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Patrick & Kellyann

We are very lucky to have you reading our profile and thank you for taking the time to get to know us as individuals, as a couple, and also prospective adoptive parents. We are empathetic to the decision you have to make and are here to help you as much as we can. We are beyond thrilled and excited to have the opportunity to grow our family through the adoption journey.

About Us

Sales Associate
Reading Specialist
Master of Business Administration
Master's Degree in Special Education
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

Family Trip to Arizona

We briefly talked about adoption when we were first married, but naturally, we didn't expect the challenges that we had getting pregnant. We spent 18 months doing tests and trying to get pregnant naturally without any luck. The doctors couldn't determine a cause for our lack of success, but we were blessed with Austen after the first IUI procedure, so we consider ourselves very lucky.

Infertility is an arduous and anxious process, so we decided that adoption would be the best fit for us for our next child. We started the adoption process when Austen was about 18 months old, only to find out that Kellyann was pregnant about a month later. We paused the adoption, but this was the first of three miscarriages over the next two years, intermixed with more infertility treatments, consultations, and tests. It's of course not an easy decision to move past our infertility struggles without some kind of answer, but we both just believe that adoption is the right thing for us. We are ready for this next chapter in our lives and are excited to be on this adoption journey. We know Austen will be a fantastic big brother and we cannot wait to share our lives with another child!

Our Leisure Time

Digging at the Beach

We enjoy spending our leisure time together as a family.

While we have a pretty good daily routine in place, we are definitely an active family and like to get out and do things. We often visit Kellyann's dad, go to the library, have story time with Patrick's parents and Austen's cousins, and more.

On a normal day, that means taking walks with the dogs in nearby parks and trails, hanging out at home and watching a movie or TV show, and playing, reading, and doing puzzles with Austen. On the weekends, we really like to spend time with our friends and family. We usually do a dinner with Patrick's parents on Saturday or Sunday and we'll try to get together with our friends for a couple of hours to have dinner, swim, or hang out.

When we get the occasional babysitter, we really like to head into the town a few minutes from our house to have dinner. There are a lot of great restaurants so we try new places as much as we can.

One of our favorite things to do as a family is head to the beach on a summer day. We found a place where we can bring the dogs and Austen loves playing in the sand. We both grew up going to the beach with our families so we really want to give Austen and our future children the same experience.

Cultural Diversity

To start, both of our families will love and accept a child of any race. As our extended family has grown, we have been blessed with adding new members that are of different cultures and races. We understand that perhaps the most critical aspect of an adolescent's life is understanding and believing that they belong. That means if we are blessed with a child of a different race, we are committed to immersing ourselves in new experiences and cultures that will meet the needs of the child. Fortunately, we have several outlets to make this happen. We are involved with a very diverse church that is home to many adoptive families. There are also opportunities to volunteer and travel to many different parts of the country and world via the church. In addition, Patrick works in a major metropolitan city, and we often spend quite a bit of time there. The city has grown for the better in the last 10-15 years and there are countless ways to get involved with other cultures. We are committed to learning and finding new ways to celebrate and honor this child's background.



Thankful for Family
Thankful for Family
Riding the Train at the Zoo
Riding the Train at the Zoo
At the Butterfly Museum
At the Butterfly Museum
Patrick Teaching Austen Tennis
Patrick Teaching Austen Tennis
At a Concert
At a Concert
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
Picking Strawberries
Picking Strawberries
We Read a Lot of Books!
We Read a Lot of Books!
Fall at Our Home
Fall at Our Home
Wedding Time!
Wedding Time!
A Trip to the City to See the Dinosaurs at the Museum
A Trip to the City to See the Dinosaurs at the Museum
With Our Pups
With Our Pups
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Thankful for Family
Thankful for Family
2 / 12
Riding the Train at the Zoo
Riding the Train at the Zoo
3 / 12
At the Butterfly Museum
At the Butterfly Museum
4 / 12
Patrick Teaching Austen Tennis
Patrick Teaching Austen Tennis
5 / 12
At a Concert
At a Concert
6 / 12
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
7 / 12
Picking Strawberries
Picking Strawberries
8 / 12
We Read a Lot of Books!
We Read a Lot of Books!
9 / 12
Fall at Our Home
Fall at Our Home
10 / 12
Wedding Time!
Wedding Time!
11 / 12
A Trip to the City to See the Dinosaurs at the Museum
A Trip to the City to See the Dinosaurs at the Museum
12 / 12
With Our Pups
With Our Pups

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We love where we live! It is a suburb of a major city and a growing town full of shopping, coffee, restaurants, playgrounds, churches, libraries, museums, and many parks! Austen especially loves the park with the huge sandbox full of toy trucks. We also like to make the short drive to a nearby lake where we can walk around and picnic.

Our town has yearly celebrations such as the Memorial Day Parade and the Christmas Tree lighting as well as weekly events like family movie nights, summer concerts, and farmers markets.

Both of our families live close by too, so we are able to easily meet up with them in town for coffee or story time with Austen at the library.

Our neighborhood is full of growing families. There would be no shortage of neighborhood friends for our new baby.

Our house is a twin with three bedrooms, two and half baths, and a fenced in back yard. Our favorite room is the basement, where we have set up a large play space for Austen and any future children that we would be lucky to have in our lives. We are usually in the basement at least once a day to play and have fun!

This home and town are very important to us. But home isn't just a place; it is about the people inside. We are so excited to meet the right baby one day that can be a part of our family and town.

Our Extended Families

At the Zoo With Family

Home. It's the most accurate word we can think of to describe our extended families. It is love, comfort, acceptance, forgiveness, safety, and joy all wrapped up into one word. We can feel ourselves exhale whenever we get together as we know this is where we belong. No matter what we do or where we go, both of us have always had the comfort and security of knowing that our families support us.

Celebrating Family

It's the simple and routine things that make us, and will make our new baby, feel at home. Visiting Kellyann's dad for a few hours on a Saturday afternoon to talk about the week and the upcoming Eagles game, walking to the Christmas parade from Patrick's parents' house as a family, or taking the dogs for a walk at a nearby park.

And it's our adaptability as a group that keeps us together. Through thick and thin, we have all supported each other and our adoption plan is no different. Our family is embracing the opportunity to welcome a new baby and build the foundation he/she needs to live a happy, confident life.

We are so excited to provide our children the strength and support we have felt throughout our lives. We know, no matter what, this child will always and forever have a loving family and home.

From Us to You

We are so excited to be considered as adoptive parents. We have always envisioned having multiple children, and after struggling with multiple miscarriages, we have been led down the road of adoption. We could have never anticipated the challenges that we faced while married: infertility, miscarriages, losing Kellyann's mom, and Kellyann's father suffering a stroke. But as we reflect on our first 8 years of our marriage, we are thankful for being blessed with the strength and love we needed to get though all of this. It has given us the ability to adapt, and now we couldn't be more excited to grow our family through adoption.

Given that you are reading this letter, we are sure you have a pretty good understanding of who we are; our interests, jobs, and family life. We aren't rich, we don't live in a mansion, don't go on massive vacations, and we aren't perfect. But what we hope has come across most is the strength and determination that we have to pursue a life of happiness for Austen and our future children. Through thick and thin, we know that we will never give up, never walk away, and never stop loving each other. In our opinion, what matters most to a baby, child, adolescent, and adult child is knowing that no matter what happens or what mistakes they make, they will have a loving family to come home to. And that is what we have provided and what we will continue to give our children forever.

As you continue to get to know us, we are a strong, loving family that feels lucky to have multiple support systems in friends and family nearby. But, if we were a birth mom, we would also want to know what the day to day looks like. We are definitely active and want to provide as many learning opportunities as possible for Austen and will do the same for all of our children. We both work full time so we have been extremely blessed to send Austen to a beautiful pre-school just a few minutes from our house, whose philosophy is all about wholistic and nature based learning. They spend a ton of time outside, going to music class, doing yoga, cooking, and art. Austen goes there three days a week, and spends the other two days with Patrick's parents at their house in the middle of town. They spend their days playing with trains and cars, going to music class, going to library story time, playing at the local YMCA and walking to neighborhood playgrounds. In the afternoon and evening, it consists of family walks on the trails, playing on the playground, eating dinner together, playing with the dogs, and reading books before bedtime. We spend weekends seeing our friends, going to church, visiting local farms, picnics at the lake, swim lessons, going to the beach, and watching the airplanes at the nearby private airport. As our kids get older, we would expect the same routine to continue but with more focus on their interests whether that be sports, music, dance, etc. We believe that it is these small things that our children will remember the most. Their happiness means everything to us.

We hope you know that we will provide love and joy to any child that comes into our lives. But what we are empathetic to is the anxiety it must provoke not knowing for sure what kind of relationship you will have with us and your baby in the future. We can assure you that no matter what, we will do whatever it takes to meet your needs and those of the baby. Of course we will send letters and pictures to you regularly, but beyond that, we can adapt to what makes you feel comfortable too as the child grows up (visits or phone calls). Your role as a birth mother is just as important as our roles as the adoptive parents.

So as we close, we want to thank you again for considering us. We are eager to get to know you better and can't wait to meet our new baby.

Patrick & Kellyann


Denzel Washington
Liane Moriarty
Big Little Lies
Candy Bar
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Mickey Mouse
Childhood Memory
Going to Disney World with my family
Childhood Toy
Children's Book
Amelia Bedelia
Classic Movie
Sound of Music
Day of Week
Apple pie
Chocolate Chip Cookies
Disney Movie
Lion King
Little Mermaid
Dream Car
Black Chevy Silverado
White Mercedes SUV
Dream Job
Coaching College Tennis
Working as a Reading Specialist part time and stay at home mom.
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Playing at the park
Flower / Plant
French Toast
Pizza and Sushi
Form of Exercise
CrossFit and sports
Board Game- Clue
Sports- tennis, basketball, soccer
Working out at Barre3 classes
Holiday Song
Christmas Cannon- Trans Siberian Orchestra
Trans Siberian Orchestra- Canon
Holiday Tradition
Decorating the Christmas Tree
Ice Cream
Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
Junk Food
Soft pretzels
Leisure Activity
Watch TV
Memory with a Child
Watching Austen (our son) walk to me
Memory with Spouse
Our Honeymoon to the Bahamas
Home Alone
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"Keep the change, ya filthy animal"
Movie Type
Romantic Comedy
The Lion King
Musical Group
Thomas Rhett
Nursery Rhyme
Hickory Dickory Dock
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
My mom
Mamma Mia on Broadway
Quality about my Spouse
Hard Work Ethic and commitment to his family
Roast beef and provolone
Shopping Store
Ann Taylor Loft and J. Crew
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Roger Federer
Nick Foles
Sports Team
Subject in School
History/Social Studies
Thing to Cook
Chicken and Vegetables
Time of Day
Bed time!
Summer vacation with my family
TV Show
This is Us
TV Show Character
Jack Pearson
Type of Music
Country and Pop
Vacation Spot
Long Beach Island
Any Beach
Video Game
Mario Kart - N64

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