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Josh & Beth

We are so excited to bring a baby into our lives! We've been married for 14 years, but have been together since college. Adoption is our first choice in the way we want to build our family as Beth was also adopted as an infant. She grew up with two loving parents who helped mold her into the successful woman she is today. This personal experience of being adopted has always held a special place in her heart.

About Us

Police Sergeant
Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice
Master's Degree in Library Science, Journalism, Radio/TV
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

All You Need is Love!

Adoption has always been part of Beth's story. She was placed for adoption as an infant. Besides being blessed with good health, there has always been love and support from her family and friends.

Beth's adoption was a closed adoption (which was common at the time) so she does not know her birth family. However, we understand that adoption is different today, and have learned a great deal about all of the wonderful aspects of the more open adoptions today. We are certainly open to contact, including letters and photo exchanges and even visits between our family and the birth family. Much of this will depend on the birth mother's preferences, and we will respect your wishes.

We believe Beth's background will have a huge advantage in the bonding between the child and us as parents. As the child is older and begins to understand more about his/her adoption story, Beth will be able to share her own similar curiosity surrounding her adoption with our child. We will absolutely disclose as much as we know about our adopted child's biological history to them as we feel it's important for every person to know where their roots are. We are so excited to add to our family's adoption story and we cannot wait to become parents!

Cultural Diversity

Family Fun at a Football Game

We have a network of friends and family from many different cultural backgrounds. We will have role models for our child and they will have the ability to discuss their experiences openly and candidly. We will honor our child's ethnicity and heritage by celebrating traditional milestones associated with such, no matter what the background, even if it means seeking out a group we don't have ties with right now.

While seeking out the right adoption agency, we spoke with several families who completed their family through adoption. One of those couples became a trans-racial family through adoption and had lots of wisdom to share with us. We will rely on their experience to help guide us through our journey, but will also rely on open communication with each other and our adopted child.

We know that any of our friends any family, regardless of their own cultural background, would accept our child for who they are. We're successful because we surround ourselves with good people. We know a child of any racial background will we welcomed, loved and celebrated by all of our friends and family.

Our Leisure Time

Josh & His "Little," Kobe

When it's time for leisure, we are nearly polar opposites. Beth is definitely a comfort-of-our-own-home kind of gal, lounging on a comfy couch with a good book while Josh hates being cramped indoors, choosing to grab his racquetball bag in lieu of a book or the TV remote.

Josh loves to stay busy. He's like a puppy dog; constantly looking for something else to do. One group he's most proud to be involved with are Big Brothers Big Sisters where he's been a "Big Brother" for six years with his "Little" and recently won an award for the area's "Big of the Year." Josh also runs a baseball league in the spring and summer, organizing 50+ baseball games a year. He is also very much involved in organizing and attending racquetball events. Josh has traveled to nearly every state in the Midwest to compete in racquetball. He also runs an annual three-month weigh-loss challenge group. (This year had 200 participants!)

Beth is happy to spend hours at a time reading and snuggling with the cat and dog at home. When getting together with friends it tends to be small groups or one-on-one catch up sessions. Beth is still close with several childhood friends – that's people she's known for 30+ years! She enjoys attending yoga classes and activities with a local women's outdoor club. She recently joined them at a trampoline park, roller skating and on several night hikes.

We really enjoy finding time to enjoy activities together, and almost always have a blast doing something as a couple. Some of the things we enjoy doing together are attending plays, concerts, cooking, geocaching and traveling.



Hiking in Colorado
Hiking in Colorado
Flashing Some New Hardware at the Racquetball Nationals
Flashing Some New Hardware at the Racquetball Nationals
Dressed Up for a Broadway Musical
Dressed Up for a Broadway Musical
Beth & a Little Friend
Beth & a Little Friend
Josh With Officer Bono on the Fourth of July
Josh With Officer Bono on the Fourth of July
Geocaching Canoeing Adventure
Geocaching Canoeing Adventure
Exploring a Cave
Exploring a Cave
Ballgame in Denver
Ballgame in Denver
Chicago Skyline
Chicago Skyline
Europe With a View
Europe With a View
Horseback Riding With Family
Horseback Riding With Family
Fun With Family
Fun With Family
1 / 12
Hiking in Colorado
Hiking in Colorado
2 / 12
Flashing Some New Hardware at the Racquetball Nationals
Flashing Some New Hardware at the Racquetball Nationals
3 / 12
Dressed Up for a Broadway Musical
Dressed Up for a Broadway Musical
4 / 12
Beth & a Little Friend
Beth & a Little Friend
5 / 12
Josh With Officer Bono on the Fourth of July
Josh With Officer Bono on the Fourth of July
6 / 12
Geocaching Canoeing Adventure
Geocaching Canoeing Adventure
7 / 12
Exploring a Cave
Exploring a Cave
8 / 12
Ballgame in Denver
Ballgame in Denver
9 / 12
Chicago Skyline
Chicago Skyline
10 / 12
Europe With a View
Europe With a View
11 / 12
Horseback Riding With Family
Horseback Riding With Family
12 / 12
Fun With Family
Fun With Family

Our House and Neighborhood

Fun With Friends at Our House

Iowa is a fantastic place to raise a child. Our community is expanding, bringing in young professionals and growing families. We believe it is an open and welcoming community where you can get to know your neighbors while also offering the culture (theater, music, art, etc.) of an urban setting.

Our neighborhood, in particular, is awesome. There are two neighborhood pools, two playgrounds, tennis courts, basketball courts and pickleball courts all within walking distance of our house. There are lots of neighborhood kids running around and riding bikes in the summer. We invite friends and family over to use the pools all summer. As a huge added bonus, our school district is second to none in our area.

Our Home

The house is one of Beth's favorite things. She used to drive by it and say "If that house ever goes up for sale, we're buying it!" And then, it was up for sale and we bought it! It is within a block of Josh's brother's house, so we are quite close to that family.

Inside, we each have our own office and there is room to spare. We are so excited to fill it with more love! We have already begun clearing out old trophies and medals in preparation for the baby!

Our Extended Families

Josh's Family

We are blessed to have an extended network of family and friends close enough to call family. Two of Josh's three brothers live nearby as well as his parents, when they are not spending the winter in Texas. Josh's parents never get tired of grandkids and are constantly staying busy attending grandchildrens' ball games, band concerts, choir performances and church events.

Beth's Family

Beth's family live about three hours away -- close enough for weekend visits. Her parents have three grandchildren via Beth's brother.

Between all our siblings we have 10 nieces and nephews! (Then start adding in friends and their kids for more fun). We love watching them grow up and know this child will fit right in with all of the cousins!

From Us to You

Thank you for spending the time checking out our profile. Adoption is our first choice for how we want to build our family. We hope to help you see why adoption is the right choice for us.

We both enjoy our careers, own our home and have been married for nearly 15 years. After much thought, we decided some time ago that raising a child is the next step in our life's journey. We also decided that we wanted to do this through adoption. With every passing day, we're more and more excited to help raise a child as a citizen of the world.

We promise to have an open adoption with you and share photos, videos, phone calls and even visits with you, depending on your desired involvement. Beth was adopted as an infant through a closed adoption. Although her adoption was closed, we understand this is not the case for every birth parent and child. Beth understands the questions that may arise throughout the child's life about their adoption and we are committed to making sure our child thinks of their adoption story and birth family in a positive light.

We know you're making possibly the most difficult decision you'll ever make, but know that if you choose us to adopt your baby, we will do everything in our ability to be the best parents we can. Your child will be loved and safe. Your child will have the opportunity to live up to their greatest potential. We will work hard to make sure your child knows that the decision you made to place him/her for adoption was a decision made out of love.

Both our families are extremely excited that we've chosen to extend our family. Josh's parents live just a few miles from us and are very anxious to get in lots of cuddle time with a new baby. Beth's parents are a bit of a drive, but are excited for visits! Between our older siblings we have six nieces and four nephews who are sure to provide lots of love to their new cousin as well. We couldn't be more blessed with our family support system.

One thing we most look forward to is learning about any cultural background different from our own and teaching the child why that background is important. Your child's cultural background is a part of who they are, and we are excited to integrate new traditions and values into our family!

In addition, we are looking forward to sharing highlights of our childhoods with a child. It will be so fun to have a reason to go sledding again or watch our favorite Disney movies. Beth will read novel after novel with the child while Josh teaches them to become the best racquetball player in the world! (Half kidding) We have loved the "grown up" life we have built for ourselves, but we also have missed out on reliving the wonderment and magic of childhood. We are so looking forward to building a sense of curiosity and newness to everyday life.

Thank you for reading our profile and glimpsing into our lives. We hope you can see how we will be a good fit for your baby. If you think we will be a good match, let's go on this journey together! We would love to get to know you better as you make this brave decision.

Josh & Beth


Tom Hanks! (that first question was easy)
Christian Bale
Anne Hathaway
Amy Adams
My dog!
Beth's the reader of the family. Dr. Seuss??
Mary Roach, Bill Bryson
Shoeless Joe (who doesn't love a good baseball book?!)
Whatever I'm reading at the time
Candy Bar
Kit Kat
I don't watch them, but if only I had a kiddo to watch them with...
Childhood Memory
Family vacations
Playing outside
Childhood Toy
My X-Men collection
Stuffed animals
Children's Book
Richard Scary's Busy Town
San Diego
New York City
Classic Movie
If I say Field of Dreams, does that make me feel old? Yes, yes it does..
Little Women
Day of Week
It all depends what's on the "calendar" for the day
Summer - ice cream. Winter - ice cream.
Disney Movie
The Lion King
Dream Car
Dream Job
Police officer
Dream Vacation
I've never visited Australia but would love to go sometime
Leisurely trip around the world with luxury accomodations
Family Activity
Vacationing anywhere
Playing cards
Flower / Plant
I like to eat about anything!
Greek food
Form of Exercise
Haha .. Not to brag, but I'm ranked in the top 200 in racquetball
Activities with the local Women's Outdoor Club
When I was a kid it was "Ghost in the Graveyard." Teenager was "Dodgeball". Now? How about racquetball!
Apples to Apples, Sequence
Staying busy with pretty much anything. Sports, hiking, hanging with friends, etc.
Christmas because our family always finds a day to get together
Christmas Eve
Holiday Song
I don't have a favorite, but any song during candlelight Christmas Eve mass beats any others
Holiday Tradition
Having friends and family over for an annual 4th of July shindig
Opening the Advent calendar
Ice Cream
Chocolate chip cookie dough
Mint chocolate chip
Junk Food
My kryptonite is an M&M McFlurry
Leisure Activity
Geocaching (hiking) with buddies
Book Page
Memory with a Child
Being the first uncle to visit my first five nieces/nephews
Memory with Spouse
Our wedding day - still the best day of my life
Travelling together
Field of Dreams
Movie Munchie
I've been known to sneak Mike-n-Ikes into the theater a time or ten
Popcorn with M&Ms mixed in
Movie Quote
With great power comes great responsibility
Call me a nerd, but we've been to more than our share of musicals - none more than Rent
Musical Group
Goo Goo Dolls
Goo Goo Dolls
Olympic Event
RACQUETBALL! (Hey, it's a Pan American Olympic sport!)
Personal Hero
My parents, my brother Justin, and any Law Enforcement officer who's sacrificed their life in the line of duty
Billy Collins
Quality about my Spouse
Her determination to continue making us a stronger family year after year
His positive attitude
If you give 100% all the time, in everything you do, somehow things will work out in the end.
The opposite of war isn't peace, it's creation.
Giordanos (pizza)
The Olive Tree
Capriotti's Slaw Be Jo
Shopping Store
Sport to Play
Racquetball, Baseball, Basketball, Football (pretty much anything competitive)
Sport to Watch
Football or college hoops March Madness
Scripps National Spelling Bee
Sports Star
Michael Jordan
Sports Team
Chicago Cubs
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
I once made a very impressive chocolate cheesecake. It has never been replicated.
Time of Day
Evenings after dinner
TV Show
The Office
Parks & Recreation, How I Met Your Mother
TV Show Character
Michael Scott
Leslie Knope
Type of Music
Pop -- whatever is catchy on the radio
Vacation Spot
Oh gosh we've gone on some great vacations. Rome was pretty awesome, but take me back to Seattle!
Video Game
Time Splitters 2
Mario Bros.

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