilled to get there through adoption. Our home is full of adventure, sports, creativity, building, cooking, and the outdoors. We cannot wait to share these things with baby, and are even more excited to learn about where they come from. Thank you for checking us out and learning more about us.

About Us

Purchasing Department Manager
Personal Trainer
Master's Degree
Some College
Legally Married

Our Favorite Vacation Spot

Beach Day

We love to be outside, especially by water. Originally from California, we naturally love the beach. Now in North Carolina we travel just a few hours to the beach whenever we can. Our favorite vacation spot would have to be relaxing on an island by the ocean. We like to spend our days swimming, snorkeling, fishing, playing games and enjoying time in the sun.

While relaxing on a beach may be our favorite vacation, we also enjoying exploring new countries, cities and destinations. We love to learn about history, culture, foods, and other societies – whether that is across the world, or a few hours away. Our love of sports has taken us across the United States. Whenever we visit a new stadium, we collect a memento from our visit; either a hockey puck for the local team, or a football pin we put on a US map. We can’t wait to continue these traditions, or start exciting new ones, with our child.

Our Leisure Time

We have so many hobbies it’s hard to list them all. Everywhere in our profile you will see how much we both love to cook. Lillia’s passion for health and fitness usually leads to her cooking incredibly healthy, yet amazingly tasty meals. We also both love sports. William played hockey throughout his childhood and Lillia was in cheer. We often enjoy road trips to watch live sports and explore new areas.

Another common interest is the love of the outdoors. Throughout the warmer months you can find us hiking, paddle boarding, swimming, running, biking, picnicking and enjoying nature. During the winter we love to snowboard, go to the mountains and spend time in front of a warm fire pit.

Beyond our shared hobbies, we each have a number of individual interests too. William loves music and plays the guitar. Lillia is incredibly creative and enjoys crafting and doing fun art projects. One of the things we are most excited about is sharing these hobbies with our son or daughter. Or, if they are passionate about something entirely different, we are excited to learn and explore their interests together! There are so many fun things to do in life.

Our Pets

Walking the Dogs

We love animals! Our household includes four fury family members; two dogs and two cats. Oliver is our most senior kitty; he is the sweetest old man. Full of love. Steve is our youngest cat. He is very adventurous. Our two dogs, Nelly and Fauster, love to play and keep each other well entertained. Fauster is sweet and loving, while Nelly is young and curious.

After having multiple friends and family members over with their young children, we can see seeing how much kids love our animals, and our animals love kids. There is always a ton a laughter, playing and licks! We love our animals like they are our children and are excited to open our family up to even more love.


Vacation to California
Vacation to California
Hiking in the Garden of the Gods
Hiking in the Garden of the Gods
Checking Out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Checking Out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
4th of July 5k
4th of July 5k
Night Out with Friends
Night Out with Friends
Feeding the Kangaroos
Feeding the Kangaroos
Snowboarding in Colorado
Snowboarding in Colorado
Lillia Showing Off Her Marathon Medals
Lillia Showing Off Her Marathon Medals
Engagement Trip to Disneyland
Engagement Trip to Disneyland
Decorating the Tree with Our Neighbor's Son
Decorating the Tree with Our Neighbor's Son
At the Races
At the Races
Go Bengals!
Go Bengals!
1 / 12
Vacation to California
Vacation to California
2 / 12
Hiking in the Garden of the Gods
Hiking in the Garden of the Gods
3 / 12
Checking Out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
Checking Out the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
4 / 12
4th of July 5k
4th of July 5k
5 / 12
Night Out with Friends
Night Out with Friends
6 / 12
Feeding the Kangaroos
Feeding the Kangaroos
7 / 12
Snowboarding in Colorado
Snowboarding in Colorado
8 / 12
Lillia Showing Off Her Marathon Medals
Lillia Showing Off Her Marathon Medals
9 / 12
Engagement Trip to Disneyland
Engagement Trip to Disneyland
10 / 12
Decorating the Tree with Our Neighbor's Son
Decorating the Tree with Our Neighbor's Son
11 / 12
At the Races
At the Races
12 / 12
Go Bengals!
Go Bengals!

Our Extended Families

With Lillia's Aunt & Brother

We both come from very diverse families with multicultural roots and fun traditions. Lillia’s dad was born in Mexico, and she still has a large extended family there. Every year that side of the family gets together for Christmas at a different relative’s house. William’s mom was born in Italy and still has a house there that has been passed down through a few generations.

With Will's Family

While our cultural roots are extensive, our families are very close knit and can’t wait to support us, spend time together, and help out in any way possible. They are so happy we will be adopting and cannot wait to share our traditions. For example, William’s grandfather was an excellent Italian cook, and that skill has been passed down throughout the family. Every major holiday, and sometimes just on random occasions, the family gets together to make something delicious. One of our favorite traditions is to make homemade ravioli for Christmas.

Both of our moms are Kindergarten teachers and are amazing with kids. We cannot wait to spend family time together reading stories, learning, laughing and playing.

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We live in a small suburb near a major city in North Carolina. In fact, we renovated and remodeled our entire home to make it exactly how we wanted. We can’t wait to spend time here with our future son or daughter. It is a two-story house with three bedrooms, two bathrooms and plenty of space for family time. Our favorite room is probably the kitchen, we love to cook.

We live in an incredible neighborhood with great neighbors. Our community holds annual events where people come together and get to know each other. On top of that, we have noticed several young families moving in nearby and can’t wait for play dates. We picked this neighborhood because it is convenient and close to everything. We are just a short walk from three great parks, a bunch of stores, and several paved hiking trails. The neighborhood also has a nice community pool complete with swimming lessons provided for all residents. All of this is within walking distance!

Our Cozy Living Room

If we get in the car, we are just a quick drive to schools, museums, national parks, lakes, and playgrounds. In fact, we live in the best school district in the area. Our major city’s downtown is 15 minutes away, and we are only a few hours from beaches and mountains. It’s an incredible place to live with so many great places to visit.

From Us to You

It is so incredible to meet you! We are William and Lillia. While we have been married for nearly five years, we actually met in high school. While we separated for silly schoolyard reasons, we always stayed friends, and wound up finding our way back to each other years later. As you get to know us, we are sure you will learn that we have a ton of interests, hobbies and passions. We think that is what makes us so unique. We love life, we love trying new things, and we cannot wait to share those experiences with a growing family.

We have always known that we wanted to be parents, but are simply unable to do so without some help. It took us years of heart-wrenching surgeries, failed IVF attempts, and miscarriages to realize how heavily the odds were stacked against us. As tough as it was, our love and commitment to each other never faltered… even for a second. We know that we are an awesome team, and we always believed that something wonderful was going to happen. We just need one more teammate.

Truth be told, we can’t say that adoption was something that we knew much about as a newlywed couple. I am not sure anyone thinks about it until life leads you to it. When adoption was presented to us, it was like a light bulb went off. It filled us with the hope and excitement that we hadn’t felt in years. Now, as you read this letter, we are making our home ready for a little one. We’re reading up and doing our homework. We are getting ready to extend our family, and it is all because of your help.

While it’s difficult to truly capture our feelings in this letter… it must be impossible to put how you feel into words as well. This is all such an incredibly exciting, nerve-racking, stressful, and emotional experience to share with someone. No matter what though, we wanted to write this letter from the heart. We want you to get to know us and feel comfortable with us. We will work hard to be the best parents we can possibly be and know we will figure it out along the way, as a family. Hopefully you find a connection in us. A connection that makes you feel as strongly about this as we do.

Peeking into the future, you will see us spending a lot of time exploring new things with baby; museums, parks, hiking trails, zoos, concerts, libraries, and more. There’s so much to do in this world and we cannot wait to explore it together. You can also see us having fun playing sports, cooking, building things or maybe playing music. We have a ton of interests that we can’t wait to share. However, as many interests as we have, we are always open to more. We are ready to learn new things, try new activities and explore whatever this kiddo may be passionate about. In the end, every moment is a memory, and we’re excited to share those moments with you through letters and pictures along the way.

No matter what happens, we really appreciate you even considering us on such an emotional decision. Whoever you choose, whatever you do, we know you are making the right choice!

Love and respect,

Will & Lillia


Nick Offerman
Daisy Ridley
Tom Clancy
Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy
Candy Bar
Hershey's Cookies and Cream
Duck Tails
Childhood Memory
Playing hockey with my friends on my street
Being outside working in the garden and short weekend vacations.
Childhood Toy
Top Gun Fighter Jet Toy Airplane
Children's Book
Anything Dr. Seuss
Anything Dr Seuss
Nashville, TN
San Diego
Classic Movie
A Christmas Story
Day of Week
Sunday since it is usually a lazy, relaxing day at home.
White Chocolate CheesecakeJig
Anything Chocolate!
Disney Movie
Lion King
The Little Mermaid
Dream Car
Too many to list, but a 1970 Plymouth Cuda is near the top
Dodge Charger
Dream Job
Restaurant Owner
Online fitness & nutrition coach
Dream Vacation
An African Safari
Family Activity
Flower / Plant
Cedar Tree
Peonies flowers & any vegetable plant
Form of Exercise
Playing sports
Any cardio class
All wild berries
Playing guitar
4th of July
Holiday Song
Jingle Bell Rock
Holiday Tradition
Cooking something fun and bringing the family together
Looking at Christmas Lights
Ice Cream
Butter Pecan
Cookie dough
Junk Food
Flaming Hot Cheetos with Lime. They must be with lime!
Leisure Activity
Sitting around a fire pit
Laying at the beach
Mopar Muscle
Memory with a Child
Christmas morning watching them open their presents
Babysitting our friends 3 year old during the holidays, he helped us decorate our tree.
Memory with Spouse
Engagement trip to Yosemite National Park
One of our first dates at the fair.
John Wick
Movie Munchie
Sour Patch Kids
Movie Quote
"Because I was inverted" - Top Gun
Movie Type
Science Fiction or Adventure
Lion King
Jersey Boys
Musical Group
Foo Fighters
Nursery Rhyme
Olympic Event
Ice Skating
Personal Hero
My Wife
Lion King
Edgar Allen Poe
Shel Silverstein
Quality about my Spouse
Her strength in difficult situations
Patience and Thoughtfulness
Yesterday is history and tomorrow is a mystery
Always believe something wonderful is about to happen.
Korean BBQ
Any Sushi Restaurant
Carne Asada Torta
Shopping Store
Best Buy
Fade to Black by Metallica
Blackhole Sun by Soundgarden
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Teemu Selanne - Retired NHL Hockey Player for the Anaheim Ducks
Sports Team
Anaheim Ducks NHL Hockey Team
Los Angeles Chargers
Subject in School
The Incredibles
Thing to Cook
Everything!! We love trying new recipes.
Time of Day
When works over
The morning, I wake up early and can get a lot done.
Making Ravioli with my family for Christmas
TV Show
Parks and Recreation
TV Show Character
Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation
April from Parks and Rec
Type of Music
Rock and Pop
Vacation Spot
Relaxing on a beach
Anywhere with a beach.
Video Game
Candy Crush

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