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Lindsay & Jamie

Hello! We are Jamie, Lindsay and Jaxx. We are so excited to continue to build our multiracial family through adoption. As a nontraditional family, we believe: 1) There are all kinds of versions of family and the one uniting factor is love. 2) Happiness depends on a compassionate and strong spirit. 3) Life is better when your community is diverse, and when you give back. 4) We are at our best when our family approaches the world as a team.

About Us

Wildlife Conservationist
Senior Researcher
Master's Degree in Journalism
Bachelor's Degree in Political Science
Legally Married

Our Son, Jaxx

Enjoying Nature

We adopted our son Jaxx through American Adoptions in 2018. Being his parents has been the greatest privilege and the greatest joy of our lives. Since the day he was born, Jaxx has had a special way of bringing happiness to everyone he's around. We have loved watching his little personality develop, filled with strong opinions, a love for his pets, creativity, and his own wonderful, goofy sense of humor. He already has a big heart, and his curiosity about everything is contagious. He loves dancing, playing outside, gardening, hiking, reading (about anything and everything), and baking (as long as he can eat the batter). He likes learning about animals, pretending to be a T-Rex, playing soccer, and listening to jazz—and we are thrilled to support every new interest he develops. Jaxx is a social butterfly and is always happy to romp around with other kids. He is going to be a wonderful big brother and he can’t wait to have a sibling he can share his adventures and interests with!

Qualities We Admire in Each Other

Exploring Rome

Jamie about Lindsay: In my wedding vows to Lindsay, I promised to always embrace those pieces of Lindsay that makes her, her: Her silliness, which encourages kids and adults alike to have a sense of humor. Her courageousness, which sometimes means she's willing to explore the jungles of Panama after dark in an effort to help protect frogs. Her knowledge, which constantly blows me away; whether she's spouting out scientific facts about space from her time as a science writer at NASA or sharing her creative writing stories with me. And her optimism in all aspects of her life, which has been such a gift to watch be passed down to Jaxx.

Lindsay about Jamie: One of the things I love most about Jamie is her gentle and ferocious spirit. She has a fierce sense of justice both for individuals and marginalized communities. Jamie is the first to give up her seat on a crowded bus to an elderly person and she has no problem discussing issues related to race, sexuality and ethnicity. I hold my love for Jamie most dear, knowing that even in a society that doesn't always celebrate nontraditional families, I have a devoted partner who strives to make me happy, talks until a conflict is resolved, and is committed to approaching life as a team. Jamie is an exceptional cheerleader to Jaxx and it is so wonderful to watch her as a loving parent.

What we value most in each other: We are both committed to celebrating diversity and combatting racism, xenophobia, homophobia and other forms of hate.

Addressing Cultural Diversity

Auntie Berry & Jaxx

Celebrating diversity is our top priority and our dream is to continue to build our multiracial family. We are committed to living in a diverse community. We pride ourselves on having a diverse group of friends who give us the opportunity to witness the challenges and rewards of identifying with multiple cultures and raising multicultural families.

We are excited to integrate our children’s cultural diversity—and other cultures—into their lives and ours. This includes incorporating books, music, movies and food that represents an array of cultures in our everyday routine. We are always looking for opportunities to go to different festivals, art fairs and other related community gatherings in our city and in big cities nearby.

However, we know that embracing another culture requires more than these efforts alone. We will ensure that our children learn about the brave individuals who have paved the way for equal rights—heroes who share their skin color or ethnic background. Just as important is for our children to get to know the community leaders who look like them and are making a difference every day locally. We've selected doctors and daycare provides for Jaxx who are people of color and will make sure our children are surrounded by diversity throughout their life. Most importantly, we want to inspire a sense of curiosity in our children about the world in general.



Celebrating Christmas
Celebrating Christmas
Jaxx & Jamie Hiking
Jaxx & Jamie Hiking
Jaxx & Lexie
Jaxx & Lexie
Jaxx & Lindsay
Jaxx & Lindsay
Playing Soccer
Playing Soccer
Pandemic Hang With the Grandparents
Pandemic Hang With the Grandparents
Gelato in Rome
Gelato in Rome
Hanging Out With Grandma Peachy
Hanging Out With Grandma Peachy
Family Photo at the Lake
Family Photo at the Lake
Jamie After a Half Marathon
Jamie After a Half Marathon
San Diego Zoo Safari
San Diego Zoo Safari
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Celebrating Christmas
Celebrating Christmas
2 / 12
Jaxx & Jamie Hiking
Jaxx & Jamie Hiking
3 / 12
4 / 12
Jaxx & Lexie
Jaxx & Lexie
5 / 12
Jaxx & Lindsay
Jaxx & Lindsay
6 / 12
Playing Soccer
Playing Soccer
7 / 12
Pandemic Hang With the Grandparents
Pandemic Hang With the Grandparents
8 / 12
Gelato in Rome
Gelato in Rome
9 / 12
Hanging Out With Grandma Peachy
Hanging Out With Grandma Peachy
10 / 12
Family Photo at the Lake
Family Photo at the Lake
11 / 12
Jamie After a Half Marathon
Jamie After a Half Marathon
12 / 12
San Diego Zoo Safari
San Diego Zoo Safari

Our House and Neighborhood

Our Living Room

We live in a spacious but cozy three-bedroom house full of books, toys, play areas for Jaxx, and photos of loved ones. It has been the perfect home to raise Jaxx and host family and friends. Jaxx's bedroom is decorated with a diverse superhero theme, with bright colors, and we have another bedroom that we plan on turning into a second nursery with a safari/ animal theme. We have a fenced-in backyard with a sizable garden where we grow kale, cucumbers, lettuce and other veggies; flower beds and tomato beds; and often spend summer days grilling and picnicking in the backyard.

We love living in a diverse neighborhood. Our house is located in a peaceful area between two beautiful lakes, where we like to take Jaxx for walks. During the winter we explore the nature trails around us. We're fortunate to live within walking distance of a free zoo where Jaxx likes to hang out with the flamingoes and watch the giraffes. We’re just blocks away from an arboretum, where Jaxx loves to run around and look for frogs and wild turkeys. We're also a mile walk from a farmer's market--a frequent favorite destination during the summer, especially for chocolate croissants and fresh flowers. We're within walking distance of the public library--a staple for the whole family a few times a month.

Our Extended Families

Family Selfie

With just a 90-minute car ride away from Jamie’s dad's house, time with Jamie’s family varies from watching Jamie’s dad zoom around the racetrack in his race car to indulging in their favorite Chicago-style deep dish pizza (Lou Malnati's). Celebrating Christmas with Jamie's family includes a Christmas Eve hike with Jamie's aunt, uncle and cousins (and all the family dogs!) after sharing a meal. We also visit Jamie's aunt and uncle, who love spending time with Jaxx.

Jaxx With Grandpa Apple

Lindsay's immediate family includes her mom Pam (Grandma Peaches to Jaxx), stepdad Al (Grandpa Apple) and younger sister Courtney (Aunt Berry). Pam and Al live about an hour away and come to visit with Jaxx regularly. Lindsay is especially close to Courtney, who loves music, is a social justice advocate, and loves being Jaxx's "cool aunt." We visit Lindsay's family frequently, often enjoying meals together at new restaurants, walking to the farmers' market or spending holidays watching movies, playing games, and cooking. Lindsay also has a great relationship with her 8-year-old niece Cassidy, (her half brother Jeremy's daughter), and her stepsister Meg and her four kids.

Our extended family has consistently given Jaxx unconditional love and support, celebrating him from the moment he was born. Our diverse group of friends, who we also consider family, have also embraced Jaxx and surrounded him with the same love they've always given us. We consider ourselves so lucky to have such tremendous loving support.

From Us to You

Just two weeks after our wedding, we packed up all of our earthly belongings, strapped our bikes to the back of our car, set our scrawny black cat and two spirited labs into the backseat, and made the 13-hour trek from our old home in Washington, D.C., to our new home in the Midwest. With our parents and siblings nearby, this was where we had dreamed about building our own family through adoption. So here we are, 870 miles, six years and one adored and beautiful adopted baby later, writing to you, a caring person whose own unique journey might now intersect with our own.

We met in Washington, D.C. through mutual friends in 2011 and were married on November 7, 2014, with our family and friends there to celebrate and support us. Before we even met, we had both decided we wanted to build our future family through adoption, specifically a multiracial family. This is one of many shared visions at the core of our relationship, in addition to our common values, which include compassion for all people, celebrating diversity and caring for nature.

We are both passionate environmental advocates (Jamie fights climate change and Lindsay helps save wildlife around the planet) and love spending time outdoors hiking, kayaking and gardening. Jamie is a triathlete and in 2016 became an Ironman finisher and Lindsay is a bookworm, often reading books about time travel, animals and cultures around the world.

We want our children to have a life full of love, opportunities and free of hardships and restraints. We envision a life for them where they attend a pre-school in our neighborhood whose mission is world peace and social justice, and where they have the opportunity to go to the college of their dreams. We want our children to have their own little library full of their favorite books, and to learn from a young age how to give back to their community through volunteer work. We envision a life where they can explore any opportunities they want, whether those are extracurricular activities in music, sports or academics, professional opportunities, or opportunities to travel.

We know that giving our children the best possible life doesn't just mean providing financially or making sure they have the opportunities to thrive. We want our child to understand his/her full story--and that story starts with your love. We would enjoy the chance to get to know you, to support you, and ensure that you are a part of our child's continuing story through an open adoption. This includes frequent updates with pictures and in whatever form you might prefer. We'll follow your lead with whatever regular contact you're comfortable with.

Most importantly, this child will grow up in a safe and loving home, full of opportunities to explore the world, a nurturing environment that celebrates his or her identity and in a home where he or she will know from the very start the loving, incredible role that you have played.

Warm regards,

Lindsay & Jamie


Mike Colter
Rami Malek
Emma Stone
Rutina Wesley
Panamanian Golden Frog
N.K. Jemisin
Rebecca Traister
The Fifth Season
Good and Mad
Candy Bar
Mr. Goodbar
100 Grand
Teen Titans
Kim Possible
Childhood Memory
Catching frogs and turtles at a local pond
Christmas mornings with our family
Childhood Toy
101 Dalmatians stuffed animal
Hamm from Toy Story
Children's Book
Old Bear by Jane Hissey
The Very Hungry Caterpillar
San Francisco
Classic Movie
Blade Runner
Blade Runner
Day of Week
Peanut butter chocolate shakes
Chocolate extreme blizzard
Disney Movie
Lion King
Toy Story
Dream Car
Dodge Viper
BMW i3
Dream Job
Wildlife writer
New York Times investigative reporter
Dream Vacation
South Africa
New Zeland
Family Activity
Going to the library
Farmer's Market
Flower / Plant
Indian food
Macaroni and Cheese
Form of Exercise
Going for walks
Chutes and ladders
Holiday Song
All I Want for Christmas Is You
Holiday Tradition
Christmas Eve hike
Pizza at Christmas
Ice Cream
Cookies n' cream
Junk Food
Chips and salsa
Leisure Activity
Reading the New York Times Sunday edition
National Geographic
Runner's World
Memory with a Child
Finalizing our son's adoption
Finalizing our son's adoption
Memory with Spouse
Biking together in Santa Cruz
Eating gelato in Italy during our honeymoon
Star Wars
Toy Story
Movie Munchie
Buttered Popcorn
Popcorn and M&M's
Movie Quote
"Do or do not. There is no try." --Star Wars
To Infinity and Beyond!
Movie Type
Science fiction
Into the Woods
Musical Group
The Temptations
Nursery Rhyme
The Ants Go Marching
Baby shark
Olympic Event
Personal Hero
Michelle Obama
Barack Obama
Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead
Romeo and Juliet
E.E. Cummings
Quality about my Spouse
Her passion for equality
Her optimism in life
"I Believe In The Fire Of Love And The Sweat Of Truth" --Assata Shakur
To give anything less than your best, is to sacrifice the gift.
Grumpy Troll
Peanut butter and Jelly
Grill cheese and tomato
Shopping Store
Barnes & Noble
Home by Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros
Home is Wherever I'm With You
Sport to Play
Sport to Watch
Sports Star
Serena Williams
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Sports Team
Chicago Cubs
Chicago Cubs
Subject in School
Wonder woman
Thing to Cook
Mexican food
Time of Day
Saturday trips to the library
Red velvet cupcakes on Valentines Day
TV Show
Luke Cage
Friday Night Lights
TV Show Character
Luke Cage
Elliot from Mr. Robot
Type of Music
Vacation Spot
Video Game
Original Mario Bros.
Donkey Kong

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