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Paris & Tanqueray

We are deeply honored that you are considering our family as part of your life's journey. While we may be starting to learn about each other right now, we can say with certainty that you are brave and strong. We can also say with certainty that we will love your child unconditionally, while honoring your courageous strength. We hope that we can be part of your adoption journey and pray peace guides your decision.

About Us

Financial Analyst
Business Transformation Leader
Bachelor's Degree in Accounting
Master's Degree in Public Administration
Legally Married

Our Life Priorities

Enjoying a Swim Party With London

Family takes priority in our lives over careers, friends or social events. We pride ourselves in making decisions that are best for our family, which includes always being present for our daughter London's school events, and sports activities. There are times that the two of us are unable attend one event together but we make sure that one parent is present, and there to cheer on London. On other occasions, we intentionally skip social gatherings to spend time with family or we make sure we attend events that children will be able to attend. We are planning a big trip this Spring during London's school break, and intentionally picked this time so that we would be able to travel all together, and create more family memories. We often say that without family we would not be as successful as we are, and would certainty not be as grounded as we are as people. We absolutely love and cherish our family and its' priority will never change and will be reinforced as we expand our family.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Happy New Year!

Paris is one of the most patient men that Tanqueray has ever known. He has the kindest, most compassionate heart. He displays patience beyond belief and is always seeing the best in others, and often reminds everyone around him to focus on what they are able to control. He is calm, cool, and loving in all things and is very passionate about team sports, especially his beloved Steelers. He also appreciates the values that he learned as a child while participating in sports. He is truly an incredible daddy to his girls, and as we grow our family, I know he will continue to be an excellent dad to all of our children.

Paris admires Tanqueray's independence and perseverance. He expresses that she is also very organized, which has allowed our family to travel, participate in organized events like sports, swimming, piano lessons and other fun filled events. She enjoys having fun, and Paris loves her love for live concerts, plays and musicals. She is extremely kind and is always thinking about others, especially when volunteering in our community – volunteering as a Board of Director for three local non-profits. She enjoys new experiences and seeing the world through the eyes of her children. Paris also appreciates Tanqueray's love for learning new things, which keeps our lives exciting. She is and will be a loving, awesome and informed mother to all of our children.

What Made Us Who We Are Today

Tanqueray's mother and father made her into who she is today. Her father always demonstrated love, and taught her independence. He showed her how to work with her hands, which is what began her interest in math and science and ultimately led to her career as an engineer. He taught her that she could be and do anything that Tanqueray wanted to be and do. Tanqueray's mother shared her love of cooking with Tanqueray, which has been a huge asset as we love to eat, and entertain family and friends. Her parents definitely helped shape who she is as a mother, friend, wife, sister, aunt, colleague and leader.

Paris was primarily raised by his grandparents, and his grandparents were key in shaping who Paris is today. He learned the value of hard work from his grandfather, who owned and operated a 100+ acre farm and convenience store. His grandfather often expressed this sentiment, and provided Paris with hands-on experiences that not only taught him the value of hard work, but the importance of helping, doing your best and other irreplaceable life skills. His grandmother shared her loving disposition; warm hugs, snuggles when he needed encouragement and words of inspiration when he was uncertain of his next move. His grandparents will always have a special place in his life as well as the lives of our children – through stories and fond memories.



Enjoying the Park
Enjoying the Park
Cruising With Family
Cruising With Family
Volunteering at London's School
Volunteering at London's School
London, Paris & Our Nephew
London, Paris & Our Nephew
Walking Along the Rim of the Grand Canyon
Walking Along the Rim of the Grand Canyon
Exploring Central Park in New York City
Exploring Central Park in New York City
Exploring Antelope Canyon
Exploring Antelope Canyon
Out to Dinner
Out to Dinner
Vacation to Aruba
Vacation to Aruba
Game Night
Game Night
Pedi Cab in New York City
Pedi Cab in New York City
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Enjoying the Park
Enjoying the Park
2 / 12
Cruising With Family
Cruising With Family
3 / 12
Volunteering at London's School
Volunteering at London's School
4 / 12
London, Paris & Our Nephew
London, Paris & Our Nephew
5 / 12
Walking Along the Rim of the Grand Canyon
Walking Along the Rim of the Grand Canyon
6 / 12
7 / 12
Exploring Central Park in New York City
Exploring Central Park in New York City
8 / 12
Exploring Antelope Canyon
Exploring Antelope Canyon
9 / 12
Out to Dinner
Out to Dinner
10 / 12
Vacation to Aruba
Vacation to Aruba
11 / 12
Game Night
Game Night
12 / 12
Pedi Cab in New York City
Pedi Cab in New York City

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a quiet neighborhood, and have lived here for 13 years. Our home is fun, and full of life with four bedrooms, a bonus and family rooms for our growing family. There are plenty of spaces for children to play in our home. We have dedicated one of our bedrooms as a reading room to ensure London has a quiet space to read and relax. We love hosting friends and family at our home for cook outs, dinners and other community events. There are tons of activities planned throughout the year in our neighborhood; a fall festival, trick or treating, holiday parties, summer cookouts, trail cleanups and Easter egg hunts. There is a multi-acre county park in our neighborhood where we walk our dogs every day, play at the playground with our daughter, hike trails and have picnics when the weather is warm. London's elementary school is also located in our neighborhood, and is one of the county's magnet schools for science, technology, engineering and math. Our neighborhood is extremely diverse and is filled with lots of children and great families, many of which we are friends with and our children play together.

Our Extended Families

Paris' Family

Family is essential, and important to us. Paris is one of eight siblings, and Tanqueray has one older brother. Paris' mom and stepdad live in Mississippi, and often visit. Paris' stepdad is a truck driver, and his mom is a middle school music teacher. Paris' dad lives in Indiana, is retired and avid bowler. Tanqueray's mom and extended family live a few short hours away. Tanqueray's mom was married to her dad for 25 years, until he suddenly died 30 years ago. Tanqueray's mom works in retail, and plans to retire in a couple of years. We all enjoy traveling, and have traveled together for many years. Most memorably, we cruised to the Caribbean with 50 family members for a reunion. We will continue our traveling tradition when this child arrives, and our families are excited about creating more memories, learning about other cultures and growing closer.

Nebraszy & Tanqueray's Mom

We have an adult daughter, Nebraszy, who recently graduated from a college in South Carolina. She is currently employed as a property manager for a real estate company, and also owns an event planning business – planning weddings, networking and fundraising events. Nebraszy values and prioritizes spending time with London. As London's big sister, Nebraszy enjoys spending time playing games, reading and drawing with London. She also enjoys shopping with London for unicorns and mermaids. We are able to see Nebraszy at least every other month. In between times that we are unable to see each other face-to-face, the girls video chat with one another – mostly begin silly and laughing the entire. Although they are a number of years apart in age, they are extremely close and adore one another. London often comments on how she looks forward to becoming a big sister like Nebraszy. Our girls are both enthusiastic, and ready to step into their role as an older sibling.

From Us to You

We are Tanqueray and Paris, and thank you for giving us this opportunity to share with you a glimpse into our lives. We want you to know how thankful we are for you and are humbled by your courage and strength in creating a adoption plan. Wherever your journey leads you, we hope you find comfort in knowing that you have chosen a life for your child that signifies love. Words cannot contain all the emotions we feel right now, and are extremely thankful for you.

This is and will be the hardest letter that we have ever written in our lives – writing to two people we have never met but greatly cherish with all of our hearts. You are in our thoughts and held in high regard as compassionate, loving, thoughtful and caring. Not a day goes by that we do not think of you, and in fact, ever since we began growing our child in our hearts, we have thought of you in amazement – you are already so beloved by our family. We want you to know how much we value you and this opportunity to grow our family.

We have known each other for over twenty years – we attended the same college in South Carolina and have mutual friends. After college we lost contact with one another and ran into each other in a local grocery store in North Carolina. Because we had not seen each other in over 10 years, we spent several hours in the middle of the grocery store catching each other up on life, our careers, friends and family. A few months later in November, we went out on our first date, and about a year and a half later were engaged. One year after our engagement, we married in a small ceremony along the coast of South Carolina with close friends and family surrounding us. We have been friends and partners sharing our life's journey ever since, and in September of 2018 celebrated our ninth wedding anniversary together.

We simply enjoy children, their unconditional love and laughter. We also appreciate the meaningfulness and joy that children have brought to our lives, and therefore want to expand our family. Along the same lines, we have always wanted to grow our family and have for a number of years considered adoption as an option to do so. In fact, in recent years our youngest daughter, London, has begun to inquire about a sibling. We believe now is the perfect time to grow our family, and consider ourselves stable, loving, youthful and capable of loving another child, and more importantly, truly enjoy parenting.

It is our deepest desire to always honor you in our home and our child will know that they have been given the greatest gift ? after all, they will be fiercely loved by multiple parents. When we started this adoption journey, we began a journal, writing down all our thoughts, feelings and experiences during this time as we prepare for the child, which includes pictures of their siblings, family members, writing stories about ourselves, and overall life in our home. The journal was presented to us as a Christmas gift from our oldest daughter – who thought it would be a great idea to journal about our experiences as we prepare to welcome another child into our home. We are also planning to use the journal as a reminder of the excitement we feel as we are thinking about and preparing for the child. Along with the journal, we plan on reading age-appropriate books to the child about adoption as well as discussing adoption openly with our children — adoption will not be a secret in our home. Adoption will be celebrated as a special way we have been brought together as a family. We also want to be transparent about the child's birth parents as well, so that the child feels they are doubly loved and supported.

Again, we are truly fortunate to have you in our lives, and are thankful for you and the choice you are making. We hope and pray that peace will live in your heart in the days, weeks, months and years ahead. Thank you again for considering us, as we promise to always provide a loving, stable home with lots of family and friends to surround our child with love.

Paris & Tanqueray


Denzel Washington
Chadwick Boseman
Taraji B. Hensen
Oprah Winfrey
Maya Angelou
Stephen Meyer
Roots by Alex Haley
The Four Agreements
Candy Bar
Peppermint Patties
Deputy Dog
Winnie The Pooh
Childhood Memory
Fishing with Grandfather
Going fishing with my family
Childhood Toy
Six Million Dollar Man Action Figure
Strawberry Shortcake Dolls
Children's Book
Green Eggs & Ham
Aesop's Fables
Classic Movie
Coming to America
Somewhere in Time
Day of Week
Red Velvet Cake
Red Velvet Cake
Disney Movie
Jungle Book
Lady and the Tramp
Dream Car
Merecedes GL 550
Mercedes G Wagon
Dream Job
Sports Analyst
Social Capital Venturist
Dream Vacation
Private Island in Fuji
Family Activity
Road Trips
Anmial Kingdom Resort at Disney
Flower / Plant
Elephant Ear Plant
Thai Spring Rolls
Form of Exercise
Yoga and Weight Lifting
Listening to Music
Making crafts, and reading books
Holiday Song
Silent Night
Slient Night
Holiday Tradition
Thanksgiving Dinner
Christmas Day Breakfast with Family
Ice Cream
Praline and Cream
Birthday Cake Remix
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Walks in the park
Memory with a Child
Trick or Treating with Daughter
New Year's Eve at Disney with my daughters
Memory with Spouse
Travelling to Aruba
Snorkling in Aruba
The Color Purple
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"You can't handle the truth" - Denzel Washington
"Everything you've done to me, already been done to you" - Color Purple
Movie Type
Frog & Toad
The Lion King
Musical Group
Boyz II Men
Nursery Rhyme
Itsy Bitsy Spider
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Olympic Event
Track & Field
Personal Hero
President Obama
High School Band Director
Madea's Christmas
Color Purple on Broadway
Maya Angelou
Maya Angelou
Quality about my Spouse
"Preparation Prevents Poor Performance"
"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel." - Maya Angelou
Bentley's on 27th
Joe's Crab Shack
Cheese Steak
Turkey Reuben
Psalms 23
1 Corinthians 13:4-8
Shopping Store
I did it my way - Frank Sinatra
Don't Stop Believing by Journey
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Jerome Bettus
Cam Newton
Sports Team
Pittsburgh Steelers
Carolina Panthers
Subject in School
Incredible Hulk
Thing to Cook
Chicken Casserole
Time of Day
Early Morning
Exchanging Gifts for Christmas
Fixing a cup of coffee as soon as I arrive at work
TV Show
Property Brothers
Fixer Upper
TV Show Character
George Jefferson
Olivia Pope
Type of Music
All Types
Vacation Spot
Video Game

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