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Travis & Chad

Thank you for considering us as future parents for your child. We are very excited at the thought of expanding our family and providing your child with a life full of love, respect, and encouragement. As a same sex couple, you would always be the child's mother and we would be honored to begin this journey with you. We look forward to providing you all the support you need while making this decision.

About Us

Partner Relations Director
Pharmacist/Pharmacy Director
Master's Degree in Exercise Science
Doctor of Pharmacy
Legally Married

Our Leisure Time

Enjoying a Hike

Leisure time for us means a healthy mixture of being active and relaxing!

On the active side of things, both of us are very much into living a health lifestyle with plenty of exercise. We both enjoy working out and taking spin classes. Chad also really enjoys yoga. We also like to stay active by being outdoors, we love to hike, walk on trails through the woods, and kayak. We also really enjoy a good amusement park or water park!

Our focus on health doesn't just end with exercise though. Travis loves to cook and prepares our family with healthy meals, fresh squeezed juices, and plenty of baked goods as well. Chad also enjoys gardening and is able to grow a lot of ingredients for Travis to use in his meals.

On the more relaxing side of things, we really enjoy a variety of activities. We both love to read, listen to music, and go to the movies. We like putting puzzles together and playing with Legos. We also like to try new foods and restaurants around town, go to museums, or even take trips to the zoo!

Our Individual Strengths

Our Wedding Day

Travis About Chad: Chad is very intelligent, caring and funny. He loves to read and is always learning a new skill, fact, or story. I know Chad will encourage our child's love of reading and learning as well. He is very organized and loves to experience the world to the fullest, which is why he is so good at planning our family vacations! He has a strong sense of integrity, and he embodies that integrity in his actions by working hard and staying focused on our goals. He is very responsible and his word is a promise, and a promise means everything to him. Chad is also very calm, practical, and keeps himself grounded in order to make clear, rational decisions.

Chad About Travis: Travis is incredibly loving, selfless, and hard working. I love how dedicated Travis is to our families. Travis always has to be up and doing something, and a lot of times that is taking care of the family. He takes the lead on cooking dinner AND doing the dishes, he helps maintain the yard, he helps keep the house clean, and he keeps up with scheduling opportunities to see our friends and families. He does all of these things because he loves our family, and he does all of this freely. I also love how outgoing he can be even as an introvert. He never struggles with starting conversations with others, engaging those around us, and being an all-around fun person to be with.

Our Family Traditions

Happy Halloween!

Since we started dating, we have always had a passion for celebrating traditions around holidays. We always look forward to the way that the holidays allow us a chance to reflect, spend time with family and friends, and of course decorate the house!

For instance, birthdays are celebrated as birth weeks, where the birthday is celebrated with a vacation of the birthday person's choosing. We also travel on every New Year's Eve. We also have big celebrations at our home with friends and family for Memorial Day, Fourth of July, and Thanksgiving. These celebrations include everything from fun decorations, to coordinated outfits, to themed foods!

Our two biggest holidays are Halloween and Christmas. For Halloween, we spare no expense or time crafting the perfect decorations for our home and in preparing the perfect coordinated costumes to wear together. We are very much looking forward to including a little one in our family themed costumes!

For Christmas, we have two that are the most important to us. One where we wear our pajamas and go to the movies on Christmas Day. The other one, is where Chad secretly plans a family trip for the following summer, and then gives Christmas presents as clues to where the family is going. We can't wait to have a child and surprise them each year with a new vacation destination!


Dinner in Athens
Dinner in Athens
Our Family
Our Family
Chad Hiking in Colorado
Chad Hiking in Colorado
New Year's Eve in Sydney
New Year's Eve in Sydney
Travis & Our Dogs
Travis & Our Dogs
Swimming in Caves in Mexico
Swimming in Caves in Mexico
Before a Cirque Du Soleil Show
Before a Cirque Du Soleil Show
A Day at the Vineyard
A Day at the Vineyard
Cinque Terre Trail in Italy
Cinque Terre Trail in Italy
Attending a Baseball Game
Attending a Baseball Game
Time at the Beach
Time at the Beach
At a Fundraising Event for a Local Health Clinic
At a Fundraising Event for a Local Health Clinic
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Dinner in Athens
Dinner in Athens
2 / 12
Our Family
Our Family
3 / 12
Chad Hiking in Colorado
Chad Hiking in Colorado
4 / 12
New Year's Eve in Sydney
New Year's Eve in Sydney
5 / 12
Travis & Our Dogs
Travis & Our Dogs
6 / 12
Swimming in Caves in Mexico
Swimming in Caves in Mexico
7 / 12
Before a Cirque Du Soleil Show
Before a Cirque Du Soleil Show
8 / 12
A Day at the Vineyard
A Day at the Vineyard
9 / 12
Cinque Terre Trail in Italy
Cinque Terre Trail in Italy
10 / 12
Attending a Baseball Game
Attending a Baseball Game
11 / 12
Time at the Beach
Time at the Beach
12 / 12
At a Fundraising Event for a Local Health Clinic
At a Fundraising Event for a Local Health Clinic

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

We absolutely love our home and our neighborhood. We live in a suburban area of a large city within the state of Missouri.

Our home is a new build that has four bedrooms and four bathrooms across three levels. One of our favorite aspects of our home is that we have an enclosed backyard that backs up to a forest. This area will not be developed further, which means we will always have the ability to look out our windows and see deer, owls, and hummingbirds. We also love our finished basement that includes a theater room to watch movies!

Our neighborhood is perfect for children. It is full of diverse family structures, has a neighborhood swimming pool, and a neighborhood park/jungle gym. The local elementary school is also within walking distance of our home.

Also very close by we have a local community center that has a small train for children to ride on, we have a penguin themed park, and several hiking trails. Our location within the city allows us the pleasure of feeling secluded while also being within a 10 minute drive of the hustle of downtown.

Our Extended Families

Chad's Family

Connecting with our extended families is something that we always look forward to and happens in a variety of ways throughout the year. We are blessed to have family both close to home and family far away to provide great opportunities to travel.

Travis' Family

Chad is an only child and was raised by his grandparents. However, he has lots of aunts and cousins that really round out his extended family. Part of Chad's family lives in Illinois and the other part lives in Nevada. When we are all together we love outdoor activities like grilling and sitting around a fire. We are also blessed to have a family home in the mountains of Utah and on the beach in Mexico. While in Utah we love to ski, snowboard, snowmobile, and curl up with a book next to the fire. While in Mexico we love to spend time at the beach and eat lots of tacos.

Travis is the youngest of five (two boys and three girls) and many of them are within driving distance. We are able to spend a lot of time with them and stay connected to each other's lives. This family thrives on cooking our meals together and having large feasts. Afterwards, it's all about playing games and talking.

From Us to You

We want to begin by first stating how incredibly thankful and humbled we are that you have chosen to consider us as potential adoptive parents to your child. The decision you are making at this moment is not to be overlooked. You are making a selfless choice that is courageous and full of love. We are inspired by your strength, honored by your consideration, and have unlimited respect for you, your journey, and your choice.

The two of us first met six years ago on the first day that Travis had moved to Kansas City. During that first interaction, we hit it off, and discovered quickly that we had found not only the person we would be spending our lives with, but also our best friend. We bonded quickly over our shared interests, our ambition, our love for dogs, and our desire to build a family. From that moment, we were inseparable. In November 2017 we were married in an intimate ceremony with our closest family and friends. Since the day we met until now, we have continued to build a relationship that is based on trust, honesty, kindness, and generosity.

Growing up, we both had incredible father figures in our lives. They taught us the importance of hard work, determination, confidence, integrity, and how to give back and help others. It is because of them, that both of us were determined to grow up and be strong father figures for our future children.

As a same sex couple, we did not always know if those dreams of fatherhood would come to fruition. Luckily, through the blessing that is adoption, our dreams of fatherhood can be recognized. We are beyond excited to have the opportunity to instill those same qualities that were taught to us into your child.

As a same sex couple, your child will always have two dads, but they will only ever have one mom. We intend to have an open and honest communication with your child about their adoption. They will always know that their mom was brave, selfless, and loved them unconditionally. We want to provide your child the life that you have always envisioned for them, and we want to respect your desires when it comes to future communications. We look forward to sending you letters and pictures, and including you as much as you would like in the development of your child.

We are also looking forward to developing a relationship with you. We can't begin to imagine the difficult choice you face, but we want you to know that we are here to support you, respect you, provide encouragement, and communicate openly and honestly with you.

We have been incredibly fortunate and blessed in our lives, and we look forward to providing those same blessings to your child. We have mentioned honesty several times throughout this letter, as it is one of most cherished traits. With honesty in mind, we pledge to you, that if you were to select us as your child's adoptive parents, we would provide your child with a life full of love, laughter, adventure, and opportunities. Your child will be the center of our universe and we will do everything in our power to protect them and encourage their development. They will be given every opportunity to explore the world, pursue the best education, and follow their passions.

We again want to thank you for taking the time to get to know us and for considering us as potential adoptive parents to your child. We look forward to getting to know you more and continuing this journey together. Regardless of the outcome, we know that you and your child are a blessing, and want to provide you with all the respect, support, and encouragement you deserve.

Travis & Chad


Henry Cavill
Jake Gyllenhaal
Rachel McAdams
Sarah Michelle Gellar
A.G. Riddle
AG Riddle
Life of Pi
Candy Bar
Reese's Peanut Butter Eggs
Childhood Memory
Going to blockbuster on Friday night to pick out a movie to watch
Amusement Parks
Childhood Toy
X-Men action figures
Power Rangers
Children's Book
Harry Potter
Animorph Series
Classic Movie
Breakfast Club
Day of Week
Dairy Queen Snickers Blizzard
Red Velvet Cupcakes
Disney Movie
Toy Story
Peter Pan
Dream Car
Range Rover
Tesla Cybertruck
Dream Job
Wildlife Sanctuary Owner
Dream Vacation
Family Activity
Flower / Plant
Calla Lily
Form of Exercise
Apples to Apples
Party Planning
New Years Eve
Holiday Song
All I want for Christmas
O Holy Night
Holiday Tradition
Going to a movie on Christmas Day in pajamas
Going to the movies in pajamas on Christmas Day
Ice Cream
Junk Food
Curly Fries
Leisure Activity
Watching movies
Mens Health
Memory with a Child
Fishing with my nieces and nephews
Taking my cousins to San Diego Zoo
Memory with Spouse
Cave swimming at Rio Secreto
Hiking Mount Vesuvius in Italy
Farris Bueller's Day Off
Avengers Endgame
Movie Munchie
Popcorn with M&Ms
Sour Patch Kids
Movie Quote
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it
Just because something works, doesn't mean it can't be improved
Movie Type
Dear Evan Hansen
Musical Group
Taylor Swift
Jack's Mannequin
Nursery Rhyme
Twinkle Twinkle little star
Twinkle Twinkle
Olympic Event
Track and Field
Personal Hero
My Dad
My Grandfather
Dear Evan Hansen
A Midsummer Night's Dream
Maya Angelou
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Quality about my Spouse
Sense of Humor
You miss 100% of the shots you don't take
Luck favors the prepared
Cooper's hawk
BoRu Ramen
Chipotle Chicken Avocado Melt
Beef n Cheddar
Do unto others as you would have them do unto you"
Run the road God called you to travel - Ephesians 4
Shopping Store
Bitter Sweet Symphony
Delicate - Taylor Swift
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Patrick Mahomes
Patrick Mahomes
Sports Team
Kansas City Chiefs
Kansas City Chiefs
Subject in School
Thing to Cook
Chicken Parmesan
Sugar Cookies
Time of Day
Golden Hour
Going to the movies on Christmas Day in pajamas
Traveling on New Years Eve
TV Show
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
TV Show Character
Leslie Knope
Jim and Dwight from The Office
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico
Brian Head - Utah
Video Game
Mario Kart
Assassins Creed - Odyssey

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