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Kevin & Missy

We haven't met you yet, but we carry you in our hearts each day. We're praying for courage, peace, and support to surround you as you take each step on this journey. Our home is a peaceful place of rest and safety for our family, full of kindness and love. Our biggest dream is adding a child to our family--we're so humbled and blessed that you would consider us!

About Us

Children's Pastor
Medical Research Business Development
Bachelor's Degree in Pastoral Studies
Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration
Legally Married

Adoption in Our Lives

Celebrating Daniel's Adoption Day With a Family Hike

For us, our biggest dream has always been to be parents. Even very early in our dating relationship, we often talked about our desire for children, to have a big family, and all of the adventures we would have together. When we learned we likely could not have biological children, we were pretty shaken. After taking time to process, adoption was our natural choice.

Five years ago we adopted our beautiful son Daniel at birth. Daniel's adoption is a comfortable and special part of our family story. We've talked with him about his adoption story and birth family ever since he was born, so even at age five he's very familiar with his adoption story. As a family we often discuss his adoption in our everyday conversation and look at Daniel's Life Book together. His Life Book includes pictures and mementos from his birth that help him to understand his story, as well as pictures of his birth family. Daniel's birth mom has sent him several presents, which we have in his room and often talk about. We include his birth family in our prayers and always speak of them with respect and love. As a family we are very intentional about creating a safe environment for Daniel to talk about adoption and ask questions. We have an open adoption and are also very intentional about honoring his birth family.

How We Met


For us our high school lunch room will always be a special place because it's where we met over 20 years ago. Kevin would casually drop by Missy's lunch table to talk to her every day. It took him several months to work up the courage to ask Missy out but he finally did as we left the library one day after school. We had our first date a couple weeks later at his youth group's Valentine's banquet. He was shy and sweet, but it was those kind, hazel-green eyes that swept Missy off her feet. From that time on were together every week. Even when Kevin left for college he came home every other weekend to see Missy. When Missy chose a college the next year it was, of course, very near Kevin's school so she could be closer to him. We love looking at all the pictures: homecoming, prom, high school graduation, college graduation and everything in between--we've done it all together.

Leisure Time

Seal Watching at the Beach

Spending time together, no matter what we're doing, is our favorite family pass time. Each night we eat a meal together. Sometimes it's homemade favorite family recipe. Other times it's takeout or pizza, but we make it a point to have dinner together every night and talk. It's our favorite time of the day--we love hearing the details of each other's day, especially Daniel's preschool stories. For our family, it's also a priority that we have time each week to hang out and have fun together. Some of our weekly favorites are going for walks with our dog, going to the park, getting our favorite local ice cream, watching a movie, or having a campfire in our backyard fire pit.

But by far our favorite thing to do together is spend time camping and hiking in our beautiful state. There is something about being outside that relaxes us more than anything else. Maybe it's because we unplug from our routine, or just the peacefulness and beauty of the mountains, but nothing is more refreshing to us than being outdoors. In the winter we like to snow shoe, ice fish, or enjoy the local hot springs. In the summer, we love to be outside with friends barbecuing, hiking, fishing, camping, visiting state parks and national parks, and exploring our part of the world. We're so excited to add another baby to our family and to share adventures together as they grow up.


Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
We ? Playing Together!
We ? Playing Together!
Camping With Cousins
Camping With Cousins
Kevin Playing With the Kids in Ecuador
Kevin Playing With the Kids in Ecuador
Painting at Denver's Children's Museum
Painting at Denver's Children's Museum
First Day of Pre-K!
First Day of Pre-K!
Sweethearts for Life
Sweethearts for Life
Family Day Adventure
Family Day Adventure
Daddy Daniel Day!
Daddy Daniel Day!
Baking M&M Cookies With My Niece!
Baking M&M Cookies With My Niece!
Celebrating the Chiefs' Super Bowl Victory
Celebrating the Chiefs' Super Bowl Victory
A Beautiful Day in the Mountains
A Beautiful Day in the Mountains
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Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas!
2 / 12
We ? Playing Together!
We ? Playing Together!
3 / 12
Camping With Cousins
Camping With Cousins
4 / 12
Kevin Playing With the Kids in Ecuador
Kevin Playing With the Kids in Ecuador
5 / 12
Painting at Denver's Children's Museum
Painting at Denver's Children's Museum
6 / 12
First Day of Pre-K!
First Day of Pre-K!
7 / 12
Sweethearts for Life
Sweethearts for Life
8 / 12
Family Day Adventure
Family Day Adventure
9 / 12
Daddy Daniel Day!
Daddy Daniel Day!
10 / 12
Baking M&M Cookies With My Niece!
Baking M&M Cookies With My Niece!
11 / 12
Celebrating the Chiefs' Super Bowl Victory
Celebrating the Chiefs' Super Bowl Victory
12 / 12
A Beautiful Day in the Mountains
A Beautiful Day in the Mountains

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Home

Each morning we sit on the couch together and drink coffee as we watch the Colorado sunrise over the mountains. From our living room, we can see both snowcapped mountains and desert rock formations. Located in an amazing neighborhood in with community parks, walking paths, and great neighbors (including many Hispanic families and lots of kids), our home is a peaceful refuge where we love to be.

Every room in our three-bedroom, two-bath house has a vaulted ceiling and lots of big windows. And our backyard and neighborhood parks are pretty beautiful, too. Because we live in a river valley, our neighborhood is full of apple trees, peach trees, grape vines, and flowering trees. Spring is gorgeous, with tulips and daffodils everywhere, but might be beat by the explosion of colors in the fall.

Our diverse community includes amazing activities for kids too including many parks and playgrounds, both indoor and outdoor pools, great little leagues for kids sports, science and nature centers, and a fantastic children's library with a large Spanish section, Spanish-speaking librarians, Hora de Cuentos each week in Spanish, and Hispanic cultural activities throughout the year. And the mountains and rivers offer unlimited opportunities for hiking, fishing, camping, rafting, and mountain-biking as a family.

Our community also offers amazing schools. Options include a bilingual dual immersion school we are considering where kids learn in both English and Spanish, as well as excellent STEAM charter schools, and respected public schools. We love our community!

Our Extended Families

Kevin's Extended Family

Though we live in different states, we are very close to our families and always make a way to visit several times a year. With 2 adopted children already in our extended family, trans-racial adoption is a normal part of our family story. Each of our family members are beyond excited to welcome another child into our family!

With Missy's Family

For us, family centers around good food, conversation, and doing fun things together. Raised with 2 brothers, Kevin grew up with many fun days on the lake, fishing and tubing. Now the fun continues with our 2 nephews, and always includes sports. Watching football (go Chiefs), going to baseball games, or watching our nephews play soccer are some of our favorites.

Missy grew up in a large family as the oldest of five kids. Now, with 10 nieces and nephews, everything even more fun. Many happy weekends have been spent camping and hiking. And don't forget baking! Favorite family recipes, like buttermilk cake and homemade biscuits, always seem to find their way to the table for family meals.

From Us to You

Even though we have not met you yet, our hearts are full of love and respect for you. Words can't express how honored we are to be considered as the adoptive family for your baby. Not a day goes by that we don't think of you and pray for you. We're grateful for your courage and are excited for the opportunity to get to know each other better.

High school sweethearts, we met in the cafeteria over 20 years ago have been together ever since. We married 19 years ago and have gone through all of life's ups and downs together. Our life together has been full of adventure and also some heartache, especially learning about our infertility. We consider each other our best friend, favorite adventure-partner, and biggest encourager. Our home is in beautiful Colorado, where Kevin works as the children's pastor at our church. Missy has a flexible part-time job working from home doing the business side of medical research. Because our jobs are so flexible, we plan to stagger our schedules so that when we can share caring for the baby, without using daycare.

Being parents has always been our biggest dream. Five years ago, this dream began to come true when we adopted our son, Daniel. We've always known that our family would not be complete with only one child and that we would definitely adopt again. Not only have we always wanted multiple children, but we are excited for our children to have the experience of growing up with a sibling. And Daniel is very excited to be a big brother!

Daniel's adoption is an open adoption and we share pictures, letters, and texts with his birth mom. We would love to share emails, letters, pictures, and/or texts with you as well if that is something you're open to. Please know that in our home our children's first families are always honored and talked about with kindness and respect. Even at age five Daniel understands his adoption story and how special adoption is to our family. Daniel's Hispanic culture is also a very important part of our family. Whether it's playing a game in Spanish, reading Spanish books, eating at local Hispanic restaurants, or going to a local cultural activity, celebrating Daniel's culture is a regular part of our daily lives. We chose our neighborhood very thoughtfully and are grateful that our neighborhood is diverse, with many multi-cultural and Hispanic families and children Daniel's age.

Our lives are full of adoption stories--we have friends who have placed a baby for adoption, friends who considered adoption but decided to parent, adoptive parents in our family, and adopted children in our family. Our hearts are full--knowing very well that adoption stories often include both joy and heartache. But we believe that more than anything that adoption means love: your love for your baby and our love for the baby that will become a part of our family. Love that will give our child a strong foundation, solid identity, and a heart full of love to share with others.

We want you to know that there is nothing more important to us than loving and caring for our children. To us, parenting is about putting your family first, being yourself, loving well, and showing our children that they are loved and accepted just like they are.

Our hearts are with you as you consider this important decision. May you have peace as you take each step of this journey. Much love from our hearts to yours!


Kevin & Missy


Matt Damon
Chris Pine
Scarlet Johannson
Jessica Chastain
Golden Retriever
Marcus Warner
C.S. Lewis
RARE Leadership
Chronicles of Narnia
Candy Bar
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups
Reese's Peanut Butter Cups and York Peppermint Patties
Bugs Bunny
Childhood Memory
Building forts in the woods behind my house with my friends
Vacations with my family camping at state parks and national parks
Childhood Toy
GI Joe's
My American Doll, Kirsten
Children's Book
Green Eggs and Ham
Make Way for Ducklings
Ouray, Colorado
Salida, CO
Classic Movie
Star Wars
The Princess Bride
Day of Week
Saturday, because I get the whole day with my family
Apple Pie
Chocolate of any kind in large quantities!
Disney Movie
Star Wars
Cinderella (the new one that's not animated)
Dream Car
Ford Raptor
Honda Pilot
Dream Job
My current job--Pastor
I'd love to pastor someday
Dream Vacation
A cabin in the mountains during the winter with a hot tub and snow for snowshoeing
I'd love to go on an Alaskan cruise and also visit Iceland
Family Activity
Hiking and camping
Flower / Plant
Form of Exercise
Weight lifting
Honeycrisp apples
Green grapes
Axis and Allies
Card games, especially Phase 10 and Nerts
Weightlifting, bowling, softball, hiking
4th of July
Holiday Song
O Holy Night
Holiday Tradition
Cutting down a Christmas tree in woods
Making Christmas cookies as a family and of course waking up for presents on Christmas morning
Ice Cream
Cookies and Cream
Mint Chocolate Chip
Junk Food
Ice Cream
Oatmeal Chocolate Bars
Leisure Activity
Hiking, Weight lifting
Sports Illustrated
Magnolia Journal
Memory with a Child
Boating with my parents
Meeting my son Daniel for the first time
Memory with Spouse
Vacationing in a cabin in the mountains
Our honeymoon on Lake Michigan
The Sound of Music
Movie Munchie
Buttery Popcorn with a Coke
Cheeze It's with homemade popcorn, with lots of butter and salt
Movie Type
Romance (like Pride and Predjudice) and also Fantasy (Like Star Trek and Super Hero Movies)
Greatest Showman
The Sound of Music
Musical Group
Drew Holcomb and the Neighbors
Nursery Rhyme
Hop Little Bunny (I've watched it a thousand times with our son)
Rock a Bye Baby
Olympic Event
Downhill Ski
Ice Skating and Gymnastics
Personal Hero
Jerry Rice
Abraham Lincoln
Les Miserable
Shakespeare, especially Shakespeare in the park outdoor festivals
William Cullen Bryant
Quality about my Spouse
She's very kind, thoughtful, and gentle
His kindness and attentiveness
Jack Stack BBQ in Kansas City
The Blue Koi (northern Chinese food) for nice occasions, and Panera Bread for everyday
The Gargantuan from Jimmy Johns
Anything with chicken and avocado
John 10:1-15
Isaiah 54
Shopping Store
Joy Invincible by Switchfoot
I love you for sentimental reasons
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Jerry Rice
Salvador Perez (Pitcher for the Royals)
Sports Team
Kansas City Chiefs
Subject in School
Captain America
Captain America
Thing to Cook
Grilled Bacon Cheeseburgers
Cinnamon Rolls
Time of Day
Cutting down our Christmas tree in the mountains
Drinking coffee in the mornings with Kevin before we start our day
TV Show
The Office
The Great British Baking Show
TV Show Character
Michael Scott on the Office
Jean-Luc Picard
Type of Music
Hip Hop/Rap
Blue Grass/Indie
Vacation Spot
Anywhere in the mountains
The mountains and Lake Michigan
Video Game
Madden Football

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