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Adoption is an wonderful gift, one I will hold dear to my heart! Thank you for reviewing my profile. I look forward to the day I am able to open my heart and unconditional love to child. I am filled with so much love and laughter I know I will make an amazing parent. Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to the journey ahead.

About Me

School Counselor
Master's Degree in School Counseling

What It Means to Become a Mother

Lounging Poolside

Being a mother is something I have desired and prayed for a long time. This is a decision that I will not take lightly or take for granted. My journey to adoption began about a year ago. I am an educated, caring, responsible, fun-loving single woman who enjoys all that life has to offer. I have always envisioned my life with a child, however neither of my marriages resulted in producing children. I realized about a year ago that my single status that should not prohibit me from having the family I desire. I researched several options and after much prayer God laid it on my heart to pursue adoption.

Being a parent is not easy and I am ready to open my heart and home to a child and provide unconditional love, support, stability and a sense of family. I look forward to sharing wonderful and unforgettable memories of this child's life; first steps, first words, reading bedtime stories, first sports event and other important moments and events. I know and understand that parenting will be challenging and does not come with an instruction book, however I look forward to growing as a parent and helping to guide this child through life. I want to share my experiences and lessons that my parents showed me. I want to instill the morals and values my parents planted in my brother and I in order to help this child become a productive member of society. These are things that I will cherish and mean the most.

My Leisure Time

Roll Tide!

I love to travel both domestically and internationally. My weekends are often spent with my friends and family. These weekend activities can range from family game/movie night, weekend family/friends BBQ's on the patio, taking in a movie and so much more!

I am very fortunate and blessed to have friends who I consider family and who are a part of my support system. Many of my friends have children so they are looking forward to another child being around to play with. I also love attending all sporting events including watching my favorite teams, the Atlanta Falcons and the University of Alabama, Crimson Tide! I also enjoy spending time outdoors participating in extracurricular activities, such as running races, zip lining and walking my dog Bella.

I can't wait to have a little one to share my life with and look forward to incorporating this little bundle of joy into all of the fun activities I love to do!

My Professional Life

I am an educator by way of a school counselor. I absolutely love my job! This is my 16th year in education. I served 10 years as an elementary school counselor and this is my 6th year as a high school counselor. I currently serve as the head counselor of my department.

The best part of my job is working with students and helping them achieve their goals. I believe every student has the potential and the capacity to succeed and achieve their goals. My job is the help them get there. I have graduated two classes at my high school and there is no greater joy than calling out a student's name at graduation and watching them walk across the stage, accept their high school diploma and know I had a hand in assisting them reaching their goal.

As an educator I am well versed in how the education system works and I plan to instill the value of education in a child. I understand the importance of parental involvement and the connection between home and school. I will always be there to ensure the child is successful as the "The Sky is the Limit."



With My Pup, Bella
With My Pup, Bella
Enjoying Costa Rica!
Enjoying Costa Rica!
Celebrating My Birthday
Celebrating My Birthday
ATV Riding in Costa Rica
ATV Riding in Costa Rica
Ready to Run!
Ready to Run!
Ziplining Fun
Ziplining Fun
Girls Trip!
Girls Trip!
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
Taking in the Sites of the Bahamas
Taking in the Sites of the Bahamas
Daddy-Daughter Moment
Daddy-Daughter Moment
An Evening Out
An Evening Out
My Cousin & I in Grand Turk
My Cousin & I in Grand Turk
1 / 12
With My Pup, Bella
With My Pup, Bella
2 / 12
Enjoying Costa Rica!
Enjoying Costa Rica!
3 / 12
Celebrating My Birthday
Celebrating My Birthday
4 / 12
ATV Riding in Costa Rica
ATV Riding in Costa Rica
5 / 12
Ready to Run!
Ready to Run!
6 / 12
Ziplining Fun
Ziplining Fun
7 / 12
Girls Trip!
Girls Trip!
8 / 12
Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
9 / 12
Taking in the Sites of the Bahamas
Taking in the Sites of the Bahamas
10 / 12
Daddy-Daughter Moment
Daddy-Daughter Moment
11 / 12
An Evening Out
An Evening Out
12 / 12
My Cousin & I in Grand Turk
My Cousin & I in Grand Turk

My House and Neighborhood

My Home

I live on 5.5 acres in beautiful Georgia. My parents bought the land about 20 years ago and my father built my mother her dream house. He also built an in-law suite behind the main house where I currently reside. I do own my own house, it is currently being rented at this time. My house is about five minutes away from my parents' house. The land is quiet and serene. We are surrounded by other subdivisions where the families are diverse and the children interact and play daily and are known for Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas displays.

I love my community. Being centrally located from downtown Atlanta allows me to take advantage of fun and great activities such as Centennial Olympic Park, Stone Mountain Park, Zoo Atlanta, the Georgia Aquarium, the Center for Pupperty Arts, the World of Coca-Cola, the Fox Theatre, the High Museum of Art and so much more! Another advantage of living on 5.5 acres of land is it is perfect for birthday parties and large family events.

My home is less than five miles away from a great elementary school and a park which is always filled with families spending time together. It is exciting to visit the city, while being able to come back to the quietness and serenity of 5.5 acres of land.

My Extended Family

With My Mom & Dad

The word "tradition" plays a vital role in my family. While holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas are spent together, my family is known for spur of the moment and pop-up trips at any given time. The traditional Thanksgiving and/or Christmas holidays can range from a family cruise to traditional gatherings at my parent's house. These family gatherings are filled with my parent's families who travel from various states. We indulge in great food, games, fun, football and entertaining conversations.

Family Football Outing

I am one of two children, the only girl and the youngest. My older brother, Michael, has two children (Shani and Ian). My parents are retired and eager to provide support and help out as much as they can. It has been a blessing to live this close to my parents and have them as a support system. This will be an advantage to me and a child to be able to come together, form close bonds and share unforgettable experiences and moments with the grandparents.

My family is extremely excited and supportive of my decision to adopt. They cannot wait to welcome this sweet, little bundle of joy into our lives. Everyone is looking forward to spoiling this perfect little person with lots of love, hugs and making unforgettable memories.

From Me to You

Thank you for taking the time to learn more about me. I cannot imagine how difficult of a decision this must be for you, I promise to give your child unconditional love, a safe, stable, compassionate and nurturing home.

My journey into motherhood has resulted in my unable to conceive biologically. While this has been difficult to accept I am a firm believer God has a plan for me. After many years of self-reflection and prayer God laid it on my heart to seek out and research the necessary steps towards adoption. I know the adoption journey will be an amazing and wonderful experience and I cannot wait to open my heart and share my love with a child.

I admire your courage and strength and I hope that learning more about me will provide you with peace of mind and ease your heart as you consider adoption for your child. I am open to meetings and open communication throughout this journey in order to build a respectable and trusting relationship.

Parenting is one of the most rewarding experiences and roles a person can have. I believe in teaching by way of example, respect, responsibility, maintaining strong character, strong morals, values and raising a child with Christian beliefs. I believe all children have an untapped potential to be successful and that through education they can achieve their goals. I am committed to encouraging a child to pursue their interest, while also developing their strengths in order to become responsible, caring and productive citizens of society.

I am very excited about the future and what God has in store for me. I have been in education as a school counselor for 16 years and absolutely love my job. I have worked with a number of diverse populations and ethnic groups in my career including, Hispanic, Asian, Middle Eastern, and Indian. Currently I serve a population of students who come from over 50 countries and speak over 54 languages.

I have a close knit family and we look forward to our family traditions, gatherings and vacations. We believe in encouraging a child's interest and watching them grow and excel. My family is extremely supportive and excited about my decision and journey to adopt. They are overjoyed with the thought of having another grandchild in the family. My family and I live in close proximity to one another, they are included in my life, will spend a great amount of time with the child and will go above and beyond along with myself teaching and instilling in the child the values we believe in.

I have a small dog, a Pomeranian named Bella. She is super friendly and is looking forward to meeting and getting to know the next member of our family. Bella is not considered a pet but a member of the family. Bella provides comfort and brings a sense of excitement to our family. There is never a dull moment when she is around.

I am definitely open to sharing your child's growth and experiences through photos and letters if desired. I will always be open and honest with the child in regards to adoption and how our family came to be. The child will always know you love them; you will always be reflected in a positive light.

I humbly thank you for considering me a potential parent for your child. I have been looking forward to becoming a mother for quite some time and will provide all the love, security, support and devotion a child could ask for. I know and understand you have a very difficult decision to make, know you will be in my thoughts and prayers throughout your journey and this process.

Sincerely & With Blessings,



Will Smith
Halle Berry
Maya Angelou
Becoming by Michelle Obama
Candy Bar
Scooby Doo, Where Are You?
Childhood Memory
Christmas at my grandmother's house
Childhood Toy
Cabbage Patch Kids
Children's Book
The Berenstein Bears Series
Amalfi Coast, Italy
Classic Movie
The Wizard of Oz
Day of Week
Warm Applie Pie w/Vanilla Ice Cream
Disney Movie
The Lion King
Dream Car
Audi A3
Dream Job
Being a Mom
Dream Vacation
Punta Cana, Mexico
Family Activity
Family Game Board/Pizza Night
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Running/Strength Training
Sorry Board Game
Running Races
Holiday Song
This Christmas by Donnie Hathaway
Holiday Tradition
Decorating the Christmas Tree
Ice Cream
Mango Sorbet
Junk Food
Krispy Kreme Donuts
Leisure Activity
Spending Time with Family
Memory with a Child
Memory with Spouse
Coming to America
Movie Munchie
Butter Popcorn
Movie Quote
"There's No Place Like Home"
Movie Type
Musical Group
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My Mother
Maya Angelou
Quality about my Spouse
"Being challenged is inevitable, being defeated is optional." Roger Crawford
Mellow Mushroom
Avocado Turkey/Bacon Wrap-Subway
Honor your father and mother, that your days may be long in the land that the Lord your God is giving you. Exodus 20:12
Shopping Store
Loft & NY & Company
The Champion by Carrie Underwood
Sport to Play
Volleyball, Flag Football
Sport to Watch
NFL & College Football
Sports Star
Aaron Rogers, QB Green Bay Packers
Sports Team
Atlanta Falcons
Subject in School
Storm, X-Men
Thing to Cook
Turkey Burgers, Salmon & Chocolate Chip Cookies
Time of Day
Spending time with my family for the holidays
TV Show
TV Show Character
Prue Halliwell
Type of Music
All Genres
Vacation Spot
Costa Rica
Video Game
Super Mario Brothers

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