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Bert & Kellie

We are humbled and honored that you are reading our profile and want to get to know more about our family. Having children has been such an incredible gift and privilege. We love all the joy they bring to our lives, are so excited to expand our family through adoption and would be so thankful if you considered us to parent your child.

About Us

Registered Nurse
Law Degree
Bachelor's Degree in Nursing
Ian, Leah
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

Our Family

We are fortunate to have two children--Ian and Leah. We love watching their sibling relationship grow and they definitely are each other's best friend. Ian loves to play sports and video games and watching super hero movies. Leah enjoys singing, playing dress up, is a natural performer, and cannot wait to be a big sister. They both talk frequently about having a little brother or sister. We cannot wait to see them with another sibling in their life and know they will be so helpful, loving, great role models, and excited to show off their new brother or sister.

When we initially talked about starting a family, we always knew we wanted more than two children. However, after having Ian and Leah, years passed without being able to have another child and a feeling that our family is incomplete has persisted. When we finally started talking seriously about the future of our family, we realized it didn't matter how our family expanded. We just knew how badly we wanted it to grow. Adoption soon became the clear choice that now guides our hearts and we are so excited at the hope of another child to love and make our family even more special.

It is an indescribable feeling that you are considering giving us the opportunity to parent your child and grow our family the way we always hoped. Our children are so excited to have another sibling to love, play with, and teach. We have so much love and happiness to share and your child will always know how your love for him/her helped complete our family and transform our story forever.

Our Lifestyle

Soccer Stars

We live an active lifestyle but also enjoy those moments we relax as a family for movie night or hang out in the backyard or around the neighborhood.

We love being outside riding bikes, playing at the park, going swimming, cooking, and getting together with family and friends. Our kids are involved in many activities including gymnastics, soccer, swimming, and basketball. We like to cook and grill out, but also enjoy eating out or meeting up with friends to watch a game. We love that so many friends and family live nearby, which makes impromptu play dates common!

When the weather is nice, Kellie enjoys running and Bert will be out cycling or out on the trails riding bikes with the kids.

We also try to take a vacation every year and have visited Colorado, Disney World, Table Rock Lake, and the beach in North Carolina as a family.

Our Professional Lives

Bert is a corporate lawyer for a global movie theater company. After several years with a law firm in private practice, he took an opportunity to match his career as a lawyer with a life-long love of movies. For Bert, being a lawyer is about helping people solve the complex problems that come with running a business. It can be a fun challenge, and it offers a great perk: Free movies, which our family takes advantage of often.

Kellie is fortunate enough to spend the majority of her time at home with our kids, but also work as a registered nurse at an outpatient surgery center. Her job allows her lots of flexibility with our family and also fulfills her desire to help people. As much as she enjoys her nursing career, she loves to be home with the kids and cherishes all those everyday adventures and cannot wait for all the new memories and adventures another child will bring to our family.



Relaxing at Home
Relaxing at Home
Out Bowling - Breaking 100 is a Good Night!
Out Bowling - Breaking 100 is a Good Night!
Still the One
Still the One
Winter Fun
Winter Fun
Meeting Donald at Walt Disney World
Meeting Donald at Walt Disney World
Kellie After a Half-Marathon
Kellie After a Half-Marathon
Dressed Up for the School Christmas Pageant
Dressed Up for the School Christmas Pageant
Building Sandcastles in North Carolina
Building Sandcastles in North Carolina
Soaking Up Sun at the Beach
Soaking Up Sun at the Beach
Tailgating on Opening Day
Tailgating on Opening Day
Fourth of July Parade
Fourth of July Parade
We Love Dressing Up for the Charity Super Hero Fun Run
We Love Dressing Up for the Charity Super Hero Fun Run
1 / 12
Relaxing at Home
Relaxing at Home
2 / 12
Out Bowling - Breaking 100 is a Good Night!
Out Bowling - Breaking 100 is a Good Night!
3 / 12
Still the One
Still the One
4 / 12
Winter Fun
Winter Fun
5 / 12
Meeting Donald at Walt Disney World
Meeting Donald at Walt Disney World
6 / 12
Kellie After a Half-Marathon
Kellie After a Half-Marathon
7 / 12
Dressed Up for the School Christmas Pageant
Dressed Up for the School Christmas Pageant
8 / 12
Building Sandcastles in North Carolina
Building Sandcastles in North Carolina
9 / 12
Soaking Up Sun at the Beach
Soaking Up Sun at the Beach
10 / 12
Tailgating on Opening Day
Tailgating on Opening Day
11 / 12
Fourth of July Parade
Fourth of July Parade
12 / 12
We Love Dressing Up for the Charity Super Hero Fun Run
We Love Dressing Up for the Charity Super Hero Fun Run

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

Since we moved back to our hometown after college, we've loved living in a family-friendly suburban neighborhood in Kansas. We live on a cul-de-sac directly across from the neighborhood pool, where our children love to swim during the summer.

Our Backyard

We live in a four-bedroom home with a finished basement and large backyard with a play set. The kids love helping us cook and bake so we spend a lot of time in the kitchen, but when the weather is nice, we spend most of our time in the backyard grilling, gardening, and playing sports. We are so looking forward to setting up our crib again for another child in the nursery room where we have brought our other two children home from the hospital.

There are many families with young kids in the neighborhood, who all play together. Playgrounds are within walking distance as well as walking/biking trails that we frequent as a family. The church where we are parishioners and the kids attend school is a short drive away.

Our neighborhood also hosts annual holiday events, including a July 4th parade through the neighborhood that concludes with an ice cream truck. There's also an annual Easter egg hunt with face painting and fall festival with a bounce house.

Our Extended Families

All Smiles With Grandma & Grandpa

We are very fortunate that both sets of grandparents live within 20 minutes of us and many of our siblings and nieces and nephews are just as close. We see each other every holiday and often see family weekly for the cousins to play.

When we get together, we enjoy grilling out and watching our favorite sports teams. The kids also love playing outside in the sprinklers or at the pool in the warmer months, or just playing with their toys.

Bert's parents live in the country and have an annual pot-luck July 4th BBQ, complete with a firework show and slip-n-slide.

Lots of Cousins to Play With!

We also are very thankful that both our families are able to spend Thanksgiving together at the home of Kellie's parents each year, and continue the tradition of going around the table to say why we are thankful. We cannot wait to add another child and his/her birth parents to our list of people for which we give thanks.

Our families have always known we wanted a big family, so they are extremely supportive and excited for this incredible journey. We love that both our extended families enjoy being together and that all the cousins love playing with one another and we know another child will be welcomed and loved by all!

From Us to You

We have been together since 2004 and will celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary this year. We cannot think of a better gift than a new addition to our family. Before getting married, we always talked about our future and family and are so excited to add adoption to our list of adventures together. We've experienced adoption through friends and family but hadn't considered it as part of our path until now and are so excited for this opportunity.

We have two amazing and wonderful children, Ian (6) and Leah (5), but always wanted a bigger family. After many years of unsuccessful tries to have another child, we found our hearts pulled in this new and compelling direction to adopt. We came to realize that growing our family is what's most important to us, and have so much love to give to another child--plus two very excited siblings who can't wait to have a new brother or sister.

Becoming parents has enriched our lives in indescribable ways and we are so grateful that you are considering us to be adoptive parents for your baby. We love the joy and energy children bring to life and watching them learn and grow has been the greatest reward of parenting. We love that Ian and Leah will remember the adoption story of their new sibling and the excitement and anticipation of a new brother or sister coming home to their same nursery. Watching Ian and Leah's relationship develop has been so special and we know your baby will be a part of this incredible bond forever.

We hope you know what an admirable and brave person you are for considering adoption. It is a loving choice and opportunity for everyone involved. We look forward to the chance to get to know you, your heritage, and your life's journey. And you will always be an integral part of your child's birth and adoption story. Our kids love hearing about the day they were born and we are excited to tell your child their birth story and about the courageous and strong birth parents who helped make our family what it is. We want you to be able to share in the joys and milestones of his/her life so we will always be willing to email you pictures and stories, exchange letters and phone calls and will be open to future visits when the time is right. Your child will always know the tremendous amount of selfless love your decision took and you will always hold a significant place in our hearts. Saying thank you will never be enough to express our gratefulness for helping us find that missing piece to our family--another son or daughter.

We don't know what the future holds but are hopeful and excited about the journey. Adoption has brought us a sense of comfort and peace about growing our family. We can only imagine how many difficult choices you have in front of you right now, but we will continue to pray for you, your baby, and that you feel the same comfort and peace in your decision.


Bert & Kellie


Robert DeNiro
Ryan Gosling
Anna Kendrick
Meryl Streep
Golden Retriever
Ian McEwan; Philip Roth; Hilary Mantel; E.L. Doctorow
Jodi Picoult; Emily Giffin
Goodbye, Columbus; Atonement; Wolf Hall; Dubliners
Candy Bar
Duck Tales
Childhood Memory
Christmas traditions; family vacations at Disney; sports; and school
Family vacations; Picking out a Christmas tree
Childhood Toy
Legos; Nintendo
Cabbage Patch Doll
Children's Book
Charlotte's Web; Roald Dahl novels
Love You Forever
New York
Classic Movie
Cool Hand Luke
Breakfast at Tiffany's
Christmas colors
Day of Week
Disney Movie
Dream Vacation
Traveling around Italy
Family Activity
Traveling; riding bikes/running on the trails
Flower / Plant
Pizza; BBQ; Thai food
BBQ; sushi
Form of Exercise
Road Biking
Strawberries; Peaches
Biking, Reading, Movies, Grilling
Cooking & Running
Holiday Song
Christmas Canon
Holiday Tradition
Watching Christmas specials as a family
Picking out our family Christmas Tree
Ice Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Junk Food
Ice Cream
Leisure Activity
Reading or watching movies; grilling/smoking
Watching t.v.
New Yorker
Memory with a Child
Vacations at Disney World and the beach; first day of school
Taking our kids to Disney World and to the beach for the first time
Memory with Spouse
Our first holidays together; having children
Getting engaged; Giving birth to our children
Goodfellas; American Graffiti; Empire Strikes Back; Inside Llewyn Davis
When Harry Met Sally
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"Never tell me the odds!" - Han Solo
Movie Type
Romantic Comedy
Musical Group
Beatles; Radiohead; White Stripes; Beastie Boys
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle, twinkle, little star
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Abraham Lincoln
William Butler Yates
Quality about my Spouse
She is a Great Mother
He is a Devoted Husband & Father
Be Joyful in Hope, Patient in Affliction, Faithful in Prayer, Romans 12:12
Shopping Store
Life Changes
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Baseball; Football; Basketball
Sports Star
George Brett; Patrick Mahomes
Tony Gonzalez
Sports Team
Kansas City Royals; Kansas City Chiefs; Kansas Jayhawks
Kansas City Chiefs
Subject in School
The Incredibles
Thing to Cook
Anything on the grill
Chicken and Rice Casserole
Time of Day
Going bowling with family after Thanksgiving
TV Show
Mad Men
Top Chef, Gilmore Girls
TV Show Character
Don Draper
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Colorado; Europe; Disney World
Video Game
Super Smash Bros.; Zelda
Mario Bros

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