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Sean & Mari

Hello! Thank you so much for taking the time to read through our profile. We are both so excited to become parents finally and to give a child a fun, loving home. Choosing us to be your child's parents would mean everything to us and we do not take your decision (or how difficult it must be) lightly. We look forward to getting to know you better and for the amazing journey ahead of us!

About Us

IT Sales Executive
Fraud Analyst
Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering
Bachelor's Degree in Graphic Design
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Bucket List Trip to Banff, Canada

We both really enjoy being active and in addition to hitting the gym a few times a week, we both enjoy a lot of hobbies outdoors. Mari has ridden horses her whole life and still tries to get to the stables now and then. Mari can’t wait to bring your child with her to the barn to feed the horses and experience one of Mari’s favorite places to be. Mari also loves running and has always wanted to run family 5ks with a son or daughter- we’ve even already purchased a great running stroller for whenever the time comes!

Sean enjoys fishing, playing guitar, and is active in a variety of different sports. He recently took up surfing but learned it’s harder than it looks! Sean has always envisioned being a very involved dad and can’t wait to coach or just support your child in whatever activities they are passionate about.

We both love snowboarding in the winter and relaxing on the beach in the summer. Of course sometimes we can be found on the couch watching a series on Netflix or just reading a book.

Our home is surrounded by conservation land and beautiful wooded trails. We take our dogs for walks in the woods almost daily. We often pass other families exploring the trails with their children and have been dreaming of getting to doing that with our child someday.

Qualities We Love, Admire and Respect in Each Other

Cleaned Up for a Friend's Wedding

Mari About Sean: Sean is really handy, funny, smart, and thoughtful. He is very caring and is always offering to help friends move, assisting with house projects, or offering to do odd jobs for family. Sean thinks of the funniest ways to surprise me - I opened the fridge one morning to see every food item in the fridge staring back at me with plastic googly eyes! Sean has always been there for me when I needed him. One of the many reasons I married Sean is because I know what an incredible, loving, dependable father he will be for our children. Sean will be a wonderful role model for your child and will love him or her with his whole heart. Sean’s sense of humor and easy-going personality will make him such a great dad and I can’t wait to experience being parents with him!

Sean About Mari: Mari is everything I could ask for in a wife and everything I would wish for as a mother to our future family. She is intelligent, hardworking, patient, compassionate, and so much more. I knew she was special right from our very first date and 10 years later, I still see it daily how lucky I am. She is always encouraging me in whatever I am trying to do and supports me when I need it the most. Seeing her interact with our friends and family, and especially our friends children, consistently reinforces what an incredible mother she will be.

Our Pups, Winston & Tuco

Our Pups Snuggling

We are both animal lovers. We both grew up with pets and really want that experience for your child as well. We have an 8-year-old Boxer named Winston and a 6-month-old French Bulldog named Tuco who we are crazy about! Winston has the sweetest, gentlest personality. He absolutely loves children always tries to give them kisses. Tuco is tiny but has a big, funny personality. He makes us laugh on a daily basis with his antics. We believe that having pets can help teach responsibility (when age appropriate) and gives an opportunity to have a wonderful bond with an animal. Both Tuco and Winston will be great first pets for the child we add to our family. We can't wait to watch them grow up together! Taking care of and training both dogs (especially during the puppy stages) has shown us how well we can work as a team to care for something other than ourselves.



Sean Fishing in Maine
Sean Fishing in Maine
Mari Riding
Mari Riding
Mari Playing Jenga With a Friend's Daughter
Mari Playing Jenga With a Friend's Daughter
Christmas Party With Our Friend's Daughter
Christmas Party With Our Friend's Daughter
Day Date to the Coast
Day Date to the Coast
Trip to Portland Maine With Some Friends and Family
Trip to Portland Maine With Some Friends and Family
Sean the Turkey Master at Thanksgiving
Sean the Turkey Master at Thanksgiving
Fall Foliage Hike
Fall Foliage Hike
Red Sox Game With Family
Red Sox Game With Family
Ice Castles at Loon Mountain
Ice Castles at Loon Mountain
Dressed Up for a Summer Family Wedding
Dressed Up for a Summer Family Wedding
Sean Working on His Push-Ups With Some Help From Our Friends Sons
Sean Working on His Push-Ups With Some Help From Our Friends Sons
1 / 12
Sean Fishing in Maine
Sean Fishing in Maine
2 / 12
Mari Riding
Mari Riding
3 / 12
Mari Playing Jenga With a Friend's Daughter
Mari Playing Jenga With a Friend's Daughter
4 / 12
Christmas Party With Our Friend's Daughter
Christmas Party With Our Friend's Daughter
5 / 12
Day Date to the Coast
Day Date to the Coast
6 / 12
Trip to Portland Maine With Some Friends and Family
Trip to Portland Maine With Some Friends and Family
7 / 12
Sean the Turkey Master at Thanksgiving
Sean the Turkey Master at Thanksgiving
8 / 12
Fall Foliage Hike
Fall Foliage Hike
9 / 12
Red Sox Game With Family
Red Sox Game With Family
10 / 12
Ice Castles at Loon Mountain
Ice Castles at Loon Mountain
11 / 12
Dressed Up for a Summer Family Wedding
Dressed Up for a Summer Family Wedding
12 / 12
Sean Working on His Push-Ups With Some Help From Our Friends Sons
Sean Working on His Push-Ups With Some Help From Our Friends Sons

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We own a three-bedroom home in a family friendly neighborhood on a quiet road. Our house is on the edge of conservation land with wooded trails but just 15 minutes to the beaches! With Mari's great sense for design and Sean's handiness, we love to do projects around our house or just relax by the pool. Our town is full of wonderful parks and trails and has one of the best school systems in the state. We feel very blessed to live where we do. We have a great circle of friends in our area that all get together for holiday gatherings, beach walks with kids and dogs, and football Sundays. All of our friends have young children, so we're looking forward to your child being surrounded by friends to play games and go on adventures with!

In less than an hour drive we can be in Portland Maine, the White Mountains of New Hampshire, or Boston, Massachusetts. We look forward to taking your child into the city by train to Red Sox and Boston Bruins games when he/she is old enough! Our two dogs; Winston (an 9-year-old old Boxer) and Tuco (a 1.5-year-old French Bulldog) love children and can't wait for a new addition to our family!

Our Extended Families

With Mari's Siblings & Dad

Both sides of our family are thrilled for us to grow our family! This child will be the very first grandchild on both sides, and our siblings' first niece or nephew. They have SO many people excited to meet them and waiting to love on them!

Sean & His Sister Hiking

Mari has a younger brother and two younger sisters who she is extremely close with. Mari sees her siblings several times a month and still has the occasional sibling sleepover hosted at her home. Mari and her siblings share a passion for Mexican food and go out for tacos as often as possible. Mari's mom lives 30 minutes away and her dad lives about an hour away. Both are retired and not so patiently waiting to babysit their future grandchildren! Every summer we go on vacation with Mari's family to their favorite lake in Maine for a week. This is something that the entire family looks forward to sharing with this child.

Sean's parents and his older sister all live nearby. He is especially close with his sister as evidenced by being "Man of Honor" at her wedding. They get together regularly to hike a mountain or just play some board games with friends. Sean enjoys riding motorcycles and playing guitar with his father and of course watching football on Sundays. Sean's mom is the go-to host for every holiday and also when his uncle visits from out of town.

From Us to You

Hello, our names are Sean and Mari (rhymes with "sorry"). Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and learn a little bit about us. We both respect your courage and strength in considering this decision for your child's future.

We are both so excited about building our family through adoption. We tried for five years to have a biological child (including several painful losses and numerous failed IVF cycles). While our path has been difficult, we feel everything happens for a reason and are thankful that it has led us to adoption. We both have so much love to give and truly can’t wait to share our life with a child.

We have been together for 11 years and married for six. Your child will be welcomed into our wonderful family and large friend circle. Our families are very close knit and cannot wait to include your child on family vacations to the lake, trips to our local children's museum, and sporting events. Our families are incredibly supportive of our decision to adopt and are anxiously awaiting their new family member! Both of our parents and our many siblings will be very involved in your child's life. We are very fortunate to have a great support system around us and many people awaiting the first grandchild/niece or nephew into our family.

We want to provide your child with every opportunity to discover and pursue what they are passionate about. We both work from home with flexible schedules, so we’ll get to be present for all of their milestones and important moments. Sean is excited to teach your child as they grow; from learning to read and write, to how to fix things around the house, to driving their first car. Mari can't wait to share her love of animals with your child and to take him or her on adventures to the city, beach, or mountains near our home. We both look forward to teaching your child the importance of having a strong moral compass and helping them to become a confident, intelligent and compassionate person.

We hope that you can picture the type of people that we are and the loving family we would provide your child. We would love to be able to send you letters, emails, and photos of your child as he or she grows so that you are able to see how loved your child is and the type of person they are becoming. We also would be open to in-person visits and on-going contact in whatever form works best. We want your child to know where they come from and how brave their birth parents are to allow us to raise their child. We can only guess how difficult this decision must be but promise to support you throughout this journey. We are committed to working together to provide your child with the healthiest, happiest life.

We also need to thank you for giving us the gift of finally being able to become parents. Having a child is something we have wanted with all our hearts for a very long time and we cannot express enough how grateful we are to you for this amazing opportunity.

With much love,

Sean & Mari


Morgan Freeman
Will Ferrell
Jon Krakauer
Stephen King
Into the Wild
Candy Bar
Gummy peaches
The Simpsons or Family Guy
Childhood Memory
Learning to ride my bike
Going to Maine with my family each summer
Childhood Toy
My little pony
Children's Book
Wreck of the Zephyr
The Princess and the Pea
San Diego, CA
Portland, Maine
Classic Movie
A Christmas Story
Its a Wonderful Life
Day of Week
Ice cream
Disney Movie
The Little Mermaid
Dream Car
1970 Chevy Chevelle SS
Volvo XC 90
Dream Job
Carpenter or Athletic Trainer
Interior Designer
Dream Vacation
Traveling Europe
Family Activity
Board Games
Hiking with our dogs
Flower / Plant
Lobster Mac n cheese
Form of Exercise
Orange Theory (interval training)
Fuji Apple or blueberries
Kan Jam
Telestrations or Corn Hole
Working on car, house or motorcycle
Cooking and baking
Holiday Song
Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year
Its the most wonderful time of the year by Andy Williams
Holiday Tradition
Going into Boston Faneuil Hall at Christmas
Hosting Thanksgiving and frying turkeys in our backyard
Ice Cream
Chocolate chip cookie dough
Birthday cake on a waffle cone
Junk Food
Chips and dip
Leisure Activity
Yoga or taking our dogs to the beach
Memory with a Child
Reading books to our friends daughter Annie
Coloring with my friends daughter on our yearly snowboarding vacation
Memory with Spouse
Buying our first home together
Going to NYC for our first anniversary and being in Times Square for NYE
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
That'll Happen
Movie Type
Comedy or drama
Musical Group
Florida Georgia Line
Nursery Rhyme
The itsy bitsy spider
Olympic Event
Snowboarding big air competition
Beach volleyball
Personal Hero
My mom. Shes set an amazing example of how to be a great mom
Quality about my Spouse
She loves me for me
His creativity and kindness
So it goes
Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.
Oriental Delight (sushi and chinese food)
Barrio (a great Mexican restaurant near us)
Grilled cheese
Turkey sub with veggies
Shopping Store
Home Depot
Summer Breeze by Seals & Croft
Summer Breeze by Seals & Croft
Sport to Play
Volleyball or horseback riding
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Bo Jackson
Tom Brady
Sports Team
Red Sox
Subject in School
Art class
Thing to Cook
Anything on the grill
Healthy pizza casserole
Time of Day
Weekend mornings
Hosting Thanksgiving
Going to our family friends home every Christmas Eve with family
TV Show
Game of Thrones
The Office
TV Show Character
Tyrion Lannister
Leslie from Parks & Rec
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
My familys lakehouse in Maine
Naples, Maine (we rent a cabin on the lake with family every year)
Video Game
Black Ops
Mario Brothers

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