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Miha & April

On our first date we talked about the importance of family, and our individual desires to have children. On our second date, ironically, we discussed our openness to adoption. Six years later, little did we know that adoption would be both our initial path, and our only path to parenthood. We greatly appreciate you reading our profile, as nothing could make us happier than to become parents!

About Us

Head Pro & CEO of Academy
National Manager - Strategic Account Specialists
Tennis Professional
Bachelor's Degree in Psychology
Legally Married

What Makes Us Unique

Fall Tennis Awards Ceremony

What makes us unique is our diverse backgrounds, experiences, and the collective view we have on the world. We both admire, love and respect the differences in how we were raised. It's something that has drawn us together from the beginning of our relationship. Miha was born in Slovenia and was raised in an Eastern European culture. He was raised to speak multiple languages, and became one of the top tennis players in the world as a Junior. He spent the next 15 years playing professional tennis and traveling the world. He is currently a tennis coach for children in South Florida.

April was raised in a small town in Florida. All of her family lived on the same road growing up, so she spent most of her childhood playing with her cousins. Her mom, grandma, and aunts made sure to celebrate every event - holiday, birthday, or special occasion. Their family spent time cooking out and going to the beach on the weekends. April currently works in the medical field and is connected and involved in the local medical community. Collectively we can offer a child cultural diversity, access to a good education and sports programs, the ability to speak multiple languages and to travel the world. They would get to grow up on the beach and enjoy various water activities in everyday life. They would have the balance of a relaxed, safe, loving, enjoyable home life, while having the ability to see and experience the world.

What Made Us Who We are Today

While we were raised across the world from one another, there are two fundamental qualities that both of our families instilled in us. Both of our families showed us unconditional love, and they taught us to work hard because they wanted better lives for us than they had. April was the first female to ever go to college on either side of her family. Her parents both worked full time, and her dad had a second part time job most of her life growing up. Summer camp or new shoes meant her parents had to save for it while she was growing up. Her parents taught her that the best leg up she had on life was able to get a full ride scholarship to college. April maintained two scholarships throughout college, worked an unpaid internship, and graduated with honors. She started her first job one week after graduation and has had a very successful career.

Miha spent his adolescence training and playing professional tennis. His family knew that was the way that he could come to America and have a better life. Where he is from most families live off of a few hundred dollars a week to this day. We both understand the importance and principle of hard work. We can appreciate the value of a dollar. We were brought up with selfless unconditional love from our families. We appreciate our lives today and our parents for their sacrifices. We want the same and even better for our children.

Our Family Traditions

April's favorite tradition started with her grandma Rose. She was a mother of six children and didn't have much. She had a special way of making simple everyday things in life extremely special. For example, we had "pizza night" or "Taco Tuesday" where we used special plates and went all out for the occasion every week. We had our own special fancy cup to drink coffee or hot chocolate out of when we had dessert. We themed the night of our favorite shows or sports programs. We still keep this tradition in our lives today and want to continue it when we have a child.

We also want to pass down recipes from both of our cultures. Miha's mom loves to cook crepes, and ćevapčići when we visit. April learned how to make these dishes and likes to make them on special occasions or at the holidays. April grew up with home‑cooked meals made from scratch. To this day we still make homemade muffins, bread, popsicles, and various other dishes every week.

Most holidays involve cooking together in the kitchen with family, decorating to the extreme, a special outfit, and spending time with friends and family. At Christmas we always go look at Christmas lights. We also have a holiday baking day before we send out Christmas Cards and cookies. We grew up giving back to others and being involved in donations programs or food drives, especially at the holidays, and want to teach that to our child as well.



Half Marathon
Half Marathon
At the Spring Tennis Banquet
At the Spring Tennis Banquet
Alexandria VA Trip
Alexandria VA Trip
Caught a Black Tuna
Caught a Black Tuna
Our Anniversary
Our Anniversary
Chicago Bulls Game
Chicago Bulls Game
The Colosseum in Rome
The Colosseum in Rome
Princess Allie
Princess Allie
Girl's Day with Mama Liz
Girl's Day with Mama Liz
Dinner at Timpanos
Dinner at Timpanos
Chicago at Night
Chicago at Night
1 / 12
Half Marathon
Half Marathon
2 / 12
At the Spring Tennis Banquet
At the Spring Tennis Banquet
3 / 12
Alexandria VA Trip
Alexandria VA Trip
4 / 12
Caught a Black Tuna
Caught a Black Tuna
5 / 12
Our Anniversary
Our Anniversary
6 / 12
7 / 12
Chicago Bulls Game
Chicago Bulls Game
8 / 12
The Colosseum in Rome
The Colosseum in Rome
9 / 12
Princess Allie
Princess Allie
10 / 12
Girl's Day with Mama Liz
Girl's Day with Mama Liz
11 / 12
Dinner at Timpanos
Dinner at Timpanos
12 / 12
Chicago at Night
Chicago at Night

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in Florida in a private beach, boat, & tennis community. The property has seven swimming pools on site, and a marina for boats, paddleboards, and kayaks. The beach has its own boardwalk, chairs, umbrellas, toys, and showers. We have a restaurant on site that is open 365 days a year for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their are planned events here every week, a community brunch every weekend, and a dinner buffet every Thursday. Miha is the head tennis pro and his office and tennis facility are both on the property. The community is full of avid boaters and tennis players. Their are also basketball courts, a gym, a library, a card room, and several playgrounds throughout the property. Our community is very good about always having an event planned for the holidays, where families can all get together and celebrate.

Our community has a mix of ethnic and religious beliefs, so we typically celebrate all holidays (Christmas & Hanukkah). We also have beach cookouts, corn hole tournaments, art classes, and various activities throughout the year. Aside from the activities in our community, we live in a very good school district, and close by our friends who recently had their first baby. We hope to have our children grow up together and attend the same schools.

Our Extended Families

The Tallahassee Women

April's mom is her best friend and they talk on the phone literally everyday. That side of her family lives in Tallahassee, where April grew up. We typically travel, watch or play sports, go to the beach, go to a nice dinner, or cook out when we visit with April's mom and stepdad. Her cousin recently moved close by us and we typically go boating or to the beach with him almost weekly. April's dad, stepmom, and sister all live in Panama City. We see them at least every other month. Our favorite things are visiting theme parks or going to the beach together. April's much younger sister is also our goddaughter, so we are very involved in her life. Miha's mom, dad, and youngest brother live in Slovenia. We visit them about once a year and keep in touch with them via FaceTime throughout the year. When we go to Slovenia, we visit with all of Miha's extended family and relatives, have many "Slovenian" cookouts, travel around Europe, go mountain climbing, and visit the seaside and Croatia where Miha grew up camping.

Key West with the Family

Miha's other brother and his wife live in the US. His brother is also a tennis coach. His wife is from Ohio, and works in the medical field like April. Every single member of our family is beyond thrilled about our adoption journey. They know our excitement and desire to become parents and share in that excitement. They've offered unlimited support throughout this journey.

From Us to You

We cannot pretend to imagine what it feels like to be faced with the decision you have in front of you. You've chosen to give the gift of life to someone, and honestly there is no greater gift to give than that. While we will never have the opportunity to experience that in our lifetime, we can promise you that we will rise up to the occasion and provide the absolute best life possible, with unconditional love for this child. Before we go into details about why we hope you will chose our family for this child, we first want to tell you how much we wholeheartedly appreciate you for helping make our dreams of having a family come true. We have wanted to have a child for so long, and that would not be possible without someone like you out there. We want you to know that this child will be appreciated beyond what words can describe, as we have longed to be parents for so long. We will give them every good opportunity in life we were given, and every opportunity we wish we'd both had as a child.

They will grow up in a loving home, around a strong marriage filled with love and mutual respect for one another. We are both friends and partners in life. We've withstood the test of building a home, selling a home, and infertility in our first four years of marriage. The one beautiful thing that has come out of the disappointment of our fertility struggles is that it has really showed us how strong our marriage is and it's allowed us to be there for one another. Miha is unbelievable around children. He works with children of all ages daily on the tennis courts. His face lights up when he's around them, and they just adore him back. He has an ability to mentor children where they learn, they enjoy being around him, and yet respect him all at the same time. We've been to school plays, family cookout's and holidays with some of the families of the children he's trained. April personally has a half sister who is 23 years younger than her. She's also her god-daughter, and she's her world. She's shown her on another level how beautiful and innocent children are and that they deserve nothing but the best in life. She enjoys mentoring her, spoiling her, and showing her how much she loves her. We want you to know that we are ready for the adoption process and to become parents. This isn't something we've taken lightly. April's mom is ready to drop in at a moments notice and stay with us, her job is giving her maternity leave, our best friends have amazon shopping lists set up for us for when we get the news. We have told all of our family, our friends, our neighbors, our co-workers about our decision to adopt. We feel that putting it out there and being prepared is the best pro-active thing we can do. We have put as much in place as possible so that we are ready at a moments notice to become parents.

Finally, we want you to know that we have been and will continue to be open and honest with our future child and the rest of the world about our choice to adopt. We are open to whatever form of communication is established between us that makes everyone most comfortable. Our future child will know how special they are and that they gave us the greatest joy on earth?"becoming parents. They will understand what a selfless act is was for their birth mom to provide us the opportunity to become a family. Life is about timing and circumstance and we chose to believe that two tough situations in the world (our fertility and your circumstances), were meant to be and will lead to our future family.

Miha & April


Brad Pitt
Matthew McConaughey
Cameron Diaz
Jennifer Aniston
Liane Moriarty
Oliver Twist
Defending Jacob
Candy Bar
Tom & Jerry
Childhood Memory
Celebrating Birthday's
The beach with my family
Childhood Toy
Soccer Ball
My Doll Sasha - She was a beautiful african american doll that I brought home from pre-school. My mom tried to make me give her back and I cried so hard that the pre-school let me keep her. She is still in our closet at my mom's house
Children's Book
Bernstein Bear's - I loved all of them. When I got older it was Ramona the Pest
Classic Movie
Wild Hearts Can't be Broken
Day of Week
Apple Pie
Chocolate Chip Cookie with Vanilla Icecream
Disney Movie
Jurrasic Park
Beauty & The Beast
Dream Car
I like my current Volvo
Dream Job
Sports Broadcaster
My current job - but as my own large scale consulting firm
Dream Vacation
Bora Bora
Family Activity
Playing Sports
Traveling & Boating are tied
Flower / Plant
White Tulips
any cooking herb like basil, mint, etc
Form of Exercise
Weights, Yoga, Running are all equal
Holiday Song
Jingle Bell
Joy to the World
Holiday Tradition
Celebrating Christmas at our house
Christmas eve with my family - we always have a big gathering and cook lots of food, then we go see christmas lights and everyone opens one present
Ice Cream
cake batter
Junk Food
cake batter ice cream
Leisure Activity
watching tv
binge watch a TV show or reading a book on the beach
US Weekly
I don't have a favorite
Memory with a Child
taking care of my brothers when they were young
Watching Allie (my half sister/god daughter) open her first cell phone at Christmas. The look on her face was absolutely priceless
Memory with Spouse
Our honeymoon in Chicago
Watching Miha see his family in Europe for the first time in 3 years when we were first dating
The Holiday
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"I don't see how you cherish the memory of the dead, by killing another million. This is not a combat, its an act of insanity."
no idea
Movie Type
True Stories
real life stories, comedy, love stories
I don't watch them
The sound of music
Musical Group
The Police
Rascal Flatts & Brittany Spears
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Jack and Jill
Olympic Event
100 Meter Sprint
Personal Hero
Michael Jordan
My mom
Don't have one
Phantom of the Opera & Mama Mia
No favorite
Don't have one
Quality about my Spouse
Her openmindedness
He's just a good person and he's always there for you when you need support
It's nice to be important, it's more important to be nice
Today is the first day of the rest of my life
Mortons Steakhouse
The monster from las playas
Caprese with Proscuitto Panini
John 3:16
Shopping Store
Marry Me
Currently it is: Always Remember Us this Way
Sport to Play
Volley Ball
Sport to Watch
Soccer & basketball
Sports Star
rafeal nadal
Sports Team
Chicago Bulls
Florida State
Subject in School
Batman I suppose
Thing to Cook
Anything healthy!
Time of Day
Early Afternoon
Evenings - before the sun sets
Christmas Day
Summer Beach Vacations and Christmas Eve - they are both perfect and will be kept long term,
TV Show
TV Show Character
Jack Bower
Type of Music
Everything accept Country
Vacation Spot
Bora Bora
Video Game
I don't play them
never played a video game

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