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If you would like to learn more about us, please call 1-800-ADOPTION (2367846), fill out the form at the bottom of our on-line profile page, or email us at

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Dan & Sue

Hi, we appreciate you stopping by! We fell in love a decade ago and have taken many fulfilling journeys together. We moved to a new city to be closer to friends and family, we took the plunge into home ownership and have adopted many fur babies. The next journey we want to embark upon is parenthood and know adoption is the perfect fit for us. We hope you consider us.

About Us

Quality Control Senior Associate Scientist
Quality Control Scientist
Bachelor's Degree in Biology & Biochemistry
Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Taking Buddy for a Walk Through Our Neighborhoood

Nights that we are home during the week we like to cook, get weekly chores out of the way and then spend time with our furry brood. During the summer we love to take Buddy on evening walks within our neighborhood or explore new areas of our city. Weekly during the summer, Sue will play tennis or pickle ball with her BFF, Kim.

On weekends we will either hang around town with friends or take road trips with Buddy to see family. We really enjoy road trips and love to sing along off-key (not on purpose) to playlists. We are already dreaming about our first vacation as a family to the western U.S. and its gorgeous national parks.

Occasionally we hang out with our friends separately on weekends because we like to remind ourselves we are individuals. Dan enjoys going on camping trips with his best friend, Nick. Several times a year they get together for canoeing, hiking and fishing fun. Nick brings his kids now that they are older, and Dan cannot wait to do the same! Sue likes taking road trips with her friends on the weekends Dan goes camping. They have traveled to many places for random reasons like it has a trampoline park (SO FUN!) or IKEA. Sue enjoys painting and crafting even though her talents lie in more scientific endeavors. She hopes to instill an appreciation of art within our future children.

Cultural Diversity

Dan's Former Stepdad, Yemi, With His Wife & Stepson

You may notice, we are white. We want you to know how very committed we are to overcoming our predominately white background to provide a culturally rich childhood for our future transracial child. We researched this topic thoroughly and went to seminars before choosing this adoption path to ensure we understood all the responsibilities involved in raising a transracial child to have a positive and informed racial identity as well as a happy childhood in general.

Furthermore, we are fortunate to have family and friends of color in our lives to help answer questions we simply don't have the background or experiences to answer. One of which is Dan's former step father, Yemi (they are still very close). He is a British-born Nigerian who is now an American citizen and is over the moon excited for us to a adopt a child. He is willing to help out in any way he can.

Our city is a bit on the large side and we are fortunate to live in a naturally diverse area. There are many cultural community events going on throughout the year. We have also researched several transracial family camps within our state and neighboring states that are fun summer getaways where families have fun while learning more about the child's transracial culture and provide seminars on things like hair care.

Fun & Random Factoids About Us:

  • Our dream is to transition from a couple the incessantly talks about their pets to a couple that incessantly talks about their children ... and probably pets, too.
  • We met at work a decade ago, moved in together after 3 months and got engaged after 4 months. We waited a respectable year and a half to get married though!
  • Dan is a Celiac which means he can't eat gluten. We have always enjoyed cooking together and trying out new gluten-free recipes. He is also the president of a local Celiac group.
  • Sickeningly sweet nicknames: Sue calls Dan "my Spartan" because of his high school mascot and she had watched the movie 300 shortly before meeting him. Dan calls Sue "Kitten" because she is older than him by more than a year but she got a wee bit upset when he called her his cougar.
  • We both have a tattoo. Dan's is of an eagle because he has always loved eagles and the outdoors since he was a child. Sue's is of a rainbow peacock feather that she got with her BFF, Kim, for their 15 year friendship anniversary to symbolize they are "birds of a feather."
  • Bebe is the only cat brave enough to play with children. The rest observe from afar or from under a bed. She is very gentle and loves to plays fetch. Yes, our cat plays fetch!
  • Video


    All Smiles on the Fourth of July
    All Smiles on the Fourth of July
    Sue Teaching Children About Science During a Volunteer Event
    Sue Teaching Children About Science During a Volunteer Event
    Snowshoeing in Wisconsin
    Snowshoeing in Wisconsin
    Visiting Friends Near Lake Michigan
    Visiting Friends Near Lake Michigan
    Building a Snowman With Our Nephew
    Building a Snowman With Our Nephew
    In Vegas
    In Vegas
    Getting Into the 'Lego-Rhythm' as We Construct the Stranger Things Set
    Getting Into the "Lego-Rhythm" as We Construct the Stranger Things Set
    Playing Games With Friends in Our Game Room
    Playing Games With Friends in Our Game Room
    Our Ever Expanding Lego Universe With Baby's First Set of Legos!
    Our Ever Expanding Lego Universe With Baby's First Set of Legos!
    Idyllic Summer Day in Our Back Yard
    Idyllic Summer Day in Our Back Yard
    Dan Helping the Next Generation, Nolan & a Cousin, Build Legos
    Dan Helping the Next Generation, Nolan & a Cousin, Build Legos
    Taking a Quick Pic in Vegas
    Taking a Quick Pic in Vegas
    1 / 12
    All Smiles on the Fourth of July
    All Smiles on the Fourth of July
    2 / 12
    Sue Teaching Children About Science During a Volunteer Event
    Sue Teaching Children About Science During a Volunteer Event
    3 / 12
    Snowshoeing in Wisconsin
    Snowshoeing in Wisconsin
    4 / 12
    Visiting Friends Near Lake Michigan
    Visiting Friends Near Lake Michigan
    5 / 12
    Building a Snowman With Our Nephew
    Building a Snowman With Our Nephew
    6 / 12
    In Vegas
    In Vegas
    7 / 12
    Getting Into the 'Lego-Rhythm' as We Construct the Stranger Things Set
    Getting Into the "Lego-Rhythm" as We Construct the Stranger Things Set
    8 / 12
    Playing Games With Friends in Our Game Room
    Playing Games With Friends in Our Game Room
    9 / 12
    Our Ever Expanding Lego Universe With Baby's First Set of Legos!
    Our Ever Expanding Lego Universe With Baby's First Set of Legos!
    10 / 12
    Idyllic Summer Day in Our Back Yard
    Idyllic Summer Day in Our Back Yard
    11 / 12
    Dan Helping the Next Generation, Nolan & a Cousin, Build Legos
    Dan Helping the Next Generation, Nolan & a Cousin, Build Legos
    12 / 12
    Taking a Quick Pic in Vegas
    Taking a Quick Pic in Vegas

    Our House and Neighborhood

    The Rainbow Nursery

    Our neighborhood is established and has so many beautiful trees canopying the streets and sidewalks. There is a diversity of young families living on our street. The neighborhood has three parks, a community pool, and our future child's elementary and middle schools all within a short walking distance. We love walking through all the surrounding neighborhoods on our evening walks with Buddy.

    Our home is a three bedroom, two bath, one-story ranch with a large fenced in yard containing trees Dan has planted. Our basement has an additional finished play area and craft room (Sue loves glitter and thangs!). The room next to ours is being converted into a nursery with our nephew's gently-used baby crib. He informed us he is a big boy and his future cousin can have it. Don't worry, the crib has a secured netted canopy to keep sleepy kitties away from baby! The nursery is decorated in rainbows since we may be surprised by the baby's gender. To be safe, we picked ALL the colors! The inspiration was a cloth balloon wall hanging Sue had in her room growing up that always makes her happy just looking at. The balloons are hanging in the nursery.

    Our other favorite room is our game/dining room. We spend many fun nights with friends and family at our table playing card or board games. We can't wait to play games with our future child!

    Our Extended Families

    Dan's Uncles Leading a Family Sing-a-Long

    We relocated to our current city to be closer to friends and family and to be there for our parents as they get older. We both have siblings - Dan has a sister and Sue has three brothers - yeah, she was a major tomboy! Everyone in our extended families are so very excited we will be starting a family. They are very supportive of our plans not only to adopt, but to adopt transracially. Both Grammy and Nana are very excited to have another grandchild to spoil!

    Sue's Family

    Dan's extended family lives two hours away and we see them throughout the year. Our nephew Nolan is 5 and he is soooooo excited to get a little cousin to play with and teach them the proper rules to his bouncey house!

    Sue's mom lives 45 minutes away and we see her several times a month to chat and help her with chores. All Sue's siblings live within 6 hours of us and we get together for major holidays and parties in the summer. Sue has two nephews who are 13 (Jack) and 16 (Ben) and we see them as often as their social lives allow!

    Finally, there is our amazing group of friends who are like family including Sue's BFF of 23 years, Kim, who is more like a sister. Kim and many other friends live in the same city we do and we get together weekly to play board games, have cookouts, paint/craft or go to the occasional movie.

    From Us to You

    Thank you for reading this far and considering adoption. We can't begin to understand what you are going through but we want you to know we are completely committed to this process and to the birth mother that chooses us. It is a scary thing to put the amount of trust you are considering putting into adoptive parents, people you barely know, to raise your child. You are so brave and have our undying admiration for your ability to make so many difficult choices during such an emotional time. Please understand, no matter how much we joke or kid around, this gift that you will be entrusting to us will be taken very seriously and will be the highest priority in our lives. When chosen, we will cherish that decision always, until our dying day.

    In the most simplistic way, we describe our relationship as a good ol' fashion rom-com. We had an adorable meet at work (ask us about it, its lengthy and word count limitations don't do it justice) we fell head over heels in love with each other and some people initially thought we were rushing to move in together and get engaged so fast. Spoiler alert! A decade later and eight blissful years of marriage so far, we wouldn't have done anything differently. Along the way, we shared interests that broadened our minds, had some fights that helped us understand each other better, and dealt with some sad moments that deepened our bonds to one another. However, most importantly, we shared a montage of laughs that helped us celebrate in times of joy and cope in time of sorrow.

    We think fun, laughter and affection are the best foundation for both a relationship and a family. We have been through enough in life to know if you can at least laugh a little, find small joys in the worst times, and cuddle the ones you love, it's like saying - We know there is a light at the end of this tunnel and we, like Gloria Gaynor, Will Survive! There is so much to get across in so few words so we wanted you to know how we approach life. Your child's life would be filled with laughter. We would savor the good times and teach them to be thankful for every moment the people (and animals!) in their life are happy and healthy. We would also teach them that the way to weather the hard times is to share your burdens with loved ones and leave your heart open to love, levity and laughter. It, along with antibiotics, is the best medicine.

    Along with love and laughter, there are so many things we would want to share with this child. We want to share our passion for topics like science and art as well as our love for family, animals, the outdoors and road trips. We would always emphasize the importance of school; however, we would nurture all of the child's interests. We know there are many amazing abilities that cannot be measured by tests.

    Enough about us, let's talk about you - we can't wait to meet you! If you choose us, we look forward to having open communication with you throughout this process and in the future. We truly believe it is best for the child's well-being and identity if we keep in touch. We would also want you to know, anytime you want, that your child is happy and healthy in the life you chose for them. We will send you yearly pictures and letters as well as more frequent updates electronically if you wish. Are you a texter? Cause Sue is! We are also open to a visit before the baby is born to spend time with you as well as future visits that we all agree upon in regards to a schedule and location(s).

    We want to be there for you during this journey and ease your worries about your child's future. With all of us wanting the best for this child, they will have an amazing start in life.

    Yours Truly,

    Dan & Sue


    Daniel Day Lewis
    Dwayne Johnson - He is an amazing comedian and easy on the eyes ;)
    Maya Rudolph
    Jennifer Lawrence - She seems like she would be an amazing BFF
    Great Horned Owl
    Can I choose all of them? I guess cats due to the sheer volume we have :)
    CJ Cherry
    Stephanie Meyer
    Fortress in the Eye of Time
    The Host - I love sci fi
    Candy Bar
    Reese's peanut butter cup - I am a PB addict
    Rick and Morty
    Rick and Morty and Bob's Burgers
    Childhood Memory
    Christmas at my grandparent's home with oyster stew and homemade ice cream
    On the rare occasion a storm would knock out the power, we would play board games by candle light
    Childhood Toy
    Lincoln Logs and Legos
    Ralphie and Scottie - two very loved Scottish terrier plushies
    Children's Book
    Owl Moon
    Harry Potter - Prisoner of Azkaban but I love the entire series
    Cologne, Germany, I visited for a week as an exchange student. It was a large city and a gorgeous city with a lot of history and an amazing rail system and the downtown has a lot of pedestrian only streets.
    Eureka Springs, Arkansas - We visited when I was a kid
    Classic Movie
    Last of the Mohicans
    Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory - Snooooozzzberries!
    Day of Week
    Scotcharoos - family recipe - they have PB in them, did I mention my addiction?
    Disney Movie
    Wreck-it Ralph
    Moana, OMG, this proves girls rock!
    Dream Car
    Kia Niro hybrid (something that is fuel efficient)
    One that is safe, in working order and payed off - I am not a car person
    Dream Job
    Working at the Centers for Disease Control (CDC). Immunology was my favorite college course.
    Stay at Home Mom - my mom was when I was a kid.
    Dream Vacation
    A road trip through the western US to see all the beautiful state parks
    Family Activity
    Board games and puzzles
    Legos and Board Games
    Flower / Plant
    The pear tree I planted in our backyard. I also have an oak tree that sprouted on its own and I am trying to ensure it grows well.
    Succulents - My mom and I planted a garden every year with "hens and chicks"
    OK, so we covered peanut butter. My favorite style/type of food is Mediterranean.
    Form of Exercise
    Weightlifting and hiking
    Pickle Ball or Tennis
    Strawberries and grapes - please don't make me choose!
    Shadow Hunters (card game)
    Card game: Unstable Unicorns, Board Game: Pandemic
    Legos and home improvements
    Painting and Crafts
    4th of July (fireworks)
    Holiday Song
    Little Drummer Boy
    Mariah Carey - All I want for Christmas is you
    Holiday Tradition
    Family gatherings at christmas and thanksgiving. I love the food and my uncles play guitar and we all sing.
    Giving out family Christmas Ornaments every year - Its a collection of memories you get to unbox every year.
    Ice Cream
    My Grandma's Homemade Recipe
    cookies and cream - 2nd choice would obviously be something with pb...
    Junk Food
    Cool Ranch Doritos - a classic
    Leisure Activity
    Putting a puzzle together and sudoku
    Taking our dog, Buddy, for a walk in the summer.
    Anything with celeb gossip
    Memory with a Child
    Building a snow person with my nephew
    I am actually fortunate to have a picture of this memory and it hangs on our wall - Dan was helping our nephew Jack, when he was 5, beat a Super Mario World level and Jack was in Dan's lap looking at him with awe
    Memory with Spouse
    Asking for my wife's ring size at a Fashion Bug.
    Any time Dan and I end up laughing so hysterically that we can't breath.
    Jumanji welcome to the jungle
    Labyrinth - since childhood
    Movie Munchie
    Popcorn (lots of butter and salt)
    Swedish Fish
    Movie Quote
    "It's just a flesh wound" - Monty Python and the Holy Grail
    You're gonna need a bigger boat - Jaws
    Movie Type
    Comedy followed by superhero/sci-fi
    Musical Group
    Lana Del Rey
    I usually garvitate towards female solo artists. Current faves - Queen Bey, Kesha, and Lizzo
    Nursery Rhyme
    Baa Baa Black Sheep
    Wynken, Blynken, and Nod - I love sleep
    Olympic Event
    Alpine skiing. They travel so fast down the hill. It is exciting to watch.
    Gymnastics - Simone Biles is life!
    Personal Hero
    Bernie Sanders, I think he has a great message.
    My aunt Loie - She was the first one in my mom's family to go to college and she got a computer science degree in the late 1960s. She boasts about being the nerd-girl archetype!
    A Christmas Carol
    Harry Potter and the Cursed Child
    Shel Silverstein and Robert Frost
    Edgar Allan Poe
    Quality about my Spouse
    Her social skills and jokes.
    His sincerity and unwavering commitment to the ones he loves
    It is hard to fail, but it is worse never to have tried to succeed. - Theodore Roosevelt
    I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel -- Maya Angelou
    Miko Poke. Its a local Poke restaurant and its all gluten free
    Red Robin - They have Gluten free for Dan :)
    BLT. Another thing my grandmother made that was delicious.
    Grilled Cheese with a side of tomato soup - such a good meal for a Wisconsin winter
    1 Corinthians 13:4-7
    1 Corinthians 13:4-7 - this was in our wedding ceremony and is so beautiful
    Shopping Store
    REI. It has a lot of gear for outdoor activities (camping, hiking, canoeing, etc)
    Target, love their dollar aisle!
    The Book of Love
    This changes almost daily. I am a bit of a music addict. Currently in top rotation is Beyonce/Blue Ivy - Brown Skinned girl and Taylor Swift - You Need to Calm Down
    Sport to Play
    Tennis or Pickle Ball
    Sport to Watch
    Football or Tennis
    Sports Star
    Aaron Rodgers
    Serena Williams - Can I be her when I grow up!?!
    Sports Team
    Green Bay Packers
    Green Bay Packers - Go Pack!
    Subject in School
    Jessica Jones
    Thing to Cook
    Cheesecake. It takes a lot to make it from scratch but it is so good.
    Time of Day
    I am a night owl
    Thanksgiving Week. We always take off the entire week from work, organize our home and decorate for the Holidays.
    Carving Pumpkins
    TV Show
    Brooklyn Nine Nine
    The Good Place and Stranger Things
    TV Show Character
    Detective Charles Boyle. He is such a funny and strange character but I can relate to his oddities.
    Ron Swanson - Parks and Rec. Nick Offerman is a national treasure
    Type of Music
    Pop also classic rock
    It really depends on my mood. Pop, alternative and hip-hop. Anything from bops to ballads.
    Vacation Spot
    The Northern Wisconsin Woods
    Western US - state parks and the redwood forests in California
    Video Game
    Fallout 3
    Mario Kart, Yoshi all the way!

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