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Stuart & Kelly

First and foremost we want to thank you for viewing our profile. We are a fun, active couple who are elated to grow our family through adoption. We will always remember it was you who chose us and filled a void that we were unable to. Should you choose us, we would be forever grateful because of your courage.

About Us

National Account Director
Occupational Therapy Assistant
Bachelor's Degree in Marketing
Associate's Degree in Occupational Therapy
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

Meeting Baby Knox!

We became parents in 2016 through adoption with our son, Knox, and when he entered our world it seemed our hearts grew twice their normal size! We never knew you could love someone you just met so much. There are no words for the feeling besides pure appreciation and love.

We got the call we were chosen 2 hours before he was born, dropped everything and headed to him. We were honored and blessed to meet the birth family and get to know them and their extended family. We laughed, cried, and tried to learn as much as we could. We were able to go to dinner with the birth family before leaving and got to spend some more quality time with each other. Today, we exchanged emails, and send pictures and letters and look to have contact with you according to your comfort levels.

We are now ready to grow our family and know without a doubt, adoption is the right choice for us. We can't wait for Knox to have the gift of a sibling and a lifetime companionship. We believe that having a sibling who is adopted will be a benefit to our children as we celebrate their unique stories and they will always have that connection. We know that having a big brother can give a child someone to play with, learn from, and look up to. We are very excited for our future!

Our Leisure Time

Checking Out the Ice Castles

In our leisure time we just enjoy spending time as a family. We try to get outside and enjoy nature as much as possible whether it be walking the state parks, playing in the backyard, making snow angels, or attending the many carnivals and fairs that the Midwest has to offer! If weather doesn't permit we make the most of playing inside making forts, playing hide-n-seek, building Lego's, coloring, and reading books. Our son is at the age where he wants to learn and help and this is our favorite age so far as he's developing his independence and it’s such a joy to experience.

Wisconsin is home of the Packers and Brewers and this is a BIG deal in our state. We have grown to love them both and game days are usually spent cheering for our home team with food and family! We both come from sports backgrounds as Kelly played volleyball all through middle and high school and Stuart played baseball from the time he was a little boy and all through high school. We look forward to sharing our favorite pastimes with our children and looking forward to them finding their own hobbies and sports with our downtime and being their biggest fans.

Our Family Traditions

Great Day on the Boat

We have a love, passion, and respect for the outdoors which started at a young age growing up near the ocean. For the past 34 years Kelly and her family have made an annual trip to the Florida Keys where they camp for a week the first week of lobster season. Through a mutual friend Stuart started going 23 years ago. Stuart's family started going shortly after and now we all mark our calendar at the beginning of the year and look forward to it every day leading up to it. We lobster, kneeboard, tube, snorkel, relax in the pool, have the best fish-frys, and fall in love with the daily sunsets over the horizon. It's absolutely breathtaking to say the least! The campground is a family friendly location as we plan on making this a trip for as long as we are blessed to be able to do so and can’t wait to continue it with our children.


Heading Out for a Birthday Dinner
Heading Out for a Birthday Dinner
Picking Strawberries
Picking Strawberries
Fun at the Hot Air Balloon Festival
Fun at the Hot Air Balloon Festival
Decorating Christmas Cookies
Decorating Christmas Cookies
Enjoying a Concert
Enjoying a Concert
Daddy's Helper
Daddy's Helper
Family Time by the Water
Family Time by the Water
Future So Bright
Future So Bright
Best Buds
Best Buds
Date Night
Date Night
Carving Pumpkins
Carving Pumpkins
We Can't Wait to Grow Our Family
We Can't Wait to Grow Our Family
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Heading Out for a Birthday Dinner
Heading Out for a Birthday Dinner
2 / 12
Picking Strawberries
Picking Strawberries
3 / 12
Fun at the Hot Air Balloon Festival
Fun at the Hot Air Balloon Festival
4 / 12
Decorating Christmas Cookies
Decorating Christmas Cookies
5 / 12
Enjoying a Concert
Enjoying a Concert
6 / 12
Daddy's Helper
Daddy's Helper
7 / 12
Family Time by the Water
Family Time by the Water
8 / 12
Future So Bright
Future So Bright
9 / 12
Best Buds
Best Buds
10 / 12
Date Night
Date Night
11 / 12
Carving Pumpkins
Carving Pumpkins
12 / 12
We Can't Wait to Grow Our Family
We Can't Wait to Grow Our Family

Our Extended Families

Kelly's Family

Our families are overjoyed with our decision to adopt again. They watched us as we tried to grow our family over the years and during the adoption of our son in 2016. They have been the biggest support system through all our ups and downs. Our families are excited to add to the family, for Stuart's side it will be the 3rd grandchild and on Kelly's the 5th!

Family Time

Stuart was born and raised in Florida where he has one older sister. Kelly was also born and raised in Florida being the middle child and only girl with two brothers. Both of our families live in Florida just minutes away from each other, and they often get together even when we're not around! We travel home at least twice a year where we always gather as a unit grilling out on the porch, sharing many laughs, telling embarrassing stories of our childhood, and creating new memories with our families and friends. We always make a day visiting our very special Grandmothers picking up lunch from our favorite sandwich shop in town enjoying our one-on-one visit! You can also count on a trip to the ocean putting our toes in the sand regardless of the time of year!

Our families also travel up to us by car or plane twice a year as well. We love seeing them as much as possible and enjoy taking them to the local orchard to pick apples as it’s become an annual tradition, playing in snow, walking the state parks, viewing Lake Michigan, enjoying the outdoors Pinterest projects, and cooking out.

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Beautiful Home

We reside in a safe, quaint town in Wisconsin that is booming with life! It has that homey, small town feel with action-packed Friday nights of football, local fish-frys, fireworks twice a year, several carnivals, and don't forget the annual fair! We have an awesome library with toddler dance party Tuesdays and several parks minutes from us with tons of family events we love and hope to create fun memories with our children.

Playing at the Local Playground

We have a great support system of neighbors and friends where we get together often. Our neighbors are the best and can truly count on them if we ever needed anything.

We spend most of our time outside or in the kitchen and living room. We are lucky to have a 30-acre field behind our house where we love to watch the wildlife (deer, turkey, birds). We have loved adding our personal touches to our home with DIY projects and are in the process of finishing the basement with 2 bonus rooms where we are looking to make one a guest room and the other a game room. Our schools are top notch and are just minutes from us so our little one will not be too far from home!

From Us to You

We are Stuart and Kelly and are grateful you're taking the time to get to know us better. We have been married for 10 years but have been in each other's lives since our early teens nearly 20 years ago! With this we were able to start our relationship on a solid foundation of friendship, love, and stability and know this has helped us with our journey of ups and downs to parenthood.

We can't imagine the difficult decision you have to face but we admire your strength and courage and know it's not taken lightly. After having surgery resulting in the loss of reproductive organs we knew our journey to parenthood would be a challenge. We completed IVF resulting in two miscarriages, which guided us to the best decision we have ever made, adoption. Our 3 year journey to become parents we feel, has only made us appreciate things so much more. We know, without a doubt that adoption is how we would love to grow and complete our family knowing it's impossible without strong women like you. We are well aware that being parents is one of the most difficult roles we can have but know it's also the most rewarding. We truly have soaked it in not wanting to miss a thing, and we would love to share with you your child's growth and experiences through pictures, letters, and emails if you desire.

It's eerie in life how even though we don't understand why things happen to people, in time we know that everything happens for a reason. We have found peace in knowing this and a big part of our journey has been HOPE. During our wedding vows we stated to each other, " I choose you" and who knew when we exchanged our vows to become a family that we will hopefully hear those words again from a very special person like you, to grow our family!

Education and health are very important to us. We have a love and appreciation for the outdoors where we like to spend a lot of our time taking in nature's beauty. We can't wait to teach our children not only the big things in life but also the little things like blowing bubbles, clapping, making silly faces, and just making them laugh as often as possible! Although we look forward to educating our children, we know they will teach us far more than we will ever be able to teach them. There is such a beauty in learning through the eyes of a child and realizing how many ways you can see things and learn from their perspective.

We are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to grow our family and are excited to provide your baby with a fun, loving home and a big brother. We both have siblings and hope to provide this to our son, Knox, where they can have someone to play with, learn from, and lean on. We look forward to celebrating their unique adoption stories and how they grew in our hearts before we even met. We believe that having a sibling who is adopted will be a benefit for our children as they will have a special bond that most won't understand and lead them to a lifelong companionship!

There aren't words that can truly show you who we are as people, but we hope that something in this letter touches your heart. We hope that learning more about us will give you peace of mind as you make a very difficult decision. We can promise to be devoted, present parents. We can promise to give unconditional love and be supportive to your child's life endeavors and give the best guidance for personal and professional success. We have been blessed with a happy, loving family and are truly grateful for everything we have. We can't wait to expand our family and share it with this child!

With love and respect,

Stuart & Kelly


Vince Vaughn
Bradley Cooper
Jennifer Anniston
Kate Hudson
Nicholas Sparks
The Notebook
Candy Bar
Snickers Ice Cream Bar
Mickey Mouse
Childhood Memory
Saltwater fishing with family
Holding my son for the first time
Childhood Toy
Remote control truck
Children's Book
Dr. Suess
Good Night Moon
Key West
Classic Movie
Fried Green Tomatoes
Hunter Green
Day of Week
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Ice Cream
Disney Movie
Too many to name just one.
Dream Car
Old Chevelle
Dream Job
Hunting/Fishing guide
Investor on Shark Tank
Dream Vacation
Alaska with family
Family Activity
Riding four-wheelers
Playing on the floor with Knox
Flower / Plant
Peach tree
Prime Rib
Form of Exercise
Shut the Box
Shut the Box
Fishing & Hunting
Pinterest crafts
Holiday Song
Little drummer boy
Little Drummer Boy
Holiday Tradition
Waking up early to open presents
Buying ornaments from places we visited throughout the year
Ice Cream
Chocolate milkshake
Rocky Road
Junk Food
Cool ranch doritos
Potato Chips
Leisure Activity
Riding ATV
Saltwater Sportsman
Women's Health
Memory with a Child
Knox's first steps
Knox's first steps
Memory with Spouse
Our engagement in the Bahamas
Lighthouse proposal
Fast & Furious
The Hangover
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
Ride or Die
"You had me at hello"
Movie Type
Musical Group
Eric church
Luke Bryan
Nursery Rhyme
Old MacDonald
This Little Piggy
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My Father
My Parents
Beauty & the Beast
Beauty & the Beast
Quality about my Spouse
Her Love for Family & Life
His Unconditional Love for Me
You miss 100 of the swings you don't take.
Hope is the only thing greater than fear.
Russo Sub
John 3:16
John 3:16
Shopping Store
Bass Pro Shops
TJ Maxx
Die a Happy Man-Thomas Rhett
Dierks Bentley-Riser
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Baseball and Football
Sports Star
Nolan Ryan
Sports Team
Atlanta Falcons
Subject in School
The Hulk
Thing to Cook
Pulled pork
Time of Day
Late morning
Lobstering in the Florida keys
Apple picking and Keys trip
TV Show
This Is Us
TV Show Character
Rebecca Pearson
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Bahamas outer islands
The Keys
Video Game
Pac Man
PAC man

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