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Collin & Becky

Our road to adoption has been a long and winding path, but we hope that it leads us to the perfect fit. We can't wait to meet a child to share our sense of adventure and join in on our wonderful journey together. Including us in your adoption plan would be the perfect beginning to a new chapter in all of our lives, and we can't wait to get started!

About Us

911 Dispatcher
Registered Nurse
Associate's Degree
Master's Degree
Legally Married

Our Adventures

Checking Out a Local State Park

We have always been adventure people. From overseas travel to driving around with the windows down, we are always looking to go somewhere new, experience something cool and maybe just find a new favorite place to eat.

As children, we both spent a lot of time traveling with our grandparents. From lumberyards for project materials to long, winding drives down country roads, we spent a lot of time in the car making memories. One of our favorite things to do in the summer is to turn the music up, put the windows down and go for a drive. Sometimes we end up at a state park, sometimes at a little roadside restaurant, and sometimes way off the beaten path, enjoying ice cream cones in the middle of nowhere, just enjoying each other's company.

We like to try new things when we travel, like taking a catamaran in the US Virgin Islands or feeding giraffes at the zoo. We are always ready to try something new and can't wait to have a child to share our favorite experiences and destinations with!

Our Pets

Our Pups Jack & Tank

Our pets are an important part of our family. We have two dogs, Jack and Tank, and a cat named Gunpowder, who we call Gunny. We adopted all three of them at different times, and they all have very different personalities.

Jack is our oldest pet, and he is a six-year-old Lab mix. He is the sweet, sensitive old soul of the house, and he gives the best snuggles. He carries a bone or a ball around and is always up for a game of fetch.

Sweet Gunny

Tank is a five-year-old Lab/Hound mix and is our protector. He barks at anything that moves, and is the first one out the door when it is play time. He is incredibly fast, and does not hesitate to put himself between us and anything he considers to be dangerous (Even leaves and rabbits). He loves to play, and always has a ball if he is outside.

Gunny is our shy one, and as the only cat in the house, sometimes forgets that he is a cat. He plays with the dogs, and is very vocal, reminding us when it is time for bed, time for a snack, or if he's hiding in the closet. All three of our pets are important members of our household, and are all loved dearly and celebrated for who they are.

Our Family Traditions

Our families have always been big on tradition, from Easter baskets to Amish Country trips. We are big on Christmas traditions, including Collin's family open house on Christmas Eve, where we routinely host a huge party at Collin's parents’ house where we invite all of our friends and family to share in snacks and drinks while remembering the year we have had and what we hope to experience before the next party. We cut a live Christmas tree every year at our favorite farm to fill our house with the smell of fresh pine and the beauty of a live tree in our living room. Becky's family always has family Christmas, with the sweet smell of ham and the sound of all of her cousins gathered in the Girl Scout house, awaiting Grandma to get her camera to record everyone's smiling face opening their presents. It's not just the holiday traditions though, as we make our yearly trips to Amish Country to pick up beautiful furniture and delicious treats, and our yearly trips to the zoo to feed our favorite animals and take awesome photos for our scrapbooks.



Touring the Biltmore Estate
Touring the Biltmore Estate
Puppy Cuddles
Puppy Cuddles
Setting Sail on Our First Cruise
Setting Sail on Our First Cruise
Fun Night with Family
Fun Night with Family
Swimming in Curacao
Swimming in Curacao
Hiking in Mohican State Park
Hiking in Mohican State Park
Fall Fun with Friends
Fall Fun with Friends
Feeling Fancy
Feeling Fancy
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
Collin Loves Legos
Collin Loves Legos
Date Night at the Theater
Date Night at the Theater
1 / 12
Touring the Biltmore Estate
Touring the Biltmore Estate
2 / 12
Puppy Cuddles
Puppy Cuddles
3 / 12
Setting Sail on Our First Cruise
Setting Sail on Our First Cruise
4 / 12
Fun Night with Family
Fun Night with Family
5 / 12
Swimming in Curacao
Swimming in Curacao
6 / 12
Hiking in Mohican State Park
Hiking in Mohican State Park
7 / 12
Fall Fun with Friends
Fall Fun with Friends
8 / 12
Feeling Fancy
Feeling Fancy
9 / 12
10 / 12
Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
11 / 12
Collin Loves Legos
Collin Loves Legos
12 / 12
Date Night at the Theater
Date Night at the Theater

Our Extended Families

Becky's Parents

Becky is an only child who grew up with foster kids in and out of the home, along with a foreign exchange student for a year. Her grandparents have always lived nearby, and her parents still live in the home she grew up in. Collin grew up next door to his grandparents, with his parents and a younger brother, Ben. We all still live within a ten-mile radius of each other, and Ben and his wife live just down the street from us in the same neighborhood.

Collin's Parents

We love to sit down for Sunday dinners, and try to share a meal every week with family. Each week we spend time laughing together and catching up over delicious food. We always spend our Christmas at an open house at Collin's parents' house, and even after his dad passed this year, we have kept that tradition alive for friends and family alike to gather on Christmas Eve to share snacks and drinks. Adding a child to our family traditions will make them that much more special. Our family is very supportive of our plan to adopt, and cannot wait to meet this child!

Our House and Neighborhood

Home Sweet Home

We live in a small city in Ohio, in a small neighborhood filled with young families and near a quaint little park. Our city has an annual Fourth of July festival with a parade, fireworks and all the trimmings for a great summer celebration. There are also concerts in the park, soccer and baseball tournaments, and a holiday light display in the winter. Our neighbors are friendly and have young grandchildren who stay over all the time, making our neighborhood perfect for making friends and memories.

A Nearby Playscape

Our house is an old farmhouse built in the 1920's that Collin renovated with the help of his dad and brother, with tons of natural light, original hardwood floors and a huge backyard. We have a library/office that is perfect for cuddling up with a good book or doing homework and a nursery right next to the master bedroom upstairs. We love the sense of history with our old house, and the little details put into it by the builder make it unique and timeless. All it needs now is the pitter patter of tiny feet!

From Us to You

We know you're probably overwhelmed with a thousand questions and difficult decisions that you have to make. We know things have to seem like they are coming a mile a minute and that you're being pulled in many directions. But we want you to know that, if you choose to add us to your adoption plan, we will provide a loving, safe, supportive home for your child.

We have been married for five years and struggled with infertility from the very start. We struggled with the fact that we would never have a child that was biologically ours, but we knew that we still wanted to be parents. We have worked hard for years to provide a stable financial future for a child, and we have put in the time with education to provide a strong future for them as well. We have always wanted children to join our family, and we hope that you will consider adding our family to yours.

We have a house full of books and a beautiful bedroom just waiting for a child to make it their own. We can't wait to play in the yard with our child or read our favorite books together. To build Lego creations on rainy days and share our favorite Disney movies. To go on Sunday afternoon adventures, and to Tuesday night open swim at the neighborhood school. We cannot wait to share birthdays, vacations and our family traditions. We are so excited to see the joy on a child's face when they try the first strawberry of the season from the garden, and to support them in whatever passions they choose.

We both have loving families who cannot wait to welcome a child and are so excited for the beautiful future that this child brings. We also have a whole host of friends who are eager to meet their new niece or nephew, and a huge support system of people who are ready to lend a helping hand. This child will have two loving grandmothers who can't wait to spoil them, and a grandfather who is excited to share his love of music with his first grandchild. Our family embraces adoption, and embraces the fact that family is more than blood. We believe that love and respect for one another is what truly defines family.

It is our intention to discuss our child's adoption openly with them from the beginning. We do not intend to discount your love for them, or place judgement on the choices that were made at any point. We are committed to raising a child who knows they are loved and cherished from their very first moment of existence until eternity, and a child who understands that it truly does take a village to raise a child. We will answer this child's questions and try to provide context and appropriate levels of detail for them as they discover who they are and their life's journey.

We cannot begin to express how thankful we are for the opportunity to be part of your adoption plan. We can't promise that we'll be perfect parents, but we may just be the perfect parents for your child. What we can promise is a lifetime of love, laughter, support and happiness. We will provide a home with roots to remind them of where they came from, and wings to encourage our child to always look for their next adventure. We want this child to know that they are special, and to share all of their special moments with you through letters, photos and videos. We can't wait to meet our child and start a wonderful life together!


Collin & Becky


Harrison Ford
Chris Pratt
Anna Kendrick
Anna Kendrick
Tom Clancy
The Bear and the Dragon
Harry Potter Series
Candy Bar
Milky Way Midnight
GI Joe
Childhood Memory
Vacations with the Family
Going to Amish Country with my Grandparents
Childhood Toy
Pull Along Dog
Children's Book
The Very Bumpy Bus Ride
Stella Luna
Classic Movie
Wizard of Oz
Day of Week
Carrot Cake
Fudgy Brownies
Disney Movie
Any of the Star Wars Films-- They're Disney Now! Otherwise, Frozen.
Beauty and the Beast
Dream Car
1972 Chevy Suburban
Dream Job
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Cutting Down Our Christmas Tree
Cooking together
Flower / Plant
Oak Trees
Form of Exercise
Settlers of Catan
Working on my Bullet Journal
Holiday Song
"Christmas Cookies" by George Strait
Carol of the Bells
Holiday Tradition
Christmas Eve Open House
Picking out our tree
Ice Cream
Moose Tracks
Rocky Road
Junk Food
Caramel Corn
Chewy SweetTarts
Leisure Activity
Skeet Shooting
American Rifleman
Memory with a Child
Coaching Church League Children's Basketball
Teaching Swimming Lessons
Memory with Spouse
Long road trips together
Nerf gun fights in the living room
Rogue One
Sweet Home Alabama
Movie Munchie
Movie Quote
"What we do in life, echoes in eternity"
"You're gonna need a bigger boat" - Jaws
Movie Type
The Book of Mormon
Phantom of the Opera
Musical Group
Old Dominion
Old Dominion
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Col. Jeff Cooper
Quarterback Sneak
Robert Frost
Quality about my Spouse
Her determination and perserverance
"Aim small, miss small"
Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid
G&R Tavern, Waldo Ohio
Local hole in the wall places
Jimmy John's Gargantuan
Grilled Cheese
Psalm 23:4
Shopping Store
"Bible and a .44" by Ashley McBryde
Sport to Watch
Baseball or Rodeo
Sports Star
BJ Baldwin
Sports Team
Cleveland Indians
OSU Buckeyes
Subject in School
Captain America
Thing to Cook
"Surprise" Casserole
Time of Day
Late Night
Late night
"Wagon Wheel" at the end of every wedding reception
TV Show
Gilmore Girls
TV Show Character
Jack Ryan
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Outer Banks, NC
Anywhere with a beach
Video Game
Halo: Combat Evolved

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