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Andy & Sarah

We would like to thank you for reading our profile and considering us as potential parents for your child. We are quiet, faithful and family oriented people and will provide all of the love and support that anyone could ask for. We value our faith, enjoy spending time with our friends and family, including our dogs, and cannot wait to grow our family through adoption.

About Us

Senior Territory Manager
Senior underwriting analyst
Master's Degree in Political Science
Master's Degree in Public Administration
Elizabeth, Evan
Legally Married

Why We Chose Adoption

With Andy's Kids at the Beach

Adoption has always been the way that we have wanted to have a family together. Sarah has no other children but Andy has two children from a prior marriage, Elizabeth and Evan. They live with their mother, stepfather and his three children about an hour and a half away, and are with us two weekends a month. Elizabeth is the quieter of the two, loves unicorns, the color blue, playing soccer and reading. Evan loves trivia, WWE wrestling, playing football, movies and dogs. They both love the beach, swimming and any roller coaster that they are tall enough to ride at Hershey Park. Both Elizabeth and Evan love younger children and would be more than excited to have a younger brother or sister to play with and love.

We cannot wait to raise a child together. It is important to us that our child be raised with knowledge of their adoption for as long as they can remember. One of our closest friends was adopted as an infant, and has shared with us that her favorite story growing up was about the day that her adoptive parents went to bring her home. It is our plan to do the same thing with our child, to let them know that their story is special, unique to them and one that should be embraced and celebrated. We promise to always be open and honest with our child, to let them know of how much love went into their becoming a part of our lives, and to answer any and all questions that they may ever have.

Our Leisure Time

Sightseeing in Cabo San Lucas

We love to travel and want to see as much of the world as we can. We also like to spend time together at home with our dogs and our families, especially Andy's two children. When the children visit, we enjoy taking them to Hershey Park, swimming (which we can do year-round at our local community center), ice-skating and simply spending time together at home. Andy is the cook in our family, and we love to have our friends and family over for dinners and cookouts. Family dinners are something that are important to us, and would be a daily part of our child's life.

As we met at the gym, a love for physical activity is something that we share. The activities that we most enjoy are running, lifting weights and yoga. We like to participate in local charity 5K runs, and have even completed a few half marathons. Andy has competed in bodybuilding for many years, and continues to be involved by sitting on a judging panel for various shows in our area. In our downtime at home, we enjoy reading, playing on the floor with the dogs, or watching Jeopardy. During football season, we can be found watching Penn State football or our favorite NFL teams, the Philadelphia Eagles (Andy), New Orleans Saints (Sarah). We also enjoy going to Philadelphia to watch the Phillies play baseball, and it is a dream of ours to be able to take our child to games with us someday.

Cultural Diversity

Andy's Sister, Brother-in-Law & Nephew

We are both Caucasian and are open to welcoming a child of any racial background into our lives. Family and being able to share our love and our lives with a child is what is matters most to us, and believe that different backgrounds and cultures are what makes us as people unique. We both have bi-racial family members, neighbors of varying races and belong to a huge church with members of many racial backgrounds. We would ensure that our child had people in their lives with whom they could identify. In addition to knowledge of their own heritage, we make sure that our child was raised with knowledge of and exposure to diversity of all kinds.



At the San Diego Zoo
At the San Diego Zoo
Sarah With Our Niece
Sarah With Our Niece
Fun at the Pool
Fun at the Pool
Fun in the Waves
Fun in the Waves
Our Pups, Sunny & Ringo
Our Pups, Sunny & Ringo
Sarah After a Half-Marathon
Sarah After a Half-Marathon
Vacation to Key West
Vacation to Key West
Andy's Kids on Our Wedding Day
Andy's Kids on Our Wedding Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
Family Bowling
Family Bowling
Our Wedding
Our Wedding
Andy & Ringo
Andy & Ringo
1 / 12
At the San Diego Zoo
At the San Diego Zoo
2 / 12
Sarah With Our Niece
Sarah With Our Niece
3 / 12
Fun at the Pool
Fun at the Pool
4 / 12
Fun in the Waves
Fun in the Waves
5 / 12
Our Pups, Sunny & Ringo
Our Pups, Sunny & Ringo
6 / 12
Sarah After a Half-Marathon
Sarah After a Half-Marathon
7 / 12
Vacation to Key West
Vacation to Key West
8 / 12
Andy's Kids on Our Wedding Day
Andy's Kids on Our Wedding Day
9 / 12
Christmas Eve
Christmas Eve
10 / 12
Family Bowling
Family Bowling
11 / 12
Our Wedding
Our Wedding
12 / 12
Andy & Ringo
Andy & Ringo

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We live in a large development, where there are many young families and plenty of children of all ages. We are fortunate to have many neighbors with whom we have become friends. Ours is a three-story, four-bedroom home with a finished basement, a fenced in back yard and plenty of space for a playroom. We live about 15 minutes from Hershey Park, to which we have season passes, and are minutes from local parks, pools and a variety of restaurants. We have a family membership to our local community center and it features an indoor pool where we are able to go swimming at any time of year. They also offer basketball courts, a climbing wall and events like movie nights, parades and craft activities. A few blocks from our home is a large park with picnic pavilion, soccer and baseball fields where the children love to play. Our church is about 2 miles away from our home, which is important to us as it is where we would plan to send our child for daycare and school.

Community Center Pool

We live about an hour and a half from either Philadelphia or Baltimore, and about two and a half hours from Washington, D.C. or New York City. This allows us to easily make day trips to fun places like zoos, aquariums and museums along with other historic and cultural sites.

Our Extended Families

Camping With Family

Sarah is an only child between her parents, but has a large extended family with step-brothers a step-sister, and many aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces and nephews whom are all very close. The majority of Sarah's family live just a few miles away, making it easy to spend time with and help each other with anything that may arise. While Andy's family does not live as close, they all live no more than an hour and a half away by car. Everyone on both sides of our family is excited at for the chance to have another child to love and spoil.

Holidays With Family

Family time is very important to us, and we all make it a point to spend quality time together, making as many memories as we possibly can, especially during the holidays. We enjoy hosting both Thanksgiving and Christmas Day dinners at our home with our families and a few close friends. We look forward to taking our child on fishing and camping trips with Sarah's mother and stepfather in their RV and beach weekends with Andy's family at his sister's beach house.

Other members of our family include our fur legged children, Sunny and Ringo, who are an important part of our family. They both love children and are excited to have a new member join their pack.

From Us to You

Thank you for taking the time to read our profile and learn more about us. We cannot imagine what it must be like to make this decision. We promise to provide your child with as much love and support that anyone could ever ask for.

Andy has a daughter and a son from a prior marriage, but we do not have any children together, and our own child to love and raise is what we want more than anything in the world. It has always been our choice to start our own family via adoption, which is why we are so thankful that you are taking the time to consider us as parents for your child. We realize that adoption may present us with a unique set of challenges as parents and are ready to accept every challenge along with the rewards. We realize that you have an incredibly difficult decision ahead, and hope to be able to provide you with as much insight into our life as possible with the hope that it will give you peace of mind as you consider adoption as a choice for your child.

Looking forward to what the future may hold is very exciting for us. We have been married for almost a year and a half and have been together for over seven years. We have worked hard to get where we are love the life that we have created and look forward to adding another child to our family through adoption. We come from loving and supportive families, many of whom live close to us and are eager to add another child to the mix to love and spoil. Our families are very involved in our lives and would spend significant amounts of time with our child, loving them and helping to teach them the same values with which were raised.

We highly value education, a good worth ethic and the importance of kindness. These are all values that we would prioritize for our future child, teaching them by example in how we treat each other and other people in our lives. We are committed to our values as well as to encouraging and allowing a child to develop their own unique interests and hobbies. We would do everything in our power to ensure that our child receives the best possible education, love and support to reach their full potential in life as a productive, caring and respectful member of their community.

We dream of experiencing all of the firsts in a child's life, of all of the little events along with the big ones, of happiness and tears, and of any imaginable aspect of life as a parent. Our promise to you, is to share as many of these moments with you through pictures, letters and email as you desire. From the beginning, we will be honest and open with your child about their adoption, and that your decision was made out of the utmost love for them.

Thank you for taking the time to review our profile and to consider us as parents for your child. We will keep you in our thoughts and prayers as you face this difficult decision. We promise to provide your child with love, support, openness and honestly. We promise to lead by example, to show them the world, and to provide them with every tool possible to earn their education and grow into productive, kind and caring members of their community in whatever they choose to pursue in their life.


Andy & Sarah


Jodi Piccoult
Handle with Care
Bob's Burgers
Bob's Burgers
Childhood Memory
Flying on an airplane for the first time
Fishing with my dad
Children's Book
Day of Week
Disney Movie
Treasure Island (the original one)
The Little Mermaid
Dream Car
Chevy Silverado
Range Rover
Dream Job
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Beach trips
Going to Hershey Park
Flower / Plant
Beef Stew
French Fries
Form of Exercise
Bike Riding
Holiday Song
Silent Night
Holiday Tradition
Hosting Thanksgiving dinner
Spending time with family
Leisure Activity
Memory with a Child
Taking my kids to the beach for the first time
Taking Andy's children to the beach for the first time
Memory with Spouse
Whale Watching in Cabo San Lucas
Les Miserables
Musical Group
Social Distortion
Olympic Event
Quality about my Spouse
Her kindness
His loyalty and determination
"I'm your worn in leather jacket"
Sea Shack
Progress Grill
Psalm 23-28
Don't take me for granted
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Brian Dawkins
Drew Brees
Sports Team
Philadelphia Eagles (NFL) and Penn State (college)
New Orleans Saints (NFL) and Penn State (college)
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Time of Day
Hosting Thanksgiving Diner
Christmas Eve mass and family get-together
TV Show
Grey's Anatomy
Vacation Spot
Hilton Head, SC
Outer Banks, NC

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