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Josh & Brie

We understand that people come to adoption for different reasons, and we're grateful that you're taking the time to look at our profile. We are ready to welcome your child into our hearts, our home, and our family. We're confident that we'll be great parents and partners in an open adoption. We are both excited to begin the next chapter in our lives through adoption and we hope that you will join us.

About Us

Social Worker
Law Degree
Master's Degree in Social Work
Legally Married

What It Means to Become Parents

Josh Reading Harry Potter With Our Niece

Being a parent is a lifelong role that begins with trust. We believe that a crying child should never be left to cry; the child needs to know that we're always there to meet physical and emotional needs. Hugging, kissing, and saying "I love you" at every opportunity play an enormous role in raising a happy and healthy child. These comforts are important to a growing child because they reinforce the child's sense of belonging.

Parenting means keeping a cool head in challenging situations. Whether it's sleepless nights, temper tantrums, or moody teenagers, children need to be met where they're at even when it's not easy. Patience, compassion and empathy are tools in a parent's tool box that will be used often.

As prospective parents, we both look forward to having the opportunity to give a child a loving home that can allow a child to thrive and grow. We look forward to snuggling, reading bedtime stories, and showing the child new things for the first time. Watching a child develop a unique personality is the aspect of parenting that we look forward to the most. What will the child's sense of humor be like? Will they like the beach or visiting the city? What subject will they like the most at school? We're excited to learn the answer to these questions, and every other question along the way.

What Makes Us Unique

Our Wonderful Wedding Day

We have always been the type of people to put a lot of consideration into our decisions in life. We approach each aspect of our lives with thoughtful reflection.

We sought out higher education later in life, taking the time to choose the right path for each of us. Although Josh graduated from college at a traditional time, he took a few years to work in the law field before deciding to attend law school in Massachusetts.

Prior to getting her bachelor's and master's degree, Brie trained and worked as a hairstylist and makeup artist first in New York City and later at a salon in Connecticut. After ten years in the beauty industry, Brie enrolled in a local community college, and Josh was her number one supporter. Brie thrived academically and received a scholarship to a prestigious four-year college where, three years later, she graduated with honors. After she graduated from college, Brie went to graduate school to get her master's degree in social work. After two years of school and a variety of internship experiences she felt drawn to work with the elder population specifically individuals with dementia and their families.

We also took a thoughtful approach to considering becoming parents. Our decision concluded with both of us agreeing we have a reserve of love and emotional energy needed to raise children waiting to be put to use.

Cultural Diversity

We will show your child love and respect for who they are physically and emotionally. We are ready to face and address cultural differences that will arise as adoptive parents of a child who may not share our racial background. We have given a lot of thought to how we can raise a child who is proud of their culture and feels comfortable in all social settings. One approach to developing a family appreciation for the child's background will be by participating in cultural community organizations, and enrolling the child in a school with a diverse student population. We look forward to finding new ways to integrate the child's culture into our everyday and family traditions.

We will teach your child to love and respect him or herself for who they are physically and emotionally as well. From the beginning we will provide the child with culturally appropriate books and toys, and champion the successes of others like them.



Cross-Country Skiing
Cross-Country Skiing
Christmas Brunch at Josh's Parents' House
Christmas Brunch at Josh's Parents' House
Josh Running in a 5k
Josh Running in a 5k
Enjoying a Day in Central Park
Enjoying a Day in Central Park
Playing a Game
Playing a Game
Road Trip With Brigsby
Road Trip With Brigsby
We Can't Wait to Become Parents!
We Can't Wait to Become Parents!
A Winter Selfie
A Winter Selfie
Josh & Libby Putting the Finishing Touches on Dessert
Josh & Libby Putting the Finishing Touches on Dessert
Climbing a Mountain in Maine
Climbing a Mountain in Maine
Visiting NYC
Visiting NYC
At Disney World
At Disney World
1 / 12
Cross-Country Skiing
Cross-Country Skiing
2 / 12
Christmas Brunch at Josh's Parents' House
Christmas Brunch at Josh's Parents' House
3 / 12
Josh Running in a 5k
Josh Running in a 5k
4 / 12
Enjoying a Day in Central Park
Enjoying a Day in Central Park
5 / 12
Playing a Game
Playing a Game
6 / 12
Road Trip With Brigsby
Road Trip With Brigsby
7 / 12
We Can't Wait to Become Parents!
We Can't Wait to Become Parents!
8 / 12
A Winter Selfie
A Winter Selfie
9 / 12
Josh & Libby Putting the Finishing Touches on Dessert
Josh & Libby Putting the Finishing Touches on Dessert
10 / 12
Climbing a Mountain in Maine
Climbing a Mountain in Maine
11 / 12
Visiting NYC
Visiting NYC
12 / 12
At Disney World
At Disney World

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a bright Victorian house on a main street in our town in Connecticut. Our house has 13 rooms, including 4 bedrooms, and a tower in front (one of the bedrooms is in the tower). Our favorite room is the family room, where we snuggle up with our pets, binge Netflix shows, play games, listen to music, and hang out with friends and family (sometimes all at the same time).

We live in a residential neighborhood surrounded by families. Our close neighbors have adopted two young children, possible neighborhood pals for a child. The wide well-lit sidewalks make for safe walking, running, skipping, and are perfect for trick-or-treating (last year we had over 1,200).

Our local YMCA is a stone's throw from our house. It houses 2 swimming pools, a gymnasium, a playground, and more. The YMCA hosts a booming summer camp with tennis, baseball, swimming, arts and crafts, and a talent competition. The child would have year-round opportunities to participate in programming ranging from gymnastics to swim lessons.

Less than a half a mile down the road, our town hosts weekly family concerts where families get comfy on the Town Green and enjoy the summer air. Our community also has many seasonal festivals and events celebrating local traditions and treats, with lots of fun things for kids to do and explore.

Our Extended Families

With Josh's Family

Josh's parents and his sister's family all live in Connecticut, and we spend a lot of time with them at weekend brunches, dinners, and family outings. Food plays a big role in these gatherings. Whether it's made at home by loving hands or out at a restaurant, our extended family likes to eat. Josh's mom's family is proudly Greek, and a number of our traditions are based around Greek food, Greek holidays (like Greek Easter), and other things Greek, including an annual Greek festival at Josh's grandparent's church. But the fun doesn't stop in Greece; the whole family is adventurous and interested in trying new things whenever given the chance.

With Brie's Mom

Brie's parents have been living in sunny Florida for over ten years now, both happily retired and enjoying the slower pace and ocean views. They love when we come to visit, and always pack our schedule with great activities like air boat rides, river cruises, and trips to Disney World. We also love when they come to visit in Connecticut, particularly for Christmas, when we all head to Josh's parents' house for an annual Christmas morning brunch.

Our entire extended family is excited by our adoption plans. They know that we put a lot of thought, heart, and consideration in to all of our decisions, and that our choice to adopt is the right one. Our family is equally excited to welcome a new child to share our traditions, and to show us all new traditions as well.

From Us to You

We understand people choose adoption for different reasons; we respect your decision and will meet you where you're at throughout the process. We also recognize that this is a little weird. We are writing a letter to strangers in the hope that they will choose us to raise their child. With that said, we believe that you will find the right adoptive family for your child whether that be us or another loving family, and we hope to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves and get to know you a little better.

Whether by sending letters or emails with pictures and updates about your child's growth, or arranging annual in person meetings, we will commit to continually meet you where you're at throughout the child's life. Additionally, starting at infancy, your child will be told their adoption story beginning at the beginning; emphasizing the role you played in making their life happen. We believe in the power of knowing one's identity, knowing where one comes from, and who made them as special as they are.

We have been married for five years but were in a committed relationship for eight years before we married. In the nearly thirteen years we have been together, we have supported each other through successes and failures all the while allowing each other space for individual growth. Josh was a vital support for Brie as she worked her way through college and graduate school as an older student, and Josh received equal support from Brie as he navigated his legal education and career.

We approach our relationship as a partnership where each person's role is equally as important as the other's. Sharing responsibilities for the house, our financial affairs, and other aspects of our lives promotes flexibility in our marriage. We believe that the flexible roles in our marriage will allow us to be the adaptable, flexible parents we intend to be. Love and respect for each other is what motivates our commitment to each other and is a driving force behind our wanting to share our lives with a child.

Josh's mother and father live 30 minutes away and are thrilled by the possibility of a new baby in the family. They already dote on our niece, holding bake-off themed sleepovers and trips to NYC for Broadway shows, and they're looking forward to doing the same with our children. Our niece is ready and waiting to have another child in the family to play with, and down the road babysit for! Josh's sister and her husband are also excited to welcome a new baby into the family, and have eagerly been offering adorable baby clothes for when the time comes. Brie's parents live a little bit further away in Florida, but they live much closer to Disney World and are both delighted to welcome a new baby into the family. Brie's mother has already volunteered to fly up to be on diaper duty.

Our close friends are very important to us. Both of us remain very close to friends we've known for twenty plus years. When we reflect on our friendships it is apparent that it is the quality of these friendships that allow them to thrive and grow. The people that we choose to be part of our lives are engaged and eager to give support as we are eager to support them.

Family, friends, and community will provide the needed external support. We have taken steps to educate ourselves on what our community has to offer; learning about what children's programs our local YMCA offers including educational daycare, researching schools that provide diverse learning opportunities, and meeting with two of our neighbors, who are also adoptive parents, for support and guidance. We believe it takes a village of support and care to raise a healthy child.

Josh & Brie


Cary Grant
Tom Hanks
Cate Blanchette
Regina King
Dog and Cat
Cat & Dog - it's a tie
Charles Dickens
Albert Camus
The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay
Jonathan Livingston Seagull
Candy Bar
The Adventures of Winnie the Pooh
Childhood Memory
Christmas in New Hampshire
Spending Summer Days Swimming With My Grandmother at the Public Pool
Childhood Toy
My teddy bear
Children's Book
The Phantom Tollbooth
The Ugly Duckling
New York City
New York City
Classic Movie
North By Northwest
101 Dalmatians
Day of Week
Rice pudding
Flour less chocolate cake
Disney Movie
Dream Car
Dream Job
Working at a well funded agency that provides services for the elderly
Dream Vacation
Queen Elizabeth 2 Mediterranean cruise to Italy, Spain, Greece, Croatia
Family Activity
Being outdoors enjoying nature
Flower / Plant
Grilled cheese and tomato soup
Form of Exercise
Holiday Song
White Christmas
"All I want for Christmas"
Holiday Tradition
Christmas Brunch at My Parents' House
Christmas morning brunch with the family at Josh's parents' house
Ice Cream
Mint chocolate chip
Junk Food
Leisure Activity
Wrapping up in a blanket and watching Netflix shows with our dog, Brigsby, and Josh
This Old House
Memory with a Child
Dancing to ABBA's Dancing Queen with my Niece, Libby after dinner
Memory with Spouse
Sitting on the beach after the bar exam
Hiking to the top of El Yunque, Puerto Rico,with Josh. We listened to the jungle sounds and took in the sheer beauty of the environment together.
"Hot Fuzz"
Movie Munchie
A little (over half) of whatever Brie is having
Popcorn and gummy bears
Movie Quote
"I planned out our whole day: First, we'll make snow angels for two hours, and then we'll go ice skating, and then we'll eat a whole roll of Toll House Cookie dough as fast as we can, and then to finish, we'll snuggle." - Buddy the Elf
Movie Type
The Who's Tommy
"Mary Poppins Returns"
Musical Group
Bon Iver
Nursery Rhyme
"Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star"
Olympic Event
Women's soccer
Personal Hero
Michelle Obama
Emily Dickinson
Quality about my Spouse
Compassion and perseverance
Dedication to family, and community
"Blessed are the hearts that can bend; they shall never be broken." - Albert Camus
Grimaldi's Pizza
Whatever sandwich I'm eating
Grilled cheese
Shopping Store
"Jolene, " by Ray LaMontagne
Sport to Watch
Sports Team
Boston Red Sox
U.S. Women's Soccer Team
Subject in School
Shuri, "Black Panther" movie
Thing to Cook
Turning leftovers into a delicious new dish
Time of Day
When I get home to spend time with Josh, Harrison and Brigsby
New Year's Eve party with lots of food, and close friends.
TV Show
Brooklyn 99
TV Show Character
Dale Cooper
Ray Holt, "Brooklyn 99"
Type of Music
Indie Rock
Vacation Spot
Anywhere away from the office with Brie
Cape Cod, MA

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